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Education registration

Join the Commemoration!

We invite you to help the U.S. World War One Centennial Commission commemorate America's World War One story -- and to become part of our nation's permanent historical record!

Registration is open to all educators (teachers, program leaders, community volunteers, etc.) who have organized (or are planning on organizing) an educational or commemorative lesson/activity that engages students/youth.

These activities must be shared with an audience or a classroom. Examples of these activities include: lessons/educational projects, exhibitions, public ceremonies and performances. Read the submission criteria.

Once you have signed up and confirmed your registration, you will be able to submit information and images from your activity (or activities). All submissions that meet the required criteria will be posted at the official Commission website, and will be archived as part of our nation's permanent official record of the Centennial.  

You will also receive updates and information from the Commission about education-related news and resources.

Fill out the form below, and help us show that America remembers World War One!

NOTE: To submit an upcoming public event to our Commission's event calendar, visit

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