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Contributions of any size will assist the United States World War One Centennial Commission in carrying out its prime missions of educating about, honoring, and commemorating those Americans who served and gave their lives in the military services during the First World War, as well as those who served in other vital capacities as the nation armed, equipped, trained, transported, and supported America's fighting forces during the conflict.


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Monuments and memorials
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WASHINGTON, DC -- Across the nation, thousands of monuments and memorials to America's World War One efforts stand in city squares, cemeteries, parks, and public buildings.
The World War One Centennial Commission will partner with Saving Hallowed Ground, the American Battle Monuments Commission, the World War One Memorial Inventory Project, and other organizations to identify and record all these monuments.

The Commission will encourage local communities and organizations to perform conservation and preservation services to the monuments themselves, and engage school students, Scouts, and communities in researching and learning about the history of their monuments and about the stories behind the names inscribed on these Living History Memorials, to remind citizens of their meaning and the great deeds they memorialize.


Countdown To Veteran's Day

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Join with the Veterans Administration, Arlington National Cemetery, the American Battle Monuments Commission, and the World War One Centennial Commission to extend the honor.
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Countdown to Veterans Day 2015: An Initiative to expand awareness and support of Veterans Day

An ad-hoc group of public and private organizations have gotten together to raise awareness for Veterans Day 2015. The Veterans Day national holiday takes place on November 11th.

By using the simple hashtag #CountdownToVeteransDay, and by linking their social media efforts, the organizations hope to inform people about veterans issues, veterans needs, veterans contributions, and veterans support programs. There are a number of participating organizations, including the Veterans Administration, Arlington National Cemetery, the American Battle Monuments Commission, and the World War One Centennial Commission.Veterans Day 026

The "Countdown To Veterans Day" symbolically started on Tuesday, 22 September, 50 days from Veterans Day. The Countdown will culminate in the National Veterans Day event at Arlington National Cemetery.

"We feel that one day is not enough to talk about veterans" said Dan Dayton, executive director of the WWI Centennial Commission. "With the countdown, we want to make people aware. When people are aware of Veterans Day, they can discuss what people do to serve our country, they can see who helps veterans in need, and if they are inclined, they can help these veterans out".

As a holiday, Veterans Day invites people to participate -- to volunteer for veterans-themed projects, to donate to organizations that support military veterans, to share pictures and stories of military service on social media.  For a list of volunteer service opportunities, visit the Countdown to Veterans Day page.

Veterans Day grew out of the original Armistice Day national holiday that commemorated the end of combat in World War I on November 11, 1918.

Commission meets on October 14 in Washington, DC

The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission will hold a meeting on  on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 starting at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), and ending no later than 12:00 p.m., (EDT). The meeting will be held via teleconference, which will originate at the office of the Commission at 1776 G Street NW., Suite 107, Washington, DC 20006.WW1 logo v1

Access to this location is via entrance to the right of the entrance to 1777 F Street NW., Washington, DC. This location is handicapped accessible. The meeting will be open to the public and will also be available telephonically.  Persons wishing to listen to the proceedings may dial 712-432-1001 and enter access code 474845614. Note this is not a toll-free number.

Members of the public wishing to attend in the meeting should review the official meeting announcement in the Federal Register for more information. Please note that there is limited capacity at the site. The meeting agenda is included in the announcement.

Individuals or organizations wishing to comment during the meeting's 30 minute public comment period must register in advance by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EDT), October 9, 2015.  Registered speakers or organizations will be allowed 5 minutes and will need to provide written copies of their presentations.  Information on advance registration is available in the official meeting announcement in the Federal Register.

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