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Veterinary Corps

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While this page is under construction, for an extremely comprehensive account of the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps in World War 1, go to

Come back to learn more about the Diseases that plagued our animals, Hospitals where they were cared for in disease and operated on for wounds, and what kinds of Medicines and Supplies the veterinarians used.

Horse Heroes


There are approximately 100 million working horses, donkeys, and mules in the developing world, and 80% of them are suffering from preventable problems. Brooke touches the lives of over two million of them annually with practical and sustainable help, supporting twelve million people in their human families each year. Learn more about what Brooke does. The tragedy of WWI gave birth to a vision, and today Brooke, the charity that began with war horses, is the world's largest international equine welfare organization.

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