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Ancillary Industries

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Ancillary Industries

In addition to the breeders and dealers that provided horses and mules to the war effort, there were other industries that were called upon to increase production dramatically. Wagon makers suddenly discovered orders for thousands of vehicles, when in peace time their normal production might have been hundreds a year. Saddlery and harness makers faced a shortage of leather. And the mountain of horse shoes that was required, as each animal wore through a set of shoes every six weeks, can only be imagined.

Records for all these ancillary industries are even more difficult to find than those for the animals themselves. If any readers have records from the years of the Great War that you would be willing to share, please contact Brooke USA using the contact email address under the main menu on the left.

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There are approximately 100 million working horses, donkeys, and mules in the developing world, and 80% of them are suffering from preventable problems. Brooke touches the lives of over two million of them annually with practical and sustainable help, supporting twelve million people in their human families each year. Learn more about what Brooke does. The tragedy of WWI gave birth to a vision, and today Brooke, the charity that began with war horses, is the world's largest international equine welfare organization.

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