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U.S. Army 331st Field Hospital

The 331st Field Hospital accompanied the 332nd Infantry Regiment throughout the Italian Campaign

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U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 102
Vicenza, Italy

DOC 21A007 1024x617World War I - U.S. Army Base Hospital No. 102: Nurses, Officers & Sisters in Courtyard of the Hospital (formerly the Rossi Industrial School), Vicenza, Italy

When the United States entered World War I in April of 1917, hospitals served by the Daughters of Charity were quick to join the war effort. Along with about 100 nurses recruited from Daughters’ hospitals nationwide, ten sisters went off to serve in the American Expeditionary Forces. These Daughters, from what was then the Western Province centered in St. Louis, were under the leadership of Sister Chrysostom Moynahan, Chief Nurse. Together with the civilian nurses, they formed the staff of Base Hospital #102 in Vicenza, Italy, the hospital unit operating closest to the nearby Italian Front. Called the Loyola Unit, the group had been formed by Dr. Joseph A. Danna of Loyola University Medical School in New Orleans; it was attached to the 332nd Regiment from Ohio and was brigaded with the Italian Armies.

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U.S. Army Ambulance Service

There were 15 Units of the US Army Ambulance Service assigned to the Italian Army but ambulances from Units 5xx, 5xx and 5xx served the 332nd Infantry
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U.S. Army Air Sevice

Pilots of the U.S. Army Air Service assigned to Italy in WWI
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U.S. Navy:  Aviation & Sea Operations


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