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Memorial Hunters Club Success Page

Did you find treasure!? Did you check that it's not already in our national register of WW1 Memorials. [CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUR MAP]

If you found one , Congratulations! -
You are awesome - you are cool - you are officially a WWI MEMORIAL HUNTER!

YOUR NAME or you HUNTER NICKNAME will be cited in the memorial's listing as the intrepid tracker who found this lost memorial!
Fill in the form below and start feeling really good about yourself.

Tell us who you are.

We need to know who to credit for the find... You can even include your, or your crew's Memorial Hunter Handle

Please let us know your name.
Please let us know your name.
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Please let us know your email address.
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Tell Us About The Memorial

Tell us the WWI Memorials name, address, and everything else you have learned about it, your town's role in WWI and the good folks who put up the memorial.

Please write a subject for your message.
Please let us know your message.
Please provide a real street address. You can often use to find that. Worst case, locate it on Google Maps and send the google map address URL.
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Got Pix?

We need some images. So we hope you grabbed some pix of that awesome trophy you bagged.</P

We invite you to include a selfie with the memorial and your whole hunter crew. We'd love to show the world your Memorial hunting selfie selves!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The combined size of your images must be less than 8Mb. A full size iPhone image at 3264 × 2448 is 2.4 MB - so three of those will fit. If you are shooting really big images... you may have to limit yourself to 2 pictures or make the images smaller.


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