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WWI Commemorative Projects Endorsed by the Commission

The United States World War One Centennial Commission has endorsed the Commemorative Projects listed below that honor the nearly five million Americans who served in World War 1, and the 116,516 who sacrificed their lives. The Commission's goal with its endorsements is to increase the number of people in the United States who will be exposed these educational programs, events, tools, programs, and activities, and broaden their impact.Square logo 200

Endorsement by the Commission authorizes the use of the Commission logo on Commemorative Project materials.  The World War I Centennial Commission logos and their derivative elements are licensed trademarks. Any use of these materials is subject to the  Commission's Licensing Trademark Agreement and can only be used for the expressed written purpose asserted in that Agreement. Endorsed projects are invited to provide schedules of events, website information and stories and other information to the Commission for national and international distribution.

Organizations, individuals, or events seeking endorsement may fill out the Request for Support application available online here. The World War I Centennial Commission reviews requests for endorsement on a continuous basis. Some must be reviewed by the entire Commission, and time is reserved at each public meeting of the Commission to take that action. If you have specific questions about endorsements by the Commission, submit your query here.


369th logo

369th U.S. Infantry Regiment / “The 369th Experience”

“The 369th Experience” performances & educational programs


Alan Seeger

Alan Seeger Commemoration

Alan Seeger Commemoration in Framerville-Rainecourt, France
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American Interpretative Center

American Interpretative Center in Château-Thierry, France


The Anglo American Baseball Project
 The Anglo-American Baseball Project


Association des Professeurs dHistoire Géographie
The North American in the First World War (in Cannectancourt, France)
Auburn University and The Media Production Group

Auburn University and The Media Production Group

“Send the Alabamians” - film
Great coat of arms of Belgium 200

Belgian Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs on WW1

Exhibition “The Great War in Great Outlines”


Capitol Museum Services

Capitol Museum Services

Capitol Museum Services in Manassas, Virginia


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Chatel Loisirs

Sergeant Alvin York - historical trail in Chatel-Chehery France
C Forbes

Chip Forbes Inc.


The City Choir of Washington

The City Choir of Washington



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Cohen & Cohen Publishers

“Lost Generation” - book (in Paris, France)


commonweath War graves logo 200
Sacrifice – Casualties of the First World War


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Elles du Jazz - Jazz Women

Festival-Tribute to Anne Morgan (in Selens, France)
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Ellouise Schoettler

« Hello girls! »


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Fields of Memory - Les Champs de Mémoire

Fields of Memory - Les Champs de Mémoire / Pascal Rouelle (in Paris, France)


French American Museum of Blérancourt
French-American Museum of Blérancourt, in Blérancourt, France
Flanders 200
“Flanders Fields Memorial” (Belgium in the US)



In the Footsteps of Anne Morgan
“In the Footsteps of Anne Morgan” (in Coucy-le-Château, France)
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Jeff Gusky

Photographic exhibition



Lycée Jean de la Fontaine 200
Scholar project “Light of Fields“ (in Château-Thierry, France)
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Marc MacClure

Valor-Rockwell – film
Maryland WW1 Centennial Committee logo 200

Mike Hanlon

Commission partner and volunteer
MOAA Seal Logo 200
Captain Harry S. Truman WW1 Symposium



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Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra

Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra, Inc (in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin)
Over Here

New York State Library


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Office National des Forêts

Path restoration (in Charleville-Mézières, France)


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Painted Rock Productions LLC

"Black Jack: John Pershing revealed" (film)
Palikao Films
The Devils Dogs” - film (in Paris, France)
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 200x200
Exhibition in Philadelphia, New York and Nashville


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People Programme International and Black United Fund of Illinois

"Passageway to Democracy"


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Restoration of statues (in Versailles, France)
Rothermere American Institute 200
Series of lectures


Sacramento CA Public Library
Programs for each year of the Great War
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Saillant de Saint-Mihiel

Restoration of a battlefield (Meuse)


Sciences Po Euro American Campus
Exhibitions and research on the battlefields (in Reims, France)


souvenir francais 200
Meuse Argonne Tour (in Milly-sur-Bradon, France)
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St Nazaire WWI

Families project (in Saint-Nazaire, France)


FieldsofBattle14 18
Photographic exhibition (in Kent, United Kingdom)


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Todd Womack

Banner for WW1 and exhibits (in Douglas, Georgia)
coin design 2

U.S. Mint

To commemorate the centennial of America's involvement in World War I, the United States Mint is calling on American artists to design a coin, to be issued in 2018, that will honor the accomplishments of heroes on the front line and the home front. The coin will serve as a tribute to the bravery, actions and sacrifices of Americans a century ago, while providing a tangible touch point for generations to come.

The competition is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who are at least 18 years or older. During Phase One of the competition, which is open from February 29–April 28, 2016, artists are encouraged to submit their contact information and three to five work samples using the online form on the Mint web site.  Up to 20 applicants from Phase One will be selected to participate in Phase Two, where they will create and submit designs and plasters for the final coin. The winner will not only have his or her initials on the final coin, but will also receive a $10,000 prize.

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Vintage Digital Revival, LLC

To End All Wars - video game (in Southampton, Pennsylvania)



Founding Sponsor

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