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02400 Belleau France
Buried at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery are 2,289 soldiers from the Great War of whom most were killed in the area and in the Marne Valley during battles in the summer of 1918. Of these, there are 249 Graves to the Unknown and 1,060 names inscribed on the Walls of the Missing.
Dawney Hill - Brookwood GU 240 JB Woking, Surrey
GU22 7PX
Buried at the Brookwood American Cemetery are 468 soldiers from the Great War. Of these, there are 41 Graves to the Unknown and 563 names inscribed on the Walls of the Missing inside the chapel located within the cemetery.
Wortegemseweg 117
Within the Flanders Field American Cemetery peacefully lie 368 soldiers of the Great War. Included in these graves are 41 Graves to the Unknown. There are 43 names inscribed on the Walls of the Missing in Flanders Field American Cemetery.
Rue du Général Pershing
The Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery holds the greatest amount of military dead in Europe - 14,246 - the majority of whom lost their lives during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive of World War I. Within these are 486 Graves to the Unknown. Inscribed on the Tablets of the Missing are 954 names. These include those from the U.S. expedition to northern Russia in 1918-1919.
Oise-Aisne American Cemetery located in France holds the second largest amount of remains from World War I. There are 6,012 Americans who lost their lives fighting in the region during the War. Of these, there are 601 Graves to the Unknown. There are also 241 names engraved on the Walls of the Missing within a chapel. 
Somme American Cemetery
Within the Somme American Cemetery are 1,844 graves of military dead, many whom lost their lives while fighting near Cantigny or serving in American units attached to the British. Among these graves are 132 Graves to the Unknown. Engraved into the chapel in Walls of the Missing are the names of 333 missing.
Route de Verdun
St. Mihiel American Cemetery holds the graves of 4,153 military dead, many of whom died while protecting Paris. Included in this number are the 137 Graves to the Unknown. There are also 284 names on the Walls to the Missing within the cemetery chapel.
123 Boulevard Washington
More than 1,541 men and women are buried at Suresnes American Cemetery. Of these are 30 Graves of the Unknown. Brass plaques list the names of the 974 World War I missing. 

Trevor School

26325 wilmot rd.

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