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Modern Warriors of World War I

 36 Division 142 Infantry Company E in FranceAmerican Indian soldiers of Company E, 142nd Infantry, 36th Division in France

Modern Warriors of World War I

The Sequoyah National Research Center has created the Modern Warriors of World War I database to identify all 12,000 American Indian and Alaska Native servicemen. The goal is to create as complete a record as possible for each man that served, so that their legacy of bravery and sacrifice will be remembered. In addition to utilizing archival records and publications in our efforts to identify these men, we have also reached out to American Indian Nations, organizations, and individuals to compile the current list. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following: Jennifer Shaw, Courtney Peyketewa, Lena Nells (Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes), Gary McAdams (Wichita & Affiliated Tribes), Lanny Asepermy (Comanche Nation), Betty Oppenheimer (Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe), Elizabeth Perry, Archives of Arvid E. Miller Historical Library Museum, Véronique Lozano for Muscogee (Creek) elder Sam Proctor in memory of his uncle Pvt. Sam Beaver, and the numerous individuals, who have sent in names of their loved ones who served. Their assistance has been invaluable.

We also invite anyone who has an American Indian or Alaska Native relative who served in the war to contact us, so that his efforts are remembered. Contact can be made directly to Erin Fehr at or 501-569-8336 or via this online submission portal: Additionally, if any information is incorrect, please contact us in the same manner. We have tried our best to make sure that tribal affiliations are accurate, but mistakes may be made due to incorrect original documentation. We have indicated with an asterisk every person who has been verified by a family member, tribe, or found on official tribal rolls. There are several men who have no tribal affiliation next to their name and instead say "unknown." We know through a variety of records that they are Native, but have no further information. Please let us know any additional facts so that the database can be updated.



NationLast nameFirst nameNameRankUnitFromStateKIABoarding school attended
AbenakiTahamontRobert JamesTahamont, Robert JamesCpl2 Inf Co C NJ NGLake George, NYNYCarlisle
Absentee ShawneeForemanHowardForeman, HowardUSS Silver ShellShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
Acoma PuebloGarciaArmadoGarcia, ArmadoPfc40 Div 110 Inf Co DAcomita, NMNMSherman
AleutBeyerJohn WilliamBeyer, John WilliamPvt2 Div 5 Marines Co GValdez, AKAK
AleutMelovidoffFrank ChristopherMelovidoff, Frank ChristopherShipfitterNavyAK
AleutMelovidovAlexander SimeonMelovidov, Alexander SimeonMus 1 classNavySt. Paul Island, AKAK
AleutOrloffNicholas JohnOrloff, Nicholas JohnSeaman 2 clNavyCordova, AKAK
Aleut ?AdamsC.Adams, C.FiremanNavyAK
Aleut ?AdamsR.Adams, R.FiremanNavyAK
Aleut ?AndersonGabrielAnderson, GabrielFiremanNavyAK
Aleut ?EderCharlesEder, CharlesNavy BandAK
Aleut ?GaleJohn ?Gale, John ?Air Service AK
Aleut ?JacksonGeorge E.Jackson, George E.MM2USS MarbleheadAKChemawa
Aleut ?LeeJ.Lee, J.FiremanNavyAK
Aleut ?NixGeorgeNix, GeorgeFiremanNavyAK
Aleut ?ServiceRobertService, RobertAir ServiceAK
Aleut ?ServiceWilliamService, WilliamAir ServiceAK
Aleut ?Swanson ?H.Swanson ?, H.Navy BandAK
Aleut ?TalbotA.Talbot, A.FiremanNavyAK
Aleut ?TaylorLawrenceTaylor, LawrenceNavy BandAK
Aleut ?WaltersWilliamWalters, WilliamNavy BandAK
AlseaJacksonJosephJackson, JosephCplNavyMarshfield, OROR
ApacheAreialoEmilioAreialo, Emilio42 Div 168 Inf Co GLaredo, TXTX
ApacheBetchaitOliverBetchait, OliverPvtArmy Reserves / AARD 327 Trp AAnadarko, OKOK
ApacheBullockJohnBullock, John91 Div 364 Inf Co MWhite River, AZAZSherman
ApacheClarkFerdinandClark, FerdinandPfc2 Div 2 Eng Co BHillsboro, DEDE
ApacheEstradaJuan G.Estrada, Juan G.Pvt5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co FEleyira, TXTX
ApacheGonzalesJuanGonzales, JuanWagoner89 Div 340 FA Sup CoTampico, Mexico
ApacheGoodayRobertGooday, RobertArmyHaskell
ApacheJoseManuelJose, ManuelPfc28 Div 109 Inf Co FMescalero, NMNM
ApacheKeneiSam T.Kenei, Sam T.PvtArmy ReservesMescalero, NMNM
ApacheKingDavidKing, DavidPfcQMCMescalero, NMNM
ApacheManuelJoseManuel, JosePfc28 Div 109 Inf Co FMescalero, NMNM
ApacheMarfilGregorioMarfil, GregorioPvt32 Div 126 Inf Co FDouglas, AZAZ
ApacheMethvinFrank BurnsMethvin, Frank BurnsCpl90 Div 357 Inf Co MAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ApacheNicholasDanielNicholas, DanielAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ApacheQuintanaJohnQuintana, JohnPfc28 Div 110 Inf Co KDulce, NMNM
ApacheTorresFranklinTorres, FranklinPfc28 Div 110 Inf Co KMescalero, NMNMSherman
ArapahoCedartreeJoshua*Cedartree, Joshua*SeamanNavyWatonga, OKOKPhoenix
ArapahoLockwoodHudson H.Lockwood, Hudson H.PvtArmyGeary, OKOKPhoenix
ArapahoOldmanSethOldman, SethPvtArmyPhoenix
ArapahoSankeyRobertSankey, RobertCpl44 Co Prov Grp 4 MG Trn CenterCanton, OKOKHaskell
ArapahoShawneeHenryShawnee, HenryPvt90 Div 343 MG BnGreenfield, OKOKKIAHaskell
ArapahoWhitemanAlfred *Whiteman, Alfred *PFC36 Div 131 MG Bn Co ACantonment, OKOK
ArapahoWilliamsBill*Williams, Bill*PvtCanton, OKOK
Arapaho ArchiquetteWilbertArchiquette, WilbertPvt3 Div 77 FA HQ CoGary, OKOK
Arapaho RisingbearBretRisingbear, Bret36 Div 142 Inf Co E
Arapaho / CaddoPartonHarrison R.Parton, Harrison R.Pfc1 Div 2 Fld Sig Bn Co CAnadarko, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoBoyntonRichard*Boynton, Richard*Waggoner90 Div 344 FA Sup CoConcho, OKOKKIAChilocco
Cheyenne and ArapahoGood BearHarvey*Good Bear, Harvey*OK
Arikara (MHA)DeaneWilliam J .Deane, William J .Pfc15 Div 43 Inf Co LElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)FoxCharlesFox, CharlesPvt32 Div 128 Inf Co DFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)HopkinsDanielHopkins, DanielPvt33 Inf Sup CoElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)HopkinsHarveyHopkins, HarveyPfc88 Div 352 Inf Co DElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)JonesMorganJones, MorganElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)PerkinsHenryPerkins, HenryPvt15 Div 43 Inf Co FFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)PriceStephenPrice, StephenElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Red FoxErnest J.Red Fox, Ernest J.Bugler163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)RogersThomas EverettRogers, Thomas EverettSgt13 Div 44 Inf HQ / 1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)StarPhilip WardStar, Philip WardPvt15 Div 43 Inf Co HRee, NDND
Arikara (MHA)WinansRobertWinans, RobertPvt163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Yellow BirdCharlesYellow Bird, Charles13 Div 44 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Young HawkJoeYoung Hawk, JoePvt1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Assiniboine SiouxEdgarMartinEdgar, MartinPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co AFort Benton, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxHawleyAlvin BissellHawley, Alvin BissellCpl40 Div 159 Inf HQ CoWhitlash, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine SiouxKnightClarence A.Knight, Clarence A.Gunners Mate 1clNavyPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxKnightFrank W.Knight, Frank W.FiremanNavyPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxMahtoTedMahto, TedSgt 1class803 Pioneer Inf Med CorpFort Yates, NDND
Assiniboine SiouxOhlerkingWilliamOhlerking, WilliamSgt89 Div 353 Inf Co MSavoy, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine SiouxSmith William R.Smith , William R.Band Cpl28 Div 27 Inf HQ Co / 25 Inf Co LPoplar, MTMT
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBresetteWilliam Charles*Bresette, William Charles*Sgt9 CoOdanah, WIWIHaskell
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCadotteAlexanderCadotte, AlexanderPfc32 Div 127 Inf Co IBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCloudJohn M.*Cloud, John M.*PvtBase Hosp, Shelby, MSOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaDenomieEdward S.*Denomie, Edward S.*Cpl32 Div 128 Inf Sup CoOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaDurantEdward F.Durant, Edward F.Pfc32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWICarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaHolmesRichard Eugene*Holmes, Richard Eugene*CplArmyKettle River, MNMNCarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaKajuneJames F.Kajune, James F.Pvt161 Dep BrigSawyer, WIWIHayward
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaLafernierJoseph F.*Lafernier, Joseph F.*NavyWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSevalierWalterSevalier, WalterPvt5 Div 7 Eng Co FBrule, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaShecagJohnShecag, JohnMed CorpsWIChilocco
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSky Francis JosephSky , Francis JosephPvt32 Div MG CoOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSky John A., Jr.Sky , John A., Jr.Cpl32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWIKIA
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaWigginsSamuel*Wiggins, Samuel*Gunner's Mate 3clNavyWI
Bay Mills ChippewaTeepleAngus OliverTeeple, Angus OliverSgt32 Div 125 Inf Co MBrimley, MIMI
BlackfeetConnollyJohn Connolly, John Pvt 163 Inf Co CBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetFordArthur S.Ford, Arthur S.Pfc32 Div 126 Inf Co BMissoula, MTMT
BlackfeetGuardipe Eli S.Guardipe , Eli S.Pvt43 Aero SquadBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetJackson Hugh W. Jackson , Hugh W. Cpl2 Div 23 Inf Co DBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetKennerlyJerome*Kennerly, Jerome*Pvt158 Aero Squad Sig CorpsBrowning, MTMTCarlisle
BlackfeetSellewRalph W.Sellew, Ralph W.Pfc2 Div 17 FA HQBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetStoneDewey FrankStone, Dewey FrankSeamanUSS MississippiBrowning, MTMTGenoa
BlackfeetWhitedogHenryWhitedog, HenryPvtUSS Nevada 1 Reg Co FBend, OROR
BlackfootBarreraThomas G.Barrera, Thomas G.Sgt2 Div 23 Inf MG CoFort Bliss, OKOK
Blood / SiouxConferHarry E.Confer, Harry E.Pvt2 Div 5 Marines Co LParnassus, PAPA
BrothertownHammerByronHammer, ByronWagoner 35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co BFond du Lac, WIWIHaskell
BrothertownHammerMyronHammer, MyronArmyWIHaskell
BrothertownKindnessLloyd FrancisKindness, Lloyd FrancisPfc42 Div 150 MG Bn Co BOshkosh, WIWI
BrothertownNilesHerman ArthurNiles, Herman ArthurPfc32 Div 121 MG Bn Co DBrothertown, WIWICarlisle
Brule SiouxSpotted TailSteveSpotted Tail, Steve
CaddoCarterCharles L.Carter, Charles L.PfcCAC Batt CAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCarterEarl A.Carter, Earl A.PvtArmyAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoDoshinkoGroverDoshinko, GroverMus 2nd cl91 Div 363 Inf / 8 Div 13 Inf HQ CoAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoDowningJohn D.Downing, John D.Pvt3 AA BattAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoDunlapHarrisonDunlap, HarrisonInf Signal ServiceOKHaskell
CaddoEdmondsHoustonEdmonds, HoustonCpl18 Div 54 FA Batt EAnadarko, OKOKAnadarko Indian School
CaddoGuerinHarrison PartonGuerin, Harrison PartonSgt1 Div 2 Fld Sig BnAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoHalfmoonEdgar*Halfmoon, Edgar*35 Div 130 FA Batt BAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoJohnsonFrancisJohnson, Francis36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CaddoMurrowWilliam RossMurrow, William RossPfc4 Div 47 Inf Co H / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BBinger, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoShemamyJames PatrickShemamy, James PatrickPfc26 Div 102 Inf Co D / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BBinger, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoSheyahsheGeorgeSheyahshe, GeorgeCpl18 Div 54 FA Batt EOKChilocco
CaddoWilliamsJamesWilliams, JamesPvt4 Div 39 Inf Co MBinger, OKOK
CaddoWilliamsCharles*Williams, Charles*Band Cpl 35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngAnadarko, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle / Sherman
CaddoWilsonSamuel B.Wilson, Samuel B.Mus 3d class89 Div 355 InfBinger, OKOK
Caddo / DelewareBedokaMaurice M.Bedoka, Maurice M.CplRadioAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
Caddo / DelewareBinghamHaskellBingham, HaskellPvtCAC Anadarko, OKOK
Cahuilla Band of Mission IndiansLuboSenonLubo, SenonEngineman 2 clUSS Illinois Cahullia, CACASherman
Cass LakeShushugahBenShushugah, BenMarines
CataragasPayneHoward B.Payne, Howard B.Wagoner2 Div 15 FA Sup CoMaynard, IAIA
Catt ResButtonGeorgeButton, George
Catt ResButtonLeroyButton, LeroyLawton, NYNY
Catt ResJohnBenjaminJohn, BenjaminBuffalo, NYNY
Catt ResLayRichardLay, Richard
Catt ResLayRutherfordLay, Rutherford
Catt ResWarriorWilliamWarrior, William
CayugaBishopHarold K.Bishop, Harold K.Bugler3 Div 4 Inf Co GVersailles, NYNY
CayugaJamisonFranklinJamison, FranklinArmyCattaraugus Res, NYNYHampton
Cayuga / SenecaWarriorNelson Warrior, Nelson Wagoner78 Div 309 Inf Sup CoVersailles, NYNY
CayuseMenthornGroverMenthorn, GroverCpl77 Div 306 Inf Co GPendleton, OROR
ChehalisDavis Alvin E.Davis , Alvin E.Pfc32 Div 126 Inf Co BGate City, WAWA
ChehalisJohnsonGeorgeJohnson, GeorgePfc2 Div 23 Inf Co CBay Center, WAWA
ChehalisJohnstonGeorgeJohnston, GeorgePvt2 Div 23 Inf Co CBase Center, WAWA
CherokeeAdairWilliamAdair, WilliamPvt19 Div 56 FAOK
CherokeeAdairFloyd *Adair, Floyd *PvtArmyOK
CherokeeAdairGeorge*Adair, George*Cook36 Div 142 inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeAdairGeorge W.*Adair, George W.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeAdairHummingbird*Adair, Hummingbird*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeAdairJacob*Adair, Jacob*36 Div 143 Inf Co F / 142 Inf Co FStillwater, OKOK
CherokeeAdairJohn T.*Adair, John T.*Pvt162 Dep Brig Co 44OK
CherokeeAdairWalthall Corrigan*Adair, Walthall Corrigan*PFC90 Div 358 InfOK
CherokeeAdairWilliam Luther*Adair, William Luther*Pvt10 InfOK
CherokeeAdairWilliam P.*Adair, William P.*PvtArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeAdairWilliam Penn, II*Adair, William Penn, II*Sgt FC315 Fld Sig Bn Co CFort Gibson, OKOK
CherokeeAddingtonJess*Addington, Jess*Pvt18 Div 19 InfOK
CherokeeAgentWartuck*Agent, Wartuck*PfcArmyOK
CherokeeAkersWilliamAkers, WilliamPvt2 Div 15 FA HQ CoNorwalk, OHOH
CherokeeAlbertyDewey*Alberty, Dewey*PfcOK
CherokeeAlbertyWilliam Towers*Alberty, William Towers*90 Div 358 InfOK
CherokeeAlexanderJesseAlexander, JessePvt85 Div 167 InfPiney, OKOK
CherokeeAllenWilliam Curtis*Allen, William Curtis*PFC80 Div 318 InfOK
CherokeeArneecherJacob*Arneecher, Jacob*OK
CherokeeAugerholeWilliam W.Augerhole, William W.Pvt4 Div 59 Inf HQ CoGreenleaf, OKOK
CherokeeBahamEllisBaham, EllisSgt5 Div 16 Inf Co MLoranger, LALA
CherokeeBaileyAlfred G.Bailey, Alfred G.Sgt3 Div 38 Inf Co EHulbert, OKOKKIAHaskell
CherokeeBakerJoeBaker, JoePfc36 Div 141 Inf Sup CoJunction City, TXTX
CherokeeBaldridgeWilliamBaldridge, WilliamOKChilocco
CherokeeBaldridgeFloyd E.*Baldridge, Floyd E.*83 Div 330 InfOK
CherokeeBaldridgeSequoyah*Baldridge, Sequoyah*Pvt53 FA Batt COK
CherokeeBallouBird*Ballou, Bird*PvtCas Det Demo GrpOK
CherokeeBarkJoseph Lee*Bark, Joseph Lee*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeBarnesServetus B.*Barnes, Servetus B.*PvtOK
CherokeeBeamerGeorge W.*Beamer, George W.*PfcArmyOK
CherokeeBeamorThomas W.Beamor, Thomas W.Pvt3 Div 38 Inf Co KTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeBeanMark H.*Bean, Mark H.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeBeaverSamBeaver, Sam36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBeaverAlonzo*Beaver, Alonzo*PvtProvost Guard CoOK
CherokeeBeaverArleacher*Beaver, Arleacher*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeBeaverJames*Beaver, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBeaverWilliam*Beaver, William*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeBeckCornelius*Beck, Cornelius*Provost Guard CoOK
CherokeeBellWilliamBell, WilliamPfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co APreieville, MOMO
CherokeeBlack HawkeJamesBlack Hawke, JamesFireman 2clUSS North DakotaBliss, OKOK
CherokeeBlackbirdToolate*Blackbird, Toolate*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeBlackstoneEdward CapeBlackstone, Edward CapePvt4 Div 59 Inf Co HDrumright, OKOK
CherokeeBlakeJohn Fenton*Blake, John Fenton*90 Div 344 MG BnPryor, OKOK
CherokeeBlythLouisBlyth, LouisSgt2 Div Sig Bn Co COrreck, MOMO
CherokeeBolandMoses Lafayette*Boland, Moses Lafayette*Pfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co C / 138 Inf HQ CoPorum, OKOK
CherokeeBoleerCarl F.Boleer, Carl F.Cpl2 Div 2 Sup Tn Co EAkron, OHOH
CherokeeBoydJames NealeyBoyd, James NealeyPfc5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co ELigsfield, MSMS
CherokeeBradleyRobert L.*Bradley, Robert L.*SgtQMCOK
CherokeeBrewerRichard R.*Brewer, Richard R.*Pvt3 Div 8 MG Bn Co AAdair, OKOK
CherokeeBronsonWilliam*Bronson, William*Pvt1136 AAF School SquadOK
CherokeeBrooksCharles S.Brooks, Charles S.Pvt2 Div 6 Marines 80 CoDedias, TXTX
CherokeeBrownEdward MerrillBrown, Edward MerrillPfc33 Div 108 Eng Co CSummit, ILIL
CherokeeBrownGarner G.Brown, Garner G.Pvt3 Div 8 MG BnMartinsburg, MOMO
CherokeeBrownTroyBrown, TroyPfc7 Div 56 Inf Co CMcLain, OKOK
CherokeeBrownJoseph M.*Brown, Joseph M.*Pvt4 Div 13 FA Batt FComanche City, TXTX
CherokeeBryanJohn DavidBryan, John DavidPfc5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co ECollbran, ALAL
CherokeeBucknerJames Cornelius*Buckner, James Cornelius*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeBucknerLeland D.*Buckner, Leland D.*Pvt41 Div 162 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeBuckskinSam*Buckskin, Sam*PfcMed Dept OK
CherokeeBuffaloJames F.*Buffalo, James F.*CplBase Hosp 81OK
CherokeeBuffingtonCharles Ross*Buffington, Charles Ross*Cpl360 Inf Co CBryan's Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeBuffingtonWebster*Buffington, Webster*CplArmyOKHaskell / Phoenix
CherokeeBunchJackBunch, JackPvt28 Div 114 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeBunchJackBunch, JackPvt387 Inf 21 CoOK
CherokeeBunchJack D.Bunch, Jack D.Pvt Convalescent Center #2 44 CoBunch, OKOK
CherokeeBunchEli *Bunch, Eli *Petty OfficerNavyOKChilocco
CherokeeBunchJames*Bunch, James*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeButlerGee D.Butler, Gee D.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBuzzardGeorgeBuzzard, GeorgeSeamanNavyOKHaskell
CherokeeBuzzardAdam*Buzzard, Adam*PvtArmyZena, OKOK
CherokeeCanady John W.Canady , John W.Cpl78 Div 312 Inf Co LHico, TXTX
CherokeeCanaryJames Harry*Canary, James Harry*2d Lt32 Div 125 Inf Co MCaney, KSKSKIA
CherokeeCardenJohn, Jr.*Carden, John, Jr.*Pvt4 Div 58 InfOK
CherokeeCareyJesse H.*Carey, Jesse H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCareyJesse J.*Carey, Jesse J.*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCarnesJohnCarnes, JohnPvt2 Div 23 Inf Med DeptSafford, AZAZ
CherokeeCarterFrank*Carter, Frank*Pfc35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Claremore, OKOK
CherokeeCatcherCharley*Catcher, Charley*Sgt162 Dep Brig Co 42OK
CherokeeCatcherTom*Catcher, Tom*90 Div 345 FA Batt EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCavalierMarkham*Cavalier, Markham*PvtCAC 45 RegOK
CherokeeCavalierTheodore Perry*Cavalier, Theodore Perry*Pvt18 Div 19 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCaveEarl A.Cave, Earl A.Wagoner33 Div 108 Ammo Tn Co GLenapah, OKOK
CherokeeChampion CecilChampion , CecilPfc7 Div Muldrow, OKOK
CherokeeChaneyWilliamChaney, WilliamPfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co AKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeChaneyGeorge W.*Chaney, George W.*1 SgtArmyOK
CherokeeChapmanJames B.Chapman, James B.Cook33 Div 124 MG Bn Co BBarnhill, ILIL
CherokeeCheweyJohn*Chewey, John*PvtMed Dept Infirmary 9Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCheweySamuel R.*Chewey, Samuel R.*4 Div 58 Inf Co LCheivey, OKOK
CherokeeChisholmJames*Chisholm, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeChoateRobert M.Choate, Robert M.36 DivBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeChoateDouglas W.*Choate, Douglas W.*Pvt358 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeChuculateAlexander R.Chuculate, Alexander R.Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co EBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeChuculateWesley C. "Sam"*Chuculate, Wesley C. "Sam"*Pvt15 Bn Inf Repl & Tng TrpOK
CherokeeChum-Wa-LookyWilliamChum-Wa-Looky, William36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeClarkCharlieClark, CharliePvt7 Div 79 FA Batt CBrent, OKOK
CherokeeClarkWilliamClark, WilliamPvt88 Div 313 Fld Sig BnTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeClarkJesse J.*Clark, Jesse J.*Pfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeClarkJoseph James "Jocko"*Clark, Joseph James "Jocko"*LtUSS North CarolinaOK
CherokeeClayThomas*Clay, Thomas*90 Div 344 FA Batt CPeggs, OKOK
CherokeeClinkscalesAlbert Sidney*Clinkscales, Albert Sidney*2 Lt7 Div 80 FAVinita, OKOK
CherokeeCloseRoy D.Close, Roy D.Pvt2 Div 2 Sup Tn Co AAkron, OHOH
CherokeeCobbCharles R.*Cobb, Charles R.*35 Div 139th Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
CherokeeCochranJames C.Cochran, James C.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCochranWillieCochran, Willie36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCochranMartin Charlie*Cochran, Martin Charlie*PfcMed Det / 25 Mtr Sup TnOK
CherokeeCookCharley DowCook, Charley DowPvt7 Div 56 Inf Co CBower, OKOK
CherokeeCoonFrank "Rabbit"*Coon, Frank "Rabbit"*Pvt36 Div 141 InfStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCornshuckerArch *Cornshucker, Arch *ArmyOK
CherokeeCornshuckerWatie*Cornshucker, Watie*PfcMed DeptOK
CherokeeCornsilkJohnson*Cornsilk, Johnson*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeCorntasselJames E.Corntassel, James E.77 Div 308 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeCovelJesse C.*Covel, Jesse C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co DMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeCricketCharles*Cricket, Charles*Wagoner4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeCrittendenBill (Hummingbird)*Crittenden, Bill (Hummingbird)*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co GChewey, OKOK
CherokeeCrittendenDavid C.*Crittenden, David C.*Pfc 36 Div 141 Inf Co AWestville, OKOK
CherokeeCrittendenJoseph*Crittenden, Joseph*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCuffJohnCuff, JohnBugler1 Div 18 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
CherokeeCunninghamCharles Fox*Cunningham, Charles Fox*Pvt4 Div 4 Eng Co ASpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeCurranCharles H.Curran, Charles H.Pfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeCurrySamuel G.Curry, Samuel G.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FSpringfield, MOMO
CherokeeDavenportBurney CeilsDavenport, Burney CeilsSeamanUSS New YorkMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeDavisJohn F.Davis, John F.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDavisJoseph W.Davis, Joseph W.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FBearville, ARAR
CherokeeDelozierJohn Edward*Delozier, John Edward*Cpl90 Div 344 MG Bn Co AAdair, OKOKKIA
CherokeeDillisBootDillis, BootPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDinsmoreWilliam*Dinsmore, William*PvtCAC Co 8OK
CherokeeDoubleheadJohnDoublehead, John7 Div 64 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDoubleheadSam*Doublehead, Sam*Pvt82 Div 319 FA Batt FStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeDoughertyAnderson*Dougherty, Anderson*Pvt79 Inf Co DOK
CherokeeDowningLeroy*Downing, Leroy*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDuffieldEli*Duffield, Eli*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeDuncanFelix G.*Duncan, Felix G.*Pvt164 Dep Brig Co 3 OK
CherokeeDushaneSimpson*Dushane, Simpson*OK
CherokeeDuvallThomasDuvall, Thomas35 Div 130 FA Batt BSallisaw, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeDyeWilliamDye, WilliamCpl1 Div 16 Inf Co GBenham, VAVA
CherokeeEagleGeorge*Eagle, George*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co ELyons, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEldersWilliam*Elders, William*SGT MAJMarinesBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllisJackson N.Ellis, Jackson N.Pvt34 Div 109 Ammo Tn Co ABunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllisOtis L.Ellis, Otis L.7 Div 64 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeEllisBlair*Ellis, Blair*Pfc117 Ammo Tn Co C / 285 MP Bunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllisRichard*Ellis, Richard*USS DenverBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEssexAlbert G.Essex, Albert G.Sgt33 Div 108 Ammo Tn Co GSouth Bend, ININ
CherokeeEvansElmer T.Evans, Elmer T.40 Div 160 Inf Co GOklahoma City, OKOK
CherokeeFallingFred E.*Falling, Fred E.*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeFarr MaynardFarr , Maynard36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeFiayEarlFiay, EarlPvt2 Div Fld Hosp 1Carlinville, ILIL
CherokeeFieldsJesse*Fields, Jesse*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeFiteJohn W. S.*Fite, John W. S.*PfcGen Hosp 155OK
CherokeeFivekillerSpencer*Fivekiller, Spencer*OK
CherokeeFixonJesseFixon, JessePfc2 Div 23 Inf Co E / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeFleetwoodRedcloudFleetwood, RedcloudOrderly4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeFloydWilliam McKinleyFloyd, William McKinleyCpl3 Div 4 Inf Co LNorris City, ILIL
CherokeeFlukeAndrewFluke, AndrewPfc7 Div 50 Inf Co HVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFluteGeorgeFlute, GeorgePvt439 Res Labor Bn Co CBunch, OKOK
CherokeeFluteWash*Flute, Wash*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeFoggJames Cochran*Fogg, James Cochran*Pfc 36 Div 141 Inf Co I / 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeFoggTunawee*Fogg, Tunawee*pvtArmyOK
CherokeeForemanMartin*Foreman, Martin*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 131 FAChewey, OKOK
CherokeeFortuneJosephFortune, JosephSgt35 Div 110 Eng Co EKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeFosterNewton M.Foster, Newton M.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeFrakesWilliam J.B.Frakes, William J.B.Cook 35 Div 129 FA Batt EKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeFrizleyGeorge*Frizley, George*Cpl 90 Div 357 Inf Co ISallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeFryeJesse Frye, Jesse 2d Lt33 Div 131 Inf Sallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeGalcatcherSnowmaker*Galcatcher, Snowmaker*Pvt22 Eng Co AOK
CherokeeGallardoLeopoldoGallardo, LeopoldoWagoner36 Div 142 Inf Co CLaredo, TXTX
CherokeeGhormleyWalter Frank*Ghormley, Walter Frank*SeamanNavyOK
CherokeeGirtyBuckGirty, BuckPvt28 Div 110 Inf Co AWebber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeGladneyJohn R.*Gladney, John R.*Lt29 InfOK
CherokeeGlassClaude Glass, Claude Navy ?OKHaskell
CherokeeGonzalesJohn*Gonzales, John*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf OK
CherokeeGonzsilesAnderson*Gonzsiles, Anderson*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGoodrichJacobGoodrich, Jacob4 Div 58 Inf Co IStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGourdLouis R.*Gourd, Louis R.*NavyOKHaskell
CherokeeGrahamBluford*Graham, Bluford*PfcMed DeptOK
CherokeeGrassDavid F.*Grass, David F.*PfcAmbo Co 261OK
CherokeeGraysonNapoleon Bonaparte*Grayson, Napoleon Bonaparte*Pvt85 Div 168 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co ELocust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeGreenfeatherWilliamGreenfeather, William90 Div 358 Inf Co CRamona, OKOK
CherokeeGrigsbyHenry C.Grigsby, Henry C.NavyOK
CherokeeGrigsbyJames*Grigsby, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeGrittsBurney*Gritts, Burney*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeGrittsJohn B.*Gritts, John B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeHairJack*Hair, Jack*Pfc 36 Div 144 Inf Co A / 142 Inf Co EEucha, OKOK
CherokeeHairWatson*Hair, Watson*Pvt36 Div 144 Inf Co GHulbert, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHallFrankHall, FrankCpl2 Div 6 Marines 73 CoMacville, KYKY
CherokeeHallFrank*Hall, Frank*PvtMed DeptOK
CherokeeHamiltonCharlesHamilton, CharlesPvt3 Div 38 Inf Co D
CherokeeHandleEd*Handle, Ed*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co ISouthwest City, MOMO
CherokeeHanesArthur C.*Hanes, Arthur C.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeHannaWilliam T.*Hanna, William T.*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeHannonNewton E., Jr.*Hannon, Newton E., Jr.*PfcArmyOK
CherokeeHarlinEzekiel*Harlin, Ezekiel*Pvt89 Div 356 Inf Co DCatoosa, OKOK
CherokeeHarrisonJesse*Harrison, Jesse*Pvt35 Div 140 Inf OK
CherokeeHathcockThomas Roy*Hathcock, Thomas Roy*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeHauseJoseph M.Hause, Joseph M.Pfc90 Div 315 Ammo Tn Med DetTulsa, OKOK
CherokeeHaysCurtis E.*Hays, Curtis E.*Pvt36 Div 111 Eng OK
CherokeeHaysJohn H.*Hays, John H.*Pfc164 Dep Brig Co 1OK
CherokeeHeavenJimHeaven, Jim90 Div 345 FA Batt DLyons, OKOK
CherokeeHedgeElmer C.Hedge, Elmer C.Pvt2 Div 2 Eng Co COrville, CACA
CherokeeHendrickson Bert MontowHendrickson , Bert MontowMess Sgt7 Div 55 Inf Co LPoteau, OKOK
CherokeeHicksClaude*Hicks, Claude*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoShiptook, OKOK
CherokeeHicksJeff*Hicks, Jeff*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeHicksJohn H.*Hicks, John H.*Chief Mech3 Div 18 FA Batt BElko, NVNV
CherokeeHogshooterWattsHogshooter, Watts90 Div 345 FA Batt DEucha, OKOK
CherokeeHollandJohn Alford*Holland, John Alford*Pvt36 Div 141 Inf OK
CherokeeHopperGeorge William*Hopper, George William*Pfc36 Div 143 Inf Co LStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHoskinsElijah L.Hoskins, Elijah L.Pvt7 Div 56 Inf Co GVinita, OKOK
CherokeeHousebergRobert*Houseberg, Robert*PvtCAC PhilippinesAdair, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHowdeshellRalph*Howdeshell, Ralph*Pvt79 Div 314 Inf HQ CoTushkahoma, OKOK
CherokeeHubertVictor J.Hubert, Victor J.PvtMarines 5 Reg Co MNew Orleans, LALA
CherokeeHummingbirdGeorgeHummingbird, GeorgeChilocco
CherokeeHummingbirdJesse*Hummingbird, Jesse*90 Div 358 Inf Co ARose, OKOK
CherokeeHummingbirdWilson*Hummingbird, Wilson*PvtOK
CherokeeHurdIvan*Hurd, Ivan*Pvt5 Div 14 MG BnOK
CherokeeHurmanElmer E.Hurman, Elmer E.Pvt2 Div 5 Marines Co CMcGregor, TXTX
CherokeeHydeWilliam G.Hyde, William G.Bugler35 Div 2 Mo Inf Co GJoplin, MOMO
CherokeeIsaacJohn*Isaac, John*PvtDev Bn 1 CoOK
CherokeeJacksonCornelius*Jackson, Cornelius*Cpl90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoPorum, OKOK
CherokeeJacksonJames Harold*Jackson, James Harold*PfcArmyOK
CherokeeJayMarionJay, MarionPvt4 Div 59 Inf Co HSpiro, OKOK
CherokeeJohnsonDavidJohnson, David90 Div 358 Inf Hq CoOKKIAChilocco
CherokeeJohnsonWilliam N.Johnson, William N.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeJohnsonClifford Robert*Johnson, Clifford Robert*Pvt28 Div 115 Inf Co DVian, OKOK
CherokeeJohnsonClifford V.*Johnson, Clifford V.*Redland, OKOK
CherokeeJohnsonNapoleon Bonaparte*Johnson, Napoleon Bonaparte*ArmyOKChilocco
CherokeeJonesSamuel A.Jones, Samuel A.35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Fairland, OKOK
CherokeeJonesJesse*Jones, Jesse*Pvt326 Aux Rmt Dep QMCOK
CherokeeKeenerRichard*Keener, Richard*36 Div 142 inf Co EHulbert, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeKeenerRobert*Keener, Robert*SgtArmyOK
CherokeeKeenerSam*Keener, Sam*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeKeithSoldier*Keith, Soldier*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeKennedyCharles A.Kennedy, Charles A.Cpl2 Div 2 Eng Co BMetropolis, ILIL
CherokeeKetcherWilliamKetcher, WilliamPvt2 Div 9 Inf Co CAdair County, OKOKKIA
CherokeeKetcherRobert E. Lee*Ketcher, Robert E. Lee*Pvt57 FA Batt BOK
CherokeeKeysGeorgeKeys, George36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeKeysCharles C.*Keys, Charles C.*Pvt439 Res Labor BnOK
CherokeeKeysLevi H.*Keys, Levi H.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeKingfisherJames*Kingfisher, James*Pvt309 Cav Trp MOK
CherokeeKingfisherLewis*Kingfisher, Lewis*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeKirkRobert William*Kirk, Robert William*PfcArmyEldon, OKOK
CherokeeLanierSamLanier, SamWagoner5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co BAbilene, TXTX
CherokeeLeachSamsonLeach, Samson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeLeachTom*Leach, Tom*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeLewisFrankLewis, Frank35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BMadera, CACA
CherokeeLewisRayLewis, RayFrench Air Service (on loan for 1 yr)Nowata, OKOK
CherokeeLittledaveDick*Littledave, Dick*PvtArmy
CherokeeLittledeerSam*Littledeer, Sam*PvtArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeLittlejohnBenjamin*Littlejohn, Benjamin*Cpl 36 Div 142 Inf Co EProctor, OKOK
CherokeeLocustHenry*Locust, Henry*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeLongboneRay*Longbone, Ray*PFC88 Div 339 MG BnOK
CherokeeLoveLorenzo D.*Love, Lorenzo D.*Pvt85 Div 128 inf Co KNowata, OKOK
CherokeeLucasJohn H.*Lucas, John H.*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeLymanLevi*Lyman, Levi*SgtArmyOK
CherokeeMankillerGeorge Eli*Mankiller, George Eli*PFC36 Div 142 Inf Co EWauhillau, OKOK
CherokeeManningCarl "Cull"Manning, Carl "Cull"Pvt90 Div 359 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeManningEllis Wooster*Manning, Ellis Wooster*ArmyBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeMartinJoseph W.Martin, Joseph W.Pvt7 Div 56 inf Co LWagoner, OKOK
CherokeeMartinHenry A.*Martin, Henry A.*Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMcClearyWilliam M.McCleary, William M.35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BSapulpa, OKOK
CherokeeMcCoyEdward Everett*McCoy, Edward Everett*Pvt37 InfOK
CherokeeMcCoyStand Watie*McCoy, Stand Watie*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeMcCrackenJohn H.McCracken, John H.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMcCuenWilliam B.*McCuen, William B.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeMcKendreeDean G.McKendree, Dean G.PvtMarines 5 Reg Co ASalem, ILIL
CherokeeMcLemoreJohn B.*McLemore, John B.*Pfc 36 Div 141 Inf Co IStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeMcPhersonDaveMcPherson, Dave36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMerrymanEarl*Merryman, Earl*OK
CherokeeMilamCharles*Milam, Charles*Cpl90 Div 358 Inf Chelsea, OKOKKIA
CherokeeMilamWilliam*Milam, William*Seaman 2 clNavyChelsea, OKOK
CherokeeMillerHarryMiller, HarryWagoner42 Div 151 FA Sup CoSullivan, ININ
CherokeeMillerFranklin S.*Miller, Franklin S.*Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeMillerThomas Franklin*Miller, Thomas Franklin*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeMillsDavid Gladstone*Mills, David Gladstone*CplEvac Hosp 19Cardin, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeMinkSataka*Mink, Sataka*36 Div 144 Inf Co MSardon, OKOK
CherokeeMixwaterDaniel*Mixwater, Daniel*90 Div 344 FA Batt DBarber, OKOK
CherokeeMortonLock*Morton, Lock*Seaman 2clNavyOK
CherokeeMurphyLooney*Murphy, Looney*Tahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeMuskratJake (Claude)*Muskrat, Jake (Claude)*Pfc 35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Grove, OKOK
CherokeeMuskratThomas*Muskrat, Thomas*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWebber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeNairnJames*Nairn, James*SfcInf Repl Trp Co 32OK
CherokeeNairnWilliam, Jr.*Nairn, William, Jr.*CplQMCOK
CherokeeNationJames WillardNation, James WillardPvt82 Div 320 FA Batt BRed Oak, OKOK
CherokeeNelsonArthur J.*Nelson, Arthur J.*Pvt91 Div 18 Inf Co FLos Angeles, CACAKIA
CherokeeNelsonGeorge D.*Nelson, George D.*Pvt28 Div 111 FA Batt E / 286 Aero SquadEnterprise, CACA
CherokeeNeubertLyon O.Neubert, Lyon O.lineman 28 Div 108 FAClinton, IAIA
CherokeeO'FieldGeorge*O'Field, George*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeOskisonJohn M.*Oskison, John M.*1 Lt3 InfVinita, OKOK
CherokeeOverleesEarl Ray*Overlees, Earl Ray*Cpl15 Div 79 InfOK
CherokeeOwlCharley*Owl, Charley*PfcArmyOK
CherokeePadenCharles L. Jack*Paden, Charles L. Jack*2 LtArmyOK
CherokeePantherJosiah*Panther, Josiah*PfcArmyOK
CherokeeParkerJesse J.Parker, Jesse J.Pvt78 Div 310 Inf Co KWarner, OKOK
CherokeeParkerElmer*Parker, Elmer*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeParkerJohn William*Parker, John William*PfcArmyOK
CherokeePartonLee Roy*Parton, Lee Roy*Cpl6 Div 51 Inf Co IOK
CherokeePattersonClaude A.Patterson, Claude A.Pfc35 Div 139 Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
CherokeePerryFrank W.Perry, Frank W.Pvt1 Div 1 Ammo Tn Co DTulsa, OKOK
CherokeePettitMartinPettit, MartinArmy Hosp 31Cookson, OKOKHaskell
CherokeePevehouseWilliam A.Pevehouse, William A.CplMarines 6 Reg 82 COTulsa, OKOK
CherokeePierceClaude*Pierce, Claude*Pvt5 Div 7 Eng OK
CherokeePierceHarvey*Pierce, Harvey*Sgt90 Div 358 Inf Co GWestville, OKOK
CherokeePinnCarlyle TravisPinn, Carlyle TravisSgt26 Div 101 Eng Co AJamaica Plain, MAMA
CherokeePolecatIssac L.*Polecat, Issac L.*Pfc90 Div 345 FA Batt DLong, OKOK
CherokeePorterWolf*Porter, Wolf*PvtArmyOK
CherokeePotterRay*Potter, Ray*Pvt83 Div Trench Mortar Batt 308OK
CherokeePottsAlford H.Potts, Alford H.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePottsJohn*Potts, John*PfcEvac Hosp 19OK
CherokeePowellReginaldPowell, ReginaldCpl36 Div 141 Inf MG CoDavid, TXTX
CherokeePowellJoseph*Powell, Joseph*PvtArmyOK
CherokeePrideFloyd L.Pride, Floyd L.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePritchettTony*Pritchett, Tony*OKKIA
CherokeeProctorWyly*Proctor, Wyly*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePumpkinRichard*Pumpkin, Richard*Pvt19 Div 57 FAOK
CherokeeRattJohnRatt, John4 Div 13 FA Batt E / 90 Div 343 FA Welling, OKOK
CherokeeRattlinggourdDave*Rattlinggourd, Dave*Mus 18 Div 19 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeReavisHarley G.Reavis, Harley G.Cpl82 Div 325 Inf Co DBallground, GAGA
CherokeeRed FoxRayRed Fox, RayOK
CherokeeReveyRobert VincentRevey, Robert VincentPfc28 Div 114 Inf Co DAsbury Park, NJNJ
CherokeeRiversFrankRivers, FrankPfc 90 Div 358 Inf Co KZwolle, LALA
CherokeeRoachGeorgeRoach, GeorgeUSS CarolinaOKChilocco / Hampton
CherokeeRoachTandy*Roach, Tandy*Pvt7 Div 20 MG Bn Co ATahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeRobertsOlsea A.Roberts, Olsea A.Pfc90 Div 343 FA Batt EBartlesville, OKOK
CherokeeRobertsonArthur EvansRobertson, Arthur Evans36 Div 143 InfHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeRobertsonWilliam A.*Robertson, William A.*SgtMarines 9 RegOK
CherokeeRogersJesseRogers, Jesse36 Div 144 Inf Co H / 142 Inf Co ESpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeRogersWilliamRogers, William35 Div 140 Inf Co DNorth Muskogee, OKOK
CherokeeRossRobert B., Jr.*Ross, Robert B., Jr.*2nd Lt77 Div 306 Inf Co ATalequah OKOK
CherokeeRoweBenjamin D.*Rowe, Benjamin D.*Cook1 Div 16 Inf Co BBacone, OKOK
CherokeeRundelGeorge T.Rundel, George T.Pvt89 Div 314 Eng Co APeenbook, MOMO
CherokeeRunwayWilliam*Runway, William*Pvt30 Div 118 Inf Co B / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrove, OKOK
CherokeeRyanEmmettRyan, Emmett36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSandersFelix*Sanders, Felix*Pvt36 Div 143 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeSandersOce O.*Sanders, Oce O.*Cpl90 Div 343 FA Batt EPryor, OKOK
CherokeeSawneyMike*Sawney, Mike*PvtRepl & Trng TrpOK
CherokeeScottNoah ThomasScott, Noah ThomasPvt7 Div 56 Inf Co CTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeScottRaymond R.Scott, Raymond R.Pfc2 Div 6 MG Bn Co DFeirland, OKOK
CherokeeScottCharles D., Jr.*Scott, Charles D., Jr.*Cpl 36 Div 144 Inf Co FMarble City, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeScottJames Arthur*Scott, James Arthur*Webber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeScottJesse J.*Scott, Jesse J.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeScraperJesse*Scraper, Jesse*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 86 Div 331 FA BnStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeScraperJohn R.*Scraper, John R.*Pvt90 Div 345 FA Batt DLyons OKOKChilocco
CherokeeScugginWalker*Scuggin, Walker*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeSeaboltLevi*Seabolt, Levi*Pfc7 Div 55 Inf Co BMuldrow, OKOK
CherokeeSecondineHarrison*Secondine, Harrison*Cpl4 Div 58 Inf Co CVinita, OKOK
CherokeeSellersRichard Sellers, Richard Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EEvansville, ARAR
CherokeeSettleEugene*Settle, Eugene*Pvt42 Div San Tn Co 117OK
CherokeeSharpGeorge W.*Sharp, George W.*Pfc4 Div Ambo Co 21Tahlequah, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeShellDavid*Shell, David*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeShellHuckleberry B.*Shell, Huckleberry B.*Cpl1 Div 28 Inf Co D Stilwell, OKOKCarlisle
CherokeeShellJess*Shell, Jess*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeSilkCharles T.*Silk, Charles T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSilversmithSteve*Silversmith, Steve*Chilocco
CherokeeSittingdownJames Nathan*Sittingdown, James Nathan*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeSittingdownThadius Stephen*Sittingdown, Thadius Stephen*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeSloanJames Ellis*Sloan, James Ellis*Big Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeSlye ? William A.Slye ? , William A.Sgt4 Div 47 Inf Co DCelusa, CACA
CherokeeSmallwoodSamuel M.*Smallwood, Samuel M.*Saddler3 Div 6 Eng HQ CoRose, OKOK
CherokeeSmithCharleySmith, CharleyCpl33 Div 108 Eng Co BKansas City, KSKS
CherokeeSmithLouis E.Smith, Louis E.Pfc56 Inf Co KAdair, OKOK
CherokeeSmithIrving L.*Smith, Irving L.*Mech36 Div 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeSmithJune*Smith, June*Cpl36 Div 141 Inf Co A / 142 Inf Co EWebber Falls OKOK
CherokeeSmithStoke*Smith, Stoke*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSmithWilliam Theodore*Smith, William Theodore*Sgt5 Div 61 Inf HQ CoNowata, OKOK
CherokeeSoapMose*Soap, Mose*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeSorrelsHenry A.Sorrels, Henry A.PvtMarines 5 Reg Co MConyers, GAGA
CherokeeSourjohnAnderson*Sourjohn, Anderson*Braggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSourjohnWill*Sourjohn, Will*Pfc28 Div 113 Inf Co GMoody, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSpadeRobertSpade, Robert36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSpeakerSamuel*Speaker, Samuel*Pvt79 Div 304 San Tn Fld Hosp 314Welling, OKOK
CherokeeSpringwaterDennis B.*Springwater, Dennis B.*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeSprinklesWalter LeeSprinkles, Walter LeePfcMarines 5 Reg Co 43Flynn, TXTX
CherokeeStarrOrange Walter*Starr, Orange Walter*1 LtLiverpool Cas Co 1018 Med CorpClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeStepEllis*Step, Ellis*Pvt36 Div 143 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeStewardCharles Joseph*Steward, Charles Joseph*Pvt97 Div 366 MG BnOK
CherokeeStillJamesStill, JamesPfc164 Dep Brig OK
CherokeeStrongPhillips*Strong, Phillips*Sgt36 Div 142 Inf Co FDelaware, OKOK
CherokeeStrongTom*Strong, Tom*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeSuageeWatie*Suagee, Watie*Pvt89 Div 355 Inf Co K / 338 Inf 1st Camp Funston DetGrove, OKOK
CherokeeSundayJake Delmar*Sunday, Jake Delmar*Sgt MDBase Hosp 87Muskogee, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSustartaIsabellaSustarta, IsabellaPvt32 Div 126 Inf Co MEagle Lake, TXTX
CherokeeSweetmanFelix E.Sweetman, Felix E.Pfc 36 Div 144 Inf Co FAllen, OKOK
CherokeeSwimmerAlex*Swimmer, Alex*90 Div 344 FA Batt FBarber, OKOK
CherokeeTannerAllen C.*Tanner, Allen C.*Mus 3 cl35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngGrove, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeTaylorJackTaylor, JackPfc89 Div 321 Inf Co ISwain Co, NCNC
CherokeeTaylorAndrew J.*Taylor, Andrew J.*Med Dept
CherokeeTaylorRoss*Taylor, Ross*Pvt5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeTaylorWilliam, Jr.*Taylor, William, Jr.*Pvt162 Dep Brig 23 Receiving Bn 91 CoOK
CherokeeTeheeJesseTehee, Jesse90 Div 343 FA Batt CYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeTellerCharley*Teller, Charley*Pvt36 Div 111 Eng Co EOK
CherokeeTellisCrisTellis, CrisSaddler4 Div 33 Depot Brig HQ CoTX
CherokeeThaxtonRansomThaxton, RansomPfc2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Silo, OKOK
CherokeeThompsonGeorge A.*Thompson, George A.*
CherokeeThorne Cull, Jr.*Thorne , Cull, Jr.*Cpl28 Div 113 Inf Co KTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorneArthur*Thorne, Arthur*Sgt90 Div 358 Inf Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorneWilliam*Thorne, William*165 Dep BrigTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorntonJohnson*Thornton, Johnson*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeTilleyWilliam BertTilley, William BertCook5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co DCampobello, SCSC
CherokeeTisaskieEliasTisaskie, EliasPfc28 Div 111 MG Bn Co DBaron, OKOK
CherokeeTownsendWalter*Townsend, Walter*SgtArmyOK
CherokeeTriplettJohn C.*Triplett, John C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeTrottingwolfNelson*Trottingwolf, Nelson*Pfc115 Inf Co E / 53 Pioneer Inf Co DBartlesville, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeTubbyAndrew, Jr.Tubby, Andrew, Jr.Pvt5 Div 20 FA Batt FKiowa, OKOK
CherokeeTurnerDaniel WilliamTurner, Daniel WilliamCpl28 Div 115 Inf Co IOologah, OKOK
CherokeeTurnerJohn*Turner, John*PfcArmyOK
CherokeeTynerGeorge W.*Tyner, George W.*WagonerCas Det Disch GrpOK
CherokeeTynerJohn Wesley, Jr.*Tyner, John Wesley, Jr.*PfcEvac Hosp 18Campbell, OKOK
CherokeeVannJohn WatieVann, John WatieAMM3NavyOK
CherokeeVannGid*Vann, Gid*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeVannJoe*Vann, Joe*Pvt156 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeVannOscar Trott*Vann, Oscar Trott*Pvt15 Div 80 Inf OK
CherokeeVaughnJohn H.Vaughn, John H.Pfc2 Div 2 Ammo Tn HQ Det Motor BnBritton, OKOK
CherokeeWaggonerCurtisWaggoner, CurtisPvt33 Div 124 MG Bn Co BWindsor, ILIL
CherokeeWardCharles R.Ward, Charles R.Sgt 90 Div 358 Inf Co KClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeWatersRichardWaters, Richard36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWattChewey*Watt, Chewey*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 144 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeWattHenry*Watt, Henry*90 Div 345 FA Batt EWestville, OKOK
CherokeeWattNoname*Watt, Noname*Pvt18 Div 19 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeWayneIsaacWayne, Isaac36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWeignbergerHenryWeignberger, HenryPfcBig Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeWelchJessie MunroeWelch, Jessie MunroePvt34 Div 133 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeWelsh (Welch)Carnie*Welsh (Welch), Carnie*90 Div 358 Inf Co GPrice Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeWelsh (Welch)Robert*Welsh (Welch), Robert*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeWestLeeWest, Lee36 Div 141 Inf Co HTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeWhiteSunday*White, Sunday*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWhitekillerWilliam*Whitekiller, William*Pfc 36 Div 144 Inf Co FHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeWildcatColston*Wildcat, Colston*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeWilkinsonOrlando ElighueWilkinson, Orlando Elighue77 Div 304 FA Batt BVera, OKOK
CherokeeWilliamsGeorge C.*Williams, George C.*PfcEvac Hosp 18OK
CherokeeWillisCarlWillis, CarlPvt2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Ardmore, OKOK
CherokeeWilsonJubel*Wilson, Jubel*165 Dep Brg 15 Bn 57 CoOKHaskell
CherokeeWilsonWalter*Wilson, Walter*Pvt57 Inf Co KOK
CherokeeWittElmer*Witt, Elmer*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoRocky Ford, COCO
CherokeeWoffordJesseWofford, Jesse16 Eng Co BOchelata, OKOKCarlisle
CherokeeWoffordAlexander*Wofford, Alexander*PvtArmyOK
CherokeeWoffordJames*Wofford, James*PvtDemo GrpOK
CherokeeWolfIsloWolf, Islo90 Div 343 FA Batt CEdna, OKOK
CherokeeWolfeLouis MayesWolfe, Louis MayesPfc28 Div 113 Inf Co GClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeWoodallWatie*Woodall, Watie*PvtCAC 63 Art HQ CoWestville, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeWoodhamsLewis NelsonWoodhams, Lewis NelsonPfc35 Div 110 Eng Co EDenver, COCO
CherokeeWoodwardDavid C.Woodward, David C.OK
CherokeeWorksWilliamWorks, WilliamPfc 90 Div 344 MG Bn Co BBernice, OKOK
CherokeeWylyFrank*Wyly, Frank*Pvt7 Div 80 FA Batt CSycamore, OKOK
CherokeeYoungJames McKinleyYoung, James McKinleySgt 1 class13 San Tn Ambo Co 251Braggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeYoungRichardYoung, RichardPfc89 Div 354 Inf Co MTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeYountFrankYount, Frank36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Cherokee / ChoctawChildersFred S.Childers, Fred S.Pfc 35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Kansas City, MOMO
Cherokee ?AbbottJackAbbott, JackPvt90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoAdair, OKOK
Cherokee ?BillyWilsonBilly, WilsonPvt85 Div 358 Inf Co EPhiladelphia, MSMS
Cherokee ?GuffJohnGuff, Johnbugler1 Div 18 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
Cherokee ?RussellDaveRussell, Dave53 FA Batt FCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBigwitchCharlieBigwitch, CharliePfc89 Div 321 Inf Co IJackson Co, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBirdDavidBird, DavidBlacksmith 1 clUSS Astoria / USS Graft WalderseeCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBirdEliBird, EliSgt5 Div 19 FA Svc Batt Swain Co, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternBlytheFred BauerBlythe, Fred BauerCplAir Service Squad BCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBradelyWilliam AmosBradely, William AmosSwayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBradleyNickBradley, NickCpl28 Div 111 Inf Co GCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBullardCharlieBullard, CharliePfc30 Div 118 Inf Co GPembroke, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCollinsAlonzoCollins, AlonzoPvt30 Div 118 Inf Co GRed Springs, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternConleyJohnConley, JohnPvt9 Reg FA 1 Bn Batt ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternConleyLukeConley, LukeSeamanNavyWahhihyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternCooperArnold Cooper, Arnold Cpl6 Div 6 Ammo Tn Co FBirdtown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCrowBoydCrow, BoydShipwrightNavyCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternCrowUteCrow, UtePfc30 Div 119 Inf Co HCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternDialWillieDial, WilliePvt30 Div 118 Inf Co GPembroke NCNC
Cherokee, EasternFrenchMeroneyFrench, MeroneyBugler9 FA Batt DRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHillBlaine M.Hill, Blaine M.Cpl321 Inf Co IWahhiyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternHillNedHill, NedPvt89 Div 321 Inf Co IStoney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckleJefferson B.Hornbuckle, Jefferson B.Pvt3 Div 38 Inf Co AJudson, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternJacksonJackJackson, JackMarinesWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternJumperStancilJumper, StancilPvt30 Div 105 Ammo Tn Co ECherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternLittlejohnGuyLittlejohn, Guy156 Depot Brig 4 Tn Bn 13 CoCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternLocklearAngusLocklear, AngusPvt30 Div 118 Inf Co GBuie, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLongCharlieLong, CharlieNCCherokee, NC
Cherokee, EasternLongGarfieldLong, GarfieldWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLongSylvesterLong, Sylvester
Cherokee, EasternLongWilliam GafneyLong, William GafneyPvt3 FA Batt DRobbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternMumbleheadJames BradleyMumblehead, James Bradley6 Reg NGAlmond, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternMumbleheadRogerMumblehead, Roger6 Reg NGAlmond, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternNickChiltoskie W.Nick, Chiltoskie W.Staff Sgt6 Div 52 Inf HQ CoWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternOwlAlfred B.Owl, Alfred B.Pvt9 FA Batt DBryson, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOwlEnochOwl, Enoch13 Cav Trp ACherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternOwlGeorge E. or George AllenOwl, George E. or George AllenSgt89 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOwlWalter DavidOwl, Walter DavidCherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOxandineCharlie L.Oxandine, Charlie L.Pvt30 Div 118 Inf Co GRed Springs, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternPasourOscar B.Pasour, Oscar B.Sgt7 Div 22 Cav Trp ALincolnton, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternPowellStansillPowell, StansillCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternQueenJasperQueen, JasperPvt89 Div 321 Inf Co ISwain Co, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternRossCain Ross, Cain Cpl28 Div 111 Inf 2 BnStoney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSandersonMartin L.Sanderson, Martin L.Pvt30 Div 118 Inf Co GBuie, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSanookRay C.Sanook, Ray C.Pvt80 Div 319 Inf Co CCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunookeJamesSaunooke, JamesPvt89 Div 321 Inf Co ISwain Co, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunookeStillwellSaunooke, StillwellCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternSmithGoldman*Smith, Goldman*PvtCAC 43 Art Batt FCherokee, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternTeesateskieWelchTeesateskie, WelchUSS Pennsylvania / USS HC FolgerWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternTeleskiJesseTeleski, JessePvt6 Div 54 Inf Co FCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternThompsonSimon G.Thompson, Simon G.Pfc89 Div 321 Inf Co ISwayney, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternTioneetaArneachTioneeta, ArneachPfc89 Div 321 Inf Co IJackson Co, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternTramperAmmonTramper, AmmonCpl89 Div 321 Inf Co IJackson Co, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTylerHenry G.Tyler, Henry G.Pvt30 Div 118 Inf Co FCedar Creek, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWelchJohn A.Welch, John A.USS ZuiderdiskTomotla, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWelchLloyd B.Welch, Lloyd B.Mus41 Div 163 Inf Cherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWestJamesWest, JamesPfc28 Div 111 Inf 2 BnLauden, TNTNCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWilnotahNedWilnotah, NedNavyCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWolfeCharly HicksWolfe, Charly HicksPfc88 Div 121 FA Batt ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWolfeDawsonWolfe, DawsonPfc89 Div 321 Inf Co ISwain Co, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWolfeTaquetteWolfe, Taquette27 Div 5 Pioneers Co KWahhihyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternYoungbirdSaugheeYoungbird, SaugheePfc30 Div 105 Ammo Tn Co ECherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternYoungbirdWesleyYoungbird, WesleyNC
Cherokee, EasternYoungdeerStephenYoungdeer, StephenPfc30 Div 115 MG Bn Co DCherokee, NCNCKIACarlisle
CheyenneBeartracksDon B.Beartracks, Don B.Pfc28 Div 113 Inf Co CWatonga, OKOK
CheyenneBeaverNorton*Beaver, Norton*36 Div 143 inf Co DGeary, OKOK
CheyenneBeltJohn*Belt, John*Pvt1 Inf Co KHammon, OKOK
CheyenneBlindwomanThomas*Blindwoman, Thomas*Pfc4 Div 39 Inf Co HKingfisher, OKOK
CheyenneBrokencupAlbertBrokencup, AlbertPfc4 Div 47 Inf Co IEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneBurnsEdward G.*Burns, Edward G.*35 Div 130 FA Batt BConcho, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneCraneCharley HowlingCrane, Charley Howling90 Div 357 Inf Co HClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHawkJohn C.Hawk, John C.36 Div 143 Inf HQ / 141 Inf Co BFay, OKOK
CheyenneHollowbrestWilliamHollowbrest, WilliamPfc33 Div 272 MP CoLame Deer, MTMT
CheyenneHornJesse*Horn, Jesse*Pvt4 Div 58 Inf Co CConcho, OKOK
CheyenneKingsleyVolneyKingsley, Volney35 Div 130 FA Batt BHaskell
CheyenneLittle CalfDavidLittle Calf, DavidPvt82 Div 319 FA Batt B / 27 Div 15 Prov CoKingfisher, OKOK
CheyenneOrangeJosephOrange, JosephPvt97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneOrangeFrank*Orange, Frank*Pvt8 Div 13 Inf Co GHammon, OKOK
CheyennePipkin James EllisPipkin , James Ellis4 Div 4 Ammo Tn Med DeptMilford, TXTX
CheyenneReynoldsCharlesReynolds, CharlesPvtArmyPhoenix
CheyenneReynoldsFrank E.*Reynolds, Frank E.*Cpl90 Div 358 Inf Co LClinton, OKOK
CheyenneRomeroRalphRomero, Ralph35 Div 130 FA Batt BGeary, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneRunnerThomas Runner, Thomas Pvt18 Aero SquadClinton, OKOK
CheyenneSaundersThomas D.Saunders, Thomas D.Cpl2 Div 2 Eng Co ACheyenne, WYWY
CheyenneShortmanWoodson*Shortman, Woodson*36 Div 142 inf Co AFay, OKOK
CheyenneShortneckCharlesShortneck, Charles36 Div 142 Inf Co GGeary, OKOKChilocco
CheyenneStarrRobert CharlesStarr, Robert CharlesSgt165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66 / 36 Div 132 MG Bn Co BFay, OKOKChilocco
CheyenneStrongwolfPhilipStrongwolf, PhilipHammon, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneWhite BearPeterWhite Bear, PeterPvt89 Div 5 Anti-aircraftEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneWhiteshieldHerbert Whiteshield, Herbert 36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CheyenneWicksCharles M.*Wicks, Charles M.*Sgt9 Div Motor Trpt Det 1Okarche, OKOK
CheyenneWilliamsWilliam AlbertWilliams, William AlbertCapt2 Div 23 Inf Co ICantonment, OKOKHaskell
Cheyenne Roman NoseOliverRoman Nose, OliverCplClinton, OKOK
Cheyenne / ArapahoLittle WolfJohn*Little Wolf, John*
Cheyenne / ArapahoTall BearDeweyTall Bear, DeweyConcho, OKOKPhoenix
Cheyenne / SiouxRowlandBen Rowland, Ben Pvt42 Div 167 Inf Co MBusby, MTMT
Cheyenne and ArapahoBlack DeerSam*Black Deer, Sam*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoConnThomas F., Sr.*Conn, Thomas F., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoFlackoBryan*Flacko, Bryan*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoHowling CraneCharles, Sr.*Howling Crane, Charles, Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoJamesSamuel M., Sr.*James, Samuel M., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoLumpmouthCuster*Lumpmouth, Custer*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoMedicine BearFritz L.*Medicine Bear, Fritz L.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoPrentissFred*Prentiss, Fred*SgtOKChilocco
Cheyenne and ArapahoRhoadsHarvey I., Sr.*Rhoads, Harvey I., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoRossMartin F.*Ross, Martin F.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSitting HawkStacey*Sitting Hawk, Stacey*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSpotted CornRex*Spotted Corn, Rex*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoWhite ThunderEdward*White Thunder, Edward*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoWolfDonald*Wolf, Donald*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoYellow EagleJohn L., Sr.*Yellow Eagle, John L., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne River SiouxClownMosesClown, MosesPvt89 Div 314 MP Co BDupree, SDSDKIA
Cheyenne River SiouxDrop at a Distance DavidDrop at a Distance , DavidPfc77 Div 305 Inf Co KWhite Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFielderFrancis F.Fielder, Francis F.Pvt39 Motor Art Batt ACheyenne River Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFour BearChester ArmstrongFour Bear, Chester ArmstrongPfc30 Div 118 Inf Co Dewey, COCO
Cheyenne River SiouxHawk EagleThomasHawk Eagle, ThomasCpl89 Div 314 MP Co 89Cherry Creek, SDSDCarlisle
Cheyenne River SiouxHigh ElkJosephHigh Elk, JosephPfc3 Div 8 MG Bn Co C / 10 Div 28 FA Sup CoLaPlant, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxHis-horse-is-fastIsaacHis-horse-is-fast, IsaacPvt32 Div 128 Inf Co CWhite Horse, SDSDKIA
Cheyenne River SiouxRousseauLouie A.Rousseau, Louie A.Pvt32 Div 147 FA Batt CFort Bennett, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxRunningFrank B.Running, Frank B.Pvt4 SD Inf Co ACherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxWidowPaulWidow, PaulPvt91 Div 363 Inf Co DCherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne River SouixHates HimOwenHates Him, OwenPvt32 Div 147 FA Batt CPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SouixJewettGeorge T.Jewett, George T.Pfc89 Div MP CoFort Bennett, SDSD
Cheyenne, NorthernBlindwomanWilliamBlindwoman, William39 Inf Co HCarlisle
Cheyenne, NorthernCloudBenCloud, Ben
ChickahominyAdkinsGrahamAdkins, GrahamPfc88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickahominyAdkinsTazewell A.Adkins, Tazewell A.Pfc88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickahominyJonesRobert A.Jones, Robert A.Pfc88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickasawArnoldLuther W.*Arnold, Luther W.*Pfc3 Div 10 FA Batt DArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawBolenJoseph*Bolen, Joseph*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co DStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawBolenMorgan*Bolen, Morgan*Pvt28 Div 114 Inf Co AStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawBrownAbel B.*Brown, Abel B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
ChickasawBrownJesse F.*Brown, Jesse F.*36 Div 144 Inf Co FArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawCaseyJohn Wesley*Casey, John Wesley*Seaman 2 clNavyOK
ChickasawColbertBen H.*Colbert, Ben H.*Tishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawColbertCubby*Colbert, Cubby*36 Div 142 Inf Co EStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawColbertHumphreys*Colbert, Humphreys*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawConnellyJohn W.*Connelly, John W.*Cpl8 Div 12 Inf CO HKemp, OKOK
ChickasawConnellyWilliam Ambroise*Connelly, William Ambroise*Pfc90 Div 345 MG BnAchille, OKOK
ChickasawDavisBusterDavis, Buster36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawDuckworthPerry Polaski*Duckworth, Perry Polaski*36 Div 142 Inf Co EKemp, OKOK
ChickasawDurantPreeman John*Durant, Preeman John*Pvt90 Div 357 Inf Co EMcAlester, OKOK
ChickasawEubanksOliverEubanks, OliverPvt4 Div 59 Inf Co MWynnewood, OKOK
ChickasawGlinsladeAlbert M.*Glinslade, Albert M.*Pfc90 Div Co DAchille, OKOK
ChickasawHallumGeorgeHallum, GeorgePvtMarines 5 Reg Co BBartlett, TNTN
ChickasawHananLaurel L.*Hanan, Laurel L.*OK
ChickasawHarrisDelos*Harris, Delos*Sgt90 Div 358 Inf Co GOkmulgee, OKOK
ChickasawHartJohnslin*Hart, Johnslin*Pfc4 Div 39 Inf Co I / 34 Div 136 Inf Co IReagan, OKOK
ChickasawHitcherThomasHitcher, Thomas36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawImoticheyHolmes*Imotichey, Holmes*Pvt90 Div 344 MG Bn Co AAda, OKOK
ChickasawJamesCulbertson Buster*James, Culbertson Buster*90 Div 358 Inf Co DConner, OKOK
ChickasawJamesFeliz*James, Feliz*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawJamesRufus L.*James, Rufus L.*Wapabucka, OKOK
ChickasawJamesSimeon*James, Simeon*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawJohnsonJimmie*Johnson, Jimmie*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co ETroy, OKOK
ChickasawKeelWilliamKeel, WilliamOKChilocco
ChickasawKeelArchison C.*Keel, Archison C.*CplArmyReagan, OKOK
ChickasawKeelLewellyn D.*Keel, Lewellyn D.*Pfc90 Div 343 FA Batt EStratford, OKOK
ChickasawKempLymanKemp, LymanPvt82 Div 320 FA Batt DMcAlester, OKOK
ChickasawKempEli Clem*Kemp, Eli Clem*Pfc90 Div 409 Telegraph Co ETishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawKempRaymond H.*Kemp, Raymond H.*Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co CTishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawLaversBennett H.*Lavers, Bennett H.*Sgt90 Div 357 Inf Co KConway, OKOKKIAChilocco
ChickasawLaversDawes*Lavers, Dawes*NavyOKChilocco
ChickasawLemingBinnemLeming, BinnemPvt89 Div 355 Inf Co HMead, OKOK
ChickasawLesterMoran S.*Lester, Moran S.*Pvt4 Div 39 Inf Co KArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawLewisEdmond*Lewis, Edmond*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EConway, OKOK
ChickasawLileyDotson*Liley, Dotson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawMaytubbyPeter P.*Maytubby, Peter P.*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EReagan, OKOK
ChickasawMoselySimonMosely, SimonOKChilocco
ChickasawMoselyGarnett F.*Mosely, Garnett F.*OKChilocco
ChickasawParnacherNonles*Parnacher, Nonles*Pvt36 Div 141 Inf Co FHickory, OKOK
ChickasawPerrimanGeorge W.*Perriman, George W.*36 Div 141 Inf Co IRoff, OKOK
ChickasawPerryJoePerry, Joe36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawPickensDave*Pickens, Dave*PvtRepl TG Det Co BLebanon, OKOK
ChickasawPickensWilliam Will*Pickens, William Will*Pvt35 Div 130 FA Batt BMadill, OKOKHaskell
ChickasawPickeyThomas Benson*Pickey, Thomas Benson*PfcTuttle, OKOK
ChickasawPowellBert Roy*Powell, Bert Roy*Pfc34 Div 109 Inf Co AYarnaby, OKOK
ChickasawTurnbullAlbertTurnbull, AlbertPvt90 Div 358 InfAchille, OKOKKIA
ChickasawUnderwoodIntolubby H.*Underwood, Intolubby H.*Pvt42 Div 15 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawUnderwoodIsaac*Underwood, Isaac*Reagan, OKOK
ChickasawWardEstwill Chisholm*Ward, Estwill Chisholm*Tishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawWebsterDavid HovisWebster, David HovisPvt4 Div 39 Inf Co LPurdy, OKOK
ChickasawWolfWilliam Abel*Wolf, William Abel*Pvt36 Div 144 Inf Co DKingston, OKOK
ChickasawWrightLester N.Wright, Lester N.Cpl 90 Div 357 Inf Co EHot Springs, ARAR
ChinookGoodellJohn JoeGoodell, John JoeWater TenderNavySiletz, OROR
ChippewaAckleyRay P.Ackley, Ray P.Pvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaAntellJames RobertAntell, James RobertPfc90 Div 359 Inf Co CKimberly, MNMN
ChippewaArbuckleGeorgeArbuckle, GeorgePvtArmyAshland, WIWI
ChippewaAsherJohn WilliamAsher, John WilliamPvtArmyZeba, MIMI
ChippewaAsherSamuelAsher, SamuelPfc32 Div 125 Inf HQ CoZeba, MIMI
ChippewaAshmunWilliam J.Ashmun, William J.Pfc32 Div 127 Inf MG CoAuTrain, MIMI
ChippewaAwanJamesAwan, JamesPfc3 Div 30 Inf Co ILibby, MNMN
ChippewaBarceloAlbertBarcelo, AlbertArmyLangdon, NDNDChilocco
ChippewaBatisteJohnBatiste, John32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DLoon Creek, WIWI
ChippewaBeaneJohn G.Beane, John G.USS MichiganHaskell
ChippewaBeaneRaymond Beane, Raymond 32 EngHaskell
ChippewaBeaneTrumanBeane, Truman344 InfHaskell
ChippewaBearFrankBear, FrankHospital Steward27 Hosp Corp
ChippewaBearJohn, Jr.Bear, John, Jr.
ChippewaBelgardeJohnBelgarde, JohnSgt91 Div 362 Inf Co MWolf Point, MTMT
ChippewaBelilleDaveBelille, DavePfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaBellandDave WilliamBelland, Dave WilliamPvtCAC 69 Art Batt DWhite Earth, MNMN
ChippewaBellcourAndrew J.Bellcour, Andrew J.Sgt1 Div Motor Truck Co 104 / Co 5White Earth, MNMNHampton
ChippewaBellcourPaul PeterBellcour, Paul PeterPvt6 Cav Trp FWhite Earth, MNMN
ChippewaBellefeuilleLeon GeorgeBellefeuille, Leon GeorgePfc4 Motor Mec Co 8Callaway, MNMN
ChippewaBementWilliam HerbertBement, William HerbertPvtMarines 2 Reg 53 CoWaubun, MNMN
ChippewaBenderFrederickBender, FrederickPvt88 Div 337 MG Bn Co BSibley, MNMNHampton
ChippewaBigboyWilliamBigboy, WilliamPfc32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaBissonLeo JosephBisson, Leo JosephFireman 1 clNavyDetroit, MNMN
ChippewaBlairJoeBlair, JoePfc5 Div 61 Inf Co LCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaBlueskyWilliam J.Bluesky, William J.Pfc32 Div 127 Inf MG CoWinter, WIWI
ChippewaBluestoneThomas DeweyBluestone, Thomas DeweyPvt16 Div 16 Trench Mortar BnRedwood, MNMN
ChippewaBrokawGeorge DeweyBrokaw, George DeweyWagoner88 Div 121 FA Batt CSpringbrook, WIWI
ChippewaBungoGeorgeBungo, GeorgePvt58 Inf Co HBena, MNMN
ChippewaBunkerIsaac C.Bunker, Isaac C.Pvt89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ENaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaCabayChesterCabay, ChesterBay City, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaCabayJudsonCabay, JudsonBay City, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaCadotteJohnCadotte, JohnPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Motor Bn Co DHayward, WIWIKIA
ChippewaCameronJosephCameron, JosephPvt26 Div 101 Eng Brimley, MIMI
ChippewaCayenneGeorge J.Cayenne, George J.Seaman 2 clUSS OklahomaBrowning, MTMTCarlisle
ChippewaCedotteCharles A.Cedotte, Charles A.32 Div 127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCharwoodWalter*Charwood, Walter*Army
ChippewaChatfieldWallaceChatfield, WallacePfc32 Div 128 Inf Co GSt. Charles, MIMIKIAMt Pleasant / Carlisle
ChippewaChesleyRichardChesley, RichardSeamanNavyHaskell
ChippewaChicagArchieChicag, ArchiePvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaChingwayMikeChingway, MikeNavyWI
ChippewaChippewayJohnChippeway, JohnPvt82 Div 328 Inf MG CoOnigum, MNMN
ChippewaChisholmJohnChisholm, John32 Div InfHaskell
ChippewaClarkHarry T.Clark, Harry T.Pvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaClarkNathan J.Clark, Nathan J.Pvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaClementsFred S.Clements, Fred S.ArmyHaskell
ChippewaConnorAndrew E.Connor, Andrew E.Cpl7 Div 79 FA HQ CoOrange, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaCoonCharlieCoon, CharliePfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DBalsom Lake, WIWI
ChippewaCoonGeorgeCoon, GeorgePvt32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCumberland, WIWI
ChippewaCorbineDavidCorbine, DavidCpl32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCorderay, WIWI
ChippewaCrowNelson E.Crow, Nelson E.NavyWI
ChippewaCurtisWilliamCurtis, WilliamPvt85 Div 328 FA Batt AL'Anse, MIMI
ChippewaDavidsonAlexDavidson, AlexPvtArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaDavisRoland DelancyDavis, Roland Delancy1st Lt27 Div 107 Inf Co DPine Point, MNMN
ChippewaDeMaraisFrancis XavierDeMarais, Francis XavierPfc9 Eng Co CSt. Paul, MNMN
ChippewaDeMaraisJosephDeMarais, JosephCpl1 Div 6 FA Batt ASt. Paul, MNMN
ChippewaDeMarrEdDeMarr, EdFireman 2 clUSS PoahontasReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDeMarrLawrenceDeMarr, LawrenceCpl32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDeMarrWilliamDeMarr, WilliamBugler 1 class32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDenashaAntoineDenasha, AntoinePvt32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennisBazilDennis, BazilPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennisCharlesDennis, CharlesPvt32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennisDavidDennis, DavidPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDentzAlbert J.Dentz, Albert J.Pfc32 Div 33 Eng Co CMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaDentzLevi JosephDentz, Levi JosephPvt4 Pioneer InfMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaDorrJames HintonDorr, James HintonSgt86 Div 311 Eng Co ANaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaDowdWilliamDowd, WilliamPvt89 Div 314 EngMonsee, WIWI
ChippewaDrumbeaterFrankDrumbeater, FrankBena, MNMN
ChippewaDuFraneFrankDuFrane, FrankSgt54 Pioneer Inf Co DStillwater, MNMN
ChippewaDurantPaulDurant, PaulPvt11 Inf Co CNaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaDuttonEugene S.Dutton, Eugene S.Pvt85 Div 340 Inf Co LBurt, MIMI
ChippewaEaganRayEagan, RaySeamanNavyHaskell
ChippewaEarthWilliam JosephEarth, William JosephPvtRepl InfNaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaEdwardsDaniel Edwards, Daniel Pvt85 Div 328 FA Sup CoPayment, MIMI
ChippewaElleryPatrickEllery, PatrickScout77 Div 306 Inf Co KPhillips County, MTMT
ChippewaEmersonJoseph DavidEmerson, Joseph DavidPfc30 Div 118 Inf Co LLengby, MNMN
ChippewaErmatingerFrederickErmatinger, FrederickGun CaptUSS LouisianaSault Ste Marie, MIMI
ChippewaFairbanksHerman S.Fairbanks, Herman S.Pvt33 Div 129 Inf Co BMahnomen, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaFairbanksTruman PeterFairbanks, Truman PeterPvt77 Div 308 Inf Co GMN
ChippewaFishAlfred S.Fish, Alfred S.Pvt3 Div 6 Eng Co CBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaGachterAmesGachter, AmesMechanic85 Div 337 Inf Co IWeidman, MIMI
ChippewaGeorgeWilliamGeorge, WilliamPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Motor Bn Co DHayward, WIWIKIA
ChippewaGokeyJohnGokey, JohnWIHampton
ChippewaGooselawHenryGooselaw, HenryPfc35 Div 130 FA Batt BSt. Vincent, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaGordonJames M.Gordon, James M.Sgt86 Div 341 Inf Co GBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaGurnoeJosephGurnoe, JosephPvtNavyWIHampton
ChippewaGurnoeVincent G.Gurnoe, Vincent G.Mus 3d class32 Div 128 Inf Hq CoBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaHathawayWilliamHathaway, WilliamPvt33 Div Barron, WIWI
ChippewaHaymesRobert B., Jr.Haymes, Robert B., Jr.PvtArmyHaskell
ChippewaHolmesFrankHolmes, Frank279 Aero SquadHaskell
ChippewaHorneAl J.Horne, Al J.Pfc85 Div 125 InfSault Ste Marie, MIMI
ChippewaHowardJohnHoward, JohnBugler4 Div 4 Ammo Tn Co CLeech Lake, MNMN
ChippewaIshamWilliamIsham, WilliamPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaJacksonWillis AltonJackson, Willis AltonPfc32 Div 126 Inf Co MRosebush, MIMI
ChippewaJamesAlexJames, AlexPvt32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DWinter, WIWIHaskell
ChippewaJenkinsThomas*Jenkins, Thomas*Pvt2 Div 23 Inf HQ CoBena, MNMN
ChippewaJeromeAntonJerome, AntonPvtArmy Med CorpBemidji, MNMN
ChippewaKeplainJohn B.Keplain, John B.Bugler4 Div 13 FA Batt E Mahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaKeshickGeorgeKeshick, GeorgePvt85 Div 339 Inf Co BWilson, MIMI
ChippewaKingfisherJohnKingfisher, JohnWagoner32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaKiplin JosephKiplin , JosephMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaKiplin Michael E.Kiplin , Michael E.Pvt2 Div 23 Inf Co EKIA
ChippewaKnoxCharlesKnox, CharlesPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DSolon Springs, WIWI
ChippewaKreinerBenjamin C.Kreiner, Benjamin C.Ord Sgt32 Div 107 MORSOrange, WIWI
ChippewaLaChapelleAlexLaChapelle, AlexPvt3 Div 6 Eng Co BMaddock, MTMT
ChippewaLaCountLouisLaCount, Louis77 Div 304 FA Batt BHigh Landing, MNMN
ChippewaLaDukeGuyLaDuke, GuyPvt33 Div 130 Inf Co CWhite Earth, MNMN
ChippewaLaFerniaGeorgeLaFernia, GeorgePvtArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaLaMotteEdwardLaMotte, EdwardCplArmyPawhuska, OKOKHaskell
ChippewaLaPointeJoseph A.LaPointe, Joseph A.Pvt127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWIKIA
ChippewaLaquierFrankLaquier, FrankCpl1 Div 26 Inf Co HCass Lake, MNMNCarlisle
ChippewaLaRongeGeorgeLaRonge, GeorgePfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaLaroqueMarcellLaroque, MarcellPvt91 Div 363 Inf Co IWolf Point, MTMT
ChippewaLaRushArchieLaRush, ArchiePfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DSpringbrook, WIWI
ChippewaLaverigePeter F.Laverige, Peter F.Pfc6 Div 6 Ammo Tn Co BSuperior, WIWI
ChippewaLegoAndy B.Lego, Andy B.Co CommanderNavyWaubun, MNMN
ChippewaLeMieuxVincentLeMieux, VincentPvtArmyCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaLeoJosephLeo, JosephPvt85 Div 340 Inf Co IBrutus, MIMI
ChippewaLibbyJosephLibby, JosephMNCarlisle
ChippewaLouisCharles E.Louis, Charles E.Cpl7 Div 55 Inf / 86 Div 342 InfFort William, ONON
ChippewaLumbarBarney J.Lumbar, Barney J.Pvt89 Div 353 Inf Co CSpringbrook, WIWI
ChippewaLynkJoeLynk, JoePfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaLyonsJames WilliamLyons, James WilliamCpl86 Div 311 Eng Co EGrand Rapids, MNMN
ChippewaLyonsDaniel T.*Lyons, Daniel T.*Army
ChippewaMarshall ThomasMarshall , ThomasPvt85 Div 337 Inf Co HMarquette, MIMI
ChippewaMartellWilliamMartell, WilliamBugler32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaMartinHenry G.Martin, Henry G.Wagoner3 Div 332 Art Batt COdena, WIWI
ChippewaMartinJoeMartin, JoePvt33 Div 129 Inf Co LReserve, WIWI
ChippewaMartinWilliamMartin, WilliamCpl5 Div 61 Inf Co KCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaMayoGeorgeMayo, GeorgeNavy?L'Anse, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaMcArthurRobertMcArthur, RobertCpl7 Div 64 Inf Co M
ChippewaMcConnellArthur L.McConnell, Arthur L.Pvt32 Div 127 Inf Co ISuperior, WIWI
ChippewaMcDonaldJamesMcDonald, JamesArmyHaskell
ChippewaMcGillisEdwardMcGillis, EdwardPfc86 Div 332 Bn Batt AFosston, MNMN
ChippewaMcGillisJohn BernardMcGillis, John BernardCplChemical Warfare ServiceFosston, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaMcGrigryNorman D.McGrigry, Norman D.Cpl33 Div 130 Inf Co HChicago, ILIL
ChippewaMcKenzieHenry A.McKenzie, Henry A.Beaulieu, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaMitchellPeter CharlesMitchell, Peter CharlesPvt85 Div 340 inf Co KWhite Rapids, WIWI
ChippewaMonetteSimeonMonette, SimeonPfc5 Ord Grd CoSt. Joseph, NDND
ChippewaMooseJosephMoose, Joseph35 Div 139 Inf Co BDuane, MNMN
ChippewaMurdockBenMurdock, BenNaval Air ServiceHaskell
ChippewaNahgahnubGeorgeNahgahnub, GeorgePvt32 Div 120 MG Bn Co BGordon, WIWI
ChippewaNeffDudley E.Neff, Dudley E.USS FloridaTulsa, OKOKHaskell
ChippewaNesvoldIraNesvold, Ira32 Div InfReserve, WIWIHaskell
ChippewaNorthrupJohnNorthrup, John32 Div 125 Inf MG CoFlint, MIMI
ChippewaNorthrupJosephNorthrup, JosephCplMN NG 4 Reg Co DDuluth, MNMN
ChippewaOleyJoseph ErnestOley, Joseph ErnestBugler4 Div 47 Inf Co DOntonagon, MIMI
ChippewaOsogwinMichael JosephOsogwin, Michael JosephPfc85 Div 340 Inf Co KHessel, MIMI
ChippewaPashneeLeePashnee, LeePvt4 Div 58 Inf MG CoColeman, MIMI
ChippewaPelletierLouie A.Pelletier, Louie A.PfcBase Hosp 46Missoula, MTMT
ChippewaPersonPaul G.Person, Paul G.Pfc33 Div 132 Inf Co GBeaulieu, MNMN
ChippewaPetersFrankPeters, FrankPvt4 Div 58 Inf MG CoRamus, MIMI
ChippewaPineEdwardPine, EdwardPvt3 Div 7 Inf Co BRobbins, WIWI
ChippewaQuadererTomQuaderer, TomPvt32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaRabideauxAlex F.Rabideaux, Alex F.Pvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoAshland, WIWI
ChippewaRabideauxJosephRabideaux, JosephPvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaRazorJohnRazor, JohnBugler54 Pioneer Inf Co MLawrence, MNMN
ChippewaRazorWilbertRazor, WilbertPvt32 Div 125 Inf Co GWillow River, MNMN
ChippewaRevalsFred AndrewRevals, Fred AndrewPvtCAC 22 CoNew Auburn, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaReynoldsWilliamReynolds, WilliamPfc5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co DWhite Oak, MNMN
ChippewaRiceFrank LemuelRice, Frank LemuelPfc199 Aero SquadRichwood, MNMN
ChippewaRiceRobertRice, RobertPfc81 Div 317 FA Batt DMora, MNMN
ChippewaRoySamuel A.Roy, Samuel A.Pvt78 Div 310 Inf Co EBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaSantineauFrank E.Santineau, Frank E.Pfc/Mech 90 Div 357 Inf Co MOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaShadyAlfredShady, AlfredPvt2 Div 17 FA Batt FBeaulieu, MNMN
ChippewaShambowGeorge R.Shambow, George R.Sgt1 Div 26 Inf Co HNaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaShaw John ThomasShaw , John ThomasPfc85 Div 340 Inf Co KAssimins, MIMI
ChippewaShebingusSamShebingus, SamNavyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaSmithJamesSmith, JamesPvt15 Div 43 Inf Co GDeer River, MNMN
ChippewaSmithWalter A.Smith, Walter A.Pvt2 Div 6 MG Batt Co CCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaSmith Charles E. (Ahzhowahcumig)Smith , Charles E. (Ahzhowahcumig)Seaman 2nd ClUSS St. LouisBena, MNMN
ChippewaSt. MartinJosephSt. Martin, JosephPvt15 Inf Co BReserve, WIWI
ChippewaSt. PierreSamuel R.St. Pierre, Samuel R.Staple, MNMN
ChippewaStarrEdward *Starr, Edward *Seaman 2clNavy
ChippewaStevensJosephStevens, Joseph36 Div 141 Inf Co MMikado, MIMI
ChippewaTainterAndrewTainter, AndrewPfc32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCouderay, WIWI
ChippewaTeboStanleyTebo, Stanley
ChippewaTeepleAngusTeeple, AngusSgt32 Div 125 Inf Co MBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaThayerWilliamThayer, WilliamNavyWinter, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaThompsonSimonThompson, SimonPvt2 Div 9 Inf Co FLibby, MNMN
ChippewaThompsonAlvin*Thompson, Alvin*Army
ChippewaTibbettsThomas P.Tibbetts, Thomas P.Cpl33 Div 132 Inf Co LBall Club, MNMN
ChippewaTioshWilliamTiosh, WilliamPfc33 MI Co FZeba, MIMI
ChippewaTrouchieJosephTrouchie, JosephBelcourt, NDND
ChippewaVanderventerGeorge A.Vanderventer, George A.Cpl32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaVenneAlfred M.Venne, Alfred M.Haskell / Carlisle
ChippewaVenneEdmundVenne, EdmundPvtSan TnHaskell
ChippewaVivieaJohn L.Viviea, John L.91 Div 316 Ammo Tn Co GMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaVizenorLawrence A.Vizenor, Lawrence A.Pfc33 Div 132 Inf Co IRichwood, MNMN
ChippewaWadeFrankWade, FrankPvtArmyGordon, WIWI
ChippewaWadenaJohn S.Wadena, John S.Cpl33 Div 131 Inf Co KGull Lake, MNMN
ChippewaWasihkeyWilliamWasihkey, WilliamPfc32 Div 125 Inf Co MBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaWelchGustavusWelch, GustavusCapt 808 Pioneer Inf Co BSpooner, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaWhiteCharlesWhite, CharlesPvt32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaWhiteJohn J.White, John J.Cpl32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaWilburnJoeWilburn, JoePvt33 Div 131 Inf Co KMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaWildeFrankWilde, FrankNavyHaskell
ChippewaWintersRaymond E.Winters, Raymond E.Pfc3 Div 8 MG Bn Med DetDetroit, MIMI
ChippewaWishcopFrankWishcop, FrankPvt90 Div 358 Inf Co BGrand Marais, MNMN
ChippewaWolfe William LeonWolfe , William LeonGunner USS UtahNaytahwaush, MNMN
Chippewa / BlackfootGreenMortonGreen, MortonSgt 1 classMarines 5 Reg Co FSault Ste Marie, MIMI
Chippewa / OttawaMillerSilas W.Miller, Silas W.Saddler5 Div 20 FA Batt EElk Rapids, MIMI
Chippewa / ZuniZunighaVidal JulianZunigha, Vidal JulianSgt42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 167Isleta, NMNMChilocco
ChoctawAddisonIvan T.Addison, Ivan T.Pvt82 Div 327 Inf MG CoLeesville, LALA
ChoctawAinsworthChester A.*Ainsworth, Chester A.*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawAlexanderJohn C.*Alexander, John C.*OKChilocco
ChoctawAmeahtubbeeSidneyAmeahtubbee, SidneyPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawAmosAmos, 36 Div 143 Inf Co CPurcell, OKOKChilocco
ChoctawAmosHickman*Amos, Hickman*Pfc2 Div Ammo Tn 415Broken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawAndersonEdward*Anderson, Edward*15 Div 43 Inf Co E / 9 Recruit CoWilburton, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawAndersonFreeman S.*Anderson, Freeman S.*90 Div 344 MG Batt Co DYanusha, OKOK
ChoctawAndersonGeorge W.*Anderson, George W.*NavyAda, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawAndersonJames Thomas*Anderson, James Thomas*Wagoner5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EBraden, OKOK
ChoctawAndersonJimmie*Anderson, Jimmie*36 Div 143 Inf Co D / 142 Inf Co CBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawAnnaKolisten*Anna, Kolisten*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawAnnaTecumseh*Anna, Tecumseh*Pvt4 Div 16 FA Batt BBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawArbitHomerArbit, Homer36 Div 141 Inf Co BBethel, OKOK
ChoctawAtkinsonJesse J.*Atkinson, Jesse J.*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBaconReuben J.*Bacon, Reuben J.*Pfc4 Div 16 FA Batt FTalihina, OKOK
ChoctawBakerJohn*Baker, John*Pfc90 Div 343 FA Batt AFletcher, OKOK
ChoctawBatticeWilliamBattice, WilliamPfc36 Div 141 Inf Co GKullilo, OKOK
ChoctawBattiestJohn W.Battiest, John W.Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBattiestSilas M.*Battiest, Silas M.*Sgt90 Div 358 Inf Co EOKHaskell
ChoctawBeamesSamuel S.Beames, Samuel S.Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBeckTandy*Beck, Tandy*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBentonEveridge*Benton, Everidge*USS MinnesotaOKHaskell
ChoctawBillyDavidBilly, DavidHanna, OKOK
ChoctawBillyDawsonBilly, DawsonPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBillyAlbert*Billy, Albert*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBobbMitchell*Bobb, Mitchell* 36 Div 142 Inf Co ESmithville, OKOK
ChoctawBohanon SilasBohanon , SilasCpl57 FA Batt K / 309 Cav Trp LLudlow, OKOK
ChoctawBohanon Stacey DavidBohanon , Stacey DavidCpl36 Div 142 Inf Co ENorman, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawBondLuke L.Bond, Luke L.Pfc85 Div 165 Inf Co EStigler, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawBoyerErnestBoyer, ErnestPvt82 Div 327 Inf Co DGuthrie, OKOK
ChoctawBrownElias*Brown, Elias*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
ChoctawBrownFrank*Brown, Frank*36 Div 141 Inf Co BJanis, OKOK
ChoctawBrownNicholas E.*Brown, Nicholas E.*Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
ChoctawBrownVictor*Brown, Victor*OKHaskell
ChoctawBurksTomBurks, Tom35 Div 110 San Tn Fld Hosp 139Antioch, OKOK
ChoctawByingtonRufus Byington, Rufus Pfc1 Div 16 InfAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawCarneyLarden E.Carney, Larden E.PvtRTC 2 Grp Co CNashoba, OKOK
ChoctawCarneyGeorge W.*Carney, George W.*Pfc 90 Div 344 MG Batt Co BQuinton, OKOK
ChoctawCarterbyBen*Carterby, Ben*36 Div 141 inf Co DBethel, OKOK
ChoctawCharlesMartin*Charles, Martin*36 Div 143 Inf Co B / 142 Inf Co EIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawChoateBen*Choate, Ben*Pfc36 Div 132 FA Batt ARufe, OkOK
ChoctawChoateGeorge R.*Choate, George R.*Cpl/Wag90 Div 343 FA Sup CoNorth McCalister, OKOK
ChoctawChoateGreen McCurtain*Choate, Green McCurtain*15 Div 80 Inf Co AOK
ChoctawChristieNelsonChristie, NelsonPfcCAC Co 19Boktuklo, OKOK
ChoctawClarkLeonard Clark, Leonard Pfc5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EChickasha, OKOK
ChoctawClemmensWilliam TheodoreClemmens, William TheodorePvt7 Div 56 Inf Co CArch, OKOK
ChoctawColbertWillieColbert, WilliePfc28 Div 113 Inf Co CKainta, OKOK
ChoctawColbertBenjamin H., Jr.*Colbert, Benjamin H., Jr.*OK
ChoctawColeForbisCole, ForbisPvt32 Div 127 Inf Co KAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawColeJames E.*Cole, James E.*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf Co K / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawColumbusSilas*Columbus, Silas*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawCooperJohnCooper, John36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawCooperSampsonCooper, SampsonPvt42 Div 168 Inf Co CHugo, OKOK
ChoctawCoxwellLoston*Coxwell, Loston*36 Div 144 Inf Co LHayworth OKOK
ChoctawCrowderBunnie F.Crowder, Bunnie F.Wagoner2 Div 23 Inf Sup Co Sopar, OKOK
ChoctawCurtisCassCurtis, CassPvt2 Div 12 FA Batt EMonnette, ARAR
ChoctawCusherSimeon*Cusher, Simeon*Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
ChoctawDaneyGilbert W.Daney, Gilbert W.AFCIntelligence DeptIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawDavenportGeorge Edwin*Davenport, George Edwin*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawDavenportJoseph Harvey*Davenport, Joseph Harvey*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawDavidWister L.*David, Wister L.*36 Div 141 inf Co MFort Towson, OKOK
ChoctawDavillaCharlie C.Davilla, Charlie C.Pvt28 Div 112 Inf Co CSan Marcos, TXTX
ChoctawDeweyHobson PerriginDewey, Hobson PerriginPvt5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EReform, ALAL
ChoctawDurantAlbert Walter*Durant, Albert Walter*Seaman 2nd ClUSS TacomaAtoka, OKOKChilocco
ChoctawDurantBee*Durant, Bee*4 Div 47 inf Co MBennington, OKOK
ChoctawDurantJonas*Durant, Jonas*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawEdwardsJames*Edwards, James*Ida (Battiest), OKOK
ChoctawEleomonotubbiStesonEleomonotubbi, Steson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawEmersonJackson*Emerson, Jackson*36 Div 142 Inf Co AArdmore, OKOK
ChoctawFarverPeru*Farver, Peru*Eagletown, OKOK
ChoctawFobbEdwardFobb, Edward36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
ChoctawFolsomFrankFolsom, FrankNavy HospOKHaskell
ChoctawFolsomAlexander H.*Folsom, Alexander H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawFolsomGrover C.*Folsom, Grover C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawFolsomOscar*Folsom, Oscar*Cpl 90 Div 344 MG Batt Co COklahoma City, OKOK
ChoctawFolsomSampson*Folsom, Sampson*Pvt4 Div 39 Inf Co HWhitefield, OKOK
ChoctawFrazierWillie C.Frazier, Willie C.36 Div 141 Inf Co MSpencerville, OKOK
ChoctawFrazierTobias William*Frazier, Tobias William*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawFultonRobert J.*Fulton, Robert J.*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf Co F / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrant, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawGibsonSimonGibson, Simon36 Div 144 Inf Co LKiowa, OKOK
ChoctawGoodeWilliam F.*Goode, William F.*Navy Camp Paul Jones Co 26Boswell, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawGordonElishaGordon, ElishaPfc33 Div Coffman, TXTX
ChoctawGoynesMitchellGoynes, MitchellPvt1 Div 16 Inf Co EGroveton, TXTX
ChoctawGreenJoe*Green, Joe*IRC 1 Reg Co EOKChilocco
ChoctawHaasGeorge E.Haas, George E.Cpl7 Div 64 Inf Co COK
ChoctawHallmarkElzieHallmark, Elzie35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FDeerfield, KSKS
ChoctawHamptonBenjamin W.*Hampton, Benjamin W.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawHancockAaron*Hancock, Aaron*ArmyOKChilocco
ChoctawHardyKennedy*Hardy, Kennedy*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawHarrisonWylie B.Harrison, Wylie B.Sgt36 Div 142 Inf Co EBokchito, OKOK
ChoctawHarveyBeard Job*Harvey, Beard Job*Pfc4 Div 47 Inf Co KLatimer, OKOKChilocco
ChoctawHayesJames Elmer*Hayes, James Elmer*App SeamanUSS LearyAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawHickmanWilliamHickman, William18 Div 19 Inf Co HOKChilocco
ChoctawHomerNelsonHomer, Nelson35 Div 144 Inf Co LGarvin, OKOK
ChoctawHoparkentubbeeEastmanHoparkentubbee, EastmanPvt36 Div 142 Inv Co EOK
ChoctawHopsonCornelius*Hopson, Cornelius*Pvt7 Div 64 Inf Co COK
ChoctawHotinlubbiLorin*Hotinlubbi, Lorin*36 Div 144 Inf Co LHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawHudsonWillis Hudson, Willis 36 Div 142 Inf Co EBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawHudsonGeorge W.*Hudson, George W.*Pvt3 Div 38 Inf Co KHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawIshcomerWilton*Ishcomer, Wilton*Cpl165 Dep Brig 10 Bn Co 37Garvin, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawJacksonCharleyJackson, CharleyCook36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJacksonRobertJackson, RobertPvtMed CorpsPoteau, OKOK
ChoctawJacksonTillieJackson, TilliePfc2 Div 9 Inf MG CoMuskogee, OKOK
ChoctawJacksonDavis*Jackson, Davis*36 Div 141 Inf Co MBoswell, OKOK
ChoctawJamesCharlesJames, Charles36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJamesBennie*James, Bennie*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJamesJackson*James, Jackson*Pvt15 Div 215 Sig Corp Co CBlanco, OKOK
ChoctawJamesJacob J.*James, Jacob J.*Cpl90 Div 358 Inf Co IShady Point, OKOKArmstrong Academy
ChoctawJamesJesse Albert*James, Jesse Albert*Sgt3 Div 4 Inf Co LMadill, OKOK
ChoctawJohnWatson*John, Watson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJohnicoGrant*Johnico, Grant*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJohnsonBobbJohnson, BobbPvt31 Inf Co BHochatown, OKOK
ChoctawJohnsonDaniel*Johnson, Daniel*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJohnsonNoel*Johnson, Noel*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJonesAlfusJones, AlfusPvt2 MC Cas Det Aux Remount Dep 333 Eagletown, OKOK
ChoctawJonesGrayson*Jones, Grayson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJonesMorris*Jones, Morris*Pfc42 Div 165 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhitesboro, OKOK
ChoctawKaneubbeCharles T.Kaneubbe, Charles T.3d Lt343 Bn Tank CorpsGoodland, OKOK
ChoctawKaneubbeHampton LamarKaneubbe, Hampton LamarArmyGoodland, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawKirkpatrickDewey M.*Kirkpatrick, Dewey M.*Pfc35 Div 130 FA Batt BHugo, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawLeaderJames CharlesLeader, James CharlesPfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co AAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawLeaderOtis Wilson*Leader, Otis Wilson*Sgt36 Div 142 Inf Co ECalvin, OKOK
ChoctawLeFloreMcAlester*LeFlore, McAlester*Pvt23 Div Co 10Leflore, OKOK
ChoctawLewisJamesLewis, James36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLewisJesseLewis, JessePvt4 Div 39 Inf Co IAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawLewisJohn T.Lewis, John T.Pfc79 Div 314 Inf Co MAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawLewisDickson L.*Lewis, Dickson L.*26 Div 102 MG Bn Co AGerty, OKOK
ChoctawLewisJeff F.*Lewis, Jeff F.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLewisLenn*Lewis, Lenn*pvt4 Div Casual DetCaney, OKOK
ChoctawLewisSolomon Bond*Lewis, Solomon Bond*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBennington, OKOK
ChoctawLewisWilliam*Lewis, William*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLockeBen Davis*Locke, Ben Davis*Capt OK
ChoctawLockeVictor Murat, Jr.*Locke, Victor Murat, Jr.*MajReservesAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawLomanSamLoman, Sam36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLomanOscar T.*Loman, Oscar T.*Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLucasFrank*Lucas, Frank*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLunaBlasLuna, BlasWagoner5 Div 13 MG Bn Co HSan Antonio, TXTX
ChoctawLylesEugene*Lyles, Eugene*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMasseyThomas A. J.Massey, Thomas A. J.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FKemp, OKOK
ChoctawMcCassonSam R.*McCasson, Sam R.*Pvt4 Div Casual DetHowe, OKOK
ChoctawMcClureOscar R.McClure, Oscar R.Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMcClureHenry E.*McClure, Henry E.*343 MG Bn Co BHaywood, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawMcCoyAlexander*McCoy, Alexander*Pfc42 Div 165 Inf Co G / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrant, OKOK
ChoctawMcCoySam*McCoy, Sam*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMcCurtainEwart P.*McCurtain, Ewart P.*Cpl39 Div 142 FA Batt DPoteau, OKOK
ChoctawMcCurtainGreen*McCurtain, Green*Pfc35 Div 130 FA Batt BHodgen, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawMcCurtainZack*McCurtain, Zack*ArtilleryOKHaskell
ChoctawMcGeeEdgar*McGee, Edgar*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMcGeeIsom*McGee, Isom*Pvt28 Div 112 Inf Co HOK
ChoctawMcGeeSilas G.*McGee, Silas G.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMcGilberryCharles*McGilberry, Charles*2Lt15 Div 79 InfOKChilocco
ChoctawMcKinneyJackson J.*McKinney, Jackson J.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMeashintubbyEastman*Meashintubby, Eastman*Sgt90 Div 358 Inf Co EOKHaskell
ChoctawMelleyKelly Y.Melley, Kelly Y.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMeshayaJames*Meshaya, James*Pfc36 Div 144 Inf Co MRufe, OKOK
ChoctawMooreVanceMoore, VancePvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMorrisSamMorris, Sam77 Div 308 InfOK
ChoctawNanomantubyJacob B.Nanomantuby, Jacob B.Pvt35 Div 130 FA Batt BHugo, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawNelsonJohnNelson, John
ChoctawNelsonLeo B.Nelson, Leo B.Sgt36 Div 142 Inf Co EArdmore, OKOK
ChoctawNelsonOsborneNelson, Osborne
ChoctawNelsonAllington T.*Nelson, Allington T.*Mechanic36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawNelsonCole E.*Nelson, Cole E.*Sgt 36 Div 142 Inf Co EAntlers, OKOKArmstrong Academy
ChoctawNelsonJeff*Nelson, Jeff*Kullitukle, OKOK
ChoctawNewsomHenry*Newsom, Henry*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawNoahAlfred Basil*Noah, Alfred Basil*36 Div 141 Inf Co IAlbion, OKOK
ChoctawNunomantubyJacobNunomantuby, JacobPvt35 Div 130 Inf Batt BHugo, OKOK
ChoctawOklahombiJoseph*Oklahombi, Joseph*Pfc36 Div 141 Inf Co DWright City, OKOK
ChoctawPerryJefferson*Perry, Jefferson*Army Quinton, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawPeterHodges T.*Peter, Hodges T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawPitchlynnPeter Paul*Pitchlynn, Peter Paul*Pvt32 Div 125 Inf Co ETalihina, OKOK
ChoctawQuaidWilliam J.Quaid, William J.Pvt28 Div 110 Inf Co FAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawRalls Joseph G., Jr.Ralls , Joseph G., Jr.Cpl2 Div 2 Eng Co CAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawReedGeorge*Reed, George*Cpl36 Div 141 Inf Co FWilburton, OKOK
ChoctawRisnerRufus T.Risner, Rufus T.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawSamuelsSilasSamuels, SilasOK
ChoctawSernaAlexSerna, Alex91 Div 316 Fld Sig BnColeman, TXTX
ChoctawShotubbiLouieShotubbi, LouiePvt4 Div 5 Detach Labor BnValliant, OKOK
ChoctawSlaughterJohnSlaughter, JohnSgt36 Div 111 Ammo TnHowe, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawSlinkerThomas Dewey*Slinker, Thomas Dewey*28 Inf Co D / 10 Inf Co BDurant, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawSneedWilliam H.Sneed, William H.PvtMarines 6 Reg 83 CoAvinger, TXTX
ChoctawSockeyCleveland*Sockey, Cleveland*Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co EBokoshe, OKOK
ChoctawSockeyEli William*Sockey, Eli William*Pvt17 Div 29 Inf Med DeptLeFlore, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawSockeyRafe*Sockey, Rafe*35 Div 130 FA Batt BArdmore, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawSockeyRobert*Sockey, Robert*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EBokoshe, OKOK
ChoctawSolomonDixon*Solomon, Dixon*40 Div 144 Inf Co ICloudy, OKOKKIA
ChoctawSolomonThompson*Solomon, Thompson*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 90 Div 358 Inf Co FCloudy, OKOK
ChoctawSpringJesse*Spring, Jesse*NavyOKHaskell
ChoctawTaylorRobert*Taylor, Robert*Pfc 36 Div 142 Inf Co EIdaville, OKOK
ChoctawTerrellDaniel*Terrell, Daniel*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThomasLeo M.*Thomas, Leo M.*Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThomasMoses*Thomas, Moses*Valliant, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawThomasWilson*Thomas, Wilson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThompsonEllis*Thompson, Ellis*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThompsonJefferson*Thompson, Jefferson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawTippRichard FrancisTipp, Richard Francis28 Div 104 Ammo Tn Co FMobile, ALAL
ChoctawTubbyAdolphusTubby, AdolphusPfc42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EMS
ChoctawTupperHobson*Tupper, Hobson*164 Aero SquadArdmore, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawVeachColumbus E.Veach, Columbus E.2d Lt36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 42 Div 165 InfDurant, OKOK
ChoctawVeachWalter*Veach, Walter*OK
ChoctawVickLeslie*Vick, Leslie*Pfc97 Div 365 Inf MG CoMuskogee, OKOK
ChoctawWallPeterWall, Peter36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWallaceArch Wallace, Arch 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWallaceJohnWallace, John36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWalleyJacobWalley, JacobPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
ChoctawWardFrank J.*Ward, Frank J.*Sgt1 Div 1 MG Bn Co ASpiro, OKOK
ChoctawWardFred G.*Ward, Fred G.*Bugler5 Div 60 Inf MG CoSpiro, OKOK
ChoctawWardSampson*Ward, Sampson*Pvt36 Div 141 InfBoktuklo, OKOKKIA
ChoctawWebsterJosaiahWebster, JosaiahCpl 90 Div 343 FA Batt DIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawWebsterSummie*Webster, Summie*Pvt1 Div 14 Cav Co CAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawWesleySilas Wesley, Silas Pvt85 Div 355 inf Co FAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawWhiteCurleeWhite, Curlee36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWilliamsEliWilliams, EliPvt42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EHugo, OKOK
ChoctawWilliamsGeorgeWilliams, GeorgeOKChilocco
ChoctawWilliamsOscarWilliams, OscarNavy Radio Co D-1OKChilocco
ChoctawWillinghamArnold T.Willingham, Arnold T.Pvt3 Div 10 FA Batt FAntioch, OKOK
ChoctawWillisJohnWillis, John36 Div 141 Inf Co FAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawWilsonHenry J.Wilson, Henry J.Cpl32 Div 126 Inf Co HBennington, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawWilsonJosiahWilson, JosiahPfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co MRedden, OKOK
ChoctawWilsonWillieWilson, Willie36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWilsonCalvin*Wilson, Calvin*36 Div 142 Inf Co EGoodwater, OKOK
ChoctawWilsonJeff*Wilson, Jeff*Pfc 36 Div 144 Inf Co AMoyers, OKOK
ChoctawWrightFrank Hall, Jr.*Wright, Frank Hall, Jr.*Air ServiceSaratoga, NYNY
Choctaw / CherokeeMoodyJamesMoody, James35 Div 137 Inf Co MVian, OKOK
Choctaw ?HopotubbeeLubbinHopotubbee, Lubbin36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Choctaw, MississippiChickasawKellyChickasaw, KellyPvt5 Div 11 Inf Co KPhiladelphia, MSMS
Choctaw, MississippiFarveJoseph Forest*Farve, Joseph Forest*Pvt15 Div 43 Inf Co DBay St. Louis, MSMS
Choctaw, MississippiNedFrankNed, FrankPvt4 Div 13 FA Batt CArdmore, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiPorterThornton J.*Porter, Thornton J.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EMS
Choctaw, MississippiRashaJohn*Rasha, John*36 Div 142 Inf Co EMS
Choctaw, MississippiSamJoe*Sam, Joe*Pvt3 Div 38 Inf Co LHennepin, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiSimonAmos*Simon, Amos*36 Div 142 Inf Co EMS
Choctaw, MississippiSockeyRick*Sockey, Rick*MS
Citizen PotawatomiBlairKirk Lewis*Blair, Kirk Lewis*Pfc12 Railway Eng Co EDallas, TXTX
Citizen PotawatomiPiersonJoePierson, JoePvtDep Brig Med CorpMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Citizen PotawatomiSpragueJacobSprague, JacobPvt313 Cav / 69 FA Batt FMayetta, KSKS
ClallamAllenJohnAllen, JohnUSS MichiganTomah, WAWACarlisle
ClallamDownieReginald G.Downie, Reginald G.Cpl247 PWE CoChemawa, OROR
Cleaut / Wilapau ?FrankDavidFrank, DavidCpl32 Div 126 Inf Co MBay Center, WAWA
Coeur d'AleneCherapkinJoseph Ignace*Cherapkin, Joseph Ignace*358 Inf Co ETensed, IDID
Coeur d'AleneHilburnJacob*Hilburn, Jacob*91 Div 362 Inf Co MSetters, IDID
Coeur d'AleneMoctelmeJohn Felicien*Moctelme, John Felicien*91 Div 361 Inf Co BTekoa, WAWA
ColvilleLafleurMitchel JamesLafleur, Mitchel JamesFireman 1clUSS StreblingSpokane, WAWA
ColvilleMcClungJesseMcClung, JesseCpl13 Ammo Tn Co GInchelium, WAWA
ColvilleMcMasterWilliam DonaldMcMaster, William DonaldPvtMarines 2 Reg MG Bn Co 196 Keller, WAWA
ColvilleOvertonLouisOverton, LouisPvt91 Div 346 FAKettle Falls, WAWA
ColvillePerkinsJames F.Perkins, James F.Pvt146 Art Batt F Bassburg, WAWA
ComancheAtchavitCalvin*Atchavit, Calvin*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co A / 90 Div 357 Inf Co AWalters, OKOKPhoenix
ComancheBluehorseToacesy*Bluehorse, Toacesy*OK
ComancheCableBert*Cable, Bert*Pfc28 Div 111 FA Batt DCache, OKOKHaskell
ComancheChebahtahJames Hezekiah*Chebahtah, James Hezekiah*Pvt8 Div 13 Inf Co GAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheClarkEdward Hatch*Clark, Edward Hatch*Pfc165 Dep Brig 46 CoAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheClarkGeorge*Clark, George*90 Div 357 InfOK
ComancheConwoopGilbert Pahdi*Conwoop, Gilbert Pahdi*Pvt90 Div 357 InfOK
ComancheCoosewoonAbner*Coosewoon, Abner*PvtBase Hosp, Camp LoganOK
ComancheGonzalesFelipe*Gonzales, Felipe*18 Div 19 Inf Co HOK
ComancheGonzalesPhilip*Gonzales, Philip*165 Dep Brig Co 7OK
ComancheHomovichHerbert*Homovich, Herbert*Walters, OKOK
ComancheKahnoostySam*Kahnoosty, Sam*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EBinger, OKOK
ComancheKercheeWilliam N.*Kerchee, William N.*PvtLawton, OKOKHaskell
ComancheKomahAmos*Komah, Amos*Cpl165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46Lawton, OKOKCarlisle
ComancheKomahKerring Henry*Komah, Kerring Henry*PvtArmyAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheLeBarreFrank Lewis*LeBarre, Frank Lewis*Sgt77 Div 308 Inf Co K / 34 Div 133 Inf Co KLawton, OKOK
ComancheLeBarreJohn*LeBarre, John*PvtCAC 63 Art Batt AAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheLeBarreLouis*LeBarre, Louis*PvtPack Train 5Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheLookingglassPhillip*Lookingglass, Phillip*Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheMaddoxDewey*Maddox, Dewey*35 Div 130 FA Batt BLawton, OKOKHaskell
ComancheMaddoxJames*Maddox, James*CplOKHaskell
ComancheMahseetAlfred*Mahseet, Alfred*OK
ComancheMahseetCarl*Mahseet, Carl*36 Div 142 Inf Co BOKHaskell
ComancheMahseetHarold*Mahseet, Harold*36 Div 142 Inf HQ Co Cyril, OKOKHaskell
ComancheMahseetLee*Mahseet, Lee*2 AAP ? Co DOK
ComancheMerryweerwryJerry O.*Merryweerwry, Jerry O.*PfcOK
ComancheMullensSamuel*Mullens, Samuel*Sgt1 Inf Repl Reg Co HEvansville, ININHaskell
ComancheNahdayakaLemuel Pebeahsy*Nahdayaka, Lemuel Pebeahsy*PvtArmyCache, OKOK
ComancheNahquaddyEdward Albert*Nahquaddy, Edward Albert*Pvt90 Div 357 Inf / 82 Div 319 FA Batt CFaxon, OKOK
ComancheOtipobyHugh*Otipoby, Hugh*Pvt1 Div 164 Inf Co LAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComanchePahdoponyMack John*Pahdopony, Mack John*PvtOK
ComancheParkerThomas Tittah*Parker, Thomas Tittah*Cpl3 Trng Reg Co HOK
ComanchePekahJames Wermy*Pekah, James Wermy*Pvt82 Div 319 FA Batt CCache, OKOK
ComanchePermansuWill Henry*Permansu, Will Henry*34 Div 135 Inf Co DWalters, OKOK
ComanchePewewardySamuel*Pewewardy, Samuel*PvtButcher Co 307OK
ComanchePoahwayJohn*Poahway, John*OK
ComanchePohocsucutPreston*Pohocsucut, Preston*OK
ComanchePoywetowaupGuy*Poywetowaup, Guy*SgtCasual Camp Co DLawton, OKOKHaskell
ComanchePuebloFrank*Pueblo, Frank*Snyder, OKOKCarlisle
ComancheRed Elk (Attewuthtakewa)Frank*Red Elk (Attewuthtakewa), Frank*Pvt4 Div 58 Inf MG CoWalters, OKOKHaskell
ComancheSaupittyJohn*Saupitty, John*OK
ComancheSaupitty (Quannamemywermy)Jerry O.*Saupitty (Quannamemywermy), Jerry O.*OK
ComancheSaupittyLyon*Saupitty, Lyon*Pfc165 Dep Brig Co 46OK
ComancheTabbytosavitSamuel*Tabbytosavit, Samuel*Pvt90 Div 357 InfOKHaskell
ComancheTahdooahnippahMikey*Tahdooahnippah, Mikey*Pvt165 Dep Brig 8 Batt 30 CoOKPhoenix
ComancheTahkofperJames*Tahkofper, James*Cpl53 FA Bat FOK
ComancheTahmahkeraSamuel T.*Tahmahkera, Samuel T.*Pfc18 Div 54 FA / 304 Cav Trp EOKHaskell
ComancheTahpayCleveland*Tahpay, Cleveland*Pvt165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46OK
ComancheTahpayJames D.*Tahpay, James D.*Pfc306 Fld RMT Squad QMCOK
ComancheTahquechiNorton Soporene*Tahquechi, Norton Soporene*Mus 2 ClUSS MichiganOKHaskell / Carlisle
ComancheTarcypokeadooahWilliam C.*Tarcypokeadooah, William C.*Pvt22 Eng Co COK
ComancheTaunahBert Casey*Taunah, Bert Casey*Pfc7 Div 34 Inf Co D / 165 Dep Brig 11 Batt 435 CoWalters, OKOK
ComancheTiddarkRoyce*Tiddark, Royce*OK
ComancheTomahCasey*Tomah, Casey*OK
ComancheTomahLawrence Bruce, Sr.*Tomah, Lawrence Bruce, Sr.*PvtOKHaskell
ComancheTooencepperRoy*Tooencepper, Roy*Butcher Co 307OK
ComancheTopetchyBryan*Topetchy, Bryan*79 InfOK
ComancheWahkahquahJohn Oscar*Wahkahquah, John Oscar*Pfc22 Eng Co COK
ComancheWahkinneyJacob*Wahkinney, Jacob*Pvt27 Div 107 InfOKHaskell
ComancheWerhevahwermyThomas*Werhevahwermy, Thomas*307 Unit Barracks B 21OK
ComancheWermypekahThompson*Wermypekah, Thompson*165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46OK
ComancheYackeyonnyOwen*Yackeyonny, Owen*PvtOK
CowlitzPattersonWilliamPatterson, WilliamPfcSpruce SquadTacoma, WAWA
CreeBoushieJosephBoushie, JosephPvt166 Dep Brig 23 CoBabb, MTMT
Cree / FrenchLaValleRoyLaValle, RoyPfcMarines USS MontanaJamestown, NDND
CroatanLockleyVincentLockley, VincentSgt81 Div 321 Inf 1 Bn Co BRobinson Co, NCNC
CrowBird AboveIrwinBird Above, IrwinPfc148 FASt. Xavier, MTMT
CrowCashenWilliam KentCashen, William KentPvt13 Ammo Tn Co EBillings, MTMT
CrowCooperJames B.Cooper, James B.Wagoner4 Div 58 Inf Sup CoLodge Grass, MTMT
CrowDoyleRobert EmmetDoyle, Robert EmmetPvtAir Service 10 Construction COParkman, WYWY
CrowGarrigusArthur RaymondGarrigus, Arthur RaymondSgtAir Service Billings, MTMT
CrowPetersGeorge WilliamPeters, George WilliamCpl27 Aero SquadLodge Grass, MTMTHaskell
CrowPickettJoseph J.Pickett, Joseph J.Machinist Mate 1 clUSS Covington / USS WainwrightDupuyer, MTMT
CrowPickettThomas A.Pickett, Thomas A.Bugler35 Div 130 FA Batt BPoplar, MTMTHaskell
CrowStevensClarence L.Stevens, Clarence L.Pvt4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoGrey Cliff, MTMT
Crow Creek SiouxArchambeauJohnArchambeau, JohnArmyCrow Creek, SDSDHampton
Crow Creek SiouxLodgeJosephLodge, Joseph2 Inf Co IFort Thompson, SDSD
Crow Creek SiouxMcBrideJerryMcBride, JerrySgt34 Div 1 SD Cav Troop L / 135 Inf Co F / PWE CoGrosse, SDSD
DelawareBlackAlbert*Black, Albert*CplOK
DelawareBuffaloJames F.*Buffalo, James F.*CplOK
DelawareEdwardsEustaceEdwards, EustaceAnadarko, OKOKCarlisle
DelawareEverettWilliam T .Everett, William T .36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
DelawareJacksonJames Harold*Jackson, James Harold*PfcOK
DelawareKetchumWilliam T.Ketchum, William T.Pfc 90 Div 344 MG Batt Co BVinita, OKOK
DelawareLongboneRaymond A.Longbone, Raymond A.Pfc88 Div 339 MG Bn / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EDewey, OKOK
DelawareLonghornMalcolmLonghorn, MalcolmMusArmyAnadarko, OKOK
DelawareLoveBlanton*Love, Blanton*Sgt35 Div 139th Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
DelawareMarshall Andrew J.Marshall , Andrew J.Pvt3 Div 38 Inf Co KBartlesville, OKOK
DelawareMcCarthinJames B.McCarthin, James B.Cpl85 Div 358 Inf Bartlesville, OKOK
DelawareRandallLambert Kinkaid*Randall, Lambert Kinkaid*PfcOK
DelawareThaxtonOtis D.*Thaxton, Otis D.*PfcOK
DelawareWilsonWalter*Wilson, Walter*PvtOK
DelawareZeiglerSamuelZeigler, SamuelPfc82 Div 320 FA Batt FJay, OKOK
Delaware ParkerJohn W.*Parker, John W.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Delaware SmithWilliam B.Smith, William B.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Delaware / CaddoOsborneFrank F.Osborne, Frank F.Pfc2 Div 17 FA Batt CAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
Diegueno ?WilliamsWilliam H.Williams, William H.Pvt40 Div 160 Inf Co EJulian, CACASherman
DiggerAleasJoseph FrancisAleas, Joseph FrancisPvt7 Div 21 MG BnCenterville, CACA
DiggerBakerWilliamBaker, WilliamPfc89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ETaylorsville, CACAChilocco / Phoenix
DiggerDayEugeneDay, EugeneCplMarines 14 Co, CACTuolumne, CACASherman
DiggerHenryPhilipHenry, PhilipPvt26 Div 102 Inf Co FGreenville Dam, CACA
DiggerPorterJohn H.Porter, John H.Carpenter NavyCAPhoenix
DiggerSwipesHarleySwipes, HarleyBlacksmith NavyCAPhoenix
Digger (Miwok?)SueheadWalter IraSuehead, Walter IraPfc 91 Div 363 Inf Co FNewcastle, CACA
Digger ? MaiduMitchellAndrewMitchell, AndrewPfc 91 Div 347 MG Bn Co DColusa, CACA
DuwamishYoungWillie RobertYoung, Willie RobertPfc91 Div 361 Inf Co GAuburn, WAWA
EucheeBigpondWilliamBigpond, WilliamPfc36 Div 141 inf Co BDepew, OKOK
Flandreau SiouxJonesHarryJones, HarryBuglerCAC 148 Art Batt FFlandreau, SDSD
FlatheadAuldEdward*Auld, Edward*Pfc91 Div 363 Inf Co EPolson, MTMT
FlatheadBarnabyMax J.*Barnaby, Max J.*Pvt41 Div 161 InfPablo, MTMT
FlatheadCourvilleBennieCourville, BenniePvt2 MT Inf Co FSt. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadEneasJoseph*Eneas, Joseph*Pfc32 Div QM Labor DetSt. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadGardepiJoseph*Gardepi, Joseph*Bugler91 Div 316 Trench Mortar BattSt. Ignatius MTMT
FlatheadHullBenjaminHull, BenjaminSgtRepl TrpRonan, MTMT
FlatheadHullPhilip D.*Hull, Philip D.*1st Sgt 166 Dep Brig 10 Bn Co 40Pendleton, ORORHaskell
FlatheadHullTracy D.*Hull, Tracy D.*Pvt89 Div 314 Eng HQ CoRonan, MTMT
FlatheadMcLeodHenry W.*McLeod, Henry W.*Pvt 308 Motor Trans Corp Co DRonan MTMT
Flathead TroutJohn*Trout, John*Wagoner5 Div 20 FA Sup CoSt. Ignatius, MTMT
Flathead / KalispelBarnabyPeter Oliver*Barnaby, Peter Oliver*Pfc1 Div 26 Inf Co I / 41 Div 161 InfJocko, MTMTCarlisle
Flathead / SpokaneDumontFrankie J.Dumont, Frankie J.Pfc4 Div 4 Eng Co FTiller, OROR
Flathead ?DubayGilbert R.Dubay, Gilbert R.Cpl39 Co Transportation Corps St. EmilionButte, MTMTHaskell
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBahpioJosephBahpio, JosephNavyCloquet, MNMNCarlisle
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCoffeyAmos GivensCoffey, Amos GivensPfc132 MP Bn 263 CoCloquet, MNMNHampton
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaLaundryEdwardLaundry, EdwardPvt2 Div Reg 5 Co 20Cloquet, MNMN
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaMcMahonFrancisMcMahon, Francis2 MN FAMoose Lake, MNMNCarlisle
Fort PeckBergieJosephBergie, JosephPvt88 Div 337 FA Batt DSt. Peter Misson, MTMT
Fort PeckBergieMartinBergie, MartinPfc88 Div 337 FA Batt DPoplar, MTMT
Fort PeckHoksinaJesseHoksina, JessePvt58 Inf Co BStanding Rock, NDND
Grand RondeHartlessMartinHartless, MartinPvt 91 Div 361 Inf Co MGrand Ronde, ORORKIA
Grand RondeLawneyClintonLawney, ClintonPvtNavyGrand Ronde, OROR
Gros Ventre (MHA)ChaseDanielChase, DanielPvt40 FA HQ co / Vet CorpsElbowoods, NDND
HaidaReddieWilliam HenryReddie, William HenryNavy BandWrangell, AKAKChemawa
Hidatsa (MHA)Dancing BullRobertDancing Bull, RobertPfc13 Div 44 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)DickensEdward WilliamDickens, Edward WilliamPvt163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)PackineauDavidPackineau, DavidPvt35 Div 139 inf Co GElbowoods, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)Rabbit HeadJohnRabbit Head, JohnPvt 163 Depot Brig Co PElbowoods, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)ReedAndrew J.Reed, Andrew J.Pvt15 Div 43 inf Co KNishu, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)SmithJohn W.Smith, John W.Sgt1 Div 26 Inf Co M Fort Berthold, NDND
Ho-chunkBigthunderRobert*Bigthunder, Robert*3 Div 7 Inf Co AWittenberg, WIWIHampton
Ho-chunkBlackhawkAndrew *Blackhawk, Andrew *Pvt32 Div 128 Inf
Ho-chunkBrownJames*Brown, James*Cpl85 Div 329 MG Bn Co AHouston, MNMN
Ho-chunkDecorahAllen*Decorah, Allen*32 Div 128 Inf Co D
Ho-chunkDecorahArthur*Decorah, Arthur*Pfc32 Div 128 Inf Co DTomah, WIWI
Ho-chunkDecorahFoster*Decorah, Foster*Cpl32 Div 128 Inf Co DFriendship, WIWIKIA
Ho-chunkDecorahHenry T.*Decorah, Henry T.*32 Div 128 Inf Co DFriendship, WIWIKIA
Ho-chunkDecorahRobert*Decorah, Robert*Pfc32 Div 128 Inf Co DMauston, WIWITomah
Ho-chunkDecorahRussius*Decorah, Russius*Cpl32 Div 128 Inf Co DWI
Ho-chunkDecorahWilliam*Decorah, William*WI
Ho-chunkDeLaRondeNelson R.*DeLaRonde, Nelson R.*WI
Ho-chunkFunmakerAndrew*Funmaker, Andrew*32 Div 128 Inf Co DWI
Ho-chunkFunmakerHarold Jones*Funmaker, Harold Jones*ArmyLa Crosse, WIWI
Ho-chunkGreengrassJames*Greengrass, James*
Ho-chunkHaynkaJames George*Haynka, James George*Pvt7 Div 55 Inf Co EValley Junction, WIWI
Ho-chunkLittle SoldierSamuel*Little Soldier, Samuel*Pfc32 Div 128 Inf Co DTrempealeau, WIWI
Ho-chunkLonetreeHugh*Lonetree, Hugh*
Ho-chunkLongtailNett*Longtail, Nett*
Ho-chunkMikeDewey*Mike, Dewey*Pvt32 Div 128 Inf Co ANeillsville, WIWIKIA
Ho-chunkMinerGeorge*Miner, George*Cpl32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWI
Ho-chunkMinerHenry*Miner, Henry*
Ho-chunkMinerJohn*Miner, John*Pfc32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWI
Ho-chunkMinerWilliam*Miner, William*Pvt32 Div 128 Inf Co DFriendship, WIWI
Ho-chunkMokeyScott*Mokey, Scott*
Ho-chunkOne HornBenOne Horn, BenLtArmyHaskell
Ho-chunkRussellCharlesRussell, CharlesHaskell
Ho-chunkStandingwaterMike*Standingwater, Mike*Pvt32 Div 128 Inf Co DMather, WIWIKIATomah
Ho-chunkThompsonJesse*Thompson, Jesse*Pvt33 Div 130 InfNew Albin, IAIAKIA
Ho-chunkThunder CloudHenryThunder Cloud, HenryCpl32 Div 128 Inf Co DPackwaukee, WIWI
Ho-chunkThundercloudSam*Thundercloud, Sam*32 Div 128 Inf Div 32 Co DMauston, WIWI
Ho-chunkWhite BearMartin*White Bear, Martin*
Ho-chunkWhite EagleLeonard White Eagle, Leonard PfcVet Hosp 16Mauston, WIWI
Ho-chunkWhite EagleArchie*White Eagle, Archie*Pvt32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWI
Ho-chunkWhite EagleJohn*White Eagle, John*Pvt32 Div 128 Inf Co DWakefield, NENE
Ho-chunkWhitesnakeGeorge*Whitesnake, George*CplArmyWI
HoopaBeaverChester GrantBeaver, Chester GrantBase Hosp, Camp BowieCA
HoopaJohnsonEugeneJohnson, EugeneSgt5 Div 11 Inf Co BSan Francisco, CACA
HoopaYoungShermanYoung, ShermanPfc88 Div 147 FA Batt BWeitchpec, CACA
HopiMaktimaGuy*Maktima, Guy*Pvt40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoAZPhoenix / Sherman
HualapaiMahoneFred WardMahone, Fred WardPvt829 Aero SquadHackberry, AZAZChilocco
HualapaiTokespetaMackTokespeta, MackPvt89 Div 354 Inf Co DValentine, AZAZ
HupaCampbellHenryCampbell, HenryUSS Santa ClaraHoopa, CACA
HupaSwansonLeslieSwanson, LesliePvt1 Div 23 Inf Co LBlue Lake, CACA
IowaBaradaRobertBarada, RobertChilocco
IowaBrienWalter RoyBrien, Walter RoyPvt164 Dep Brig Co 33Ruco, NENE
IowaDupuisMurrayDupuis, MurrayPvt164 Dep Brig 3 CoKShaskell
IowaHallEarl Hall, Earl Chilocco
IowaMaherIsadore R.Maher, Isadore R.Pvt35 Div 137 Inf Co BWhite Cloud, KSKSChilocco
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaAlleyWilliam*Alley, William*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaDoleJacob*Dole, Jacob*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaLincolnJack Small*Lincoln, Jack Small*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaRoubidouxFerror*Roubidoux, Ferror*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaSmallE. Edward*Small, E. Edward*Pfc164 Dep Brig Co 4OK
IroquoisFryeJohn G.Frye, John G.Cpl2 Div 6 Marines 97 CoBurnie, MOMO
IroquoisLaFranceThomasLaFrance, ThomasPvt2 Div 15 FA Batt CSyracuse, NYNYCarlisle
IroquoisMcCallumJames A.McCallum, James A.Sgt2 Div 2 Eng Co CLa Riviere, MBMB
IroquoisSmithFoster W.Smith, Foster W.Pfc3 Div 10 FA Batt FBoston, MAMA
IroquoisSmokePhilipSmoke, PhilipCpl78 Div 312 Inf Co EHogansburg, NYNY
Isleta PuebloAbeitaRemijo*Abeita, Remijo*ArmyIsleta, NMNM
Isleta PuebloHerreraPabloHerrera, PabloSgt3 Balloon Squad Co C / Balloon Co 7Bent, NMNMCarlisle
Isleta PuebloLentePablo*Lente, Pablo*ArmyNM
Isleta PuebloLuceroAntonio*Lucero, Antonio*Pfc5th Cav Trp EIsleta, NMNM
Isleta PuebloLuceroTranquilino*Lucero, Tranquilino*Pfc36 Div 144 MG BnNM
Isleta PuebloOrtegoAnisetoOrtego, AnisetoSgt79 Div 316 Inf Co CBent, NMNMCarlisle
Isleta PuebloOrtegoEmanuelOrtego, EmanuelPfc63 Aero Squad / 475 Aero SquadBent, NMNMCarlisle
Isleta PuebloPorrasAugust A.Porras, August A.Mus35 Div 130 FA HQ CoTopeka, KSKSHaskell
Jamestown S'KlallamHallLowell "Lovey"*Hall, Lowell "Lovey"*ArmyWA
Jamestown S'KlallamIrwinRichard*Irwin, Richard*ArmyWA
KarukAubreyNelsonAubrey, NelsonPvtCACBlue Nose, CACA
KawBellmardMoses *Bellmard, Moses *1 Lt36 Div 142 Inf Co CKay, OKOK
KawMcCauleyFelixMcCauley, FelixArmyWashunga, OKOKHaskell
KawMunroeGene*Munroe, Gene*ArmyKaw City, OKOK
KawPappanWilliam Louis*Pappan, William Louis*Pvt42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 166Washunga, OKOKHaskell
KawPepperWilliam RobinsonPepper, William RobinsonPvt35 Div 130 FA Batt BKaw City, OKOKHaskell
KawSumnerTheodoreSumner, Theodore90 Div 344 MG Bn Co CKaw City, OKOK
KawWinslowFreemanWinslow, FreemanCpl42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 167Washunga, OKOKHaskell
KawWynasheHenry*Wynashe, Henry*Pvt90 Div 343 MG Bn Co AWashunga, OKOKHaskell
KawWynasheJames*Wynashe, James*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoWashunga, OKOK
KickapooAllenAlexAllen, AlexPfc 35 Div 137 Inf Co BHorton, KSKSHaskell / Chilocco
KickapooButlerPerryButler, PerryPvt6 Div Fld Hosp Co 40Mayetta, KSKS
KickapooMasquatAlbert Masquat, Albert Co B of Horton, KSChilocco
KickapooMasquatGeorge PamothahMasquat, George PamothahCpl35 Div 137 inf Co BMayetta, KSKSChilocco
KickapooMcKinneyHenryMcKinney, HenryCpl88 Div 352 Inf Co MHorton, KSKSChilocco
KickapooSpearCharlesSpear, CharlesPvt35 Div 137 Inf Co BHorton, KSKSChilocco
KickapooTapseeLymanTapsee, LymanPvt35 Div 137 InfKSChilocco
KickapooWewenessPhillipWeweness, PhillipPfc 35 Div 137 Inf Co BHorton, KSKSChilocco ; Kickapoo Indian School
KickapooWilliamsEddieWilliams, EddieCo B of Horton, KSChilocco
Kickapoo / OttawaBushSilas Bush, Silas Pfc32 Div 125 Inf Co KHamilton, MIMI
KiowaApekaumCharles EmersonApekaum, Charles EmersonYeoman 1USS Dolphin / USS PocahontasLawton, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
KiowaBosinJohn ArthurBosin, John ArthurPvtArmyOKHaskell
KiowaDoyetoFrankDoyeto, FrankPvt1 Cas Reg Recruit Co 7Anadarko, OKOK
KiowaDupointHerbertDupoint, HerbertPvtCAC Batt GAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaKauleyGilbertKauley, GilbertPvt82 Div 321 FA HQ CoFort Sill, OKOK
KiowaKauleyJosephKauley, JosephPvt165 Dep Brig 46 CoAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaKeahboneMark EdwardKeahbone, Mark EdwardCplSignal CorpAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaOyebiThomasOyebi, ThomasPvt15 Div 80 Inf Co CApache, OKOK
KiowaPoolawMoses Edward*Poolaw, Moses Edward*Sgt162 Dep Brig Co 44 / MP Co BMountain View, OKOKHaskell
KiowaQuoetoneFred JamesQuoetone, Fred James15 Div Sup TnLawton, OKOKHaskell
KiowaRoquemoreRoyRoquemore, RoyPfcMarines 5 Reg Co 43Grapeland, TXTX
KiowaWaldoWillieWaldo, Willie42 Div 165 InfVerdun, OKOK
KiowaWhitefoxGlen Whitefox, Glen Pfc72 CAC 35 Brig Batt CCarnegie, OKOK
KipomoPoeDavidPoe, DavidPvt20 Eng Co 17Covelo, CACA
KlamathCoburnFrank Coburn, Frank Pvt32 Div 127 Inf MG CoYainax, OROR
KlamathColbyMartinColby, MartinCplMarines 5 Reg Co AHappy Camp, CACA
KlamathFerrisIsadore MarionFerris, Isadore MarionPfc13 Ammo Tn Co EOrleans, CACASherman
KlamathFerrisUlyssesFerris, UlyssesArmyOrleans, CACACarlisle
KlamathGoodwinLawrenceGoodwin, Lawrence91 Div 316 Eng Co CHappy Camp, CACA
KlamathHaymanBertHayman, BertPfcMarines Casual Co 201Wyandotte, OKOKHaskell / Chilocco
KlamathHunterWillieHunter, WilliePvtArmyWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathJonesAllenJones, AllenPvt31 Div Co LWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathKinneyAdolph Kinney, Adolph ElectricianNavyPhoenix
KlamathLewisGaylordLewis, GaylordUSS HuntingtonWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathLiphartPaulLiphart, PaulSeaman 2cl1 Co US Naval Unit Univ of WAChemawa, OROR
KlamathOscarRay RalphOscar, Ray RalphPfc3 Div 30 Inf Co CYreka, CACA
KlamathPicardHenry P.Picard, Henry P.Cpl1 Div 1 Eng Co CDorris, CACA
KlamathPoggieGabrielPoggie, Gabriel36 Aero SquadSebestapol, CACACarlisle
KlamathQuinnJamesQuinn, JamesPvt- Farrier8 Cav Trp HBlue Lake, CACA
KlamathRobinsonDavidRobinson, DavidCpl2 Div 15 FA Batt ESawyers Bar, CACA
KlamathSandersonLewisSanderson, LewisPfc 91 Div 361 Inf Co MOrleans, CACA
KlamathSmokerWillieSmoker, Willie91 Div 363 Inf Co IWeitchpec, CACASherman
KlamathSpottsRobert FrankSpotts, Robert FrankPvt28 Div 111 Inf HQ CoRequa, CACA
KlamathSteve ShermanSteve , ShermanWagoner6 Div 78 FA Sup CoRequa, CACA
KlamathStevens GeorgeStevens , GeorgePfcCAC Truck Co EEureka, CACA
KlamathWoodsHenryWoods, HenryPvt5 Div 14 MG Bn Co ARequa, CACA
Klamath RobertsGeorge WatsonRoberts, George WatsonCpl13 Balloon CoFort Dick, CACA
Klamath RiverConradWillisConrad, Willis91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoOrleans Bar, CACA
Klamath RiverEvesGeorgeEves, George91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoOakhurst, CACA
Klamath RiverPetersEwingPeters, Ewing91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoWeitchpec, CACA
KlickitatHoltDouglas AsburyHolt, Douglas AsburyPharm mate 3cl.Navy Med CorpYakima, WA WA
KootenaiCayeFrancois Mayuk*Caye, Francois Mayuk*PvtBase Hosp 162Elmo, MTMT
KootenaiKallowatJames*Kallowat, James*Pfc2 Div 12 FA Batt ADayton, MTMT
Lac Courte OreillesBisonetteJimBisonette, JimMechanic26 Div 104 Inf Hosp CoHaywood, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesBlueskyGeorge B.*Bluesky, George B.*Pvt2 Div 23 Inf Co FCass Lake, MNMN
Lac Courte OreillesBracklinJamesBracklin, JamesCpl17 Div 50 FA HQ CoReserve, WIWIHaskell
Lac Courte OreillesBracklinJohnBracklin, JohnCpl17 Div 50 FA HQ CoHayward, WIWIHaskell
Lac Courte OreillesBracklinThomas JohnBracklin, Thomas JohnPfc86 Div 311 Eng Co CHayward, WIWIHaskell
Lac Courte OreillesButlerGeorgeButler, GeorgePvt32 Div 107 Ammo TnReserve, WIWIKIA
Lac Courte OreillesCoonLouisCoon, LouisPfc3 Div 30 Inf Co ECumberland, WIWICarlisle
Lac Courte OreillesIshamEdward DavidIsham, Edward DavidPvtMarines 6 Reg 95 CoReserve, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesOshogayJoseph*Oshogay, Joseph*Cpl32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DSpringbrook, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesWelchJames MurdichWelch, James Murdich107 Mounted MP 2 CoSpooner, WIWICarlisle
Lac du FlambeauDevineThomasDevine, ThomasPvtMechanics Motor Reg HQ Co 2Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauGouthierLouisGouthier, LouisElec 2 clSub K7Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauJacksonBenJackson, BenPvt161 Dep Brig Co 40Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauJuvetteJohn B.Juvette, John B.Cpl13 FA Batt CChippewa Falls, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauKenoshaJohnKenosha, JohnPvtNavyLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauPottsWilliamPotts, WilliamPfc32 Div 126 Inf Co FLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSt. GermainePeter*St. Germaine, Peter*Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSt. JermaineJohn B.*St. Jermaine, John B.*PvtNavyLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauVedernackFrankVedernack, FrankCpl327 Inf Co BOdanah, WIWICarlisle
Laguna PuebloMarmonFrank LawrenceMarmon, Frank LawrenceCplMarines 11 Reg Co HLaguna, NMNMSherman
Laguna PuebloMarmonKenneth A.Marmon, Kenneth A.Sgt 1class39 Div 314 Eng Co ALaguna, NMNMSherman
Laguna PuebloPradtCharliePradt, Charlie634 Aero SquadNMSherman
Laguna PuebloWacondaLouis EarlWaconda, Louis EarlPfc40 Div 165 Inf Co APaguate, NMNMSherman
Leech Lake ChippewaAitken Joseph R., Sr.*Aitken , Joseph R., Sr.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaAllenHerbert *Allen, Herbert *Army
Leech Lake ChippewaBedeauGeorge*Bedeau, George*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaBellangerClem HenryBellanger, Clem HenryPfc42 Div 151 FA Batt DOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaBellangerJoseph WilliamBellanger, Joseph WilliamPfc58 Pioneer Inf Co HOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaBobolinkJohn*Bobolink, John*ArmyBena, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaBongaDavid*Bonga, David*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaButcherArthur*Butcher, Arthur*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaChiefAlbert*Chief, Albert*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaDickJohn, Jr.*Dick, John, Jr.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaDrumbeaterFrank*Drumbeater, Frank*Navy
Leech Lake ChippewaDrumbeaterHarry*Drumbeater, Harry*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaEllisCharles*Ellis, Charles*Sgt1 Div 26 Inf Co HOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanksEdward A.*Fairbanks, Edward A.*Pfc32 Div 332 FA Batt ABena, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanksGeorge*Fairbanks, George*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanksJohn*Fairbanks, John*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanksSamuel P., Sr.*Fairbanks, Samuel P., Sr.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaFallsfeatherJames*Fallsfeather, James*Pvt161 Dep Brig Co 29Bena, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaGaleErnest*Gale, Ernest*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaGoggleyeJoseph L.*Goggleye, Joseph L.*ArmyInger, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaGoggleyeMike*Goggleye, Mike*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaGoggleyeSamuel*Goggleye, Samuel*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaJohnsonSamuel M.*Johnson, Samuel M.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaJonesJacob*Jones, Jacob*Cpl19 AA BattCass Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaKingJames*King, James*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaLoshWalter R.*Losh, Walter R.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaLyonsJames E.*Lyons, James E.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaLyonsJames W*Lyons, James W*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaMarshallJoseph*Marshall, Joseph*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaMorganJohn, Sr.*Morgan, John, Sr.*Pvt82 Div 328 Inf MG Co Onigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaMorrellWilliam J.*Morrell, William J.*ArmyHaskell
Leech Lake ChippewaMunnellJames WalterMunnell, James WalterSgt1 Div 26 Inf Co HLeech Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaMunnellDavid*Munnell, David*Cpl255 PWEOnigum, MNMNKIAFlandreau
Leech Lake ChippewaMunnellJacob J.*Munnell, Jacob J.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaNasonEdward M.*Nason, Edward M.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaPartridgePeter*Partridge, Peter*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaRobinsonGeorge*Robinson, George*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaSky John Baptiste*Sky , John Baptiste*PvtInf Repl Grp Trng Trp Co 8Cass Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaSmithEmerson*Smith, Emerson*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaSmithJames*Smith, James*Pvt6 Div 3 FA Batt F
Leech Lake ChippewaTibbettsMark H.*Tibbetts, Mark H.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaTibbettsWilliam B .*Tibbetts, William B .*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaWhiteHenry*White, Henry*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaWilsonJohn*Wilson, John*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaWoodsAmos*Woods, Amos*Pvt3rd Pioneer Inf Co IOnigum, MNMN
Little LakeElginEdwardElgin, EdwardCpl13 Div 75 Inf Co ILakeport, CACASherman
Little LakeFrazierLawerenceFrazier, LawerenceCpl5 Div 20 FA Batt FCovelo, CACA
Little Shell ChippewaDoneyPeter G.*Doney, Peter G.*3957995Vet Evac Section 7Landuston, MTMT
Lower Brule SiouxRencountreAlbertRencountre, AlbertArmy
Lower Yanktonai SiouxCarpenterAnselCarpenter, AnselSATC State Uni, Iowa City IAFort Thompson, SDSDHaskell
Lower Yanktonai SiouxSlowAsa W.Slow, Asa W.Pfc19 Div 2 Inf Co GFort Thompson, SDSD
LuisenoCalacAlfonso JamesCalac, Alfonso JamesPvt91 Div 362 Inf Co CValley Center, CACASherman
LuisenoCalacPhilip D.*Calac, Philip D.*PFC91 Div 362 Inf Co CFallbrook, CACAKIASherman
Lumi (M)Orin (French)French (Orin O.)Orin (French), French (Orin O.)Pfc91 Div 316 Sup Tr Co DRoche Harbor, WAWA
LummiBizerClarence W.Bizer, Clarence W.Fireman 1 clUSS MichiganFerndale, WAWA
LummiMcDowellDonaldMcDowell, Donald307 Light FA Batt DBlanchard, WAWACarlisle
LummiMcDowellJohn MiltonMcDowell, John Milton24 Eng Co EBlanchard, WAWACarlisle
Lummi / SnohomishJohnHerbertJohn, Herbert91 Div 347 MG Bn Co CFerndale, WAWA
MaiduTuckerThomasTucker, Thomas91 Div 363 Inf Co LLassen County, CACAKIASherman
MaliseetTomahAndrewTomah, AndrewPvt5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co AHoulton, MEME
Mandan (MHA)BlakeCharlesBlake, CharlesPvtDep BrigFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Little OwlAlbertLittle Owl, AlbertCpl14 Div 13 Ammo Tn Co GElbowoods, NDND
Mandan (MHA)NagleJohn JackNagle, John JackPvt42 FA HQ CoElbowoods, NDND
Mandan (MHA)NecklaceMarkNecklace, MarkPfc13 Div 44 Inf Co LFort Buford, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Old MouseArthurOld Mouse, ArthurSept Replacement Draft Co 22Fort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraBears TailJohnBears Tail, JohnBuglerUS Guards 38 Bn Co AElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraBirds BillFrankBirds Bill, FrankBugler88 Div 338 FA Batt CFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraBurrOscarBurr, OscarPvt3 Div 38 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraDrags WolfLouis*Drags Wolf, Louis*
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraFisherFrankFisher, FrankPfcCAC 48 ArtHarlem, MTMT
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraGradyCharlesGrady, CharlesPvt352 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraGrantDavidGrant, DavidArmyVan Hook, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraHawkThomasHawk, ThomasPvtCAC Trench Art 2 Bn Batt BElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraLevingsMartinLevings, MartinPvt35 Div 138 Inf Co LShell Creek, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraStandishDounglasStandish, DounglasPvtCAC 7 CoIndependence, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraTurnerPaulTurner, PaulPvtCAC Co 15Elbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraTwo CrowsJohnTwo Crows, JohnPfc35 Div 129 MG Bn Co DElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWheelerFredWheeler, FredPfc35 Div 139 Inf Co DElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWhite TailDavid*White Tail, David*
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWhitemanOscarWhiteman, OscarPvt90 Spruce SquadElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraYoung BearWalter F.Young Bear, Walter F.Pfc 77 Div 306 Inf Co C / 40 Div 158 Inf Co CElbowoods, NDNDElbowood Reservation
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraYoung WolfLeo*Young Wolf, Leo*
MaricopaCoughCharlesCough, CharlesPfc3 Div 8 MG Bn Co CLehi, AZAZPhoenix
MaricopaEldridgeScottEldridge, ScottPvtArmyPhoenix
MaricopaJacksonFred V.Jackson, Fred V.PvtArmyPhoenix
MashpeePetersCharles AugustusPeters, Charles AugustusPvt26 Div 26 Div 103 MG BnMashpee, MAMA
Mdewakanton SiouxCrooksMeredithCrooks, MeredithCAC 32 Art Batt KMorton, MNMNCarlisle
MechoopdaClementsLuther G.Clements, Luther G.Mus 2 cl35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngChico, CACAHaskell
MechoopdaWilsonBurney O.Wilson, Burney O.2d Lt10 Div 28 MG BnCAHaskell
MenomineeBeaupreyLuke*Beauprey, Luke*Wagoner32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeBeaupreyPeter*Beauprey, Peter*Cpl32 Div 127 Inf Co FKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeBelabreauLouis*Belabreau, Louis*
MenomineeBlacksmithFrank*Blacksmith, Frank*
MenomineeBlacksmithLouis*Blacksmith, Louis*
MenomineeBreuningerHenry FairchildBreuninger, Henry Fairchild308 Bn Co CShawano, WIWIHaskell
MenomineeBrunetteArnold*Brunette, Arnold*Pvt5 Inf
MenomineeBrunettePeter*Brunette, Peter*Cpl32 Div 121 MG Bn / 3 Inf Co K
MenomineeBurnetteAntonBurnette, AntonPvt32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BGreen Bay, WIWI
MenomineeCrowDavid*Crow, David*Cpl77 Inf Co DKeshena, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeDickAaron*Dick, Aaron*
MenomineeDickensonIra*Dickenson, Ira*
MenomineeDickensonMaurice*Dickenson, Maurice*
MenomineeDickensonSamuel*Dickenson, Samuel*Pvt14 FA Batt B
MenomineeDickieLester "Bogue"*Dickie, Lester "Bogue"*App Seaman 2C / Fireman 3CUSS Huntington
MenomineeDixonAlex "Boney"*Dixon, Alex "Boney"*Pvt22 Inf Co B
MenomineeDodgeHenry Mitchell*Dodge, Henry Mitchell*MM 2clNaval Air ServiceKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeDowdWilliam James*Dowd, William James*
MenomineeDuquaineFrank*Duquaine, Frank*
MenomineeEdickEdward E.Edick, Edward E.CM 1clNaval Air ServiceOshkosh, WIWI
MenomineeFishJohn F.*Fish, John F.*
MenomineeGauthierNeil*Gauthier, Neil*ArmyNeopit, WIWI
MenomineeKaquatoshGeorge*Kaquatosh, George*Pvt1 Div 1 MG Bn Co BKeshena, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeKitsonGeorge "Coon"*Kitson, George "Coon"*
MenomineeLafromboisJoseph*Lafrombois, Joseph*
MenomineeLaMotteMose*LaMotte, Mose*Pfc32 Div 127 Inf Co FNeopit, WIWI
MenomineeLeMotteFrancis J.*LeMotte, Francis J.*Bugler32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeLongHenry*Long, Henry*Pvt29 Inf Co M
MenomineeLongRueben*Long, Rueben*Pvt69 CAC Batt E
MenomineeLookaroundAngus Franklin*Lookaround, Angus Franklin*Mus 1 clUSS New HampshireKeshena, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeMandersWilliam*Manders, William*
MenomineeMartensMax*Martens, Max*
MenomineeMelotteGabe H.*Melotte, Gabe H.*Pfc127 Inf Co B
MenomineeMerte*?Merte*, ?
MenomineeMillerLouis N.*Miller, Louis N.*
MenomineeNukowJohn Herman*Nukow, John Herman*
MenomineeO'ConnerRobert E.*O'Conner, Robert E.*App Seaman Navy
MenomineePetersJohn E.*Peters, John E.*App SeamanNavy
MenomineePetersJohn F.*Peters, John F.*1 Eng Co AKeshena, WIWIKIA
MenomineePetersWalter*Peters, Walter*
MenomineePierceFrank*Pierce, Frank*
MenomineePowlessRobert I.*Powless, Robert I.*
MenomineeSanapawJoseph*Sanapaw, Joseph*
MenomineeShawanopenessPeter*Shawanopeness, Peter*Pvt32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BKeshena, WIWITomah
MenomineeSmithFrankSmith, FrankPfc5 Div 5 San Tn Ambo Co 25Keshena, WIWI
MenomineeSturdevantMiles J.*Sturdevant, Miles J.*Pvt86 Div 343 Inf Co I / PWE 251Long Lake, WIWI
MenomineeSturdevantSamuel L.*Sturdevant, Samuel L.*
MenomineeTebeauLouis*Tebeau, Louis*Pvt4 Div 59 Inf Co BWaucedah, MIMI
MenomineeWarringtonGeorge A.*Warrington, George A.*Sgt13 Cav Trp I / 80 FA Batt ANeopit, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeWebsterPeterson*Webster, Peterson*
MenomineeWesoEdmund*Weso, Edmund*
MenomineeWilberEarl James*Wilber, Earl James*Sgt1 Div 28 Inf Co D / 10 Inf Co BNeopit, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeWilberJohn*Wilber, John*
MenomineeWordenSimon*Worden, Simon*
MesquakiChuckThomasChuck, ThomasHaskell
MesquakiJonesBillyJones, BillyPvt88 Div 349 Inf Co LTama, IAIA
MesquakiYoungbearRobertYoungbear, Robert
MiamiOne StandLeander FrankOne Stand, Leander Frank28 Div 110 Inf Co HHominy, OkOK
MiamiWalkerAddisonWalker, AddisonSgt Maj 90 Div 343 FA HQ CoAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
Mille Lac ChippewaLittle WolfWilliamLittle Wolf, WilliamBaker 2clUSS Texas / USS UtahLame Deer, MTMTCarlisle
Mille Lac ChippewaMerrillGeorgeMerrill, GeorgeMahnomen, MNMNCarlisle
Mission IndianBlackThurmanBlack, ThurmanNaval Air ServiceSan Jacinto, CACAHaskell
Mission IndianDeVillaJuanDeVilla, JuanPO 3clUSS YorktownRiverside, CACASherman
Mission IndianMcDowellJohnMcDowell, JohnMarinesHaskell
Mission IndianRamosFrankRamos, FrankFireman 1 clNavy Transport SvcTemecula, CACASherman
Mission IndianResvolosoPrudence (Prudencio)Resvoloso, Prudence (Prudencio)PvtArmyPhoenix
Mission IndianRichardsonPeter Richardson, Peter 1 Div 28 Inf Co KDarwood, OKOK
Mission IndianSilvettaMartinSilvetta, MartinPvt2 Div 15 FA Batt EOcean Side, CACA
Mission IndianTyeArchibaldTye, Archibald40 Div 144 FA
Mississippi ChoctawArkansasLawyer*Arkansas, Lawyer*90 Div 358 Inf Co CDurwood, OKOK
Mississippi ChoctawBostonBennie*Boston, Bennie*36 Div 141 inf Co EAugusta, MSMS
MiwokHarlowEddieHarlow, EddieHorseshoer8 Div 319 Eng Co DBen Hur, CACA
Miwok ?DavisHoward K.Davis, Howard K.Pfc91 Div 363 Inf Co L/BNewcastle, CACA
ModocCastleJames E .Castle, James E .Pfc6 Div Jennings, OKOK
ModocRoletteErnest Fred*Rolette, Ernest Fred*Pvt90 Div 359 Inf Co HRolla, NDND
ModocSconchinCain A.Sconchin, Cain A.Pfc6 Div 78 FA Batt AYainax, OROR
ModocSmithCalvin C.Smith, Calvin C.91 Div HQ TrpTecnor, CACA
MohaveMcNaryJoshuaMcNary, JoshuaBlacksmith NavyPhoenix
MohaveRiveraWilliam Rivera, William 8 Div 13 Inf HQ Co
MohawkJordanHenryJordan, HenryCortland, NYNYCarlisle
MohawkKinneyOllieKinney, Ollie308 QMC Co ABellaire, OHOH
MohawkLandonClareLandon, ClarePvt2 Div 2 Eng Co CNewcastle, PAPA
MohawkWhiteJohnWhite, JohnPfc40 Eng Co BHogansburg, NYNYCarlisle
MohawkWoodEdward AlbertWood, Edward Albert62 Inf HQ CoCarlisle
MohicanLongAsiah J.Long, Asiah J.Pvt2 Div 12 FA Sup CoKalkaska, MIMI
MonoBensonEmilBenson, EmilSgt40 Div 160 Inf Co MFresno, CACASherman
MonoBethelPinkeyBethel, PinkeyPvt40 Div 160 Inf Co FNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoBethelRobert JamesBethel, Robert JamesCpl82 Div 328 Inf Co M / 40 Div 160 Inf Co MNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoBrownDavidBrown, DavidMed DeptNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoCharlieThomas B. Charlie, Thomas B. Pfc40 Div 144 FA Batt CNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoCheepoJoeCheepo, JoeNorth Fork, CACA
MonoDandyCharlesDandy, CharlesPfc40 Div 144 FA Batt CNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoDavisHenryDavis, HenryNorth Fork, CACA
MonoDutchmanJohnDutchman, John40 Div 159 Inf Co FNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoFullerOscarFuller, Oscar40 Div 159 Inf Co LNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoJeffersonHarryJefferson, HarryNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoMulbyFred W.Mulby, Fred W.North Fork, CACA
MonoShermanLee B.Sherman, Lee B.Pvt10 FA Batt DNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoTexJamesTex, JamesPfc2 Div 144 FA Batt CNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoWorkPlezWork, PlezRRS Co 19Fresno, CACASherman
Mono ?TeafordClayton LewisTeaford, Clayton LewisPvt5 Bn 20 Eng 13 CoNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonongoMartinezAldoph AmbroseMartinez, Aldoph AmbroseCpl11 Div 63 Inf Co DBanning, CACA
MunseeKilbuckJerryKilbuck, Jerry35 Div 130 FA Batt BOttawa, KSKSHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)AlbertWaddie L.*Albert, Waddie L.*Pvt90 DivOK
Muscogee (Creek)AndersonDavid BrunerAnderson, David BrunerSgt5 Div 60 Inf Co ISapulpa, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)ArchibaldDavidArchibald, David82 Div 31 Inf Co FBacone, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BakerButlerBaker, Butler90 Div 358 Inf Co I / 36 Div 142 Inf Co AOkemah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BakerGeorge*Baker, George*Sgt90 Div 358 Inf Co LKellyville, OKOKKIAHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)BarnettWilliamBarnett, WilliamPvt4 Div 59 InfWeleetka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BarnettSamochee*Barnett, Samochee*36 Div 144 Inf Sup CoWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BarnettSamuel*Barnett, Samuel*PvtArmyOK
Muscogee (Creek)BeaverMartyBeaver, Marty36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
Muscogee (Creek)BeaverRomerBeaver, RomerEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BeaverTurnerBeaver, TurnerEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BeaverSamuel*Beaver, Samuel*Pvt36 Div 144 Inf Co A / 2 Div 23 Inf Co BLyons, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)BellGeorgeBell, GeorgePvtEngPhoenix
Muscogee (Creek)BerryhillWillieBerryhill, Willie77 Div 307 Inf Co MSand Springs, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BerryhillCharlie*Berryhill, Charlie*OKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)BerryhillJohn*Berryhill, John*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EClearview, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)BiggsRobertBiggs, RobertPvt7 Div 20 MG Bn Co ABristow, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Bird CreekTimmieBird Creek, TimmiePvt42 Div 168 Inf Co CWeleetka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BirdcreekMoses Birdcreek, Moses 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWeleetka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BreedingRichard Bland*Breeding, Richard Bland*2 Lt42 Div OKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)BrownJamesBrown, JamesArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)BrunerDreyfus F.Bruner, Dreyfus F.Pfc35 Div 130 FA Batt BCoweta, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)BrunerEmmettBruner, EmmettArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)BuckRoleyBuck, Roley36 Div 142 Inf Co FWetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)BuckleyRufus*Buckley, Rufus*OK
Muscogee (Creek)BulledNeddieBulled, NeddieHanna, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)BurgessEllisBurgess, Ellis90 Div 344 MG Batt Co DHenrietta, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)ByrdWilliamByrd, William90 Div 358 Inf Co MOkemah, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)CarrRobertCarr, RobertPfc 36 Div 142 Inf Co FWetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)ChissoeWilliamChissoe, WilliamArtilleryCoweta, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)CholbyWilliamCholby, William90 Div 358 Inf Co ASalem, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)ChupcoMosesChupco, Moses35 Div 130 FA Batt BHoldenville, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)CloudBarneyCloud, BarneyPvtArmyWewoka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)CoachmanGuyCoachman, GuyPvt42 Div 165 infWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)ConnerWillie*Conner, Willie*90 Div 343 FA Batt FReiffort, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)CoonFrankCoon, FrankPvt36 Div 141 InfOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)CrowelsFreemanCrowels, Freeman90 Div 344 FA Batt CWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)CummingsThomas Richard*Cummings, Thomas Richard*Cpl35 Div 130 FA Batt BHanna, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)DavisBillie B.Davis, Billie B.Cpl162 Dep Brig 20 CoEufaula, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Davis JackDavis , JackCpl42 Div 165 Inf Co KHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)DeereDanielDeere, Daniel35 Div 130 FA Batt BCastle, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)DunnHarryDunn, HarryPvt7 Div 80 FA Okemah, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)EvansClemmEvans, ClemmMarinesHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)EvansLeeEvans, LeeNavyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)FieldsLartieFields, Lartie90 Div 358 Inf Co MMorse, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)FifeTaylorFife, TaylorCpl 90 Div 358 Inf Co MDustin, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)FishElmer T.Fish, Elmer T.Pvt78 Div 310 Inf Co BDustin, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)FixicoJatiaFixico, JatiaOK
Muscogee (Creek)FoxTecumesehFox, TecumesehPfc36 Div 142 Inf Co AChecotah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)FrankLouisFrank, LouisPvtNavyEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)GarnerJohnGarner, JohnRaiford, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)GarnerWillieGarner, WillieRaiford, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)GottsHarryGotts, HarrySaddler35 Div 130 FA Batt BWetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)GrayNetecheGray, NetechePvt42 Div 165 InfHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)GreenJamesGreen, JamesPfc35 Div 140th Inf Co DEufaula, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)GreenJames F.Green, James F.Supply Sgt90 DivEufaula, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)HarjoJamesHarjo, JamesArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)HarjoJohnsonHarjo, Johnson35 Div 130 FA Batt BOkmulgee, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)HarjoTurner SarwanokeHarjo, Turner SarwanokeEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HarjoLouie Eufala*Harjo, Louie Eufala*Pvt 90 Div 358 Inf Co MOkemah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HarjoMitchell Sarwanoke*Harjo, Mitchell Sarwanoke*Eufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HarjoWilliam S.*Harjo, William S.*Pfc36 Div 142 InfOkemah, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)HarrisonHurveyHarrison, HurveyCpl7 Div 56 Inf Co DCoweta, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HayesHenryHayes, Henry5 Reg Eng Co BSapulpa, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)HaynesHenryHaynes, HenryPvt88 Div 350 Inf Co DEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HaynesWilliamHaynes, WilliamPfc32 Div 128 Inf Co IEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HillJack G.Hill, Jack G.Pvt22 CoEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)HoodJohn*Hood, John*PvtQMC 4Muskogee, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)HoustonJesseHouston, JessePfc1 Div 3 MG Bn Co COkmulgee, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)JamesYeunerJames, YeunerEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)JamesBilly*James, Billy*Pvt36 Div 111 Ammo TnOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)JesseBunnieJesse, Bunnie36 Div 142 inf Co DWewoka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)JohnJohny*John, Johny*Pvt85 Div 358 Inf Co CDustin, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)JonesThomas*Jones, Thomas*ArmyOK
Muscogee (Creek)KanardLouisKanard, LouisUSS OklahomaOkmulgee, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)KellyMarcieKelly, MarcieArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)KingLouisKing, Louis162 Dep Brig Co 87Wetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)LasleyRobert H.Lasley, Robert H.PfcArmyFame, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)LasleyTurnerLasley, TurnerSgt4 Div 47 Inf Co EEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)LenaPeter J.Lena, Peter J.Saddler111 Ammo Tn Co 1OKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)LewisFrazier*Lewis, Frazier*Pfc53 FA Batt CEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)LottWillieLott, WilliePfc 90 Div 344 FA Batt DLamar, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)ManawaGeorgeManawa, George36 Div 141 Inf Co FEufaula, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)MarksThomas J.Marks, Thomas J.Cpl36 Div 144 Inf Co FHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)MartinDavidMartin, David90 Div 343 FA Batt BSapulpa, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)McIntoshTiger*McIntosh, Tiger*CplProv Truck Co / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Muscogee (Creek)McNevinsAndrew Scott*McNevins, Andrew Scott*Wewoka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)MitchellCheparney*Mitchell, Cheparney*PvtMed Repl Unit 49Lamar, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)PaxtonRubin J.Paxton, Rubin J.Pfc3 Div Mobile Laundry Unit 326Beggs, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)PerrymanWashington L.*Perryman, Washington L.*Pvt36 Div 141 InfOkemah, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)PhillipsJoseph*Phillips, Joseph*Pvt4 Div 39 Inf Co HEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)PhillipsWalter*Phillips, Walter*Eufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)PigeonJoe T.*Pigeon, Joe T.*36 DivOK
Muscogee (Creek)PoseyMendeamPosey, MendeamSeamanNavyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)ProctorAlexProctor, Alex90 Div 345 FA Batt ESapulpa, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)RobisonClem Robison, Clem ArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)SandsRoley*Sands, Roley*18 Div 54 FA Batt EOkemah, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)ScottPeterScott, PeterEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)ScottSilasScott, Silas36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Muscogee (Creek)ScottFrank*Scott, Frank*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)SewellLoneySewell, LoneyPfc32 Div 126 Inf Co FKellyville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)SimmerAlex *Simmer, Alex *ArmyOkemah, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
Muscogee (Creek)SimmonsBenSimmons, Ben36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Muscogee (Creek)SimonPeterSimon, PeterPfc90 Div 343 FA Batt FCoweta, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)SpaniardSimon*Spaniard, Simon*PfcArmyHughes, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)StarrThomas WesleyStarr, Thomas WesleyCpl4 Div 39 Inf Co L / 58 Dep BrigEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)StidhamGeorgeStidham, GeorgePvt42 Div 165 InfWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)StoverEliStover, EliPvt28 Div 115 Inf Co HEufaula, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)SullivanJaephSullivan, JaephViven, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)SullivanJimmieSullivan, JimmiePvt42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)SulpherAlexSulpher, AlexPfcGen Hosp 5Eufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)TahladegeWaddieTahladege, WaddiePvtArmySapulpa, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)ThomasAdam*Thomas, Adam*29 Div OK
Muscogee (Creek)TigerWilliamTiger, WilliamChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)TigerOscar*Tiger, Oscar*Pfc36 Div 141 InfOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)TimothySandyTimothy, SandyCpl179 BrigBrush Hill, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)WhaleyRufus Morgan*Whaley, Rufus Morgan*Capt35 Div HQ TrpChecotah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)WilsonCharleyWilson, CharleyPvtArmyPhoenix
Muscogee (Creek)YardyWilliamYardy, William35 Div 130 FA Batt BOkmulgee, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek) / ChickasawForbesNorman F.Forbes, Norman F.91 Div HQ TrpBerwyn, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek) / SeminoleBrunerPaul D.Bruner, Paul D.Pvt42 Div 167 Inf Co MSeminole, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek) / SeminoleMarpiyecherJosie*Marpiyecher, Josie*36 Div 141 Inf Co IKonawa, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek) ?TeheeJessieTehee, Jessie90 Div 343 FA Batt CYonkers, OKOK
Nambe PuebloPorterVicentePorter, Vicente
NavajoClowClarence D.Clow, Clarence D.Pfc4 Div 16 FA Batt ATohatchi, NMNM
NavajoDenetdeelMorris Boyd*Denetdeel, Morris Boyd*Pfc40 Div 160 Inf Co MNaschitti, AZAZSherman
NavajoJonesPaulJones, PaulPfc85 Div 338 Inf Co ETohatchi, NMNM
NavajoLomavituOttoLomavitu, OttoOraibi, AZAZChilocco
NavajoLujanJose V.Lujan, Jose V.Pvt32 Div 126 Inf Co DDelnore, COCO
NavajoMillerMaxMiller, MaxPfc3 Div 18 FA Batt ERamah, NMNM
NavajoNotahChee ChilleNotah, Chee ChillePvt4 Div 77 FAChinle, AZAZ
NavajoRiedArthur B.Ried, Arthur B.Pvt4 Div 13 FAPhoenix, AZAZ
NavajoTallman HenryTallman , Henry1 Div
NavajoYazzoStephenYazzo, StephenPfc3 Div 18 FA Batt DRound Rock, NMNMSherman
NavajoYellow PaulYellow , Paul5 Div 60 Inf Co MFort Defiance, AZAZ
Navajo YazzaDavid *Yazza, David *Pvt5 Div 60 Inf Co MCrownpoint, NMNMKIA
Nez PerceBroncheauHugh K.Broncheau, Hugh K.91 Div 362 Inf Co ILapwai, IDID
Nez PerceBroncheauWalter F.Broncheau, Walter F.35 DivLapwai, IDID
Nez PerceGeorgeHenryGeorge, HenryPvt77 Div 307 Inf Co IOro Fino, IDIDKIA
Nez PerceGouldOwen JayGould, Owen JayPvt8 Div 22 MG Bn Co BLapwai, IDIDHaskell
Nez Perce PabloJohn S.Pablo, John S.Pfc2 Div 9 Inf HQKooskia, IDID
Nez Perce PaulRichardPaul, RichardPvt1 Div 1 MG Bn Co AReubens, IDID
Nez Perce / CayuseHartJoseph C.Hart, Joseph C.Cpl 35 Div 137 Inf Co BPendleton, ORORHaskell
NomlackiHenthornBenHenthorn, Ben16453782 Div 2 Ammo Tn Co DCovelo, CACA
Nomlaki at Round ValleyDuncanThomas G.Duncan, Thomas G.Pvt62 Inf Co DCovelo, CACA
Northern CheyenneHollowbreastWilliamHollowbreast, WilliamPfc33 Div 122 FA Batt BLame Deer, MTMT
Northern CheyenneRedrobeJasperRedrobe, Jasper
Northern CheyenneRowlandGeorgeRowland, GeorgeTongue River, MTMT
OddawaAnewiskiCharleyAnewiski, CharleyPvt1 Div 16 Inf Co BSuttons Bay, MIMI
OddawaBennettPaulBennett, PaulPfc1 Div 16 Inf Co HNorth Port, MIMI
OddawaCramptonPeterCrampton, Peter1 Div 16 Inf Co BOcena County, MIMI
OddawaFrancisMosesFrancis, Moses1 Div 16 Inf Co BSuttons Bay, MIMI
OddawaSamuelsJosephSamuels, JosephCross Village, MIMI
Oglala LakotaSalvesGeorge H.Salves, George H.Pvt90 Div 357 Inf Co AWanblee, SDSD
Oglala LakotaBrownCarl J.Brown, Carl J.Pvt35 Div 130 MG Bn Co DLaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaBrownWillie DenverBrown, Willie DenverCpl89 Div 355 Inf Co GLaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCharging CrowSamuel*Charging Crow, Samuel*PvtCas Bn Co CAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaConroyHarryConroy, HarryCplArmyMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCottierGilbertCottier, GilbertBennett, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaCottierSamuelCottier, SamuelPfc40 Div 160 Inf Co BGordon, NENE
Oglala LakotaCross LawrenceCross , LawrencePvt34 Div 109 Eng Co FPorcupine, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCummingsPeter M.Cummings, Peter M.Mus22 Reg Co O Pine Ridge, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaDeonHarold Deon, Harold Baker 1 clNavyPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaDeonLouis A.Deon, Louis A.Mus 35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell / Carlisle
Oglala LakotaFirethunderWilliamFirethunder, WilliamCpl2 Dev Bn 4 CoBennett Co, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaFloodHenry J.Flood, Henry J.Cpl40 Div 343 MG Bn Co BPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell / Carlisle
Oglala LakotaFrogFelixFrog, FelixPvt1 Div 63 Inf Co HSD
Oglala LakotaHoly EagleJamesHoly Eagle, JamesMus19 Div HQ CoAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaJensenGeorge Jensen, George Pvt42 Div 151 Inf Co CRapid City, SDSD
Oglala LakotaKills WarriorRalph*Kills Warrior, Ralph*PfcBakeryOglala, SDSD
Oglala LakotaLeRoyAlbertLeRoy, Albert41 Div 148 MG Co 2 CoPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaLittle HawkJamesLittle Hawk, James8 Div 13 Inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaMeansWilliam WesleyMeans, William WesleySeamanUSS ImperatorFort Yates, NDND
Oglala LakotaPrettyboyBenjaminPrettyboy, BenjaminMus 3d class35 Div 130 FA HQ CoManderson, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaProvost Jack Provost , Jack WatertenderUSS Illinois / USS HancockMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRed BearRalphRed Bear, RalphPvt34 Div 109 Eng Co FOglala, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRed BoyGeorgeRed Boy, GeorgeCpl109 Eng Co FChadron, NENEHaskell
Oglala LakotaRunning HawkJamesRunning Hawk, James8 Div 13 Inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaSalivayCharles N.Salivay, Charles N.Pfc33 Inf HQ CoMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaSearsJamesSears, JamesPvt638 Aero SquadLaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaSiusJamesSius, JamesPvt138 Aero SquadMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaTurning HolyFrankTurning Holy, FrankPvt19 Div 2 Inf Co HAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaTwo ElkMcKinleyTwo Elk, McKinley
Oglala LakotaWhirlwind HorseJohnWhirlwind Horse, JohnPvt90 Div 357 Inf Co CPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaWhite BullGeorgeWhite Bull, GeorgePfc1 SD Cav Trp DPorcupine, SDSD
Oglala LakotaWhite WolfCharlesWhite Wolf, CharlesPvt34 Div 109 Eng Co FPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaWilliamsMauriceWilliams, MauriceCpl19 Div 2 Inf Co KLaCreek, SDSDHaskell
OjibweConnorRichard L.Connor, Richard L.Pfc26 Div 101 Sup Tn Co FCumberland, WIWI
OjibweWhite FeatherAlex JosephWhite Feather, Alex JosephPfcMP Corps 267 CoSpringbrook, WIWIHaskell
OmahaBrowningDonBrowning, DonPvt6 NE Inf Co FWalthill, NENE
OmahaCookSamCook, SamPvtArmyHaskell
OmahaDaleAllen P.Dale, Allen P.Pfc42 Div 117 Ammo Tn Co FPonca City, OKOKHaskell
OmahaFontenelleHenry H.Fontenelle, Henry H.Bakery Co [AEF APO 758]Decatur, NENEHaskell
OmahaFontenelleLeon CecilFontenelle, Leon CecilPfc164 Dep Brig 60 CoMacy, NENEHaskell
OmahaHamiltonJamesHamilton, JamesPvt34 Div 134 Inf Co CWalthill, NENEHaskell / Carlisle
OmahaLawsonGeorge H.Lawson, George H.Sgt78 Div 307 FAWalthill, NENE
OmahaLong John LiebLong , John LiebPvt5 Div 16 Inf Co IPender, NENE
OmahaMillerJohn G.Miller, John G.Pvt3 Div 10 FA Batt EWalthill, NENE
OmahaPhilipsRoy A.Philips, Roy A.Cpl 2 Div 6 Reg Co 84Walthill, NENE
OmahaPhillipsGeorge R.Phillips, George R.Walthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaPilcherArthurPilcher, ArthurWalthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaRobinsonHenryRobinson, Henry6 NE Co FNE
OmahaRobinsonJohnRobinson, JohnPvt4 Div 59 Inf Co IMacy, NENE
OmahaRobinsonNewtonRobinson, NewtonPfc26 Div 103 Inf Co IMacy, NENECarlisle
OmahaRobinsonSamRobinson, SamPvt26 Div 102 Inf Co AWalthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaSolomonAndrewSolomon, AndrewUSS South CarolinaWalthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaSpringerGeorgeSpringer, GeorgePvt32 Div 127 FA Batt BElgin, NENE
OmahaTyndallFrankTyndall, FrankMacy, NENECarlisle
OmahaTyndallJohnTyndall, JohnMacy, NENECarlisle
OmahaTyndallWallaceTyndall, WallaceCpl26 Div 102 Inf Co DWalthill, NENEHaskell
OmahaWarnerCharlesWarner, CharlesPvt26 Div 103 Inf Co CMacy, NENE
Omaha BlackbirdCharlesBlackbird, CharlesPvt26 Div 102 Inf Co DMacy, NENECarlisle
Omaha / CherokeeWoodfordHenry HarryWoodford, Henry HarryPvt88 Div 350 inf Co MDecatur, NENE
OneidaBairdCharlesBaird, CharlesPfc317 Machine Shop Truck Unit QMCOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaBairdEnochBaird, EnochPFC160 Dep Brig 3 Rep Reg Co 10Oneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaCooperWallaceCooper, WallacePvt33 Div 122 FA Batt EWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaCorneliusAnderson WilliamCornelius, Anderson WilliamPfcDep Service Co 94West Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaCorneliusEdwin H.Cornelius, Edwin H.Pvt42 Div 166 Inf HQ CoWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaCorneliusWilliamCornelius, WilliamPvt26 Div 101 Eng Oneida, WIWI
OneidaDanforthJohn A.Danforth, John A.
OneidaDenneyJohn M.Denney, John M.Pvt5 Div 19 FA Batt FOneida, WIWI
OneidaDennyWilliamDenny, WilliamPvt5 Div 19 FA Batt AOneida, WIWI
OneidaDoxtaterMark EdwardDoxtater, Mark EdwardPvt5 Div 19 FA Oneida, WIWI
OneidaDoxtater JacobDoxtater , JacobField Clerk176 Depot Brg / Ft DodgeOneida, WIWI
OneidaDoxtatorWilsonDoxtator, WilsonArmyHaskell / Carlisle
OneidaElmArthurElm, Arthur32 Div 127 Inf 1 MG Co
OneidaElmJonasElm, JonasPvt5 Div 14 MG Bn Co AOneida, WIWI
OneidaHillChester ElmHill, Chester ElmWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaHillHermanHill, HermanPvt88 Div 121 FA Batt DWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaHillJuliusHill, JuliusPvtMed CorpsOneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaHouseRufusHouse, RufusCpl32 Div 127 Inf Co HOneida, WIWI
OneidaIslandLouis AIsland, Louis ASgt42 Div 150 FA Batt BGreen Bay, WIWI
OneidaKickAlbertKick, AlbertCanadian Army Oneida, WIWIKIA
OneidaKickEnos WilliamKick, Enos WilliamCanadian Army Oneida, WIWI
OneidaKickErnestKick, Ernest
OneidaKingGeorge WashingtonKing, George WashingtonPvt6 Div 53 Inf Co ESeymour, WIWI
OneidaKingLaFrontKing, LaFrontSeaman 2clUSS HuntingtonOneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaKingReubenKing, ReubenArmyHaskell
OneidaKingWilliamKing, WilliamNavyOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaMetoxenEmersonMetoxen, EmersonFireman 1 ClUSS Imperator
OneidaMetoxenJoseph F.Metoxen, Joseph F.ArmyOneida, WIWIHaskell / Hampton
OneidaMillerErnestMiller, ErnestCpl6 Div 21 FA Batt BMorrisville, NYNY
OneidaMurdockWilliamMurdock, WilliamUSS ColumbiaPearson, WIWIHaskell
OneidaNinhamAmos H.Ninham, Amos H.Pfc8 Div 24 MG Bn Co DNorfolk, NENEHaskell
OneidaPalmerWilliamPalmer, WilliamPvt6 Div 53 Inf Co AOneida, WIWI
OneidaParkhurstFreemanParkhurst, FreemanCpl32 Div 323 FA HQ CoWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaPowlessAlphianPowless, AlphianPvtSalvage Squad 318Oneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaPowlessChauncy Powless, Chauncy Pvt42 Div 165 Inf Co DWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaPowlessMartinPowless, MartinPfc35 Inf Co BWest Depere, WIWIHampton
OneidaPowlessJosiah A.*Powless, Josiah A.*1 Lt77 Div 308 Inf Med DetWIKIACarlisle
OneidaScanandoahEliasScanandoah, Elias77 Div 302 Ammo Tn Co FOneida, NYNY
OneidaSicklesHerbert A.Sickles, Herbert A.Sgt32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSicklesNoah E.Sickles, Noah E.Mus 3d class32 Div 128 Inf Hq CoSouth Wold, ONON
OneidaSicklesCaleb Matthew*Sickles, Caleb Matthew*1 LtDental CorpsTiffin City, OHOHCarlisle
OneidaSkenandoreFred Skenandore, Fred Medical Officers Training CorpOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSkenandoreHiltonSkenandore, HiltonOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSkenandoreJames JesseSkenandore, James JessePvt13 FAOneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaSmithAndersonSmith, AndersonPvt6 Div 53 Inf Co BOneida, WIWI
OneidaSomersJacobSomers, JacobWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSummersElmer Summers, Elmer Pfc88 Div 121 FA Batt DWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaSummersMiltonSummers, MiltonPfc88 Div 121 FA Batt DWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaSwampJonasSwamp, JonasPfc3 Div 9 MG Bn Co CSeymour, WIWIHaskell
OneidaSwamp Benjamin Swamp , Benjamin Pvt88 Div 121 FA Batt EHobert, WIWIHaskell
OneidaWebsterLevy ParkerWebster, Levy ParkerStable Sgt54 Pioneer Inf HQ CoWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaWebsterSimonWebster, SimonPfc28 Div 115 Inf Co DDenmark, WIWI
OneidaWebsterWilliam G.Webster, William G.Pvt85 Div 337 Inf Co GManistique, MIMI
OneidaWheelockJames RileyWheelock, James Riley2 Lt808 Pioneer Inf BandOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaWheelockThermanWheelock, ThermanPfc6 Div 54 Inf HQ CoWest Depere, WIWI
Oneida / Mowhawk / OnondagaHillAlexHill, AlexPfc32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BBrantford, ONON
Oneida / Mowhawk / OnondagaHillGeorgeHill, GeorgePfc32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BBrantford, ONON
Oneida ?DoxtatorJacobDoxtator, JacobHaskell
OnondagaGeorgeCarl DanforthGeorge, Carl DanforthCpl / Mus27 Div 108 Inf Co CSyracuse, NYNYHampton
OnondagaMosesAlphaMoses, AlphaBand cpl41 Inf HQ Co BandIndian Falls, NYNYCarlisle
OnondagaWilliamsClifford Williams, Clifford USS CushingHampton
Onondaga / TuscaroraGreenJohnGreen, JohnCook4 Div 58 Inf Co ISanborn, NYNY
OrleansNelsonJohnNelson, John92 Div 316 Eng Co CGottville, CACA
OsageAlbertyGeorge LinnAlberty, George Linn
OsageBacon RindGeorge*Bacon Rind, George*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Hq Co / 36 Div 144 Inf MG CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBarberLawrence Leo*Barber, Lawrence Leo*Cpl35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co BWinfield, KSKS
OsageBatesJohn*Bates, John*PvtGrayhorse, OKOK
OsageBellieuLeo A.Bellieu, Leo A.36 Div 144 Inf HQ CoNewkirk, OKOK
OsageBigheartEdwardBigheart, Edward
OsageBigheartJohn, Jr.Bigheart, John, Jr.Fairfax, OKOK
OsageBigheartJosephBigheart, JosephMed CorpsHaskell
OsageBigheartWilliamBigheart, WilliamPfc18 Div 19 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBirdJoseph*Bird, Joseph*Pvt35 Bn Co AHominy, OKOK
OsageBlaineEugeneBlaine, Eugene
OsageBoulangerJames V.Boulanger, James V.
OsageBradshawAlvin S.Bradshaw, Alvin S.
OsageBrooksSylvester L.*Brooks, Sylvester L.*Cpl7 Fld Bn Sig Corp Co BWichita, KSKS
OsageBrownCharlesBrown, Charles
OsageBrownLouis M.Brown, Louis M.
OsageBruceAddelbertBruce, Addelbert
OsageBruceGeorgeBruce, George
OsageBruntGeorge E.Brunt, George E.
OsageBruntTheodoreBrunt, TheodoreSgtGen Hosp 21Pawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsageBurtonRoy B.*Burton, Roy B.*43 FA Batt E / 304 Cav Trp GBartlesville, OKOK
OsageCannonJohnCannon, John
OsageCannonJosephCannon, Joseph
OsageCarpenterCharles Edward*Carpenter, Charles Edward*Cas Co 22Bartlesville, OKOK
OsageCedarWilliamCedar, William
OsageCheshewallaEvartCheshewalla, Evart
OsageCheshewallaFloydCheshewalla, Floyd
OsageCheshewallaHerbert E.Cheshewalla, Herbert E.
OsageChouteauStewartChouteau, Stewart
OsageChouteauAugustus C.*Chouteau, Augustus C.*SgtOK
OsageChouteauCharles*Chouteau, Charles*Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageClawsonJosiah GarrettClawson, Josiah GarrettPvtCaney, KSKS
OsageCrouseEarl E.Crouse, Earl E.
OsageDanielVernieDaniel, Vernie
OsageDanielsClarenceDaniels, Clarence
OsageDeNoyaLouis J.DeNoya, Louis J.Sgt 90 Div 358 Inf Co MPonca City, OKOK
OsageDonovanJesse C.Donovan, Jesse C.
OsageDonovanCharles*Donovan, Charles*Pvt29 Div 115 InfFairfax, OKOKKIA
OsageDunlapGeorgeDunlap, GeorgeMed CorpsHaskell
OsageEasleyGeorgeEasley, George
OsageEasleyLeo B.Easley, Leo B.
OsageFarrellVirgilFarrell, Virgil
OsageFletcherCharles T.Fletcher, Charles T.
OsageFronkierLaban ArthurFronkier, Laban ArthurOK
OsageFronkierPhillip*Fronkier, Phillip*Pvt162 Dep Brig Co 61Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageFugateFrank E.Fugate, Frank E.
OsageFugateJohn E.Fugate, John E.
OsageFugateJohn A.*Fugate, John A.*Pfc302 Overseas Cas Wagon CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageGilmoreS.J.Gilmore, S.J.
OsageGilmoreWilliam H.Gilmore, William H.
OsageGoodeHall*Goode, Hall*PvtMed CorpsFairfax, OKOK
OsageHamptonCharlesHampton, Charles
OsageHaynieWillieHaynie, Willie
OsageHickmanHomerHickman, Homer
OsageHunterJohnHunter, JohnKIA
OsageIronWakonIron, Wakon
OsageJavineJosephJavine, Joseph
OsageJavineLouis AnthonyJavine, Louis Anthony
OsageJavineBenjamin H.*Javine, Benjamin H.*PvtMotor Ambo Co 58Bigheart, OKOK
OsageJavineHasread*Javine, Hasread*Pvt4 Trng Reg Co CBigheart, OKOK
OsageJavineRoy Vernon*Javine, Roy Vernon*PvtMtr Trans Corp 393 Truck CoLong Beach, CACA
OsageJumpJacob*Jump, Jacob*PvtMtr Trans Corp Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageKrebsHenryKrebs, Henry
OsageLabadieJosephLabadie, JosephCpl2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageLabadieMilton EdwardLabadie, Milton Edward
OsageLabadieGeorge V.*Labadie, George V.*Sgt 1clMed CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageLaSargeArthurLaSarge, Arthur
OsageLaSargeLouisLaSarge, Louis
OsageLeahyThomas RogersLeahy, Thomas Rogers
OsageLeahyWilliam T., Jr.*Leahy, William T., Jr.*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co BPawhuska, OKOK
OsageLessertGuy Lessert, Guy
OsageLessertWilliam K.Lessert, William K.
OsageLessertWade*Lessert, Wade*SgtBase Hosp 85Ponca City, OKOK
OsageLittle StarEvartLittle Star, EvartKIA
OsageLohahHenry*Lohah, Henry*Pvt37 Inf Co CHominy, OKOK
OsageMaloneRalphMalone, Ralph
OsageMartinJames*Martin, James*ChauffeurAir ServicePawhuska, OKOK
OsageMashunkasheyCharlesMashunkashey, Charles
OsageMasonJoseph*Mason, Joseph*PvtQMC Fld Remount Squad 306Grayhorse, OKOK
OsageMathesThomas S.Mathes, Thomas S.
OsageMathewsJohn Joseph*Mathews, John Joseph*2nd LtArmy Air CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMcDanielFrederick W.McDaniel, Frederick W.
OsageMcDouganCharlesMcDougan, Charles
OsageMcGuireBird A.McGuire, Bird A.Marines
OsageMcKinleyWilliam*McKinley, William*Bugler 36 Div 142 Inf Co EFairfax, OKOK
OsageMilesJohnMiles, John
OsageMilesLeo*Miles, Leo*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co BDurant, OKOK
OsageMillerLouis S.Miller, Louis S.
OsageMillsJosephMills, Joseph90 Aero SquadPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMoncravieJohn NicholasMoncravie, John NicholasPvtDep BrigFlagstaff, AZAZ
OsageMoncravieSylvester A.Moncravie, Sylvester A.Pvt165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageMooreJames W.Moore, James W.
OsageMorrellGeorgeMorrell, George
OsageMosierCharles P.Mosier, Charles P.
OsageMosierClaude C.Mosier, Claude C.
OsageMosier Edwin P. "Dutch"Mosier , Edwin P. "Dutch"
OsageMuddAlexMudd, Alex
OsageMurrayMorton J.Murray, Morton J.
OsageOn HandRalph J.On Hand, Ralph J.OK
OsagePahunkaHarry B.Pahunka, Harry B.PvtBase Hosp 85Pawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsagePantherCharlesPanther, Charles
OsagePantherNeal ClarkPanther, Neal ClarkPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePappanLesterPappan, Lester
OsagePappanOakleyPappan, OakleyPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePappanSamuel Ted*Pappan, Samuel Ted*90 Div 343 FA Batt EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePappinJesse L.Pappin, Jesse L.KIA
OsagePappinHerbert Alexander*Pappin, Herbert Alexander*Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co BNewkirk, OKOKCarlisle
OsagePennAugustusPenn, Augustus
OsagePennEdwardPenn, EdwardMed CorpsHaskell
OsagePennWalkerPenn, WalkerCorpBase Hosp 85Pawhuska, OKOK
OsagePerrierLeoPerrier, Leo
OsagePerrierPeter*Perrier, Peter*Wagoner90 Div Fld Hosp Co 357Ochelata, OKOK
OsagePlomondonDaniel B.Plomondon, Daniel B.
OsagePlomondonMoses E.Plomondon, Moses E.
OsagePyahhunkahHarryPyahhunkah, Harry
OsagePyahhunkahFrank*Pyahhunkah, Frank*Pfc37 Inf Co CPawhuska, OKOK
OsageQuintonJoseph AlexQuinton, Joseph AlexCplSquad A Kelley Field 2Winona, OKOKHaskell
OsageRevardMark S.Revard, Mark S.
OsageRevardNicholas A.Revard, Nicholas A.
OsageRevardNicholas N.Revard, Nicholas N.
OsageRevardRalphRevard, Ralph
OsageReveletteFred L.Revelette, Fred L.
OsageRiddleFrankRiddle, Frank
OsageRiddleJohn LouisRiddle, John Louis
OsageRiddleJosephRiddle, Joseph
OsageRogersJoseph L.Rogers, Joseph L.
OsageRussellWillieRussell, Willie
OsageRussellOtis*Russell, Otis*Pvt90 Div 358 Inf Co IHominy, OKOKHaskell
OsageScottDaniel E.*Scott, Daniel E.*Pvt32 Div 127 Inf Co DGrayhorse, OKOKHaskell
OsageShawHomer R.Shaw, Homer R.
OsageShawMoses R.Shaw, Moses R.
OsageSoldaniCharles LSoldani, Charles LArmy Air Corps
OsageSoldaniLouis E.Soldani, Louis E.
OsageSoldaniClarence Mitchell*Soldani, Clarence Mitchell*2nd Lt41 Pursuit Squad 5 Prov Grp 2nd Am ArmyPonca City, OKOK
OsageStepsonWilliamStepson, William
OsageSweeneyOscar E.Sweeney, Oscar E.
OsageTaylorHiramTaylor, Hiram
OsageTayrienAndrew J.Tayrien, Andrew J.
OsageTayrienPaulTayrien, Paul
OsageThompsonLeroy*Thompson, Leroy*Sgt35 Div 110 Eng Co ALong Beach, CACA
OsageTinkerClarenceTinker, ClarenceMGArmy Air CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageTinkerDavidTinker, David
OsageTinkerRoy B.Tinker, Roy B.
OsageTinkerThomas JeffersonTinker, Thomas JeffersonPvt85 Div 338 Inf / 344 MG Bn Co CPawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsageTinkerWilliamTinker, William
OsageTrumblyCharlesTrumbly, Charles
OsageTurnerFrederick D.Turner, Frederick D.
OsageVestGeorgeVest, George
OsageWarriorRobertWarrior, Robert
OsageWatkinsJamesWatkins, JamesPvt30 Div 120 Inf Co H / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageWatsonJosephWatson, Joseph36 Div 142 Inf Co EHaskell
OsageWhitehornJohnWhitehorn, JohnCpl 90 Div 343 FA Batt DHominy, OKOKKIA
OsageWhitetailJohn P.Whitetail, John P.
OsageWilkieGeorge L.Wilkie, George L.
OsageWilsonWilliam E.Wilson, William E.
OsageWoodringCarlton W.Woodring, Carlton W.
OsageWoodringOrville "Leo"*Woodring, Orville "Leo"*PvtGHQ HQ Bn Co CPawhuska, OKOK
Osage Penn WalkerPenn , WalkerArmyHaskell
Osage ??LittlejohnGeorge WashingtonLittlejohn, George WashingtonSgt1 Div 1 Ammo Tn Co CComargo, OKOK
OtoeDaileyJohn Lee*Dailey, John Lee*PfcHosp Train 56Perry, OKOK
OtoeHarperCharles B.*Harper, Charles B.*ArmyRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
OtoeRoubedeauxJohn RRoubedeaux, John RPfc90 Div 357 Inf Co DRed Rock, OKOKChilocco
OtoeRuloLouisRulo, LouisCpl18 Div 19 Inf Co HRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
OtoeSaundersHenry William*Saunders, Henry William*35 Div 130 FA Batt BRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
OtoeWhiteCorbett*White, Corbett*WagonerEvac Ambo Co 24 / 164 Dep Brig 1 CoRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
Otoe-MissouriaAlvaArt *Alva, Art *
Otoe-MissouriaCarsonGeorge N.*Carson, George N.*
Otoe-MissouriaCarsonJoseph H.*Carson, Joseph H.*
Otoe-MissouriaDeRoinCharles M.*DeRoin, Charles M.*
Otoe-MissouriaFaw FawMorgan*Faw Faw, Morgan*
Otoe-MissouriaGrantFrank*Grant, Frank*
Otoe-MissouriaMoncooyeaCharles*Moncooyea, Charles*
Otoe-MissouriaPettitCarlisle*Pettit, Carlisle*90 Div 357 Inf Co D
Otoe-MissouriaPettitFrank*Pettit, Frank*90 Div 357 Inf Co D
Otoe-MissouriaPettitMilton James, Sr.*Pettit, Milton James, Sr.*90 Div 357 Inf Co D
Otoe-MissouriaPipestemFrank*Pipestem, Frank*
OttawaAntoineAlexAntoine, AlexPvt1 Div 18 Inf Co HTraverse City, MIMI
OttawaCookClifford RobertCook, Clifford RobertMarinesHaskell
OttawaCookElmer FrankCook, Elmer FrankCpl28 Eng Co DWyandotte, OKOKHaskell
OttawaCookeClifford C.Cooke, Clifford C.SgtMarines QMCPicher, OKOKHaskell
OttawaFoxJacobFox, JacobArmyHaskell
OttawaGascoLouisGasco, LouisPfc3 Div 4 InfHarvor Springs MIMI
OttawaGesickOwossoGesick, Owosso32 Div 125 Inf Co KThompsonville, MIMI
OttawaIsaacJosephIsaac, JosephCpl32 Div 125 Inf Co MManistique, MIMI
OttawaJamesThomasJames, ThomasPvt1 Div 18 Inf Co DTraverse City, MIMI
OttawaKagigebitangThomas JosephKagigebitang, Thomas JosephPvt85 Div 340 inf Co GCross Village, MIMI
OttawaLeoJosephLeo, JosephPvt85 Div 340 Inf Co IBrutus, MIMI
OttawaLeoSamuel J.Leo, Samuel J.PfcBakery Co 9Brutus, MIMICarlisle
OttawaMeshekeyLouisMeshekey, LouisPfc32 Div 119 MG Bn Co BHarbor Springs, MIMI
OttawaMitchellWillam L.Mitchell, Willam L.35 Div 139 Inf MG CoBay Shore, MIMIMt. Pleasant
OttawaMosesFrancisMoses, FrancisPvt1 Div 16 Inf Co BSuttons Bay, MIMI
OttawaPaulJohnPaul, JohnMus90 Div 345 FA HQ CoOmena, MIMI
OttawaPegoWardPego, WardArmyHaskell
OttawaPetersJohnPeters, JohnPfc32 Div 128 Inf Co GMuskegon, MIMI
OttawaShagwayAlexander R.Shagway, Alexander R.Pfc2 Div 2 Eng Co DOmena, MIMI
OttawaShananquetLeeShananquet, LeeSgt32 Div Detroit MIMI
OttawaShananquetSamuel J.Shananquet, Samuel J.Pvt28 Div 110 Inf HQBrutus, MIMI
OttawaStevensJames M.Stevens, James M.Mus 1 Cl89 Div 342 FA HQ Co / 89 Div 356 InfMiami, OKOK
OttawaThomasJamesThomas, JamesPvt1 Div 18 Inf Co DTraverse City, MIMI
OttawaWarrenGeorge F.Warren, George F.Pvt3 Div 4 InfCross Village, MIMI
OttawaWaukazooCalvin M.Waukazoo, Calvin M.Pfc4 Div 59 Inf Co BBay Shore, MIMI
OttawaWilliamsJohn Williams, John PvtMed Corps
OttawaWilliamsPontiac, Jr.Williams, Pontiac, Jr.Pvt32 Div 125 Inf Co KBay Shore, MIMI
OttawaWillisIsaacWillis, IsaacMusUSS Kentucky / USS RichmondHayes, MIMICarlisle
OttawaWistarLeo WarnerWistar, Leo WarnerWagonerEvac Ambo Co 24Miami, OKOKHaskell
OttawaWistarWillis AltonWistar, Willis AltonBugler28 Div 115 Inf Co IMiami, OKOKHaskell
Ottawa / PottawatomiGesickJohnGesick, Johnpvt4 Div 47 Inf Co CFountain, MIMI
PaiuteGartiez GusGartiez , GusBugler 1 cl11 Cav Trp IChemawa, OROR
PaiuteGeorgeDavid C.George, David C.91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACASherman
PaiuteJonesLouisJones, LouisPvtArmyBishop, CACA
PaiuteKeithCharlesKeith, CharlesPvtArmyBishop, CACA
PaiuteKinneySamKinney, SamPfc 91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACA
PaiuteMaceAndrew BillyMace, Andrew Billy77 Div 306 Inf Co GWeldon, CACA
PaiuteMatlickJohnMatlick, JohnPfc 91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACA
PaiutePaddyPetePaddy, PeteCpl91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoFort Bidwell, CACA
PaiuteSepseyMitt JeffersonSepsey, Mitt JeffersonPfc 91 Div 364 Inf Co EBig Pine, CACA
PaiuteTurnerGiffordTurner, Gifford91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACA
PaiuteWashingtonMikeWashington, MikePfc 91 Div 364 Inf Co IBenton, CACA
PaiuteWewaSamWewa, SamPfc13 Div 76 Inf Co FWarm Spring, OROR
Paiute DoddRobertDodd, Robert77 Div 308 Inf Co HNablock, NVNV
PassamaquoddyDanaSamuel J.Dana, Samuel J.26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEMECarlisle
PassamaquoddyLolaCharlieLola, Charlie26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEMEKIA
PassamaquoddyLuveyPeterLuvey, Peter26 Div 103 Inf Co IPrinceton, MEME
PassamaquoddyNeptuneMosesNeptune, Moses26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEMEKIA
PassamaquoddyNewellJohnNewell, JohnMus26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
PassamaquoddySapielDavidSapiel, David26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
PassamaquoddyStevensGeorgeStevens, GeorgePvt26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
Passamaquoddy Stanley PeterStanley , PeterPfc26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
Passamaquoddy / MaliseetSockbesonHenrySockbeson, HenryPvt26 Div 103 Inf Co IOldtown, MEME
PawneeAdamsAlexander*Adams, Alexander*Cas Reg 1 4 Recruit Co / 80 MG CoChilocco
PawneeAmeelyenahJoseph*Ameelyenah, Joseph*Pfc36 Div 131 MG Bn Co BPawnee, OKOK
PawneeBayhylleEdwin *Bayhylle, Edwin *
PawneeBayhylleLouis*Bayhylle, Louis*Haskell
PawneeBayhylleWilliam*Bayhylle, William*Pfc MDCamp Hosp 9Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeCarionEmmettCarion, Emmett
PawneeCarrionBennett*Carrion, Bennett*
PawneeChapmanHenry*Chapman, Henry*
PawneeCoonsArthur*Coons, Arthur*CplArmyPawnee, OKOKCarlisle
PawneeCoonsHarry *Coons, Harry *ArmyHaskell
PawneeCummingsHarry*Cummings, Harry*
PawneeCurley ChiefBurris*Curley Chief, Burris*PvtCas Reg 1 4 Recruit Co / 70 Balloon Co Air ServicePawnee, OKOKChilocco
PawneeCurley ChiefHarold *Curley Chief, Harold *Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeEagleAlex*Eagle, Alex*Haskell
PawneeEcho HawkElmer *Echo Hawk, Elmer *
PawneeEcho HawkGeorge*Echo Hawk, George*
PawneeGoverBen*Gover, Ben*ArmyHaskell
PawneeHandThomas*Hand, Thomas*
PawneeHarperCharlesHarper, CharlesPvtArmyPhoenix
PawneeJusticeWilliam*Justice, William*Haskell
PawneeKeyesWalter*Keyes, Walter*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKHaskell / Phoenix / Chilocco
PawneeLeaderJacob*Leader, Jacob*Pvt42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKChilocco
PawneeLeaderWarren *Leader, Warren *ArmyHaskell
PawneeLittle EagleJames*Little Eagle, James*Mus 3 Cl15 Div 79 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKChilocco
PawneeLittle EaglePaul*Little Eagle, Paul*Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeLittle SunJames*Little Sun, James*PvtArmyPhoenix
PawneeManningtonJames*Mannington, James*34 Div 134 InfHaskell / Hampton
PawneeMatlockElmo*Matlock, Elmo*Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co CPawnee, OKOKCarlisle
PawneeMooreEdgar*Moore, Edgar*Haskell
PawneeMorrisHerbert*Morris, Herbert*Haskell
PawneeMosesJames*Moses, James*PvtArmyPhoenix
PawneeMurieHenry*Murie, Henry*Phoenix
PawneeMurieLawrence P.*Murie, Lawrence P.*Gunner35 Div 130 FA Batt BPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeMuriePete*Murie, Pete*
PawneeMurieWallace*Murie, Wallace*Haskell
PawneeNew RiderJonathan*New Rider, Jonathan*ArmyHaskell
PawneeNew RiderPete*New Rider, Pete*
PawneeNormanWalter E.*Norman, Walter E.*
PawneeOsborneSamuel*Osborne, Samuel*
PawneePappanBenjaminPappan, BenjaminSgt289 Ambo CoPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneePappanIsaacPappan, Isaac
PawneeRealriderWarren *Realrider, Warren *
PawneeRichardsHarry*Richards, Harry*42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeRickettsHerman*Ricketts, Herman*
PawneeRiding InFrank*Riding In, Frank*
PawneeRiding UpCharles*Riding Up, Charles*Haskell
PawneeRobertsGeorge H.*Roberts, George H.*
PawneeShawGordon*Shaw, Gordon*
PawneeSmithAndy, Sr.*Smith, Andy, Sr.*
PawneeSmithJohn C., Sr.*Smith, John C., Sr.*
PawneeSmithJulius Caesar*Smith, Julius Caesar*Pvt28 Div 113 Inf Co CPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeSmithRichard K.*Smith, Richard K.*Haskell
PawneeSpotted HorsechiefDelbert*Spotted Horsechief, Delbert*
PawneeSpotted HorsechiefJohn*Spotted Horsechief, John*35 Div 130 FA Batt BPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeSun EagleElmer*Sun Eagle, Elmer*
PawneeSun EagleJames*Sun Eagle, James*Pfc 90 Div 357 Inf Co EPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeTaylorGeorge*Taylor, George*165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66Chilocco
PawneeTaylorJobie*Taylor, Jobie*
PawneeWhiteGrant*White, Grant*
PawneeWhiteHenry*White, Henry*KIA
PawneeWichitaErnest*Wichita, Ernest*Haskell
PawneeWilsonCharles*Wilson, Charles*
PawneeWoodBen, Sr.*Wood, Ben, Sr.*
PawneeYellow HorseMoses*Yellow Horse, Moses*Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeYoung EagleFrankYoung Eagle, FrankPfc42 Div 165 InfPawnee, OKOKPhoenix
Pawnee EsauJoseph*Esau, Joseph*Mus 1 Cl5 Div 7 EngPawnee, OKOK
Pawnee / CherokeePayneOliver FrancisPayne, Oliver FrancisCpl4 Div 59 InfPawnee, OKOK
Pend d'OreilleMossPhilip A.Moss, Philip A.Pvt19 Div 219 Eng HQ DetPolson, MTMT
PenobscotFrancisGeorgeFrancis, George16 Eng Co CPleasant Point, MEMECarlisle
PenobscotShayDaniel J.Shay, Daniel J.PvtCAC 1 AA BnME
PeoriaAbnerJoseph R.Abner, Joseph R.Chief BuglerEng Casa Blanca, NMNMHaskell
PeoriaFromanAsaFroman, Asa90 Div 358 Inf Co A / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EChilocco
PeoriaMerrissClinton WallaceMerriss, Clinton WallaceBase Hosp, Camp TravisChilocco
PequotHarris Howard N.Harris , Howard N.Pvt26 Div 102 Inf Co CBridgeport, CTCT
PimaAzulePaul Edwin*Azule, Paul Edwin*NavySacaton, AZAZSherman
PimaBlackwaterMark Blackwater, Mark Seaman 2 clUSS PennsylvaniaBlackwater, AZAZSherman
PimaCarlisleBlaineCarlisle, BlaineCpl40 Div 158 Inf Co FSacaton, AZAZPhoenix
PimaEnasJuan P.Enas, Juan P.CplArmyPhoenix
PimaEnasWilliamEnas, WilliamPvtArmyPhoenix
PimaEnosJuanEnos, JuanSgt3 Div 8 MG Bn Co DKomatke, AZAZSherman
PimaJohnsonEdwardJohnson, EdwardPvtArmyPhoenix
PimaJoseIsaacJose, IsaacMasonNavyPhoenix
PimaJuanMathew B.*Juan, Mathew B.*Pvt1 Div 28 Inf Co KSan Tan, AZAZKIASherman
PimaLawsCharlesLaws, CharlesSgt40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoPhoenix
PimaLewisHarryLewis, HarryPvtArmyPhoenix
PimaLewisStewartLewis, StewartPrinterNavyPhoenix
PimaLivesHarry*Lives, Harry*Pvt3 Div 30 Inf Co KGila Crossing, AZAZPhoenix
PimaMackJohn A.Mack, John A.Sherman
PimaMooreWilliam T.Moore, William T.Band Cpl40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoPhoenix, AZAZPhoenix
PimaMorrisJoshuaMorris, JoshuaPvt2 Div 4 MG Bn Co BLaCross, AZAZPhoenix
PimaNelsonEdwardNelson, EdwardBlacksmith 2 clUSS North DakotaBlackwater, AZAZChilocco
PimaSneedOliverSneed, OliverPvt3 Div 30 Inf MG CoKonathe, AZAZPhoenix
PinonWhittakerLouisWhittaker, LouisPvt4 Div 59 Inf Co LBlackwater, AZAZSherman
PomoAllenArthurAllen, ArthurPFC40 FA Batt EHopland, CACASherman
PomoBuschElmer E.Busch, Elmer E.PvtSignal Corp / MG CoPotter Valley, CACASherman / Carlisle
PomoGilbertGrantGilbert, GrantSherman
PomoKnightJohnKnight, JohnPvt89 Div 340 MG Bn Co BUkiah, CACA
PomoLozintoJoseph R.Lozinto, Joseph R.Cpl11 Div 63 Inf Co CCASherman
PomoRayfield(?)Elliot(?)Rayfield(?), Elliot(?)77 Div 306 Inf Co BUkiah, CACA
PomoWilliamsFrankWilliams, FrankCpl91 Div 316 Mob Ord RepPotter Valley, CACA
PoncaBuffalo ChiefJohnBuffalo Chief, JohnArmyHaskell
PoncaBuffaloheadArthur*Buffalohead, Arthur*1 SgtGen Hosp 5White Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaCries for RibHarryCries for Rib, HarryWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaDeLodgeBaptiste*DeLodge, Baptiste*Pvt83 Div 331 Inf Co CWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaGaytonRichard*Gayton, Richard*Cpl162 Dep Brig Co 88OKHaskell
PoncaHeadmanKenneth Coe*Headman, Kenneth Coe*36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaHinmanRichard*Hinman, Richard*Sgt36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
PoncaHinmanRoy*Hinman, Roy*CplBase Hosp 112White Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaKembleWilliam*Kemble, William*Base Hosp 86Ponca City, OKOKHaskell
PoncaKingBrowning*King, Browning*PFC214 Art Batt FWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaKingJoseph*King, Joseph*10 Inf 10 MG CoWhite Eagle, OKOKCarlisle
PoncaLeClairPeter M.LeClair, Peter M.Sgt18 Div 85 Inf Co EWhite Eagle, OKOKChilocco
PoncaLeClairRichard*LeClair, Richard*Cpl9 Bn Co DWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaNew MoonGeorgeNew Moon, GeorgeRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
PoncaOtherRobert Upshaw*Other, Robert Upshaw*White Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaRoyMarcus Antoine*Roy, Marcus Antoine*PvtArmyPonca City, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiAikensOrvilleAikens, OrvilleHaskell
PotawatomiAitkensOrville JohnAitkens, Orville JohnCpl1 Div 16 Inf HQ CoRossville, KSKS
PotawatomiBertrandJudsonBertrand, JudsonPfc164 Dep Brig Med Dept 4 Unit InfirmaryShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
PotawatomiBlandinJosephBlandin, JosephMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiBourbonnaisJethroBourbonnais, JethroSgt QMCOKHaskell
PotawatomiBradleyClarence W.Bradley, Clarence W.36 Div Haskell
PotawatomiBurnett LeeBurnett , LeeHaskell
PotawatomiCaduaHoke SmithCadua, Hoke SmithPfc89 Div 353 Inf Co AMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiCadueFrankCadue, Frank3rd MO Inf Co EMayetta, KSKSKIAHaskell
PotawatomiCurleyAlexCurley, AlexHaskell
PotawatomiDarlingLuciusDarling, Lucius36 Div 142 Inf Co FMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiEteeyanJosephEteeyan, JosephCpl7 Div 34 Inf Co HMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiGoodbooFrankGoodboo, FrankPFC90 Div 288 MP / 350 MP Co ACommerce, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiHaasGeorgeHaas, GeorgeHaskell
PotawatomiJohnsonLewisJohnson, LewisPvt42 Div 150 MG Bn Co CAthens, MIMI
PotawatomiKeshickPeter E.Keshick, Peter E.Pvt85 Div 339 Inf Co AHarris, MIMI
PotawatomiKeshickStephen M.Keshick, Stephen M.Pvt85 Div 330 FA Batt EHarris, MIMI
PotawatomiKime JosephKime , JosephCpl4 Div 39 Inf Co L Bernette, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiKimesWillieKimes, WillieHaskell
PotawatomiLaFromboiseRoyLaFromboise, RoySgt Bugler35 Div 130 FA Batt ASilver Lake, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiLybargerCharlesLybarger, CharlesHaskell
PotawatomiLybargerThomasLybarger, ThomasHaskell
PotawatomiMarsAmosMars, Amos67 Aero SquadSacred Heart, OKOKCarlisle
PotawatomiMatsaptoGeorgeMatsapto, GeorgeCpl88 Div Dep Brig Co GMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiMcCulloughJacobMcCullough, JacobPvt85 Div 337 Inf Co FHarris, MIMI
PotawatomiMeloshJoseph L.Melosh, Joseph L.Pfc90 Div 357 Inf Co HMcCloud, OKOK
PotawatomiMelotteEarl E.Melotte, Earl E.CplDrumright, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiMjissepeCharleyMjissepe, CharleyPvtCavMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiMorganDon F.Morgan, Don F.1st Lt1 Div 18 InfWatseka, ILIL
PotawatomiOgeeEdward M.Ogee, Edward M.Cook 35 Div 110 Ammo Tn San DetTopeka, KSKSChilocco / Haskell
PotawatomiPambogoJohn BaptistePambogo, John BaptistePvt4 Div 16 FA Batt BLexington, OKOK
PotawatomiPearceWilliamPearce, WilliamSgtQMCPurcell, OKOK
PotawatomiPokagonJewettPokagon, JewettPfc35 Div 139 Inf Co GWatervliet MIMI
PotawatomiShipsheeLouisShipshee, LouisPvt22 Siberian Repl CoMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiWadeJamesWade, JamesSgtNavy RadioHaskell
PotawatomiWallAsa E.Wall, Asa E.ArmyShawnee, OKOKHampton
PotawatomiWamegoThomas JosephWamego, Thomas JosephMarines 85 Co Mobile ArtMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiWamegoHarry*Wamego, Harry*Mayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiWanoWilliamWano, WilliamCpl15 Div 79 Inf Co IWyandotte, OKOKChilocco
Potawatomi / OttawaMackeyPaulMackey, PaulCpl32 Div 125 Inf Co KAthens, MIMI
Potawatomi / SaginawChippewayWalterChippeway, WalterPvt42 Div 167 Inf Co MMount Pleasant, MIMI
PottawatomiAtkinsonOrvile J.Atkinson, Orvile J.Cpl1 Div 16 Inf HQ CoMayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiBelairMitchell*Belair, Mitchell*
Prairie Band PotawatomiBourdonAnthony C.*Bourdon, Anthony C.*
Prairie Band PotawatomiDarlingErnest C.*Darling, Ernest C.*Cook35 Div 137 Inf Co BMayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiGrinnellEarl *Grinnell, Earl *PvtMarinesMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiHaleJohn Cody*Hale, John Cody*Pfc89 Div 353 Inf Co BMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiHaleJoseph Wesley*Hale, Joseph Wesley*
Prairie Band PotawatomiJessepeCharles*Jessepe, Charles*
Prairie Band PotawatomiKahanceJohn V.*Kahance, John V.*
Prairie Band PotawatomiMagnaukGrant*Magnauk, Grant*
Prairie Band PotawatomiMooreArchie*Moore, Archie*FiremanUSS WisconsinMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiMooreFrank G.*Moore, Frank G.*Pvt1 Div 16 Inf HQ CoMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiPawsesseSam*Pawsesse, Sam*Pvt9 Div Co 19Mayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiShopteeseFrancis P.*Shopteese, Francis P.*Pvt49 FA Batt BMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabaunseeLouis*Wabaunsee, Louis*ArmyHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabnosahJames P.*Wabnosah, James P.*
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabnumJohn*Wabnum, John*Pfc89 Div 353 Inf Co DMayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabnumPeter*Wabnum, Peter*Haskell
PuebloCarbahalMarcusCarbahal, MarcusSeamanUSS RochesterLas Cruces, NMNMPhoenix / Carlisle [Native American 1/11/1919]
PuebloJuanPaulJuan, PaulNavy Shipyard Hog Island
PuebloLunaTimothyLuna, TimothyArmyHaskell
PuebloMartinezConradoMartinez, ConradoPvtCavPhoenix
PuebloMartinezJoseMartinez, JoseNavy EngPhoenix
PuebloRodreguezFernandoRodreguez, FernandoPvt322 Inf HQ Co BandPhoenix
PuebloSotoHermanSoto, HermanPvtAir ServicePhoenix
Pueblo DominguezEdwardDominguez, Edward42 DivHaskell / Chilocco
Pueblo GarciaDavid E.Garcia, David E.Cpl40 Div 160 Inf Co MGreenville, CACASherman
Pueblo PhillipsAndrewPhillips, AndrewPvt89 Div 356 Inf Co LSeama, NMNM
Pueblo SiowGeorge R.Siow, George R.Pvt3 Div 7 Inf MG CoSeama, NMNM
Pueblo TallamontsCarewTallamonts, CarewPvt28 Div 104 Ammo TnEslata, NMNM
Pueblo VillasenarAntonio R.Villasenar, Antonio R.Pvt33 Div 132 InfNM
Pueblo ?AbramsLeonard S.Abrams, Leonard S.Cpl2 Div 2 Ammo Tn Co GOlive Hill, KYKY
PuyallupKalamaFrancis J.Kalama, Francis J.Sgt35 Div 130 FA HQ CoWarm Springs, ORORHaskell
QuapawCardinFredCardin, Fred95 Div 69 FA / 315 CavQuapaw, OKOK
QuapawGoodeagleLevi*Goodeagle, Levi*Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 90 Div 358 Inf Co AOKHaskell
QuapawGoodeaglePaul*Goodeagle, Paul*PvtSt Nazarre Casual Co 161Baxter Springs, KSKSHaskell
QuapawQuapawJesse*Quapaw, Jesse*5 Div 6 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EBaxter Springs, KSKSHaskell
QuechanRainbowLoris LawrenceRainbow, Loris LawrenceYuma, AZAZSherman
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior ChippewaGokeeJohnGokee, John34 Inf Co GBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior ChippewaMartineauWilliamMartineau, WilliamBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Red Lake ChippewaMorrinAlvin (or Alvis)Morrin, Alvin (or Alvis)Navy 3 Reg Co CBayfield, WIWIHaskell / Carlisle
Red Lake ChippewaNeedhamJohnNeedham, John10 Inf Co DRed Lake, MNMNCarlisle
Red Lake ChippewaSumnerJohnSumner, John10 Inf Co ACarlisle
Red Lake ChippewaSumnerJoseph J.Sumner, Joseph J.Pvt476 Aero SquadRed Lake, MN MNCarlisle
Red Lake OjibweBig StarJohnBig Star, JohnPvt1 Div 1 Eng Co CRed Lake, MNMN
Rosebud SiouxEagle HornChauncey*Eagle Horn, Chauncey*Pvt41 Div 148 MG Bn Co B / 41 Div 167 Inf Co MOkreek, SDSDKIA
Rosebud SiouxFooteStephen W.Foote, Stephen W.Cpl41 Div 164 Inf Co ISDCarlisle
Rosebud SiouxHenryJamesHenry, JamesCpl89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ECut Meat, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxPeneauxGeorgePeneaux, GeorgePvt89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co FRosebud, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxPoncaShandrackPonca, ShandrackPfc42 Div Dixon, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxRogersGilbert CharlesRogers, Gilbert CharlesRosebud, SDSDCarlisle
Rosebud SiouxTallmandanPaul C.Tallmandan, Paul C.Pvt89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ERosebud, SDSD
Round ValleyAugustineClarence A.Augustine, Clarence A.Pvt88 Div 313 Eng Co DLakeport, CACA
Round ValleyWilseyJamesWilsey, Jamespvt81 Div 324 Inf Co BUkiah, CACA
Round Valley ?HanoverRobertHanover, RobertSherman
Sac and FoxCarterCharlieCarter, CharliePfc4 Div 59 Inf Co HStroud, OKOK
Sac and FoxConnellHarrison B.Connell, Harrison B.Pvt10 Div 41 Inf Co CKansas City, MOMOHaskell
Sac and FoxCouteauHerbertCouteau, HerbertHaskell
Sac and FoxFosterGreenFoster, Green79 Inf Co EShawnee, OKOKHaskell
Sac and FoxMeekThurman NelsonMeek, Thurman Nelson8 Div San SquadShawnee, OKOKHaskell
Sac and FoxPennockDavidPennock, DavidArmyHaskell
Sac and FoxPoweshiekJonasPoweshiek, JonasPvt36 Div 142 Inf Co CTama, IAIAHaskell / Carlisle
Sac and FoxThorpeEdwardThorpe, EdwardUSS NevadaShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
Sac and FoxWalkerLeo Walker, Leo Cpl111 Ammo Tn Co EShawnee, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
Salt River Pima-MaricopaAdamsHarvier*Adams, Harvier*SgtArmyPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaAntonWallace *Anton, Wallace *Pvt322 Inf Co FScottsdale, AZAZKIAPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaCarlisleLewis*Carlisle, Lewis*CplArmyPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaGeorgeCharley*George, Charley*PvtArmyPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaJacksonAndrew*Jackson, Andrew*PvtAZ
Salt River Pima-MaricopaManassiaEddy*Manassia, Eddy*
Salt River Pima-MaricopaManuelVictor*Manuel, Victor*1 Sgt40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoSalt River, AZAZHampton
Salt River Pima-MaricopaMoorePeter*Moore, Peter*Pvt2 Div 4 MG Bn Co BAZPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaSeyuHugh C.*Seyu, Hugh C.*
Salt River Pima-MaricopaShawRoss*Shaw, Ross*Cpl40 Div 158 InfPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaStanleyFrank*Stanley, Frank*SgtArmyPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaThomasAnthony W.*Thomas, Anthony W.*
Salt River Pima-MaricopaWashingtonEdward*Washington, Edward*
San Carlos ApacheBushJohnBush, JohnPhoenix
San Carlos ApacheWittShortyWitt, ShortyPhoenix
San Juan PuebloCruzCornelio MartinezCruz, Cornelio MartinezPvt15 Div 5 Cav Trp EChamita, NMNM
San Juan PuebloLawsonCharlesLawson, CharlesPvt30 Eng Co A / 166 Dep BrigDeer Harbor, WAWA
Santa Clara PuebloTafoyaJoseph FilarioTafoya, Joseph FilarioPvt90 Div 315 Eng HQ CoEspanola, NMNMCarlisle / Chilocco
Santa Clara PuebloTafoyaNerioTafoya, NerioWagoner37 Div 112 Ammo Tn Co BEspanola, NMNM
Santee SiouxBlacksmithJosephBlacksmith, JosephSDSantee
Santee SiouxCampbellJohn H.Campbell, John H.Pvt85 Div 355 Inf Co GBloomfield, NENE
Santee SiouxCarsonCarlCarson, Carl89 Div 355 Inf MG CoSantee, NENE
Santee SiouxCashAndersonCash, AndersonPvt163 Dep Brig 32 Co SDHaskell
Santee SiouxFrazierFrancis PhilipFrazier, Francis PhilipPvt89 Div 355 Inf HQ CoSantee, NENE
Santee SiouxGrahamAlexGraham, AlexGun Pointer 2 ClNavy sub destroyer serviceFort Thompson, SDSD
Santee SiouxHenryMarkHenry, MarkPfc89 Div 355 Inf Co BNiobrara, NENE
Santee SiouxKittoSilas*Kitto, Silas*Pvt89 Div 354 Inf Co GSantee, NENEKIA
Santee SiouxRouillardEugene Rouillard, Eugene Bugler89 Div 355 inf Co HNiobrara, NENE
Santee SiouxWabashawFrancisWabashaw, FrancisPvt89 Div 355 Inf Co GSantee, NENEHaskell
Santee SiouxWabashawWilliam H.Wabashaw, William H.Bugler89 Div 355 Inf Co FSantee, NENE
Santee Sioux SmithMoses H.Smith, Moses H.77 Div Sup CoEggleston, MNMNKIASantee, NE Indian School
Santee Sioux GoodteacherLevi S.Goodteacher, Levi S.Pvt33 Div 122 FASantee, NENE
Santee Sioux TrudellMosesTrudell, Moses
Santo Domingo PuebloMartinezEscalastco ?Martinez, Escalastco ?Pfc4 Div 59 Inf Co FGolden, NMNM
SaukBedelHarryBedel, Harry8 Div HQ Co B Sauk River, WAWA
Sault Ste MarieBeboJoseph*Bebo, Joseph*Cpl5 Eng Co CAuTrain, MIMI
Sault Ste MarieBonnoAntoineBonno, Antoinepvt32 Div 125 Inf Co KSault Ste Marie, MIMI
Sault Ste MarieLaJoiceClifford *LaJoice, Clifford *Bugler4 Div 77 FASault Ste Marie, MIMI
Sault Ste MarieMaCabeeFrank*MaCabee, Frank*Pvt310 Eng Co DStonington, MIMI
SeminoleAylerJohnAyler, JohnPvt4 Div 58 Inf OK
SeminoleBarricklowClarence D.Barricklow, Clarence D.2d LtMed CorpsWewoka, OKOKHaskell
SeminoleBemoGeorge*Bemo, George*PvtWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleBemoWillie*Bemo, Willie*Pvt7 Div 34 Inf Co HWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleCheparneyNemoCheparney, Nemo36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleDavisJohn F.Davis, John F.Pvt4 Div 59 Inf Co MWewoka, OKOKHaskell
SeminoleDeer ThompsonDeer , Thompson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleFactorJoe E.Factor, Joe E.Pfc36 Div 142 Inf Co FKonawa, OKOKChilocco
SeminoleFactor JimmieFactor , JimmiePvtWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleFishLouisFish, LouisPvt15 Batt Co 14 Med Corps Oklahoma City, OKOK
SeminoleFixicoSonnyFixico, SonnyPfc35 Div 140 Inf Sasakwa, OKOKKIA
SeminoleHardridgeTaylorHardridge, Taylor36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleHarjoCuffieHarjo, CuffiePvt165 Dep Brg Co 41Sasakwa, OKOK
SeminoleHarjoJosey*Harjo, Josey*Pvt133 Inf Co KSasakwa, OKOK
SeminoleHarjoeHendersonHarjoe, Henderson36 Div 141 Inf Co EKonawa, OKOK
SeminoleHarjoeSumseyHarjoe, Sumsey36 Div 141 Inf HQ Co / 142 Inf Co ESylvian, OKOK
SeminoleJohnsonJohnJohnson, JohnArmyChilocco
SeminoleJonesHarry E.Jones, Harry E.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleLarneyEdward*Larney, Edward*Pvt36 Div 142 Inf Co ESylvian, OKOKHaskell
SeminoleMcGeiseyJames ThomasMcGeisey, James ThomasSgt1 Div 1 Inf Co GSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleMcGeiseyWilliam S.McGeisey, William S.Pvt 34 Div 134 Inf Co H / 36 Div 141 Inf Co HWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleMillyBillyMilly, BillyPvtMed DeptSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleNero ?AmosNero ?, Amos77 Div 307 Inf San DetEarlsboro, OKOK
SeminolePinoskogeeJoePinoskogee, JoePvt359 InfOK
SeminoleRippleyThomasRippley, ThomasPvt78 Div 312 Inf Co ISeminole, OKOK
SeminoleRomeGeorgeRome, GeorgePvtWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleSwansonHarper Swanson, Harper Cpl36 Div 142 Inf Co ISeminole, OKOK
SeminoleWesleyCharlesWesley, CharlesBand Sgt90 Div 358 InfChilocco
SeminoleWiseWalterWise, WalterPvt42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleWolfe JimmieWolfe , JimmieWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleWoodDavidWood, DavidPvt7 Div 79 FA Batt DSeminole, OKOK
Seminole ?DavisAndrew J.Davis, Andrew J.Assistant Bandleader 90 Div 344 FAWewoka, OKOK
SenecaBuckPeter JoshuaBuck, Peter JoshuaSgtBase Hosp 89Six Nations, ONONHaskell
SenecaChoteauSidneyChoteau, SidneySeaman 2clNavyHaskell
SenecaClarkeAdrian A.Clarke, Adrian A.Coast Guard Co 3Towanda, NYNY
SenecaCornplanterJesse J.Cornplanter, Jesse J.Pvt37 Div 147 Inf MG CoLawtons, NYNY
SenecaFrankTheodoreFrank, Theodore16 Eng Co CSalamanca, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaGoodeFrankGoode, FrankPfc78 Div 312 Inf Co LIrving, NYNY
SenecaHemlockJosephHemlock, JosephTonawanda, NYNY
SenecaHemlockSamuel EmersonHemlock, Samuel EmersonCpl3 Div 38 Inf HQ CoSyracuse, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaHillIsaacHill, IsaacNavyNYCarlisle
SenecaHubbardChesterHubbard, ChesterNavy
SenecaJacksonAndrewJackson, AndrewPfc79 Div 310 FA Batt AIrving, NYNY
SenecaJacksonRollo L.Jackson, Rollo L.MusVersailles, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaJamisonLeviJamison, LeviPONavyTonawanda, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaJohnMiloJohn, Milo77 Div 304 FA Batt CVersailles, NYNY
SenecaJohnnyjohnMitchellJohnnyjohn, MitchellUSS Galveston / USS BainbridgeCollins, NYNYCarlisle / Hampton
SenecaJohnsonAugustusJohnson, AugustusPvt7 Div 64 Inf HQ CoLawton, NYNY
SenecaKingGeorge ErnestKing, George ErnestPvt14 Div 10 Inf Co MBuffalo NYNY
SenecaKingSpencerKing, Spencer55 Inf HQ CoIrving, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaLayWilliam LetchworthLay, William LetchworthPvtMarinesIrving, NYNYHaskell
SenecaMosesSalem L.Moses, Salem L.2 Lt28 Div 113 InfVersailles, NYNY
SenecaNephewArthurNephew, Arthur36 Div 142 Inf Co BPerrysburg, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaParkerArthur C.Parker, Arthur C.
SenecaPattersonSpencerPatterson, SpencerWagoner78 Div 309 Inf Sup CoVersailles, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaPierceGeorgePierce, GeorgeTonawanda, NYNY
SenecaPoodryHarrisonPoodry, HarrisonPfc78 Div 303 Ammo Tn Co BTonawanda, NYNY
SenecaSkyeMcRay*Skye, McRay*
SenecaWhitetreeFrankWhitetree, FrankMus 1 Cl34 Div 127 FA HQ CoGrove, OKOKHaskell / Sherman
SenecaWhitetreeRay W.Whitetree, Ray W.CplBakery Co 351Henrietta, OKOKChilocco
Seneca / WynadotteLoganJohnLogan, JohnSgt35 Div 140 Inf Co KGrove, OKOK
Seneca ?JimersonEdwardJimerson, EdwardIrving, NYNY
Seneca ?JimersonMontyJimerson, MontyLawton, NYNY
ShastaOscarHenry A.Oscar, Henry A.91 Div 363 Inf Co EYreka, CACA
ShastaWicksNelson FrancisWicks, Nelson FrancisPvt26 Div 102 Inf Co EFort Jones, CACA
ShawneeBakerCharles T.Baker, Charles T.36 Div 142 Inf Co E
ShawneeDaughterySamDaughtery, Sam36 Div 142 Inf Co E
ShawneeEllisJesseEllis, JessePfc 90 Div 357 Inf HQ CoShawnee, OKOK
ShawneeFoxEdwardFox, EdwardShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
ShawneeHoodLutherHood, LutherFort Sill OKOKHampton
ShawneeLaughlinCharles H.Laughlin, Charles H.Squad E Kelley FieldSeneca, MOMOHaskell
ShawneeProphetJohnProphet, JohnPfc27 EngSeneca, MONEHaskell
ShawneeProphetWilliam KelleyProphet, William KelleySgt61 InfSeneca, MONEHaskell
ShawneeShawnegoHenryShawnego, HenrySeamanNavyHaskell
ShawneeSloanVictorSloan, VictorHaskell
ShawneeTrammellJoseph W.Trammell, Joseph W.35 Div 130 FA Batt BShawnee, OKOKHaskell
Shawnee AlfordWebster W.Alford, Webster W.Mus 3d class3 Div 7 Inf Shawnee, OKOKHaskell
Shawnee DushaneIsaacDushane, IsaacArmyHaskell
Shawnee ProphetElmer EugeneProphet, Elmer EugeneField Clerk32 Div Inf / Adj Gen DeptSeneca, MOMOHaskell
Shawnee ShawnegoJohnShawnego, JohnBakerBakery Co 316 Haskell / Chilocco
Shawnee SpencerJohn CalvinSpencer, John CalvinCpl40 Div 158 Inf Co KHaskell
Shawnee WilliamsThomasWilliams, ThomasPfc7 Div 56 Inf Co HWhite Oak, OKOK
ShoshoneHoleyGeorgeHoley, GeorgePvt3 Div 30 Inf Co HEly, NVNV
ShoshoneLargeRoy ShadeLarge, Roy ShadeWagoner4 Div Vet Unit 4 Eng Co DWind River, WYWYCarlisle
ShoshoneLavattaBentonLavatta, Benton8 Div 13 Inf Co I Pocatello, IDID
ShoshoneSorrellCharlesSorrell, Charles8 Div 13 Inf Co I Pocatello, IDID
ShoshoneTaylorWilliamTaylor, WilliamPvt91 Div 362 Inf Co FRowland, NVNV
SiletzAdamsJohn VictorAdams, John VictorSgt42 Div 168 Inf Co CSiletz, OROR
SiletzAdamsRusselAdams, RusselNavy
SiletzCarsonWillard FranklinCarson, Willard FranklinPvt90 Aero SquadToledo, OROR
SiletzLaneAlfredLane, AlfredNavySiletz, OROR
SiletzWashingtonAndrewWashington, AndrewPvt77 Div 308 Inf Co F Siletz, OROR
SiletzWashingtonPaul*Washington, Paul*Pvt91 Div 361 Inf Co GSiletz, ORORKIACushman Indian Trades School
SiouxAlvarezJoseph RobertAlvarez, Joseph Robert91 Div 362 Inf HQ CoPoplar, MTMT
SiouxArpanAntoniArpan, AntoniPvt5 Div 60 Inf Co BTimber Lake, SDSD
SiouxBad HairJohnBad Hair, JohnPfc89 Div 355 inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxBad HorseErnestBad Horse, ErnestPfc88 Div 351 Inf Co ELower Brule, SDSD
SiouxBad WoundVincent Bad Wound, Vincent Pvt89 Div 355 Inf Co BWanblee, SDSD
SiouxBeadsJosephBeads, JosephPvt88 Div 351 Inf Co ESt. Francis, SDSD
SiouxBearhorseJohnBearhorse, John35 Div 140th Inf Co ACarter, SDSD
SiouxBettelyounIsaacBettelyoun, IsaacArmyPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell
SiouxBig OwlGeorgeBig Owl, GeorgePfc3 Div 4 Inf MG CoWhite River, SDSD
SiouxBlack HorseFrank J.Black Horse, Frank J.Pvt88 Div 351 Inf Co EWood, SDSD
SiouxBlack TomahawkJosephBlack Tomahawk, JosephPfc88 Div 350 Inf Co CSt. Francis, SDSD
SiouxBlackbirdThomas L.Blackbird, Thomas L.Bugler35 Div 130 FA Batt BManderson, SDSDHaskell
SiouxBlaineJasperBlaine, JasperPvt3 Div 30 Inf MG CoGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxBlanketHenryBlanket, Henry91 Div 362 Inf Co ENorris, SDSD
SiouxBlue BirdJohnBlue Bird, JohnPfc78 Div 312 Inf Co HBonesteel, SDSD
SiouxBlue CoatRobertBlue Coat, RobertPvt89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co FCheyenne Res, SDSD
SiouxBluehorseWilliamBluehorse, WilliamPvt42 Div 151 MG BnSt. Francis, SDSD
SiouxBowkerWilliam C.Bowker, William C.Pfc3 Div 38 Inf MG CoDewer, SDSD
SiouxBoyerJamesBoyer, JamesBugler34 Div 109 Eng HQ CoPorcupine, SDSD
SiouxBrownJames A.Brown, James A.Pvt8 Div 13 Inf Co KDenver, COCO
SiouxButteLatt F.Butte, Latt F.Pfc28 Div 111 Inf Co LLower Brule, SDSD
SiouxBynogFrankBynog, FrankPvt2 Div 23 Inf Co DEunice, LALA
SiouxCampbellEdwardCampbell, EdwardPvtQMCHaskell
SiouxCarlowAbrahamCarlow, AbrahamArmyHaskell
SiouxCarlowFrankCarlow, FrankArmyHaskell
SiouxCavenderWilliam RayCavender, William RayPvt54 Pioneer Inf Co MGranite Falls, MNMN
SiouxChandlerAllenChandler, AllenPvt2 Div 5 Marines Co EFitzpatrick, WVWV
SiouxComes Out BearBenjaminComes Out Bear, BenjaminPvt89 Div 355 Inf Co GParmelee, SDSD
SiouxComesfromWarFrankComesfromWar, Frank77 Div 306 Inf Co HWasoso, SDSD
SiouxConnolyNorman R.Connoly, Norman R.Pvt2 Div 6 Marines 97 CoChicago, ILIL
SiouxCottierEdwardCottier, EdwardPvt89 Div 353 Inf Co IAllen, SDSD
SiouxCrooked FoxSamsonCrooked Fox, SamsonPvt42 Div 167 Inf Co MLower Brule, SDSD
SiouxCrooksHarryCrooks, HarryPvt89 Div 353 Inf Co BMorton, MNMN
SiouxCroweJames H.Crowe, James H.Sgt77 Div 306 Inf Co HAllen, SDSDCarlisle
SiouxDeFondBaptisteDeFond, BaptisteField Clerk2nd Cav HQ Co / AG DeptColumbus, OHOHHaskell
SiouxDeonRoss P.Deon, Ross P.Mus31 Inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxDiserlyFrankDiserly, FrankPvt42 Div 167 Inf Co MPoplar, MTMT
SiouxDogLouisDog, LouisPvt5 Div 19 FA Batt AWakpala, SDSD
SiouxDubrayEugeneDubray, Eugene90 Div 357 Inf Co ILaCreek, SDSD
SiouxDubrayRobertDubray, Robert90 Div 357 Inf Co IWinner, SDSD
SiouxDucheneauxNapoleon, Jr.Ducheneaux, Napoleon, Jr.Saddler3 Div 30 Inf MG CoPromise, SDSD
SiouxDupris (or Dupree)Joseph L.Dupris (or Dupree), Joseph L.PfcFA Instructor Cheyenne River Agency, SDSDKIA
SiouxEagle DeerPaulEagle Deer, PaulPvt88 Div 351 Inf Co ERosebud, SDSD
SiouxEarringDayEarring, DayCpl89 DivGrand Valley, SDSD
SiouxEbersolWilliamEbersol, WilliamSeamanNavyPhoenix
SiouxEscacugaCharlesEscacuga, CharlesCpl32 Div 127 Inf Sup CoFrazer, MTMT
SiouxFast HorseFredFast Horse, Fred89 Div Co F Ammo TnRosebud, SDSD
SiouxFelixClementFelix, ClementPfc33 Div 129 Inf Co HPrior Lake, MNMN
SiouxFelsJohn T.Fels, John T.Pvt28 Div 110 FA HQ Co / 232 Aero SquadPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxFiskeFrank BennettFiske, Frank BennettSgt41 MG Bn Co AFort Bennett, SDSD
SiouxFleuryGeorge PeterFleury, George Peter77 Div 306 Inf Co IFort Thompson, SDSDFt. Thompson / Pierre
SiouxFolsonFrankFolson, FrankPfc89 Div 342 MG Bn Co GManderson, SDSD
SiouxFrederickPeterFrederick, PeterPvt88 Div 147 FA Batt CGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxFrogLukeFrog, LukePvt20 Div 48 InfOglala SDSD
SiouxFrom AbovePierreFrom Above, PierrePfc33 Div 124 FA Batt FHamill, SDSD
SiouxGarciaThomasGarcia, ThomasPvt10 Div 28 FA SD CoBrennan, SDSD
SiouxGarvieGeorgeGarvie, GeorgeBuglerDep Brig Co 36Niobrara, NENEHaskell
SiouxGoodeagleAlfredGoodeagle, Alfred91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoDixon, SDSD
SiouxGrassJohnGrass, JohnMus 3d class3 Div 4 Inf HQ CoPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxGraybullThomasGraybull, ThomasCpl35 Div 139 Inf Co DCannon Ball, NDND
SiouxGrayhoundJohnGrayhound, JohnLake Andes, SDSD
SiouxGreenwoodJamesGreenwood, James91 Div 348 MG Bn Co BWitten, SDSD
SiouxGreyhoundJohnGreyhound, JohnPvt28 Div 111 Inf Co ALake Andes, SDSD
SiouxGunhammerHarryGunhammer, HarryPfc88 Div 351 Inf Co LOkreek, SDSD
SiouxHawkJamesHawk, JamesPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxHopkinsPeterHopkins, PeterPfc88 Div 351 Inf Co FLake Andes, SDSD
SiouxHorsethiefJasperHorsethief, Jasperpfc89 Div 340 MG Bn Co BWakpala, SDSD
SiouxHudsonJosephHudson, JosephPvt5 Div 19 FA Batt AIdeal, SDSD
SiouxIronMatthewIron, MatthewPvtArmyHaskell
SiouxJandreauDanielJandreau, DanielPvt88 Div 351 Inf Co FDante, SDSD
SiouxJanisFrancis F.Janis, Francis F.Pvt5 Div 19 FA Batt APorcupine, SDSD
SiouxKeithHobartKeith, HobartSeamanNavyHaskell
SiouxKills Small