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Especially for Veterans: Centennial Activities of Interest

Since the World War One Centennial Commission's website is so vast, we have collected a series of link tiles that we think are of specific interest to veterans and Veteran Service Organization members interested in the Centennial of The War That Changed The World.

Click on a tile of interest. This will open an overview page with link buttons to go deeper. All our selections are things you can "do" or "explore". It includes resources to help you with your own post WWI Centennial Commemoration activities. There is even a tile for you to reach out to us if you have question or are interested in something you did not immediately find here. 


Resources for Armistice Commemoration
Explore the WWI Memorial in Washington DC
Watch the "They Deserve Their Own Memorial" Videos narrated by Gary Sinise
Listen to the weekly WWI Centennial News Podcast
Learn more about the weekly WWI Centennial newsletter.
Raise money for the national WWI Memorial in the name of a WWI veteran
Submit a WWI veteran or family story for publication
"A man is only missing if he is forgotten"
Register your WWI commemoration event to the national register or explore the calendar
Use the WWI Poppy program to raise money for your organization AND help build the National WWI Memorial!
Send the Commission a note, comment or request. We will route it to the correct person
Purchase official WWI Centennial Merchandise and help build the WWI Memorial in Washington DC
Help Find The Missing WWI Memorials Become a Hunter Check The Map Submit a Memorial
Logos, images, videos, talking points, facts and more for your WWI Centennial Commemoration efforts
Learn about WWI aviation and the War In The Sky 100 years ago through our detailed timeline

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