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Q1: In the instruction it says: Using the memorial's address, look it up on Google Maps, zoom down to it and save the URL. You'll need the URL for your submission. -
What if the memorial is in a park and can't be seen from the street?

A1: We do not expect to see the memorial, we simply want to know the location so we can map out where all the projects are.

Q2: Does <my town> have a WWI memorial? How do I find out?

A2: There is no definitive compendium of US WWI Memorials. We are hoping that through this project, you will help us uncover them.

  • Talk to your city council to see what they can tell you
  • Look around - especially public squares, schools and churches
  • Contact your local American Legion chapter. They typically are on top of these things and they are a supporting organization for this program.
  • There is a man named Mark Levitch who is passionately putting together something called The Memorial Inventory Project.
    Click here to explore his partially complete demo with over 1000 locations already compiled.

Your question has stimulated us into putting a new form on this website for you to report what you find. Look for the form in the next few days in the menu on the left. Let's get that inventory of WWI memorials compiled! We will publish the results and pass the information on to Mr. Levitch who is helping us with this project!

Q3: Our Local County Veterans office is raising money to redo our County War Memorial that includes all Wars that Our Local County has fought in. They have already raised $XXX out of the goal of $YYY. Would they qualify to apply for the $2,000.00 grant?

A3: The program is specifically aimed at WWI memorials, so this kind of hybrid situation is something that will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The specific question from the specific group will be forwarded to our Governance Committee who will decide eligibility.

Q4: Is there a time limit by which the memorial project needs to be finished?

A4: Yes. The project must be scheduled for completion prior to November 11, 2018, the 100th anniversary of the Armistice - the cessation of hostilities in WWI

Q5: We are planning to build a NEW World War One memorial dedicated to the victims, rescuers, and survivors of the Tuscania disaster of 5 Feb. 1918. More than 200 Americans died in this incident, but the British Navy saved more than 1800. The expected cost is $XX,000. Can we also apply for funds?

A5: Yes, your project would qualify for the matching grant program for the maximum of $2,000, providing the project, or section of the master plan you are submitting, is completed prior to 11/11/2018.

You should know that over the next few weeks we will be publishing a series of tools kits in the resources section of the site that will provide you with templates for fundraising letters, promotional materials for social media, broadcast media and more.

These tool kits are designed exactly for a project like yours where connection to the National WW1 Commemoration effort via the 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program - even just as a applicant - promises to get your project and your sponsors some national exposure for your wonderful efforts.

Q6: When is the earliest you will accept proposals from community members, now that the deadline has been deferred to June 2017? Submitting earlier is preferable to us, but, we won't do so if the proposals will not be read until late summer 2017, anyway.

A6: You can submit your entry anytime between here and June 15, 2017 (midnight EDT). There is no particular advantage to submitting early in terms of the timing of the judging and grant selectees at this time. The new schedule calls for us to complete the evaluations and announce the grant awards by 11/11/17.

Q7: Our American Legion Post will be completing a WWI Memorial in our town . Although all income and expenses have taken place, can we still enter and recover costs that were provided to the city for light benches and landscaping the for our WW I Memorial. Thank you

A7: Qualifying Memorial project must be completed starting January 1, 2014, and before November 11, 2018 for a matching grant consideration. So projects that have already been completed DO quality as long as the completion date was after 1/1/2014. Depending on the exact dates when you did it, It sounds like the project your describe above would qualify.


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