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 Partnerships: We want to encourage collaboration between the community and local organizations like your American Legion chapters, schools, churches, Scout organizations, 4H clubs, local civic and historical societies in developing your WWI Memorial restoration projects. We are confident that your experience, knowledge, sense of honor, pride, community and history will be what makes this initiative memorable.

Awards: As you define your project, be it humble or grand, you will be challenged to raise ½ the funding from local sources and sponsors. The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials project will match those contribution dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of $2,000 per grant. We awarded 50 such grants in September of 2017 and we will be awarding another 50 from Round #2.

Examples: If you are doing a simple project like landscaping the area around a Memorial Stone, your whole project budget might only be $800. In that case, you would raise $400 from local sources and the match from the program would be the other $400. If you were doing a larger project, perhaps with a professional conservator's help, and your project budget were $10,000, the matching grant would cover a maximum of $2,000 (20% of your project budget), and you would need to raise $8,000 from other sources.

As a part of the planning and application, the grant applicants will need to:

  1. Identify themselves and their organization as the Project Leads for the restoration
  2. Identify the ownership and/or controlling entity for the memorial and provide written proof that this entity approves of the Applicant and their project.
  3. Research and document the history and background of the memorial
  4. Produce a plan for the restoration including what will be done, what kinds of resources will be needed, and who those resources might be.
  5. Demonstrate that the project will be done with an understanding and implementation of good conservation and restoration practices that safeguard and protect the memorial.
  6. Produce a plan for the future upkeep of the memorial
  7. Produce a budget for the project including bids from contractors who will do the work
  8. Produce a sequence and a schedule for the work
  9. provide a plan for raising the core funds that this program will match
  10. Present a story in pictures and/or sound, videos and other for the memorial and the project

The submission deadline for Round #2 Grant Applications is January 15, 2018. (information updated on 10/2/17)

The submission deadline for Round #2 Grant Applications is midnight Eastern, January 15, 2018.
All projects submitted will receive recognition and will be published on the US World War One Centennial Commission web site. From these submissions, the program will select the second 50 projects for matching grants.

The selection criteria for the grants includes:

  1. Meeting the submission requirements as outlined in the Competition manual, rules & regulations
  2. The appeal of the restoration and commemoration plan for the memorial (the Creative Narrative presentation will be key for this evaluation)
  3. The understanding and implementation of good conservation and restoration practices that safeguard and protect the memorial, or an approach where such considerations are not needed (such as lighting, pathways, landscaping).
  4. The Applicant’s consideration for the future upkeep of their memorial
  5. The scope of the community, civic and educational involvement with the project that explores, exposes and honors WWI's local impacts.
  6. The demonstrated ability, plan and/or established success in raising the core funds for the project