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of the

for duty on the
(in the words of General John J. Pershing & Colonel William Wallace)
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"(Diary) Paris, Tuesday, July 17, 1917. Dined on Friday with Thomas Nelson Page, our Ambassador to Italy, who praised Italian armies and wants us to send them troops.

"The suggestion from Ambassador Page that we send a few divisions to aid the Italians indicated that they were about to enter the lists with the other Allies to contend for an allotment of American reinforcements. The Ambassador seemed disappointed to find me strongly opposed to the use of our troops anywhere except on the Western Front and as components of our own army." General Pershing1

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WWI Monument
for Italy
Never Built !
Intended to Honor U.S.
332nd Infantry Reg't
and other Americans on duty in WWI Italy

Authorized & Funded in 1920s by
American Battle Monuments Commission

Cancelled due to Complicated Political Situations
Descendants of Ohio Doughboys & Other Americans who Served in Italy
Encouraged to Help Revive Project

332nd Infantry Italian monument detail 2Planned, Designed and Funded but Never Built: The American Battle Monuments Commission monument for Italy to commemorate the service of the 332nd Infantry and other Americans on the Italian Front in WWIRemembering the men of the U.S. 332nd Infantry and commemorating their service and sacrifice on the Italian Front in World War I are the key objectives of the United States 332nd Infantry Regiment WWI Centennial Committee. It is equally important to honor all Americans, women and men, military and civilian, who served and sacrificed in WWI Italy, as well.

"... Congress established the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) in 1923, which took over care of American national cemeteries in Europe from the War Department. One of the duties of the commission was to build monuments in the national cemeteries. The ABMC constructed chapels and monuments in the national cemeteries at Brookwood in England, Flanders Field in Belgium, the Somme, Oise-Aisne, Aisne-Marne, Suresnes, Meuse-Argonne, and St. Miheil, all in France. But the ABMC also built monuments at Andenarde and Kemmel in Belgium and Bellicourt, Cantigny, Tours, Brest, Chateau-Thierry, Sommepy, Montfaucon, Souilly, Montsec, and Chaumont in France where the American Expeditionary Force had important wartime roles. Some monuments, such as one in Rome, Italy, the ABMC planned but never built."

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August 1st, 1918

Italy Officially Welcomes

Doughboys from Ohio

King of Italy inspects 332nd Infantry

Regiment marches in review before Vittorio Emanuel III, leaders of Italy's military & government, representatives of the Allies & the Vatican and other dignitaries

332nd inspection VEIII 01Aug1918 comp1st August 1918 - Vittorio Emanuel III, King of Italy, with Colonel William Wallace on his right, lead the entourage inspecting of the 332nd Infantry Regiment during the official welcoming ceremony at Ganfardine airfield near Verona, Italy.

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