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August 1st, 1918

Italy Officially Welcomes

Doughboys from Ohio

King of Italy inspects 332nd Infantry

Regiment marches in review before Vittorio Emanuel III, leaders of Italy's military & government, representatives of the Allies & the Vatican and other dignitaries

332nd inspection VEIII 01Aug1918 comp1st August 1918 - Vittorio Emanuel III, King of Italy, with Colonel William Wallace on his right, lead the entourage inspecting of the 332nd Infantry Regiment during the official welcoming ceremony at Ganfardine airfield near Verona, Italy.

OrderOfTheDay1Aug1918 compressed

332nd arrival Massillon Eve Independent 2

Ganfardine 1aug1918 troops


Ganfardine 1aug1918 troops

332nd arrival Massillon Eve Independent*   *   *

Ganfardine 332ndLetter Bandcomp————————
Massillon,Ohio Evening Independent August 30, 1918,page 6

Ganfardine 1aug1918 band

Ganfardine 01Aug1918 comp

Ganfardine 1aug1918for site

VittorioEmanueleIII 01Aug1918

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