Capt. Clinton C. Mason

Submitted by: Walter N. Vernon III

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Capt. Clinton C. Mason served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known May 12, 1917 to December 1918.


Born 1894.

Enlisted May, 1917, began OTC May 12, 1917, Leon Springs, near San Antonio, Texas.

Commissioned a 2nd. Lt. early Aug. 1917, arrived at Camp Travis, on edge of Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio. Assigned to A Co., 359th Inf.,180th Brigade, 90th Div. to train new draftees, from Texas and Oklahoma. Spring of 1918 promoted to First Lt.

Spring of 1918 all privates sent to France, more draftees arrived from Camp Dodge, Iowa, Mid-West states, training shortened, entrained in early June for Camp Mills, New York, sailed cramped in a small English freighter to Liverpool with destroyer escorts near the coast, July 4, 1918 visited London, July 5, 1918 sailed to France, trained in 40 X 8 French boxcars to training camp in NW France, near Dijon.

Assigned as CO of Company G, at Gurgy la Ville, sent to front to relieve 26th Div. Made Captain. Participated in attack to straighten the St. Mihiel salient north of Nancy in the Toul sector and then take Metz, began attack as reserve company. Hit by artillery shelling on September 11 0r 12, lost left eye and left arm. Arrived back in NY harbor on November 9 or 10, 1918. Mustered out in December, 1918. Awarded Purple Heart on December 7, 1941.

Completed 117 page memoir in 1966, Died in 1972.