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Hawaii's involvement in World War I - Timeline


01.19 04 Parade in front of Elks Club

  • January 1914
  • 01/01

    Hawaii charity relief work for Europeans


    large business had their own telegraph equipment for privacy in financial / business discussions

  • February 1914
  • 02/01

    Hawaii residents leaving to fight for homeland


    residents with English, French, and German connections return home to help their countries

  • March 1914
  • 03/01

    Hawaii residents contribute to Red Cross solicitations


    Red Cross was not yet international and all combatant countries raised funds in Hawaii

  • November 1914
  • 11/07

    German ships interned


    Japanese ships were patroling the Pacific to attack German ships; Hawaii as neutral US port provided sanctuary; city attempts to make them feel comfortable

  • March 1915
  • 03/25

    USS F-4 experimental sub lost of O'ahu


    21 seamen lost; Hawai’i community steps up with funds to aid families of those lost

  • August 1915
  • 08/30

    USS F-4 Raised


    raised sent to dry dock at Inter-island Steam Navigation

  • September 1915
  • 09/14

    USS F-4


    what remains sunk again off Pearl Harbor

  • November 1915
  • 11/11

    NG moves to Punchbow


    Eerie date given when war will end but date will likely make it hard to make this a commemoration of this event - but could be mentioned at other events as footnote

  • January 1916
  • 01/01

    Naval Militia formed in Hawaii


  • April 1916
  • 04/23

    Naval Militia


    official formation

  • June 1916
  • 06/03

    Militia of Hawaii


    Organized Militia of Hawaii legally changes to national guard status

  • September 1916
  • 09/14

    Hawaii Naval Militia


    Hawaii Naval Militia underway on the First Class Cruiser USS St. Louis

  • January 1917
  • 01/31

    Interned German ships sabotaged by crews


    the crews anticipated US entry into war and resultuing seizure of their ships and attempted to make the vessels unusable to their new enemies; city feels betrayed

  • April 1917
  • 04/01

    Sinking of the SS Aztec


    The civilian merchant ship Aztec was sunk by German U-boat off the northwest coast of France. There were five men from Hawaii among the crewmen who died.

  • 04/05

    Interned German ships seized


    The vessels are converted for US combat

  • 04/06

    Public telegraph messages subject to censorship


  • 04/10

    Private telegraph equipment seized by Federal government


    large business had their own telegraph equipment for privacy in financial / business discussions

  • 04/21

    Honolulu Harbor goes dark


    Harbor lights turned off at night in fear of German subs using the lights to attack

  • 04/22

    Public Memorial to the SS Aztec


    A public memorial was held at Iolani Palace to honor those lost aboard the SS Aztec. Thousands attended including the governor, mayor, military officials, Territorial legislators, and the Hawaiian Band. Elements of the service were held in both English and Hawaiian.

  • May 1917
  • 05/13

    Japanese ship visits Honolulu


    The [vessel name here] is returning the body of US Ambassade who died of natural causes in Japan; American & Japanese troops pose together outside Honolulu recruiting station

  • 05/26

    Fijian soldiers enroute to Europe stop in Hawaii


    As members of the British empire Fijian soldiers were part of the support services in Europe

  • 05/26

    Anthrax on island cattle ranches attributed to German sabatoge


    Although without evidence, the community becomes convinced "Hun spies" have spread the disease to sabatoge the islands food supply

  • June 1917
  • 06/06

    Federal Miliary law forbids alcohol to US military in Hawaii


  • 06/18

    Draft Boards begin work in Hawii


  • July 1917
  • 07/31

    Hawaii Draft Registration Day


    big ad campaign, public events

  • September 1917
  • 09/14

    American Red Cross chapter receives flag from Queen Liliuokalani


    Hawaii War Relief Committee had operated since 1914, now it is part of the Red Cross and is supported by all communities within the islands

  • 09/21

    Food Conservation program


    Saving food, reducing waste are patriotic; Love's Bakery begins ads for "War Bread" and Central Union Chruch as sermon on Food Conservation

  • 09/23

    Plantation workers support Red Cross


    Hakalau Plantation Japanese field workers donate $301 [$5650 2015] to Red Cross

  • 09/29

    Red Cross Rally enlists 8000


    Huge city wide rally preceded by full page ads by Queen Liliuokalani & Prince Kuhio encourage every resident to support the Red Cross care of wounded by becoming a member.

Hawaii WWI Task Force Logo

Contact: Hawaii@WorldWar1Centennial.org

Task Force Members

Ben Acohido Col (Ret), USA
(VFW Previous State Commander)

Chuck Anthony, Lt Col, HIANG
(Hawaii DOD Public Affairs)

LTC, USA, Ret. Les Bise
(Vice Commander, Military Order of World Wars)

Brenden Bliss
(Instructor, Hawaii Pacific University)

Donna l. Ching
(Friends of the Natatorium)

Rick Egged
(Waikiki Improvement Association)

Stan Fernandez, CMSgt (Ret), USAF
(VFW Previous State Commander)

Allen Hoe
(Aide to SECARMY)

Bernard Lee
(American Legion Representative)

Gordon Lee
Kau Tom American Legion Post #11

Ron Lockwood, USMC Retired, Commander Waikiki VFW Post

Anita Manning
Task Force Historian
(Elks Lodge 616)

Catherine Miloni, Aloha Chapter   Daughters of the American Revolution

Eric Opheim Post Commander of American Legion Post 56

William Parker, CCMSgt, HIANG
(Senior Enlisted Advisor, HING)

Schoen Safotu
(VA Chief Volunteer Services)

Robert J. Schleck
(Director, Grove Farm Museum, Kauai)

Michael Soucie
(VA, Vocational Rehabilitation)

Art Tulak, COL  (Ret), USA
Task Force Chairman
(Military Order of Foreign Wars)
(Military Order of World Wars)

Ron Han, Col (Ret), HIANG
(Director, HI State Office of Veterans' Services)