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    BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY HERE to learn a bit more about the 332nd Infantry Regiment in WWI, the Italian Front and the other U.S. military and civilian organizations in that contributed to the Allied effort in Italy during the First World War.

    TO GUIDE YOU IN YOUR RESEARCH there are firsthand accounts by the by the soldiers of the 332nd as well as by those who crossed paths with the Ohio Doughboys in Italy Personal and scholarly works — WWI era vintage reportsModern recollections, compilations, dissertations, websitesall are included.  While most of these works tend to corroborate each other and offer different aspects of the what the 332nd did and experienced 100 years ago there are a few, including official publications, that contain errors of fact and, therefore, are not completely accurate, contradict the other works and can be misleading.  Generally, the writings of the 332nd Infantry's soldiers are the most accurate and reliable of all. Caveat reader !

   If you know of any other pertinent publications or sources that you think should be included in the following lists, please contact the U.S. 332nd Infantry Regiment WWI Centennial Committee.

    The links, accompanying some of the citations, lead to sites where the book or document might be viewed on-line and/or downloaded, usually in PDF format. (note: some sites have restrictive log-in requirements) Otherwise, the links may simply take you to sites where the book/document is held.

    If a link is not listed, the item could, perhaps, be borrowed from a library directly or using Inter-Library-Loan (ILL). Searching for the items on WorldCat® (https://www.worldcat.org/) is an excellent place to locate a holding library near you. If not held by libraries or ILL is not allowed, the items may possibly be available for purchase — check the various on-line book sellers.

Disclaimer: The publisher, administrators, creators and/or curators of this site are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the following publications or on-line sources. Opinions and sentiments contained in these following items do not necessarily represent those of the USWWOCC or of The U.S. 332nd Infantry Regiment WWI Centennial Committee, partner organizations, sponsors, etc..  Some sources may contain material that some may find offensive, however, it reflects the times when it was created. This is an educational resource; it is history; it is truth.

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332nd Infantry Firsthand Accounts
by the Soldiers of the Regiment
Unit Histories Diaries Letters
( These items tend to corroborate each other in the broad history of the 332nd Infantry Regiments activities but certain details may vary due to the differences in personnel / unit assignments / duties.)


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WWI Period Publications
that include the
332nd Infantry Regiment

Books Articles  Photograph Collections etc

Read more: WWI Period publications

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