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100C 100M Icon smallCOMPETITION REGULATIONS (updated 9/12/16)


These Regulations set forth the rules for the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials Matching Grant Award Competition. Grant Applicants who participate in the Competition agree to comply with all Competition Regulations.

Grant Applicants are advised to periodically check the Competition Website for any revisions to these Competition Regulations or to the Program Goals.

The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials Matching Grant Award Competition provides matching grants to organizations, teams, or individuals to support projects that will restore World War I memorials located in the 50 United States and United States territories.

1.     Grant Application Procedures

1.1.    Call for Entries: The promotion for this Grant Application Competition will be distributed widely to national websites in the memorial and memorial restoration community, state WWI Centennial partners, American Legion local chapters, civic and community organizations and others. This call for entries will direct applicants and organizations interested in participating in the competition to the Competition Website at .

1.2.    Preparation of submittals: Grant Applicants (organizations, teams or individuals) will be responsible for the proper and correct development, preparation and submittal of their application so that it meets all of the specific application criteria. Entry Fee: An non-refundable entry fee of $50 must be paid for each Grant Application at the time of submittal. Payment must be made through the Competition Submission Website.

1.3.    Revisions to submissions: the submission website will be set up so that Grant Applications can be updated or revised until the competition deadline without requiring the applicant to submit a new application or to pay the application fee again.

1.4.    Submission by Applicants: All Grant Applications must be submitted electronically via the Competition Website, which can be accessed via by the “Application Deadline” as posted in the competition schedule. The Application Entry shall conform to the Mandatory Requirements as stated in Section 3 of these Competition Regulations.

1.5.   Compliance Check: Upon receipt of the Grant Applications, the Competition Managers will review each Entry for compliance with Mandatory Requirements. All Grant Applications found in compliance with the Competition Regulations will be included on the Competition Website and forwarded to the Jury for evaluation.

1.6.    Non-Compliance: Should any Grant Application be found in non-compliance with these Competition Regulations, the Competition Managers will remove it from Competition and notify the Applicant of the non-compliance. The determination of non-compliance is final and not subject to appeal. The applications found non-compliant will forfeit the $50 entry processing fee. We urge all applicants to review the competition rules and their submissions carefully.

1.7.    Late Entries: A Grant Application will be considered late if received after 5pm Eastern on the competition deadline day as stated in the competition schedule. Entries received after the specified time will not be considered in the Competition. Revisions will not be accepted after the closing time and date.

1.8.    Application and Preparation Expenses: The cost of preparing an application and the application fee are at the sole cost of the applicants. There are no honoraria or expenses paid to applicants at any stage, except for the grants to the selectees.

1.9.    Evaluation and Selection: All Grant Applications that are deemed compliant with these Competition Regulations will be exhibited in a format that allows each Grant Application to be viewed and evaluated equally and without prejudice. Portions of the entries (i.e. The narrative essays about the project) will also be available on the Competition Website for public viewing and comment after submission deadline, and comments will be shared with the Jury.

1.10.    Grant Award Selections: The Grant Application selectees will be announced on or around November 11, 2017.

2.     Communications

2.1.  Protocol: If any Applicant desires information of any kind in regard to the Competition, the Competition Regulations, the program, the awards, or any other inquiry, the Applicant shall ask for this information through the Competition Website during the Question and Answer Periods, or at the online Competition Briefing.
No Competition Applicant or Participant’s representative shall communicate with any member of the Competition Oversight Committee, the Governance Group, the Sponsor, or the Competition Managers on matters of this Grant Awards Competition except as provided in these Competition Regulations.

2.2.  Duration: This Communication Protocol is in effect continuously throughout the duration of the competition

2.3.  Question and Answer Period: During the Competition Period, questions and requests for additional information may be submitted through the Competition Website. All appropriate questions will be answered in accordance with the Competition Regulations, and copies of all questions and answers will be posted on the Competition Website. The authorship of all questions will remain anonymous. Upon publication by the Competition Managers, the Questions and Answers become official addenda to this Competition Manual.

2.4.  Pre-deadline competition briefing: On several occasions, the competition sponsors will hold online competition briefings to help clarify any questions and to assist in the delivery of the best submissions possible. These online webinar style briefing will be open to the public and anyone can attend. They will be announced in the program schedule and on the web site.

2.5.  Reporting: Representatives of the Sponsors, Award Oversight Committee, and Jury shall report any communications [other than communications submitted through the authorized channels via the Competition Website] from Applicants to the Competition Managers, who will bring the matter to the Governance Group.

3.     Mandatory Format and Contents for Grant Applications

3.1.  Required Contents: The Grant Application is intended to provide a project qualification, scope, import, explanation, authorization, capability and vision including narrative description of the memorial, restoration and long term upkeep, with a photo essay on the subject memorial and project.

3.2.  Existing/local sponsorship: As the application is for a 1:1 matching grant, any existing core sponsor base is an important evaluation criterion for your project.

3.3.  Format: The Grant Application documents shall be submitted electronically via the competition submission web site. Requested documents such as a budget or approval of the project by the controlling entity should be provided as simply scanned documents. However, in the creative sections and essay sections of the submissions, the method of depicting the Award Application (drawing, color, photography, narrative, video etc.) shall be at the discretion of the Applicant. All .pdf document elements will be formatted: double spaced, 8.5” X 11” portrait format using a minimum 12 pt. font.   Photo essays will be organized and put together in a PDF file formats in 8.5” X 11 portrait format with any captions using a minimum 12 pt. font. Video essays will be submitted in .mov .mp4 or .m4v formats as proscribed in the file upload area where they will be uploaded along with the other competition submission materials. Videos created on smart phones in vertical format are acceptable.

3.4.  Contents of Application: An application must include the following elements:

3.4.1 Identification of the organization(s) and individuals that are the Project Leads for the restoration

3.4.2 Identification of the ownership and/or controlling entity for the World War I memorial to be restored or maintained and provide written proof that this entity approves of the Applicant, their project and their plan.

3.4.3 Documentation of the history and background information on the memorial as accumulated through research

3.4.4 A plan for the project that considers an appropriate conservation or restoration approach including having gotten advice from qualified resources to demonstrate that the project will be carried out in a manner that will not inadvertently damage or harm the antiquities involved.

3.4.5 A clear outline of what will be done, what kinds of resources will be needed, and who those resources might be.

3.4.6 Included should be a strategy that at least considers the future upkeep of the memorial

3.4.7 A budget for the project including bids from contractors who will do the work

3.4.8 A schedule and a sequence for the work

3.4.9 A plan for raising the core funds that a grant from this program will match

3.4.10 Pictures and/or videos of the memorial and illustrating the project

4. Evaluation Criteria

4.1 The criteria for evaluating applications and selecting grantees are as follows:

4.1.1  Meeting the submission requirements as outlined above

4.1.2  The scope, importance and appeal of their restoration and commemoration plans,

4.1.3  The provision of a plan that demonstrates an understanding of appropriate conservation or restoration methods.

4.1.4  The Applicant’s success in involving the community to explore and honor its World War I history, including the war’s local impact and the local community’s original efforts to commemorate the war

4.1.5  The Applicant’s demonstrated ability and established success in raising funds for their project.

5.     Eligibility Location: This 100 Cities/100 Memorials Matching Grant Award Competition is open to any project that restores a WWI Memorial located in the 50 United States and in US territories.

5.1.  Timeframe: Existing and future restoration projects that have been or will be completed between January 1, 2014 and November 11, 2018 are eligible for the grant award.

5.2.  Restriction: No officers, directors or employees of the Sponsors nor family members thereof are eligible to enter this 100 Cities/100 Memorials Matching Grant Award Competition.

6. Grant Agreement and Disbursement
The winning selections from this awards competition will qualify for program matching grants. The grants will be awarded in accordance with the terms of the Grant Agreement which will be provided to all award winners and must be executed prior to the payments of any awards. The Grant Agreement will specify the details of the grant disbursements, timing and methods.

7. Disqualification
Disqualification will occur should any Applicant commit an act (or acts) that is (are) in conflict with the Competition Regulations. The Governance Group has final determination on any and all disqualifications arising during the competition procedure. The Competition Managers will forward issues requiring resolution to the Governance Group. The Competition Managers will present the findings to the Governance Group in an expedient and fair manner. The Governance Group will make its decision, and its determination will be final.

8.     Competition Sponsors:  The Sponsors of the Competition are:

8.1.  The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission: The Commission’s mission is to plan, develop, and execute programs, projects and activities to commemorate the Centennial of World War I. The Commission was established by an act of the 112th Congress and signed by the President on January 16, 2013.

8.2.  The Pritzker Military Museum & Library: The mission of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library is to acquire and maintain an accessible collection of materials and to develop appropriate programs focusing on the Citizen Soldier in the preservation of democracy. Colonel J.N. Pritzker, IL ARNG (Retired), founder of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, assembled a major collection of books and related materials on military history, with a particular focus on the concept of the Citizen Soldier in America. Today, building upon that foundation through the generosity of private donors, the Pritzker Military Museum & Library has become a non-partisan research organization that attempts to increase the public understanding of military history and the sacrifices made by the men and women who have served.

8.3.  The United States Foundation for the Commemoration of the World Wars: This is a non-profit (501c3) organization established in the District of Columbia. “The Foundation”, will act as the entry fee collection and disbursing agent for the Commission and PMML.

8.4.  Other Related Organizations: There may be other organizations acting in guidance, support, advisory, promotional and sponsorship roles. These organizations will be listed on the competition website at

9. Governance Group: The Governance Group, a committee composed of representatives of the Sponsors of this grant program, is the coordinating and adjudicating authority for the Competition and shall have final decision authority regarding issues arising during the Competition Process. If issues arise, the Governance Group will consider the issue and the Competition Managers’ recommendation and render a decision. The decision is not subject to appeal.

10. Competition Managers: The Competition Managers are retained by the Sponsor to manage the Competition Process. The Competition Managers’ roles include being the sole contact of, and representative for, the participants throughout the Competition; organizing and coordinating all activities of the Competition including technical and communications; ensuring an equitable, open, and clear process leading to decisions by the Jury; managing the public outreach and promotion of the competition; facilitating meetings as required for the orderly execution of the Competition; and bringing issues regarding non-compliance with the regulations to the Governance Group for review and decision.

11. Jury: The Jury is comprised of individuals representing a broad range of disciplines and including perspective on memorial preservation, community action and commemoration, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning, and arts and culture. All members of the Jury are appointed by the Sponsor. The tasks of the Jury are defined in the Competition Regulations.

12. Ownership of submission: OWNERSHIP AND LICENSE. Any and all entry materials submitted for any phase or event in this Award Competition (hereinafter “Submission”) become the property of the US World War One Centennial Commission and/or the Pritzker Military Museum and Library and will not be acknowledged or returned. The copyright in any Submission shall remain the property of the entrant, but entry into this competition constitutes entrant’s irrevocable and perpetual permission and consent, without further compensation or attribution, to use, reproduce, print, publish, transmit, distribute, sell, perform, adapt, edit, modify, enhance, or display such Submission for any purpose, including but not limited to editorial, advertising, trade, commercial, and publicity purposes by the US World War One Centennial Commission and/or the Pritzker Military Museum and Library and/or others authorized by the US World War One Centennial Commission and/or the Pritzker Military Museum and Library, in any and all media now in existence or hereinafter created, throughout the world, through the last to expire of any copyrights in any part of the Submission. The Submission will be appropriately archived and permanently documented via the World War One Centennial Commission website, which is being scanned, recorded and stored on a regular basis by the US Government Printing Office as a site of interest to the American People.

13. Exhibition of Entries and Submittals: The Sponsors reserve the right to exhibit all content submitted and in compliance with the Competition Procedure. Furthermore, the Sponsors reserve the right to use or display any and all material for educational purposes, publication, documents, videos, or fund-raising purposes at its discretion. The Sponsors shall give appropriate credit to the author or authors of any material used.

14. Changes: The Sponsors retain the right to modify and update any part of these design competition regulation at their sole discretion including changes in schedule. Any such changes will be reflected in the Competition Website and a change notice will be published. It is the responsibility of Applicants to check the site periodically for changes. All communications and all questions will be submitted via the competition website at


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