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Memorial Hunters Club: UPDATE

Memorial Hunters Club: UPDATE

Memorial Hunters - You are AWESOME!! 

In this first week you found memorials in: Trafford, PA - Milford, CT - Morton Grove, IL - Elkhart, IL - Etowah, TN - Hardwick, MA - Hollywood, CA - Los Angeles, CA - Glendale, CA - St. Mary's, KS - Milltown, NJ - Newark , DE - Riverhead, NY - Morton Grove, IL - New Haven , CT - Uxbridge, MA - Williamsville, IL and Lindenhurst, NY 

California was representing with THREE submissions... from Hollywood, Los Angeles and Glendale. 

There wonderful WWI memorials hidden around big metros. In fact, hiding in plain site is Los Angeles' huge traditional stadium, the Memorial Coliseum, former home of the Rams, Trojans, Raiders and site of TWO Olympics. This venue is actually a dedicated WWI Memorial site. 

Right after the war, Los Angeles was trying to get a large athletic complex built, so the idea was advanced to make a multi-purpose stadium that could hold sporting, civic, and memorial events. The stadium was dedicated as a perpetual memorial to LA County Veterans of the World War. I've lived in Los Angeles for 45 years and never knew!

And small town American was also representing in force this first week with interesting WWI memorials, surprisingly often located on "Main Street".

The backgrounds and stories submitted are wonderful and so are the Memorial Hunters...
A big shout out to: 

  • Hunter Laura Macaluso 
  • Hunter Paul Osman 
  • Hunter Kamy Gamble 
  • Hunter Jeff Lawrence 
  • Hunter Temporary Hero 
  • Hunter Courtland Jindra 
  • Hunter Jeffrey Nelson 
  • Hunter Donald Petry 
  • Hunter Kennard Wiggins 
  • Hunter Edward Walz 
  • Hunter Mark Matz 
  • Hunter Kennard Wiggins 
  • Hunter Jeff Lawrence 
  • Hunter Edward Walz 
  • Hunter Andrew Capets 


Uncovering these fading and even lost treasures is fun, educational and meaningful. It's a great weekend activity!

As you pull together the information and background of these memorials, your community history comes into focus. And when we are done, dear Memorial Hunters... We will have a national register of these important remembrances to our past.

Get in touch with local scout troops, Legionnaires, VFW, civic organizations, church groups, make it a school field trip.


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