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dispatch hearder Subscribe 350The WW1 dispatch is an brief, easy key news update about WW1 Centennial activities. It will only take moments to keep up with all the WWI Centennial activities, events and action.

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WW1CN 2017 logo 350x116Join our weekly video podcast news program. It's about WWI NOW: The WWI Centennial - It's about WWI THEN: 100 Years ago this week. It is fast, informative and fun. You'll just need to register once and you will be signed up for all the online action.

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Education Resources

understanding the great warThe United States World War One Centennial Commission is dedicated to the support of WW1 in education. So whether you are a educator or a learner, we invite you to subscribe to updates and bulletins about WW1 education including the bi-monthly education eNewsletter and an easy-to-navigate online collection.

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