"The centennial of World War One offers an opportunity for people in the United States
to learn about and commemorate the sacrifices of their predecessors."

from The World War One Centennial Commission Act, January 14, 2013

World War One was a watershed in American history. The United States' decision to join the battle in 1917 "to make the world safe for democracy" proved pivotal in securing allied victory — a victory that would usher in the American Century. 

Camp Zachary TaylorDuring the war's duration, places all across the nation had various roles in the prosecution of the war effort. After the war, memorials—from simple honor rolls, to Doughboy sculptures, to grandiose architectural ensembles—were erected throughout the US.  Places and structures were named in honor of men, women, organizations, and even animals who served with distinction during the war.  Libraries and museums were established to house the artifacts and documents related to the great war.  Many of the facilities and structures that were important during the war have faded into obscurity, or are gone, but many remain.
Each of these places has a story to tell about the nation's struggle during World War One.  This nationwide inventory during the Centennial Commemoration of the Great War seeks to identify, document, and preserve the knowledge of all these places.

You can submit information on a place that played a role during the war, or plays a role now in preserving the history of the nation's war effort.  Click here to submit information about significant places that are not in the database, or to correct information about a place already recorded.

See here for more information on the country's World War One memorials and monuments, and efforts intended to raise public awareness of the presence, and in many cases, sadly, the plight of these historic monuments and memorials, or to submit a Monument or Memorial to the database.

Allen Memorial Medical Library, 11000 Euclid Avenue
Cuyahoga County
United States
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The Dittrick Medical History Center explores the history of medicine through museum artifacts, archives, rare books collections, and images. The Dittrick is an interdisciplinary study center in the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, but we are open to the general public and charge no admission.

The Dittrick holds a large collection of photographs and records documenting the history of the Lakeside Unit, the first U.S. medical unit to go overseas in 1915. The museum has created a website about the Lakeside Unit. In Spring 2016 the Museum will mount an exhibit about the Unit's "mock" mobilization in Philadelphia (this is featured on the website) in conjunction with a lecture entitled "Feeding War: Gender, Health, and the Mobilized Kitchen in WWI Germany".  In Spring 2017 an exhibit will be mounted about the Unit's mobilization to Rouen, France (Base Hosp. 4) after the US entered the war.

100 W. 26th Street
Kansas City
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The National World War One Museum at Liberty Memorial is America's museum dedicated to remembering, interpreting and understanding the Great War and its enduring impact on the global community. The Museum fulfills its mission by:

  • Maintaining the Liberty Memorial as a beacon of freedom and a symbol of the courage, patriotism, sacrifice, and honor of all who served in World War I
  • Interpreting the history of World War One to encourage public involvement and informed decision-making
  • Providing exhibitions and educational programs that engage diverse audiences
  • Collecting and preserving historical materials with the highest professional standards
700 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
United States
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World War One Records are available for research online and at the various National Archives locations.

101 Independence Ave SE
United States
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The digital collections of the Library of Congress contain a wide variety of material related to World War I, including photographs, documents, newspapers, films, sheet music, and sound recordings. This guide compiles links to World War I resources throughout the Library of Congress Web site. In addition, this guide provides links to external Web sites focusing on World War I and a bibliography containing selections for both general and younger readers.

2110 New South Post Road
West Point
Orange County
United States
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The mission of the West Point Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historically significant artifacts pertaining to the United States Military Academy, United States Army and the Profession of Arms. The Museum will supplement cadet academic, cultural and military instruction and provide educational programs and services for military and civilian personnel. As a public institution, the museum stimulates interest in the United States Military Academy, the United States Army and the Military profession.

In addition to the main museum building in Olmsted Hall, the Museum also administers Fort Putnam which it operates seasonally. The Museum also maintains part of its collection on display on Post with the cannon collection on Trophy Point, The superintendent portraits in the Cadet Mess and artwork in many of the academic and administrative buildings.

All visitors to the United States Military Academy are encouraged to tour the Museum to view what is considered to be the oldest and largest diversified public collection of miltaria in the Western Hemisphere.

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