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Herman H. Weimer

Submitted by: Michael R. Morawey

Herman H Weimer

Herman H Weimer served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Unknown .


In the advance in the Meuse Argonne, Herman Weimer, then a Lieutenant with the 131st infantry, 33rd division, led his men into fierce fighting. Wounded twice in the shoulder and his scalp, he refused medical treatment and returned to battle persisting in his attack until his unit's objective had been taken. He sought medical treatment for his men first before accepting medical treatment himself.

As a result of his heroic actions Lt. Weimer was presented the Distinguished Service Cross Medal, the second highest award the nation can confer.

A grateful French government presented the Croix de Guerre with Palm to Lt Weimer for his heroism on French soil. Marshall Petain, Commander of all French Forces presented the award.

The steel helmet which Lt. Weimer was wearing when he was wounded bears the entry and exit holes of the bullet which creased his scalp and is treasured today as an irreplaceable remnant of American and Family history.

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