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Pershing State Park

29277 Missouri 130

When citizens of Laclede first expressed an interest in honoring Gen. John J. Pershing, commanding general of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I, the most suitable tribute seemed to be a park encompassing the land that Pershing loved to roam in his youth. In 1937, the state purchased the first tract of land, setting in motion the preservation of what is considered a rare natural jewel in a predominantly agricultural landscape.

In the middle of the day-use area sits a monument to all the mothers who gave their sons to war. Dedicated by the American War Mothers of Missouri in 1940, the marble statue is a fitting tribute to the memory of those who gave sons to World War I and all wars. John Schlitz, an inmate in Leavenworth, Kan., carved the statue, which was dedicated the same year the park opened.

Gen. Pershing spent many boyhood days playing and hiking in the area that now makes up the park, and today visitors can enjoy similar experiences.

“Role of Honor - 1914-1918”

“These Palmetto Trees were planted and this Tablet erected by the Savannah Women’s Federation - In Loving Honor of the Soldiers Sailors and Marines of Chatham County who Died in the Great War for the Cause of World Liberty"

"The Base of this Tablet was given by Chatham Post 36 - American Legion - April 26, 1929 - In Memory of their Comrades who Fell During the World War”

“They Do Not Die Who Serve Humanity”
2700 North York Hwy Pall Mall, Tennessee 38577
Pall Mall
Sergeant Alvin C. York Historic Park pays tribute to Sgt. Alvin C. York, one of the most decorated soldiers of World War I. The park contains the farm and gristmill once owned by York who lived in the Pall Mall area for most of his life. Along with the millhouse and milldam, the park includes York’s two-story house, York’s general store and post office, the Wolf River Cemetery, the Wolf River Methodist Church, the York Bible Institute, an M247 Sergeant York tank and various picnic facilities.

Mount Edith Cavell

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An impressive 3300-metre peak, Mt. Edith Cavell is named after a British nurse executed during World War I for her part in helping Allied prisoners escape occupied Brussels.

Mount Edith Cavell is part of Jasper National Park in Canada.


Kelly Ingram Park

17th St N & 6th Ave N
Originally West Park, the name was changed in 1932 to honor Osmond Kelly Ingram, a local firefighter and Medal of Honor recipient. During the Civil Rights Movement the park was an integral location for rallies and demonstrations.
131 Pauline Street
There is a memorial stone to the dead from Winthrop stands in front of the building, listing names of 21 local men who died in the war.
Grand Rapids

November 11, 1926

Ralph W. Demmon, Grand Rapids

Veteran's Memorial Pillars

The park was dedicated on November 11, 1926, after the Grand Rapids Council of the American Legion and public contribution funded memorial pillars in honor of WWI vets. In 1945, a citizens group petitioned for a WWII veterans memorial, and coupled with interest for honoring those who served in the Korean War, funds were secured for the addition of five granite pillars to the park. In 1975, two more pillars were added to honor Vietnam veterans.

Names of those who died in WWI appear on eight bronze bronze plaques placed on the sides of the granite pillars. Flowers commemorating their sacrifice are place at the base of both monuments. The plaque reads, "ERECTED BY THE CITIZENS OF GRAND RAPIDS WITH FUNDS VOLUNTARILY SUBSCRIBED THEREFORE AND DEDICATED NOVEMBER 11, 1926 TO THE MEMORY OF THE MEN AND WOMEN OF GRAND RAPIDS WHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WAR. The smaller monument visible between the two pillars is a bust of Thomas Gilbert.


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