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100C 100M Icon small8 REASONS
For Participating In This Project


  1. Civic Pride – The World War One monument in your town is part of your history. The men and women in your town served in the Great War with purpose. It was important to them to serve their nation. Your community’s monument is proof of their dedication to service and freedom. Now, one hundred years later, it is your turn to keep the memory of their service alive.
  2. Shared Heritage – The preservation and restoration of World War One monuments helps to educate your community about its local history and heritage. It promotes a respect for those who served to defend our freedom, while also learning about those who lived in different times and different societies. The World War One memorial(s) in your town cultivate the pride of our past and heritage which makes your town and community unique in the world. This is a wonderful teaching moment for any organization that also connects to youth.
  3. Historical Appeal – Everyone likes to experience the “spirit” of the place of origin, which most often is represented through architecture, and landmarks. People like to look and learn about the history. These monuments help make your town unique. What better time than the centennial to spruce up your monument to ensure its preservation for another 100 years.
  4. If not now, when? – The commemoration of the centennial of World War One provides an opportunity for your town to join a national effort to publicly honor and recognize the service men and women. We can never be certain future generations will value the importance of their sacrifice in the future. This reality brings to light the importance of locating and saving these monuments- because once a piece of your town’s history is gone, it is lost forever.
  5. Building Community – Encourage your local service organizations, Veterans organizations, along with local citizens to preserve the history that is engrained in your community. This joining together builds a strong sense of community and fulfills the rights and responsibilities in understanding the historical significance of those that came before us, and those that will come after.
  6. Join The National Commemoration – All submissions will be published on the US WWI Commission web site, which is a part of the permanent national archival, and bringing visibility to you, your project and your community as a part of the 1917-1918 WWI Centenary Commemoration.
  7. Special Recognition – The winning submissions have an opportunity to be included in celebratory coffee table book about the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials project, as well as other recognitions yet in the planning stages.
  8. Special National Designation – Memorials that are selected for the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials grants will receive an official national designation as “Centennial Remembrance Memorials”.

What's in YOUR community?

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