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Modern Warriors of World War I

 36 Division 142 Infantry Company E in FranceAmerican Indian soldiers of Company E, 142nd Infantry, 36th Division in France. Courtesy of Oklahoma Historical Society.

Modern Warriors of World War I

The Sequoyah National Research Center has created the Modern Warriors of World War I database to identify all 12,000 American Indian and Alaska Native servicemen. The goal is to create as complete a record as possible for each man that served, so that their legacy of bravery and sacrifice will be remembered. In addition to utilizing archival records and publications in our efforts to identify these men, we have also reached out to American Indian Nations, organizations, and individuals to compile the current list. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following: Jennifer Shaw, Courtney Peyketewa, Lena Nells (Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribes), Gary McAdams (Wichita & Affiliated Tribes), Lanny Asepermy (Comanche Nation), Betty Oppenheimer (Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe), Elizabeth Perry, Archives of Arvid E. Miller Historical Library Museum, Véronique Lozano for Muscogee (Creek) elder Sam Proctor in memory of his uncle Pvt. Sam Beaver, and the numerous individuals, who have sent in names of their loved ones who served. Their assistance has been invaluable.

We also invite anyone who has an American Indian or Alaska Native relative who served in the war to contact us, so that his efforts are remembered. Contact can be made directly to Erin Fehr at ehfehr@ualr.edu or 501-569-8336 or via this online submission portal: https://ualr.edu/sequoyah/wwi/. Additionally, if any information is incorrect, please contact us in the same manner. We have tried our best to make sure that tribal affiliations are accurate, but mistakes may be made due to incorrect original documentation. We have indicated with an asterisk every person who has been verified by a family member, tribe, or found on official tribal rolls. There are several men who have no tribal affiliation next to their name and instead say "unknown." We know through a variety of records that they are Native, but have no further information. Please let us know any additional facts so that the database can be updated.



NationNameDivision/UnitFromStateKIABoarding School Attended
AbenakiTahamont, Robert James2 Inf Co C NJ NGLake George, NYNYCarlisle
Absentee ShawneeForeman, HowardUSS Silver ShellShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
Acoma PuebloGarcia, Armado40 Div 110 Inf Co DAcomita, NMNMSherman
Acoma PuebloWhite, Frank*40 Div 157 Inf Co D / 77 Div 305 Reg Co BAcomita, NMNMSherman
AleutAnderson, Gabriel F.NavyUnalaska, AKAKChemawa
AleutBeyer, John William2 Div 5 Marines Co GValdez, AKAKChemawa
AleutFratis, Simon JohnUSNRFSt. Paul Island, AKAKChemawa
AleutMelovidoff, Frank ChristopherNavyAK
AleutMelovidov, Alexander SimeonNavySt. Paul Island, AKAK
AleutOrloff, Nicholas JohnNavyCordova, AKAK
AleutSwanson, ManuelNavy BandKenai, AKAKChemawa
Aleut ?Adams, C.Navy
Aleut ?Jackson, George E.USS MarbleheadChemawa
Aleut ?Lee, J.Navy
Aleut ?Taylor, LawrenceNavy Band
Aleut ?Walters, WilliamNavy Band
AlseaJackson, JosephNavyMarshfield, OROR
ApacheAreialo, Emilio42 Div 168 Inf Co GLaredo, TXTX
ApacheBetchait, OliverArmy Reserves / AARD 327 Trp AAnadarko, OKOK
ApacheBullock, John91 Div 364 Inf Co MWhite River, AZAZSherman
ApacheClark, Ferdinand2 Div 2 Eng Co BHillsboro, DEDE
ApacheEstrada, Juan G.5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co FEleyira, TXTX
ApacheGonzales, Juan89 Div 340 FA Sup CoYuma, AZAZ
ApacheGooday, RobertArmyHaskell
ApacheJose, Manuel40 Div 157 Inf Co D / 28 Div 109 Inf Co FMescalero, NMNMSherman
ApacheKenei, Sam T.Army ReservesMescalero, NMNM
ApacheKing, DavidQMCMescalero, NMNM
ApacheMarfil, Gregorio32 Div 126 Inf Co FDouglas, AZAZ
ApacheMethvin, Frank Burns90 Div 357 Inf Co MAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ApacheNicholas, DanielAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ApacheSoontay, HowardCAC 75 Reg Bn EAnadarko, OKOK
ArapahoBlack Horse, Dan80 Div Co DColony, OKOK
ArapahoCedartree, Joshua*NavyWatonga, OKOKPhoenix
ArapahoLockwood, Hudson H.ArmyGeary, OKOKPhoenix
ArapahoMiller, Grant2 Inf Co ILawrence, KSKS
ArapahoOldman, SethArmyPhoenix
ArapahoSankey, Robert44 Co Prov Grp 4 MG Trn CenterCanton, OKOKHaskell
ArapahoShawnee, Henry90 Div 343 MG BnGreenfield, OKOKKIAHaskell
ArapahoSpotted Horse, ArmstrongGen Svc Inf Co 9Colony, OKOK
ArapahoWatan, Philip34 Div 15 Bn Co 32Colony, OKOK
ArapahoWhiteman, Alfred *36 Div 131 MG Bn Co ACantonment, OKOK
ArapahoWilliams, Bill*Canton, OKOK
Arapaho Archiquette, Wilbert3 Div 77 FA HQ CoGary, OKOK
Arapaho Risingbear, Bret36 Div 142 Inf Co ECalumet, OKOK
Arapaho / Cheyenne Boynton, Richard*90 Div 344 FA Sup CoConcho, OKOKKIAChilocco
Arapaho / Cheyenne Good Bear, Harvey*OKKIA
Arikara (MHA)Deane, William J .15 Div 43 Inf Co LElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Fox, Charles32 Div 128 Inf Co DFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Fox, Ernest88 Div 352 Inf Co A / 163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Hopkins, Daniel33 Inf Sup CoElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Hopkins, Harvey88 Div 352 Inf Co DElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Jones, MorganElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Perkins, Henry15 Div 43 Inf Co FFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Price, StephenElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Red Fox, Ernest J.163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Rogers, Thomas Everett13 Div 44 Inf HQ / 1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Star, Philip Ward15 Div 43 Inf Co HRee, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Winans, Robert163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Yellow Bird, Charles13 Div 44 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Arikara (MHA)Young Hawk, Joe1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Assiniboine SiouxEdgar, Martin32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co AFort Benton, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxHawley, Alvin Bissell40 Div 159 Inf HQ CoWhitlash, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine SiouxKnight, Clarence A.NavyPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxKnight, Frank W.NavyPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine SiouxMahto, Ted803 Pioneer Inf Med CorpFort Yates, NDND
Assiniboine SiouxOhlerking, William89 Div 353 Inf Co MSavoy, MTMTHaskell
Assiniboine SiouxSmith , William R.28 Div 27 Inf HQ Co / 25 Inf Co LPoplar, MTMT
Assiniboine Sioux / Santee SiouxKnorr, Joseph C.5 Div 49 Inf Co LPoplar, MTMTFlandreau
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBamasa, Charles, Jr.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBamasa, DuffyArmyOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBasina, John, Jr.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBresette, William Charles*9 CoOdanah, WIWIHaskell
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCadotte, Alexander32 Div 127 Inf Co IBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCloud, John M.*Base Hosp, Shelby, MSOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaDenomie, Edward S.*32 Div 128 Inf Sup CoOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaDurant, Edward F.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWICarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaHolmes, Richard Eugene*ArmyKettle River, MNMNCarlisle
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaKajune, James F.161 Dep BrigSawyer, WIWIHayward
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaLafernier, Joseph F.*NavyWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSevalier, Walter G.5 Div 7 Eng Co FBrule, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaShecag, JohnMed CorpsOdanah, WIWIChilocco
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSky , Francis Joseph32 Div MG CoOdanah, WIWI
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaSky , John A., Jr.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWIKIA
Bad River Band of Lake Superior ChippewaWiggins, Samuel*NavyWI
Bay MillsLeBlanc, Alfred J.*7 Div 56 InfBrimley, MIMIKIA
Bay Mills ChippewaTeeple, Angus Oliver32 Div 125 Inf Co MBrimley, MIMI
BlackfeetBarrera, Thomas G.2 Div 23 Inf MG CoFort Bliss, OKOK
BlackfeetConnolly, John 163 Inf Co CBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetFord, Arthur32 Div 126 Inf Co BMissoula, MTMT
BlackfeetGuardipe , Eli S.43 Aero SquadBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetJackson , Hugh W. 2 Div 23 Inf Co DBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetKennerly, Jerome*158 Aero Squad Sig CorpsBrowning, MTMTCarlisle
BlackfeetSellew, Ralph W.2 Div 17 FA HQBrowning, MTMT
BlackfeetStone, Dewey FrankUSS MississippiBrowning, MTMTGenoa
BlackfeetWhitedog, HenryUSS Nevada 1 Reg Co FBend, OROR
Bois Forte Band of ChippewaAnderson, JohnNavyVermilion Lake
Bois Forte Band of ChippewaSucker, AntonNavyVermilion Lake
Bois Forte Band of ChippewaWhiteman, John*NavyVermilion Lake
BrothertownHammer, Byron35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co BFond du Lac, WIWIHaskell
BrothertownHammer, MyronArmyWIHaskell
BrothertownKindness, Lloyd Francis42 Div 150 MG Bn Co BOshkosh, WIWI
BrothertownNiles, Herman Arthur32 Div 121 MG Bn Co DBrothertown, WIWICarlisle
CaddoBeaver, George165 Dep Brig 19 Bn Co HAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoBingham, JackAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoBrown, James C.9 Tn CoAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCampbell, JamesMed Det 9 FAAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCarter, Charles L.CAC Btry CAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCarter, Earl A.ArmyAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoCurtis, Robert10 Div 70 Inf Co BAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoDoshinko, Grover91 Div 363 Inf / 8 Div 13 Inf HQ CoAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoDowning, John D.3 AA BtryAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoDunlap, Harrison26 Div 326 Fld BnAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoEdge, Frank111 Ammo Tn Gar 2Anadarko, OKOK
CaddoEdmonds, Houston18 Div 54 FA Btry EAnadarko, OKOKAnadarko Indian School
CaddoEllis, James, Jr.Anadarko, OKOK
CaddoGaren, Howard L.3 AA BtryAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoHalfmoon, Edgar*35 Div 130 FA Btry BAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
CaddoHarry, HughEvac Hosp 33Binger, OKOK
CaddoJohnson, Francis36 Div 142 Inf Co EAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoMartin , Mike18 Div 85 Inf Co KAnadarko, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoMonroe, Willie Ross
CaddoMunrow, William Ross90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoMurrow, William Ross4 Div 47 Inf Co H / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BBinger, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoParton, Harrison B.1 Div 2 Fld Sig Bn Co CAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoShemamy, James Patrick26 Div 102 Inf Co D / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BBinger, OKOKCarlisle
CaddoSheyahshe, George18 Div 54 FA Btry EAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
CaddoWilliams, Charles*35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngAnadarko, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle / Sherman
CaddoWilliams, James8 Div 62 Inf Co A / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BAnadarko, OKOK
CaddoWilliams, James B.4 Div 39 Inf Co M / 4 Div 47 Inf Co MBinger, OKOK
CaddoWilliams, William18 Div 54 FA Btry ECaddo, OKOKChilocco
CaddoWilson, Samuel B.89 Div 355 Inf HQ CoBinger, OKOK
Caddo / DelewareBedoka, Maurice M.SATC Univ OK Radio Sec BAnadarko, OKOKChilocco
Caddo / DelewareBingham, HaskellCAC Anadarko, OKOK
Cahuilla Band of Mission IndiansLubo, SenonUSS Illinois Cahullia, CACASherman
Cass LakeShushugah, BenMarines
CataragasPayne, Howard B.2 Div 15 FA Sup CoMaynard, IAIA
CayugaJamison, Franklin17 Div 29 Inf HQ CoCattaraugus Res, NYNYHampton
CayugaJimerson, ClintonTrans Corps Co 50Salamanca, NYNY
Cayuga / SenecaWarrior, Nelson 78 Div 309 Inf Sup CoVersailles, NYNY
CayuseMenthorn, Grover77 Div 306 Inf Co GPendleton, OROR
ChehalisDavis , Alvin E.32 Div 126 Inf Co BGate City, WAWA
ChehalisJohnson, George2 Div 23 Inf Co CBay Center, WAWA
ChehalisSecena, Jefferson D.44 Inf HQ CoPuyallup, WAWAChemawa
ChemehueviTapia, Rafael W.97 Div Cas Camp Co AParker, AZAZ
CherokeeAdair, Floyd *ArmyOK
CherokeeAdair, George W.*ArmyOK
CherokeeAdair, George*36 Div 142 inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeAdair, Hummingbird*36 Div 142 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeAdair, Jacob*36 Div 143 Inf Co F / 142 Inf Co FStillwater, OKOK
CherokeeAdair, John T.*162 Dep Brig Co 44OK
CherokeeAdair, Walthall Corrigan*90 Div 358 InfOK
CherokeeAdair, William19 Div 56 FAOK
CherokeeAdair, William Luther*10 InfOK
CherokeeAdair, William P.*ArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeAdair, William Penn, II*315 Fld Sig Bn Co CFort Gibson, OKOK
CherokeeAddington, Jess*18 Div 19 InfOK
CherokeeAgent, Wartuck*ArmyOK
CherokeeAlberty, Dewey *OK
CherokeeAlberty, William Towers*90 Div 358 InfOK
CherokeeAlexander, Jesse85 Div 358 InfPiney, OKOK
CherokeeAllen, William Curtis*80 Div 318 InfOK
CherokeeArmstrong, Harold Strickland*Adair, OKOK
CherokeeArneecher, Jacob*OK
CherokeeAugerhole, William W.*4 Div 59 Inf HQ CoGreenleaf, OKOK
CherokeeBaham, Ellis5 Div 6 Inf Co MLoranger, LALA
CherokeeBailey, Alfred G.3 Div 38 Inf Co EHulbert, OKOKKIAHaskell
CherokeeBaker, Joe36 Div 141 Inf Sup CoJunction City, TXTX
CherokeeBaldridge, Floyd E.*83 Div 330 InfOK
CherokeeBaldridge, Sequoyah*53 FA Btry COK
CherokeeBaldridge, WilliamOKChilocco
CherokeeBallou, Bird*Cas Det Demo GrpOK
CherokeeBark, Joseph Lee*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeBarnes, Servetus B.*OK
CherokeeBeamer, George W.*ArmyOK
CherokeeBeamor, Thomas W.3 Div 38 Inf Co KTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeBean, Mark H.*ArmyOK
CherokeeBeaver, Alonzo*Provost Guard CoOK
CherokeeBeaver, Arleacher*89 Div 341 FA Btry BBunch, OKOK
CherokeeBeaver, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBeaver, William*ArmyOK
CherokeeBeck, Cornelius*Provost Guard CoOK
CherokeeBell, William A.35 Div 129 MG Bn Co APineville, MOMO
CherokeeBlack Hawke, JamesUSS North DakotaBliss, OKOK
CherokeeBlackbird, Toolate*ArmyOK
CherokeeBlackstone, Edward Cape4 Div 59 Inf Co HDrumright, OKOK
CherokeeBlake, John Fenton*90 Div 344 MG BnPryor, OKOK
CherokeeBlyth, Louis2 Div Sig Bn Co COrreck, MOMO
CherokeeBoland, Moses Lafayette*35 Div 129 MG Bn Co C / 138 Inf HQ CoPorum, OKOK
CherokeeBoyd, James Nealey5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co ELigsfield, MSMS
CherokeeBradley, Robert L.*QMCOK
CherokeeBradshaw, Charles T.*36 Div 131 FA Co FBunch, OKOK
CherokeeBrewer, Richard R.*3 Div 8 MG Bn Co AAdair, OKOK
CherokeeBronson, William*1136 AAF School SquadOK
CherokeeBrown, Edward Merrill33 Div 108 Eng Co CSummit, ILIL
CherokeeBrown, Garner G.3 Div 8 MG BnMartinsburg, MOMO
CherokeeBrown, Joseph M.*4 Div 13 FA Btry FComanche City, TXTX
CherokeeBrown, Troy7 Div 56 Inf Co CMcLain, OKOK
CherokeeBryan, John David5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co ECollbran, ALAL
CherokeeBuckner, James Cornelius*ArmyOK
CherokeeBuckner, Leland D.*41 Div 162 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeBuckskin, Sam*Med Dept OK
CherokeeBuffington, Charles Ross*360 Inf Co CBryan's Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeBuffington, Webster*40 Div 158 InfOKHaskell / Phoenix
CherokeeBunch, Eli *NavyOKChilocco
CherokeeBunch, Jack29 Div 114 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeBunch, Jack387 Inf 21 CoOK
CherokeeBunch, Jack D.Convalescent Center 2 Co 44Bunch, OKOK
CherokeeBunch, James*ArmyOK
CherokeeButler, Gee D.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeBuzzard, Adam*ArmyZena, OKOK
CherokeeBuzzard, GeorgeNavyOKHaskell
CherokeeCanady , John W.78 Div 312 Inf Co LHico, TXTX
CherokeeCanary, James Harry*32 Div 125 Inf Co MCaney, KSKSKIA
CherokeeCarden, Alma35 Div 110 Eng Co D
CherokeeCarden, John, Jr.*4 Div 58 InfOK
CherokeeCarey, Jesse H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCarey, Jesse J.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCarter, Frank*35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Claremore, OKOK
CherokeeCatcher, Charley*162 Dep Brig Co 42OK
CherokeeCatcher, Tom*90 Div 345 FA Btry EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCavalier, Markham*CAC 45 RegOK
CherokeeCavalier, Theodore Perry*18 Div 19 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCave, Earl A.33 Div 108 Ammo Tn Co GLenapah, OKOK
CherokeeChambers, Joseph H.*77 Div 308 Inf Co HKaw City, OKOK
CherokeeChampion , Cecil7 Div Muldrow, OKOK
CherokeeChandler, Homer Edward*Locust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeChaney, George W.*ArmyOK
CherokeeChaney, William35 Div 129 MG Bn Co AKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeChapman, James B.33 Div 124 MG Bn Co BBarnhill, ILIL
CherokeeChewey, John*Med Dept Infirmary 9Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeChewey, Samuel R.*4 Div 58 Inf Co LCheivey, OKOK
CherokeeChisholm, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeChoate, Douglas W.*358 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeChoate, Robert M.*36 Div HQ CoBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeChristie, Joseph*Dev Brig Co EBitting Springs, OKOK
CherokeeChuculate, Alexander R.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeChuculate, Wesley C. "Sam"*15 Bn Inf Repl & Tng TrpOK
CherokeeChum-Wa-Looky, William36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeClark, Charlie7 Div 79 FA Btry CBrent, OKOK
CherokeeClark, Jesse J.*35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeClark, Joseph James "Jocko"*USS North CarolinaOK
CherokeeClark, William88 Div 313 Fld Sig BnTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeClay, Thomas*90 Div 344 FA Btry CPeggs, OKOK
CherokeeClinkscales, Albert Sidney*7 Div 80 FAVinita, OKOK
CherokeeCobb, Charles R.*35 Div 139th Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
CherokeeCochran, James C.36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCochran, Martin Charlie*Med Det / 25 Mtr Sup TnOK
CherokeeCochran, William*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCook, Charley Dow7 Div 56 Inf Co CBower, OKOK
CherokeeCoon, Frank "Rabbit"*36 Div 141 InfStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCornshucker, Arch*ArmyOK
CherokeeCornshucker, Watie*Med DeptOK
CherokeeCornsilk, Johnson*ArmyOK
CherokeeCorntasel, Benjamin*Westville, OKOK
CherokeeCorntassell, James E.*77 Div 308 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeCovel, Jesse C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co DMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeCricket, Charles*4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeCrittenden, Bill (Hummingbird)*90 Div 358 Inf Co GChewey, OKOK
CherokeeCrittenden, David C.*36 Div 141 Inf Co AWestville, OKOK
CherokeeCrittenden, Joseph*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeCrocker, John H.*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeCuff, John1 Div 18 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
CherokeeCunningham, Charles Fox*4 Div 4 Eng Co ASpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeCurran, Charles H.35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeCurry, Samuel G.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FSpringfield, MOMO
CherokeeDannenberg, John F.*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeDavenport, Burney CeilsUSS New YorkMuskogee, OKOK
CherokeeDavis, John F.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDavis, Joseph W.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FBearville, ARAR
CherokeeDelozier, John Edward*90 Div 344 MG Bn Co AAdair, OKOKKIA
CherokeeDillis, Boot36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDinsmore, William*CAC Co 8OK
CherokeeDoublehead, John7 Div 64 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeDoublehead, Sam*82 Div 319 FA Btry FStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeDougherty, Anderson*79 Inf Co DOK
CherokeeDowning, Leroy*36 Div 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeDowning, William A.*ArmyYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeDuffield, Eli*ArmyOK
CherokeeDuncan, Felix G.*164 Dep Brig Co 3 OK
CherokeeDushane, Simpson*OK
CherokeeDuvall, Thomas35 Div 130 FA Btry BSallisaw, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeDye, William1 Div 16 Inf Co GBenham, VAVA
CherokeeEagle, George*82 Div 325 Inf Co GLyons, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeElders, William*MarinesBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllis, Blair*117 Ammo Tn Co C / 285 MP Bunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllis, Jackson N.*34 Div 109 Ammo Tn Co ABunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEllis, Otis L.7 Div 64 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeEllis, Richard*USS DenverBunch, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeEssex, Albert G.33 Div 108 Ammo Tn Co GSouth Bend, ININ
CherokeeEvans, Elmer T.40 Div 160 Inf Co G / 77 Div 308 Inf Co KOklahoma City, OKOK
CherokeeFalling, Fred E.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFarr , Maynard36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeFerguson, George G.*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeFields, Jesse*ArmyOK
CherokeeFite, John W. S.*Gen Hosp 155OK
CherokeeFite, William Patton*36 DivVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFivekiller, Spencer*OK
CherokeeFixon, Jesse2 Div 23 Inf Co E / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeFleetwood, Redcloud*4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeFloyd, William McKinley3 Div 4 Inf Co LNorris City, ILIL
CherokeeFluke, Andrew7 Div 50 Inf Co HVinita, OKOK
CherokeeFlut, George*439 Res Labor Bn Co CBunch, OKOK
CherokeeFlute, Wash*ArmyOK
CherokeeFogg, James Cochran*36 Div 141 Inf Co I / 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeFogg, Tunawee*ArmyOK
CherokeeForeman, Martin*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 131 FAChewey, OKOK
CherokeeFortune, Joseph35 Div 110 Eng Co EKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeFoster, Newton M.*36 Div 142 Inf Co ECatoosa, OKOK
CherokeeFrakes, William J.B.35 Div 129 FA Btry EKansas City, MOMO
CherokeeFrizley, George*90 Div 357 Inf Co ISallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeFrye, Jesse R.33 Div 131 Inf Sallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeGalcatcher, Snowmaker*22 Eng Co AOK
CherokeeGallardo, Leopoldo88 Div 337 MG Bn Co ALaredo, TXTX
CherokeeGhormley, Walter Frank*NavyOK
CherokeeGirty, Buck28 Div 110 Inf Co AWebber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeGladney, John R.*29 InfOK
CherokeeGlass, Claude Navy ?OKHaskell
CherokeeGoad, Frank*36 Div 142 Inf Co EPorum, OKOK
CherokeeGonzales, John*36 Div 142 Inf OK
CherokeeGonzsiles, Anderson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGoodrich, GeorgeStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGoodrich, Jacob4 Div 58 Inf Co IStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeGourd, Louis R.*NavyOKHaskell
CherokeeGraham, Bluford*Med DeptOK
CherokeeGrass, David F.*Ambo Co 261OK
CherokeeGrayson, Napoleon Bonaparte*85 Div 344 MG Bn / 36 Div 142 Inf Co ELocust Grove, OKOK
CherokeeGreenfeather, William90 Div 358 Inf Co CRamona, OKOK
CherokeeGrigsby, Henry C.*NavyOK
CherokeeGrigsby, James*36 Div 142 Inf Co EChristie, OKOK
CherokeeGritts, Burney*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeGritts, John B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
CherokeeHair, Jack*36 Div 144 Inf Co A / 142 Inf Co EEucha, OKOK
CherokeeHair, Watson*36 Div 144 Inf Co GHulbert, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHall, Frank*Med DeptOK
CherokeeHamilton, Charles3 Div 38 Inf Co D
CherokeeHamilton, Ralph W.*ArmyOK
CherokeeHandle, Dave90 Div 356 Inf Co CJay, OKOK
CherokeeHandle, Ed*90 Div 358 Inf Co ISouthwest City, MOMO
CherokeeHanes, Arthur C.*ArmyOK
CherokeeHanna, William T.*90 Div 358 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeHannon, Newton E., Jr.*ArmyOK
CherokeeHarlin, Ezekiel*89 Div 356 Inf Co DCatoosa, OKOK
CherokeeHarrison, Jesse*35 Div 140 Inf OK
CherokeeHathcock, Thomas Roy*ArmyOK
CherokeeHause, Joseph M.*90 Div 315 Ammo Tn Med DetTulsa, OKOK
CherokeeHays, Curtis E.*36 Div 111 Eng OK
CherokeeHays, John H.*164 Dep Brig Co 1OK
CherokeeHeaven, James*90 Div 345 FA Btry DLyons, OKOK
CherokeeHendrickson , Bert Montow7 Div 55 Inf Co LPoteau, OKOK
CherokeeHicks, Claude*90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoShiptook, OKOK
CherokeeHicks, Jeff*ArmyOK
CherokeeHicks, John H.*3 Div 18 FA Btry BElko, NVNV
CherokeeHogshooter, Watt*90 Div 345 FA Btry DEucha, OKOK
CherokeeHolland*, John Alford*36 Div 141 Inf OK
CherokeeHopper, George William*36 Div 143 Inf Co LStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHoskins, Elijah L.7 Div 56 Inf Co GVinita, OKOK
CherokeeHouseberg, Robert*CAC PhilippinesAdair, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeHowdeshell, Ralph*79 Div 314 Inf HQ CoTushkahoma, OKOK
CherokeeHubert, Victor J.Marines 5 Reg Co MNew Orleans, LALA
CherokeeHummingbird, GeorgeChilocco
CherokeeHummingbird, Jesse*90 Div 358 Inf Co ARose, OKOK
CherokeeHummingbird, Wilson*OK
CherokeeHurd, Ivan*5 Div 14 MG BnOK
CherokeeHutchins, Ual Ross*42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 167Claremore, OKOK
CherokeeHyde, William G.35 Div 129 MG Bn Co GJoplin, MOMO
CherokeeIsaac, John*Dev Bn 1 CoOK
CherokeeJackson, Cornelius*90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoPorum, OKOK
CherokeeJackson, James Harold*ArmyOK
CherokeeJay, Marion4 Div 59 Inf Co HSpiro, OKOK
CherokeeJohn L.*, Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeJohnson, Clifford Robert*29 Div 115 Inf Co DVian, OKOK
CherokeeJohnson, Clifford V.*Redland, OKOK
CherokeeJohnson, David90 Div 358 Inf HQ CoOKKIAChilocco
CherokeeJohnson, Napoleon Bonaparte*ArmyOKChilocco
CherokeeJohnson, William N.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeJones, Jesse*326 Aux Rmt Dep QMCOK
CherokeeJones, Samuel A.35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Fairland, OKOK
CherokeeKearns, Thomas J.*344 FA Btry AOK
CherokeeKeener, Richard*36 Div 142 inf Co EHulbert, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeKeener, Robert*ArmyOK
CherokeeKeener, Sam*ArmyOK
CherokeeKeith, Soldier*90 Div 358 Inf Co GStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeKennedy, Charles A.2 Div 2 Eng Co BMetropolis, ILIL
CherokeeKetcher, Robert E. Lee*57 FA Btry BOK
CherokeeKetcher, William2 Div 9 Inf Co CAdair County, OKOKKIA
CherokeeKeys, Charles C.*439 Res Labor BnOK
CherokeeKeys, George36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeKeys, Levi H.*ArmyOK
CherokeeKingfisher, James*309 Cav Trp MOK
CherokeeKingfisher, Lewis*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeKirk, Robert William*ArmyEldon, OKOK
CherokeeLanier, Sam5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co BAbilene, TXTX
CherokeeLeach, Curtis H.5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co FSt. Louis, MOMO
CherokeeLeach, Samson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeLeach, Tom*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeLewis, Frank35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BMadera, CACA
CherokeeLewis, RayFrench Air Service (on loan for 1 yr)Nowata, OKOK
CherokeeLittledave, Dick*Army
CherokeeLittledeer, Sam*ArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeLittlejohn, Benjamin*36 Div 142 Inf Co EProctor, OKOK
CherokeeLocust, Henry*36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeLocust, William*6 Cav Trp EHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeLove, Lorenzo D.*32 Div 128 inf Co KNowata, OKOK
CherokeeLucas, John H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeLyman, Levi*ArmyOK
CherokeeMankiller, George Eli*36 Div 142 Inf Co EWauhillau, OKOK
CherokeeManning, Carl "Cull"90 Div 359 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeManning, Ellis Wooster*ArmyBraggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeMartin, Henry A.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMartin, Joseph W.7 Div 56 inf Co LWagoner, OKOK
CherokeeMcCleary, William M.35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BSapulpa, OKOK
CherokeeMcCoy, Edward Everett*37 InfOK
CherokeeMcCoy, Stand Watie*ArmyOK
CherokeeMcCracken, John H.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMcCuen, William B.*ArmyOK
CherokeeMcKendree, Dean G.Marines 2 Div 5 Reg Co ASalem, ILIL
CherokeeMcLemore, Emmet*Lyons, OkOK
CherokeeMcLemore, John B.*36 Div 141 Inf Co IStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeMcPherson, Dave36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeMerryman, Earl*OK
CherokeeMilam, Charles*90 Div 358 Inf Chelsea, OKOKKIA
CherokeeMilam, William*NavyChelsea, OKOK
CherokeeMiller, Franklin S.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeMiller, Harry42 Div 151 FA Sup CoSullivan, ININ
CherokeeMiller, Thomas Franklin*ArmyOK
CherokeeMills, David Gladstone*Evac Hosp 19Cardin, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeMink, Sataka*36 Div 144 Inf Co MSardon, OKOK
CherokeeMixwater, Daniel*90 Div 344 FA Btry DBarber, OKOK
CherokeeMorton, Lock*NavyOK
CherokeeMurphy, Looney*Tahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeMuskrat, Jake (Claude)*35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Grove, OKOK
CherokeeMuskrat, Thomas*42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWebber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeNairn, James*Inf Repl Trp Co 32OK
CherokeeNairn, William, Jr.*QMCOK
CherokeeNation, James Willard82 Div 320 FA Btry BRed Oak, OKOK
CherokeeNelson, Arthur J.*91 Div 18 Inf Co FLos Angeles, CACAKIA
CherokeeNelson, George D.*29 Div 111 FA Btry E / 286 Aero SquadEnterprise, CACA
CherokeeNeubert, Lyon O.28 Div 108 FAClinton, IAIA
CherokeeO'Field, George*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeOskison, John M.*3 InfVinita, OKOK
CherokeeOverlees, Earl Ray*15 Div 79 InfOK
CherokeeOwl, Charley*ArmyOK
CherokeePaden, Charles L. Jack*ArmyStilwell, OKOK
CherokeePanther, Josiah*ArmyOK
CherokeeParker, Elmer*ArmyOK
CherokeeParker, Jesse J.*78 Div 310 Inf Co KWarner, OKOK
CherokeeParker, John William*ArmyOK
CherokeeParker, Leslie S.4 Div 59 Inf Co MWilkesboro, NCNC
CherokeeParton, Lee Roy*6 Div 51 Inf Co IOK
CherokeePatterson, Claude A.35 Div 139 Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
CherokeePerkins, Elijah P.2 Div 17 FA HQ CoEufaula, OKOK
CherokeePerry, Frank W.1 Div 1 Ammo Tn Co DTulsa, OKOK
CherokeePettit, MartinArmy Hosp 31Cookson, OKOKHaskell
CherokeePevehouse, William A.Marines 6 Reg 82 CoTulsa, OKOK
CherokeePierce, Claude*5 Div 7 Eng OK
CherokeePierce, Harvey*90 Div 358 Inf Co GWestville, OKOK
CherokeePinn, Carlyle Travis26 Div 101 Eng Co AJamaica Plain, MAMA
CherokeePolecat, Issac L.*90 Div 345 FA Btry DLong, OKOK
CherokeePorter, Wolf*ArmyOK
CherokeePotter, Ray*83 Div Trench Mortar Btry 308OK
CherokeePotts, Alford H.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePotts, John*Evac Hosp 19OK
CherokeePowell, Joseph*ArmyOK
CherokeePowell, Reginald J.36 Div 141 Inf MG CoDavid, TXTX
CherokeePride, Floyd L.36 Div 142 Inf Co ERyan, OKOK
CherokeePritchett, Tony*OKKIA
CherokeeProctor, Wyly*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeePumpkin, Richard*19 Div 57 FAOK
CherokeeRagsdale, Claude*Rose, OKOK
CherokeeRatt, John4 Div 13 FA Btry E / 90 Div 343 FA Welling, OKOK
CherokeeRattlinggourd, Dave*18 Div 19 Inf Co FOK
CherokeeReavis, Harley G.82 Div 325 Inf Co DBallground, GAGA
CherokeeRed Fox, RayOK
CherokeeRevey, Robert Vincent29 Div 114 Inf Co DAsbury Park, NJNJ
CherokeeRiley, John, Jr.*Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeRivers, Frank90 Div 358 Inf Co KZwolle, LALA
CherokeeRoach, GeorgeUSS CarolinaOKChilocco / Hampton
CherokeeRoach, Tandy*7 Div 20 MG Bn Co ATahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeRoberts, Olsea A.90 Div 343 FA Btry EBartlesville, OKOK
CherokeeRobertson, Arthur Evans*36 Div 143 InfHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeRobertson, William A.*Marines 9 RegOK
CherokeeRoche, Tandy7 Div 20 MG Bn Co AYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeRogers, Jesse36 Div 144 Inf Co H / 142 Inf Co ESpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeRogers, William35 Div 140 Inf Co DNorth Muskogee, OKOK
CherokeeRoss, Robert B., Jr.*77 Div 307 Inf Co ATahlequah OKOK
CherokeeRowe, Benjamin D.*1 Div 16 Inf Co BBacone, OKOK
CherokeeRundel, George T.89 Div 314 Eng Co APeenbook, MOMO
CherokeeRunway, William*30 Div 118 Inf Co B / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrove, OKOK
CherokeeRyan, Emmett36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSanders, Oce O.*90 Div 343 FA Btry EPryor, OKOK
CherokeeSanders*, Felix*36 Div 143 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeSavage, Charley C.77 Div 304 FA Btry BWichita, KSKS
CherokeeSawney, Mike*Repl & Trng TrpOK
CherokeeScott, Charles D., Jr.*36 Div 144 Inf Co FMarble City, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeScott, James Arthur*Webber Falls, OKOK
CherokeeScott, Jesse J.*ArmyOK
CherokeeScott, Joseph*Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeScott, Noah Thomas7 Div 56 Inf Co CTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeScott, Raymond R.2 Div 6 MG Bn Co DFairland, OKOK
CherokeeScraper, Jesse*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 86 Div 331 FA BnStilwell, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeScraper, John Rufus*17 Div 17 Ammo Tn Co AWestville, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeScraper, John*90 Div 345 FA Btry DLyons, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeScuggin, Walker*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESpavinaw, OKOK
CherokeeSeabolt, Levi*7 Div 55 Inf Co BMuldrow, OKOK
CherokeeSecondine, Harrison*4 Div 58 Inf Co CVinita, OKOK
CherokeeSellers, Richard 36 Div 142 Inf Co EEvansville, ARAR
CherokeeSettle, Eugene*42 Div San Tn Co 117OK
CherokeeSharp, George W.*4 Div Ambo Co 21Tahlequah, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeShell, David*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeShell, Huckleberry B.*1 Div 28 Inf Co D Stilwell, OKOKCarlisle
CherokeeShell, Jess*ArmyOK
CherokeeSilk, Charles T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSilversmith, Steve*Chilocco
CherokeeSittingdown, James Nathan*90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeSittingdown, Thadius Stephen*90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeSloan, James Ellis*ArmyBig Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeSlye, William A.4 Div 47 Inf Co DCelusa, CACA
CherokeeSmallwood, Samuel M.*3 Div 6 Eng HQ CoRose, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Charley33 Div 108 Eng Co BKansas City, KSKS
CherokeeSmith, Irving L.*36 Div 142 Inf Co ENowata, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Jim*ArmySalina, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, June*36 Div 141 Inf Co A / 142 Inf Co EWebber Falls OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Louis E.56 Inf Co KAdair, OKOK
CherokeeSmith, Stoke*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSmith, William Theodore*5 Div 61 Inf HQ CoNowata, OKOK
CherokeeSoap, Mose*ArmyOK
CherokeeSolis, Charles40 Div 158 Inf Co B
CherokeeSorrels, Henry A.2 Div Marines 5 Reg Co MConyers, GAGA
CherokeeSourjohn, Anderson*Braggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSourjohn, Will*29 Div 113 Inf Co GMoody, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSpade, Robert36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeSpeaker, Samuel*79 Div 304 San Tn Fld Hosp 314Welling, OKOK
CherokeeSpringwater, Dennis B.*ArmyOK
CherokeeSprinkles, Walter LeeMarines 5 Reg Co 43Flynn, TXTX
CherokeeStarr, Orange Walter*Liverpool Cas Co 1018 Med CorpClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeStep, Ellis*36 Div 143 Inf Co GOK
CherokeeSteward, Charles Joseph*97 Div 366 MG BnOK
CherokeeStill, James164 Dep Brig OK
CherokeeStrong, Phillips*36 Div 142 Inf Co FDelaware, OKOK
CherokeeStrong, Tom*ArmyOK
CherokeeSuagee, Watie*89 Div 355 Inf Co K / 338 Inf 1st Camp Funston DetGrove, OKOK
CherokeeSunday, Jake Delmar*Base Hosp 87Muskogee, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeSustarta, Isabella32 Div 126 Inf Co MEagle Lake, TXTX
CherokeeSweetman, Felix E.36 Div 144 Inf Co FAllen, OKOK
CherokeeSwimmer, Alex*90 Div 344 FA Btry FBarber, OKOK
CherokeeTanner, Allen O.*35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngGrove, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeTaylor, Andrew J.*Med Dept
CherokeeTaylor, John Clive*Christie, OKOK
CherokeeTaylor, Ross*5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeTaylor, William, Jr.*162 Dep Brig 23 Receiving Bn 91 CoOK
CherokeeTehee, Jesse90 Div 343 FA Btry CYonkers, OKOK
CherokeeTeller, Charley*36 Div 111 Eng Co EOK
CherokeeTellis, Chris4 Div 33 Dep Brig HQ CoJubulde, TXTX
CherokeeTerrell, James E.2 Div Marines 6 Reg Co 80Elmore City, OKOK
CherokeeThaxton, Ransom2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Silo, OKOK
CherokeeThompson, George A.*
CherokeeThorne, Arthur*90 Div 358 Inf Co BTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorne, William*165 Dep BrigTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThorne , Cull, Jr.*29 Div 113 Inf Co KTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeThornton, Johnson*ArmyOK
CherokeeTieaskie, Elias29 Div 111 MG Bn Co DBaron, OKOK
CherokeeTilley, William Bert5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co DCampobello, SCSC
CherokeeTindle, Alexander*6 Inf HQ CoStilwell, OKOK
CherokeeTindle, Jeff J.*CAC Stilwell, OKOK
CherokeeTownsend, Walter*ArmyOK
CherokeeTriplett, John C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co ETahlequah, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeTrottingwolf, Nelson29 Div 115 Inf Co E / 53 Pioneer Inf Co DBartlesville, OKOKChilocco
CherokeeTubb, Regan2 Div Marines 6 Reg Co 96Oakwood, TXTX
CherokeeTubby, Andrew, Jr.*5 Div 20 FA Btry FKiowa, OKOK
CherokeeTurner, Daniel William*28 Div 115 Inf Co IOologah, OKOK
CherokeeTurner, John*ArmyOK
CherokeeTyner, George W.*Cas Det Disch GrpOK
CherokeeTyner, John Wesley, Jr.*Evac Hosp 18Campbell, OKOK
CherokeeVann, Gid*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
CherokeeVann, Joe*156 Dep BrigOK
CherokeeVann, John WatieNavyOK
CherokeeVann, Oscar Trott*15 Div 80 Inf Pryor, OKOK
CherokeeVaughn, John H.2 Div 2 Ammo Tn HQ Det Motor BnBritton, OKOK
CherokeeWaggoner, Curtis33 Div 124 MG Bn Co BWindsor, ILIL
CherokeeWard, Charles Robert*90 Div 358 Inf Co KClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeWaters, Richard36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWatt, Chewey*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 144 Inf Co IOK
CherokeeWatt, Henry*90 Div 345 FA Btry EWestville, OKOK
CherokeeWatt, Noname*18 Div 19 Inf Co HOK
CherokeeWayne, Isaac36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWeignberger, HenryBig Cabin, OKOK
CherokeeWelch, Carnie*90 Div 358 Inf Co GPrice Chapel, OKOK
CherokeeWelch, Jessie Munroe34 Div 133 Inf Co MOK
CherokeeWelch, Robert*90 Div 358 Inf Co GSallisaw, OKOK
CherokeeWells, Adam B.*10 Div 69 InfOK
CherokeeWest, Lee36 Div 141 Inf Co HTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeWhite, Sunday*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
CherokeeWhitekiller, Birdchopper*Cas Det Co FHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeWhitekiller, William*36 Div 144 Inf Co FHulbert, OKOK
CherokeeWildcat, Colston*ArmyOK
CherokeeWilkinson, Orlando Elighue77 Div 304 FA Btry BVera, OKOK
CherokeeWilliams, George C.*Evac Hosp 18OK
CherokeeWillis, Carl2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Ardmore, OKOK
CherokeeWilson, Billy85 Div 358 Inf Co EBentley, OKOK
CherokeeWilson, Jubel*165 Dep Brg 15 Bn 57 CoOKHaskell
CherokeeWitt, Elmer*90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoRocky Ford, COCO
CherokeeWofford, Alexander*ArmyOK
CherokeeWofford, James*Demo GrpOK
CherokeeWofford, Jesse*16 Eng Co BOchelata, OKOKCarlisle
CherokeeWolf, Islo90 Div 343 FA Btry CEdna, OKOK
CherokeeWolfe, Louis Mayes*29 Div 113 Inf Co GClaremore, OKOK
CherokeeWoodall, Richard D.*ArmyOK
CherokeeWoodall, Watie*CAC 63 Art HQ CoWestville, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeWoodhams, Lewis Nelson35 Div 110 Eng Co EDenver, COCO
CherokeeWoodward, David C.OK
CherokeeWorks, William90 Div 344 MG Bn Co BBernice, OKOK
CherokeeWuhunt, Armstrong35 Div 129 MG Bn Co BSmithville, OKOK
CherokeeWyly, Frank*7 Div 80 FA Btry CSycamore, OKOK
CherokeeYoung, James McKinley*13 San Tn Ambo Co 251Braggs, OKOKHaskell
CherokeeYoung, Richard89 Div 354 Inf Co MTahlequah, OKOK
CherokeeYount, Frank36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Cherokee / ChoctawChilders, Fred S.35 Div 110 San Tn Ambo Co 138Kansas City, MOMO
Cherokee ?Abbott, Jack90 Div 358 Inf Sup CoAdair, OKOK
Cherokee ?Billy, Wilson85 Div 358 Inf Co EPhiladelphia, MSMS
Cherokee ?Guff, John1 Div 18 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
Cherokee ?Russell, Dave53 FA Btry FCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBigwitch, Charlie81 Div 321 Inf Co IWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBird, DavidUSS Astoria / USS Graft WalderseeCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBird, Eli5 Div 19 FA Svc Btry Swain Co, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternBlythe, Fred BauerAir Service Squad BCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBradely, William AmosSwayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBradley, Morgan J.6 Div 54 Reg Co ECherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternBradley, Nick28 Div 111 Inf Co GCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternBullard, Charlie30 Div 118 Inf Co GPembroke, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCollins, Alonzo30 Div 118 Inf Co GRed Springs, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternConley, John9 Reg FA 1 Bn Btry ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternConley, LukeNavyWahhihyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternCooper, Arnold 6 Div 6 Ammo Tn Co FBirdtown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCooper, Curtis J.30 Div 105 Sig Bn Co ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternCrow, BoydNavyCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternCrow, Ute30 Div 119 Inf Co HCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternDavis, Isaac8 Div 4 FA Btry ANC
Cherokee, EasternDial, Willie30 Div 118 Inf Co GPembroke NCNC
Cherokee, EasternFrench, Meroney9 FA Btry DRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternGeorge, Cain19 Div 115 MG Bn Co DCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHill, Blaine M.81 Div 321 Inf Co IWahhiyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternHill, Ned81 Div 321 Inf Co IStoney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckle, FredBase Hosp 77Lumbertown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckle, Israel Charles32 MG Bn Co DWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternHornbuckle, Jefferson B.3 Div 38 Inf Co AJudson, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternJackson, Jack K.MarinesWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternJumper, Stancil30 Div 105 Ammo Tn Co ECherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternKalonuheskie, Joe42 Div 165 Inf Co M
Cherokee, EasternLittlejohn, Guy156 Dep Brig 4 Tn Bn 13 Co / 81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternLocklear, Angus30 Div 118 Inf Co GBuie, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLong, Charlie77 Div NCCherokee, NC
Cherokee, EasternLong, GarfieldWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLong, Sylvester
Cherokee, EasternLong, William Gafney3 FA Btry DRobbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternLossih, Lloyd81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternMumblehead, James Bradley6 Reg NGAlmond, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternMumblehead, Roger28 Div 111 Inf Co GAlmond, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternNick, Chiltoskie W.6 Div 52 Inf HQ CoWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Alfred B.9 FA Btry D / 558 Cas CoBryson, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Enoch13 Cav Trp ACherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternOwl, George E. or George Allen89 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Henry7 FA Btry DCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Samuel58 FA Btry DRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Walter David9 FA Btry CCherokee, NCNCHampton
Cherokee, EasternOwl, Will H.Med CorpsCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternOxendine, Charlie L.30 Div 118 Inf Co GRed Springs, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternPasour, Oscar7 Div 22 Cav Trp ALincolnton, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternPowell, Stansill90 Div 358 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternQueen, Jasper81 Div 321 Inf Co IWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternRoss, Cain 28 Div 111 Inf 2 Co GStoney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSanderson, Martin L.30 Div 118 Inf Co GBuie, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSanook, Ray C.80 Div 319 Inf Co CCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunooke, James81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunooke, SteveMG HQ CoCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternSaunooke, Stillwell319 Inf Co CCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternSmith, Goldman*CAC 43 Art Btry FCherokee, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternSmoker, RossOrd Guard Co 1Robbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTaylor, Jack81 Div 321 Inf Co IWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTaylor, JohnRepl Dep 9 Reg ArtBirdtown, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTeesateskie, WelchUSS Pennsylvania / USS HC FolgerWhittier, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternTeleski, Jesse6 Div 54 Inf Co FCherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTewatley, Cain28 Div 111 Inf Co GRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternThompson, David C.IRTC 16 Btry Co DSwayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternThompson, Simon G.81 Div 321 Inf Co ISwayney, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternThompson, Wilson81 Div FAWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTioneeta, Arneach81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNCChilocco
Cherokee, EasternTramper, Ammon81 Div 321 Inf Co ICherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternTyler, Henry G.30 Div 118 Inf Co FCedar Creek, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWauchecha, Charlie155 Dep Brig Co 12Robbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWauchecha, Jack C.3 Bn Co 12Robbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWauchecha, Posey156 Dep Brig 2 Prov Dev Reg Co KRobbinsville, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWelch, James R.36 Art HQ CoRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWelch, John A.USS ZuiderdijkTomotla, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWelch, Lloyd B.41 Div 163 Inf Cherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWest, Buck83 Div 49 Inf Co IRavensford, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWest, James28 Div 111 Inf Co GRavensford, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWilnotah, NedNavyCherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternWolfe, Charlie Hicks88 Div 121 FA Btry ACherokee, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWolfe, Dawson81 Div 321 Inf Co ISwayney, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternWolfe, Taquette27 Div 5 Pioneers Co KWahhihyah, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternYoungbird, Saughee30 Div 105 Ammo Tn Co ECherokee, NCNCCarlisle
Cherokee, EasternYoungbird, WesleyUSS WyomingWhittier, NCNC
Cherokee, EasternYoungdeer, Stephen30 Div 115 MG Bn Co DCherokee, NCNCKIACarlisle
CheyenneBeartracks, Don B.29 Div 113 Inf Co CWatonga, OKOK
CheyenneBeaver, Little97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
CheyenneBeaver, Norton*36 Div 143 inf Co DGeary, OKOK
CheyenneBelt, John*1 Inf Co KHammon, OKOK
CheyenneBlack, Templeton36 Div 142 Inf HQ CoWeatherford, TXTX
CheyenneBlindwoman, Thomas*4 Div 39 Inf Co HKingfisher, OKOK
CheyenneBrokencup, Albert4 Div 47 Inf Co IEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneBurns, Edward G.*35 Div 130 FA Btry BConcho, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneDeer, Sam B.OARDLawrence, KSKS
CheyenneFlying Man, Rogert2 Reg 2 Inf Co IEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneGoose, Frank134-5 Hosp UnitClinton, OKOK
CheyenneGround Nose, Peairs36 Div 143 Inf Co EClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHaag, Frank36 Div 143 Inf Co DMountain View, OKOK
CheyenneHadley, Joe4 Div 59 Inf Co FClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHamilton, James
CheyenneHawk, Amos27 DivClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHawk, John C.36 Div 143 Inf HQ / 141 Inf Co BFay, OKOK
CheyenneHorn, Jesse*4 Div 58 Inf Co CConcho, OKOK
CheyenneHowling Crane, Sr., Charles*90 Div 357 Inf Co HClinton, OKOK
CheyenneHuffman, Albert97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
CheyenneKingsley, Volney35 Div 130 FA Btry BHaskell
CheyenneLittle Calf, David82 Div 319 FA Btry B / 27 Div 15 Prov CoKingfisher, OKOK
CheyenneOrange, Frank*8 Div 13 Inf Co GHammon, OKOK
CheyenneOrange, Joseph97 Div 388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOKHaskell
CheyennePawpa, Clinton19 Div 57 FA Btry FKingfisher, OKOK
CheyennePipkin , James Ellis4 Div 4 Ammo Tn Med Dept Ambo Co 21Milford, TXTX
CheyenneReynolds, CharlesArmyPhoenix
CheyenneReynolds, Frank E.*90 Div 358 Inf Co LClinton, OKOK
CheyenneRomero, Ralph35 Div 130 FA Btry BGeary, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneRouse, Thomas15 San Tn Ambo Co 260Colony, OKOK
CheyenneRoy, LouisCAC 13 CoSDCarlisle
CheyenneRunner, Thomas 18 Aero SquadClinton, OKOK
CheyenneShortman, Woodson*36 Div 142 inf Co AFay, OKOK
CheyenneShortneck, Charles36 Div 142 Inf Co GGeary, OKOKChilocco
CheyenneStanding Bull, Clyde36 Div 141 Inf Co IClinton, OKOK
CheyenneStarr, Robert Charles165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66 / 36 Div 132 MG Bn Co BFay, OKOKChilocco
CheyenneStrongwolf, PhilipHammon, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneStumphorn, Burton18 Div 54 FA Sup CoOKConcho Indian School
CheyenneTurtle Roads, John388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
CheyenneWhite Bear, Peter89 Div 5 Anti-aircraftEl Reno, OKOK
CheyenneWhiteshield, Herbert 36 Div 142 Inf Co ECantonment, OKOK
CheyenneWicks, Charles M.*9 Div Motor Trpt Det 1Okarche, OKOK
CheyenneWilliams, William Albert2 Div 23 Inf Co ICantonment, OKOKHaskell
CheyenneWolf Chief, Stacy36 Div 133 MG Bn Co CCordell, OKOK
CheyenneYellow Bull, John2 Inf Co MClinton, OKOK
Cheyenne Roman Nose, OliverArmyClinton, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoBlack Deer, Sam*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoConn, Thomas F., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoFlacko, Bryan*388 Inf Co FHammon, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoGoodman, Ralph5 Inf Co LKingfisher, OkOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoGunn, Willis*131 MG Bn Co AConcho, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoJames, Samuel M., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoLittle Wolf, John*
Cheyenne and ArapahoLumpmouth, Custer*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoMedicine Bear, Fritz L.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoPrentiss, Fred*OKChilocco
Cheyenne and ArapahoRhoads, Harvey I., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoRoss, Martin F.*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSeger, Donald1 Reg Co EColony, OKOK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSitting Hawk, Stacey*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoSpotted Corn, Rex*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoTall Bear, Dewey*Concho, OKOKPhoenix
Cheyenne and ArapahoWhite Thunder, Edward*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoWolf, Donald*OK
Cheyenne and ArapahoYellow Eagle, John L., Sr.*OK
Cheyenne River SiouxAugustine, Alex
Cheyenne River SiouxBenoist, Douglas*
Cheyenne River SiouxBenoist, Louis J.*10 Div 69 Inf Co MPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBlue Coat, Robert, Sr.*89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co FWhite Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBlue Coat, Sam*
Cheyenne River SiouxBlue Coat, Thomas*3 Bn Co 3White Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBowker, William C.3 Div 38 Inf MG CoDewer, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxBrings Plenty, Daniel*
Cheyenne River SiouxClown, Charlie*
Cheyenne River SiouxClown, Moses*89 Div 314 MP Co BDupree, SDSDKIA
Cheyenne River SiouxDrop at a Distance , David77 Div 305 Inf Co KWhite Horse, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxDucheneaux, Moses*
Cheyenne River SiouxDucheneaux, Napoleon Charles, Jr.*3 Div 30 Inf MG CoPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxEagle, Jones13 Div Co BCheyenne River, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFiddler, Irving*
Cheyenne River SiouxFielder, Francis F.*CAC 49 Art Btry A / 38 Motor Art Btry ACheyenne River Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxFour Bear, Chester Armstrong30 Div 118 Inf Co Promise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxGrange, Joseph*
Cheyenne River SiouxHawk Eagle, Thomas*89 Div 314 MP Co 89Cherry Creek, SDSDCarlisle
Cheyenne River SiouxHigh Elk, Jobe*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxHigh Elk, Joseph*3 Div 8 MG Bn Co C / 10 Div 28 FA Sup CoLaPlant, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxHis-horse-is-fast, Isaac32 Div 128 Inf Co CWhite Horse, SDSDKIA
Cheyenne River SiouxHollow Horn, Charlie
Cheyenne River SiouxIron Moccasin, Theodore*
Cheyenne River SiouxJanis, Chester*
Cheyenne River SiouxJewett, George T.*89 Div MP CoFort Bennett, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxJewett, Joseph*
Cheyenne River SiouxLeBeau, Patrick*89 Div 355 Inf Co GPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxLeBeau, Quentin*
Cheyenne River SiouxMeeter, James6 Div 53 Inf Med DeptCheyenne River Agency, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxPeterson, Frank*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxPretty Weasel, Sullivan*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxRed Horse, Charlie*88 Div 147 FA Btry CCherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxRousseau, Louie A.88 Div 147 FA Btry CFort Bennett, SDSD
Cheyenne River SiouxRunning, Frank B.4 SD Inf Co ACherry Creek, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxRuns After, George36 Div 142 InfCherry Creek, SDSDRapid City
Cheyenne River SiouxTwo Lance, Walter*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxVeo, Louis*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWakoke, Frank*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWhite Face, Samuel*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWhite Feahter, James*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWhite Weasel, Oscar*SD
Cheyenne River SiouxWidow, Paul*91 Div 363 Inf Co DCherry Creek, SDSD
Cheyenne River SouixHates Him, Owen32 Div 147 FA Btry CPromise, SDSD
Cheyenne, NorthernBlindwoman, William39 Inf Co HCarlisle
Cheyenne, NorthernCloud, Ben41 Div 164 Inf
Cheyenne, NorthernHollowbreast, William33 Div 122 FA Btry B / 272 MP CoLame Deer, MTMTFlandreau
Cheyenne, NorthernRedrobe, Jasper
Cheyenne, NorthernRowland, Benton A.42 Div 167 Inf Co MBusby, MTMTRapid City
Cheyenne, NorthernRowland, GeorgeTongue River, MTMT
Cheyenne, NorthernSaunders, Thomas D.2 Div 2 Eng Co ACheyenne, WYWY
ChicasawCarter, Benjamin Wisnor*ArmyArdmore, OKOK
ChickahominyAdkins, Graham88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickahominyAdkins, Tazewell A.88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickahominyJones, Robert A.88 Div 350 Inf Co FCharles City, VAVA
ChickasawArnold, Luther W.*3 Div 10 FA Btry DArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawBolen, Joseph*90 Div 358 Inf Co DStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawBolen, Morgan*29 Div 114 Inf Co AStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawBrown, Abel B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co E
ChickasawBrown, Jesse F.*36 Div 144 Inf Co FArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawCasey, John Wesley*NavyOK
ChickasawColbert, Ben H.*Tishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawColbert, Cubby*36 Div 142 Inf Co EStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawColbert, Humphreys*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawConnelly, John W.*8 Div 12 Inf CO HKemp, OKOK
ChickasawConnelly, William Ambroise*90 Div 345 MG BnAchille, OKOK
ChickasawCriner, John Adolphus*36 Div 142 Inf Co EArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawDavis, Buster36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawDuckworth, Perry Polaski*36 Div 142 Inf Co EKemp, OKOK
ChickasawDurant, Preeman John*90 Div 357 Inf Co EMcAlester, OKOK
ChickasawEubanks, Oliver4 Div 59 Inf Co MWynnewood, OKOK
ChickasawFolsome, Willie*315 Inf Co FLehigh, OKOK
ChickasawGlinslade, Albert M.*90 Div Co DAchille, OKOK
ChickasawHallum, GeorgeMarines 5 Reg Co BBartlett, TNTN
ChickasawHanan, Laurel L.*OK
ChickasawHarris, Delos*90 Div 358 Inf Co GOkmulgee, OKOK
ChickasawHart, Johnslin*4 Div 39 Inf Co I / 34 Div 136 Inf Co IReagan, OKOK
ChickasawHitcher, Thomas36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawImotichey, Holmes*90 Div 344 MG Bn Co AAda, OKOK
ChickasawJames, Culbertson Buster*90 Div 358 Inf Co DConner, OKOK
ChickasawJames, Feliz*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawJames, Rufus L.*Wapabucka, OKOK
ChickasawJames, Simeon36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawJohnson, Jimmie*36 Div 142 Inf Co ETroy, OKOK
ChickasawKeel, Archison C.*ArmyReagan, OKOK
ChickasawKeel, Lewellyn D.*90 Div 343 FA Btry EStratford, OKOK
ChickasawKeel, WilliamOKChilocco
ChickasawKemp, Eli Clem*90 Div 409 Telegraph Co ETishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawKemp, Lyman82 Div 320 FA Btry DMcAlester, OKOK
ChickasawKemp, Raymond H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co CTishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawLavers, Bennett H.*90 Div 357 Inf Co KConway, OKOKKIAChilocco
ChickasawLavers, Dawes*NavyOKChilocco
ChickasawLeming, Binnem89 Div 355 Inf Co HMead, OKOK
ChickasawLester, Moran S.*4 Div 39 Inf Co KArdmore, OKOK
ChickasawLewis, Edmond*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 141 Inf Co AConway, OKOK
ChickasawLiley, Dotson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawMaytubby, Peter P.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EReagan, OKOK
ChickasawMosely, Garnett F.*OKChilocco
ChickasawMosely, SimonOKChilocco
ChickasawParnacher, Nonles*36 Div 141 Inf Co FHickory, OKOK
ChickasawPernacher, Nolens36 Div 141 Inf Co FHickory, OKOK
ChickasawPerriman, George W.*36 Div 141 Inf Co IRoff, OKOK
ChickasawPerry, Joe36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChickasawPickens, Dave*Repl TG Det Co BLebanon, OKOK
ChickasawPickens, William Will*35 Div 130 FA Btry BMadill, OKOKHaskell
ChickasawPickey, Thomas Benson*Tuttle, OKOK
ChickasawPowell, Bert Roy*34 Div 109 Inf Co AYarnaby, OKOK
ChickasawTurnbull, Albert90 Div 358 InfAchille, OKOKKIA
ChickasawTussy, Alex Hugh*80 Inf Co HTussy, OKOK
ChickasawUnderwood, Intolubby H.*42 Div 165 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EStonewall, OKOK
ChickasawUnderwood*, Isaac*Reagan, OKOK
ChickasawWard, Estwill Chisholm*Tishomingo, OKOK
ChickasawWebster, David Hovis4 Div 39 Inf Co LPurdy, OKOK
ChickasawWolf, William Abel*36 Div 144 Inf Co DKingston, OKOK
ChickasawWright, Lester N.90 Div 357 Inf Co EHot Springs, ARAR
ChinookGoodell, Charles Lincoln77 Div 306 Reg Co BSiletz, OROR
ChinookGoodell, Henry M.77 Div 306 Reg Co BSiletz, OROR
ChinookGoodell, John JoeNavySiletz, OROR
ChipepwaPainter, Andrew32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaAckley, Ray P.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaAntell, James Robert90 Div 359 Inf Co CKimberly, MNMN
ChippewaArbuckle, Francis AlonsioArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaArbuckle, GeorgeArmyAshland, WIWI
ChippewaAsher, John WilliamArmyZeba, MIMI
ChippewaAsher, Samuel32 Div 125 Inf HQ CoZeba, MIMI
ChippewaAshmun, William J.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoAuTrain, MIMI
ChippewaAuginash, Fred166 Dep BrigNaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaAwan, James3 Div 30 Inf Co ILibby, MNMN
ChippewaBaker, Joe, Jr.32 DivBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaBaker, William LordArmySan Francisco, CACASherman
ChippewaBarcelo, AlbertArmyLangdon, NDNDChilocco
ChippewaBatiste, John32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DLoon Creek, WIWI
ChippewaBeane, John G.USS MichiganHaskell
ChippewaBeane, Raymond 32 EngHaskell
ChippewaBeane, Truman344 InfHaskell
ChippewaBear, Frank27 Hosp CorpOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaBear, John, Jr.
ChippewaBeaulieu, Dewey32 Div 125 Inf Co KDetroit, MIMI
ChippewaBelgarde, John91 Div 362 Inf Co MWolf Point, MTMT
ChippewaBelille, Dave32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaBelland, Dave WilliamCAC 69 Art Btry DWhite Earth, MNMN
ChippewaBellcour, Andrew J.1 Div Motor Truck Co 104 / Co 5White Earth, MNMNHampton
ChippewaBellcourt, Willie L.6 Div 6 Ammo Tn / 605 Eng BandPosston, MNMN
ChippewaBellefeuille, Leon George4 Motor Mec Co 8Callaway, MNMN
ChippewaBement, William HerbertMarines 2 Reg 53 CoWaubun, MNMN
ChippewaBender, Frederick88 Div 337 MG Bn Co BSibley, MNMNHampton
ChippewaBigboy, William32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaBisson, Leo JosephNavyDetroit, MNMN
ChippewaBlair, Joe5 Div 61 Inf Co LCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaBluesky, William J.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoWinter, WIWI
ChippewaBluestone, Thomas Dewey16 Div 16 Trench Mortar BnRedwood, MNMN
ChippewaBresette, DominickIRT HQ CoSt. Paul, MNMN
ChippewaBresette, Leonard F.ArmyMilwaukee, WIWI
ChippewaBrokaw, George Dewey88 Div 121 FA Btry CSpringbrook, WIWI
ChippewaBungo, George58 Inf Co HBena, MNMN
ChippewaBunker, Isaac C.89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ENaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaButterfield, Charley32 Div 107 Sup Tn Co 4Bayfield, WIWI
ChippewaButterfield, MikeBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaButterfield, StephenBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaCabay, ChesterBay City, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaCabay, Judson B.Bay City, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaCadotte, Charles A.32 Div 127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCadotte, John32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DHayward, WIWIKIA
ChippewaCameron, Joseph26 Div 101 Eng Co CBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaCayenne, George J.USS OklahomaBrowning, MTMTCarlisle
ChippewaCedotte, Charles A.32 Div 127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCharette, Alex32 Div 107 MP Co BBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaCharwood, Walter*Army
ChippewaChatfield, Wallace32 Div 128 Inf Co GSt. Charles, MIMIKIAMt Pleasant / Carlisle
ChippewaChicag, Archie32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaChingway, MikeNavyWI
ChippewaChippeway, John82 Div 328 Inf MG CoOnigum, MNMN
ChippewaChisholm, John32 Div InfHaskell
ChippewaClark, Harry T.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaClark, Nathan J.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaClements, Fred S.ArmyHaskell
ChippewaCloud, Antoine A.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCo Cumig, TibishCAC 49 Reg Co DBay River, MNMN
ChippewaConnor, Andrew E.7 Div 79 FA HQ CoOrange, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaCoon, Charlie32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DBalsom Lake, WIWI
ChippewaCoon, George32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCumberland, WIWI
ChippewaCoon, Lewis32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaCorbine, David32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCorderay, WIWI
ChippewaCouture, George W.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaCouture, Peter S.86 Div 331 FA Btry FBrookston, MNMN
ChippewaCrow, Nelson E.NavyWI
ChippewaCurtain, JamesBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaCurtis, FloydSCD 4 Ind Hg CampZeba, MIMI
ChippewaCurtis, William85 Div 328 FA Btry AL'Anse, MIMI
ChippewaDavidson, AlexArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaDefoe, Angus32 Div 128 Inf Co KBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaDeMarais, Francis Xavier9 Eng Co CSt. Paul, MNMN
ChippewaDeMarais, Joseph1 Div 6 FA Btry ASt. Paul, MNMN
ChippewaDeMarr, Alex32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDeMarr, EdUSS PoahontasReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDeMarr, Lawrence32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDeMarr, William32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDenasha, Antoine32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennis, Bazil32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennis, Charles32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennis, David32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDennis, Joseph32 Div 107 MP Co BBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaDennis, Willie32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaDenomie, Frank S.CACOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaDent, James R.28 Div 111 Inf Co LMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaDentz, Albert J.32 Div 33 Eng Co CMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaDentz, Levi Joseph4 Pioneer InfMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaDeperry, Antoine J.90 Div 357 Inf Co EMNKIA
ChippewaDorr, James Hinton86 Div 311 Eng Co ANaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaDrumbeater, FrankBena, MNMN
ChippewaDuFrane, Frank54 Pioneer Inf Co DStillwater, MNMN
ChippewaDurant, Paul11 Inf Co CNaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaDutton, Eugene S.85 Div 340 Inf Co LBurt, MIMI
ChippewaEagan, RayNavyHaskell
ChippewaEarth, William JosephRepl InfNaytahwaush, MNMN
ChippewaEdwards, Daniel 85 Div 328 FA Sup CoPayment, MIMI
ChippewaEllery, Patrick77 Div 306 Inf Co KPhillips County, MTMT
ChippewaEmerson, Joseph David30 Div 118 Inf Co LLengby, MNMN
ChippewaErmatinger, FrederickUSS LouisianaSault Ste Marie, MIMI
ChippewaFairbanks, Herman S.33 Div 129 Inf Co BMahnomen, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaFairbanks, Truman Peter77 Div 308 Inf Co GMN
ChippewaFish, Alfred S.3 Div 6 Eng Co CBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaGachter, Ames85 Div 337 Inf Co IWeidman, MIMI
ChippewaGeorge, William32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DHayward, WIWIKIA
ChippewaGiard, Henry Alexander88 Div 351 Inf Co LFosston, MNMN
ChippewaGokey, JohnWIHampton
ChippewaGoodman, Daniel34 Div Mail DetMNFlandreau
ChippewaGooselaw, Henry35 Div 130 FA Btry BSt. Vincent, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaGordon, Francis A.Army
ChippewaGordon, James M.86 Div 341 Inf Co GBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaGordon, Louis32 Div 107 MP Co 2Bayfield, WIWI
ChippewaGrey, Earl32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaGurnoe, JosephNavyWIHampton
ChippewaGurnoe, Vincent G.32 Div 128 Inf HQ CoBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaHathaway, William33 Div HQ CoBarron, WIWI
ChippewaHaymes, Robert B., Jr.ArmyHaskell
ChippewaHolmes, Frank279 Aero SquadHaskell
ChippewaHorne, Al J.85 Div 125 InfSault Ste Marie, MIMI
ChippewaHoward, John4 Div 4 Ammo Tn Co CLeech Lake, MNMN
ChippewaIsham, Albert32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaIsham, Bennie32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCouderay, WIWI
ChippewaIsham, Edward32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaIsham, Lawrence32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaIsham, William32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaJackson, Willis Alton32 Div 126 Inf Co MRosebush, MIMI
ChippewaJames, Alex32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DWinter, WIWIHaskell
ChippewaJenkins, Thomas*2 Div 23 Inf HQ CoBena, MNMN
ChippewaJerome, AntonArmy Med CorpBemidji, MNMN
ChippewaJolly, Edward P.26 Div 104 InfBelcourt, NDND
ChippewaKabogan, FrankMICarlisle
ChippewaKeplain, John B.4 Div 13 FA Btry E Mahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaKeshick, George85 Div 339 Inf Co BWilson, MIMI
ChippewaKingfisher, John32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaKiplin , AntoineCAC Prov Reg Co 39Cass Lake, MNMN
ChippewaKiplin , JosephMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaKiplin , Michael E.2 Div 23 Inf Co EKIA
ChippewaKnox, Charles32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DSolon Springs, WIWI
ChippewaKreiner, Benjamin C.32 Div 107 MORSOrange, WIWI
ChippewaLaChapelle, Alex3 Div 6 Eng Co B / 166 Dep BrigMaddock, MTMT
ChippewaLaCount, Louis77 Div 304 FA Btry BHigh Landing, MNMN
ChippewaLaFernia, GeorgeArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaLamoreaux, John32 Div 107 MP Co BBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaLaMotte, EdwardArmyPawhuska, OKOKHaskell
ChippewaLaPointe, Joseph A.127 Inf Co IOdanah, WIWIKIA
ChippewaLaquier, Frank1 Div 26 Inf Co HCass Lake, MNMNCarlisle
ChippewaLaRonge, George32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaLaroque, Marcell91 Div 363 Inf Co IWolf Point, MTMT
ChippewaLaverige, Peter E.6 Div 6 Ammo Tn Co BSuperior, WIWI
ChippewaLego, Andy B.NavyWaubun, MNMN
ChippewaLeith, Edward W.20 Eng Co 43Mahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaLemeux, Peter T.3 PO Bu Co BFond du Lac, MNMN
ChippewaLeMieux, VincentArmyCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaLibby, JosephMNCarlisle
ChippewaLink, Joe32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaLouis, Charles E.7 Div 55 Inf / 86 Div 342 InfOdenah, WIWI
ChippewaLumbar, Barney J.89 Div 353 Inf Co CSpringbrook, WIWI
ChippewaLynk, Joe32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaLyons, Daniel T.*Army
ChippewaLyons, James William86 Div 311 Eng Co EGrand Rapids, MNMN
ChippewaManypenny, CharlesArmyOdanah, WiWI
ChippewaMarshall , Thomas85 Div 337 Inf Co HMarquette, MIMI
ChippewaMartin, Henry G.3 Div 332 Art Btry COdanah, WIWI
ChippewaMartin, Joe33 Div 129 Inf Co LReserve, WIWI
ChippewaMartin, Joseph G.ArmyOdanah, WiWI
ChippewaMartin, William5 Div 61 Inf Co KCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaMayo, George H., Jr.Navy?L'Anse, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaMcConnell, Arthur L.32 Div 127 Inf Co ISuperior, WIWI
ChippewaMcDonald, JamesArmyHaskell
ChippewaMcGillis, Edward86 Div 332 Bn Btry AFosston, MNMN
ChippewaMcGillis, John BernardChemical Warfare ServiceFosston, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaMcGrigry, Norman D.33 Div 130 Inf Co HNew Lisbon, WIWI
ChippewaMcKenzie, Henry A.Beaulieu, MNMNHaskell
ChippewaMitchell, Peter Charles85 Div 340 Inf Co KWhite Rapids, WIWI
ChippewaMonette, Simeon5 Ord Grd CoSt. Joseph, NDND
ChippewaMonroe, JosephNavy 15 Reg BandOnigum, MNMN
ChippewaMooers, Daniel S.37 Div 148 Inf Co IDetroit, MNMN
ChippewaMoose, Joseph35 Div 139 Inf Co BDuane, MNMN
ChippewaMorrin, AdolphArmyBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaMorrin, EdwardBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaMunroe, JacobCass Lake, MNMN
ChippewaMurdock, BenNaval Air ServiceHaskell
ChippewaNahgahnub, George32 Div 120 MG Bn Co BGordon, WIWI
ChippewaNason, Edwin1 Army Art Park Btry BBena, MNMN
ChippewaNeff, Dudley E.USS FloridaTulsa, OKOKHaskell
ChippewaNesvold, Ira32 Div InfReserve, WIWIHaskell
ChippewaNeveaux, Joseph E.CACOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaNeveaux, LouisBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaNewagon, Vincent M.ArmyAshland, WIWI
ChippewaNorthrup, John32 Div 125 Inf MG CoFlint, MIMI
ChippewaNorthrup, JosephMN NG 4 Reg Co DDuluth, MNMN
ChippewaOley, Joseph Ernest4 Div 47 Inf Co DOntonagon, MIMI
ChippewaOsogwin, Michael Joseph85 Div 340 Inf Co KHessel, MIMI
ChippewaPashnee, Lee4 Div 58 Inf MG CoColeman, MIMI
ChippewaPelletier, Louie A.Base Hosp 46Missoula, MTMT
ChippewaPemberton, John L.PWE Co 66Mora, MNMN
ChippewaPero, FrankArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaPerson, Paul G.33 Div 132 Inf Co GBeaulieu, MNMN
ChippewaPeter, Frank4 Div 58 Inf MG CoRemus, MIMI
ChippewaPeters, Frank4 Div 58 Inf MG CoRamus, MIMI
ChippewaPetite, John32 Div 107 MP Co BBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaPine, Edward3 Div 7 Inf Co BRobbins, WIWI
ChippewaPoupart, VincentNavyKansas City, MOMO
ChippewaQuaderer, Tom32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaRabideaux, Alex F.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoAshland, WIWI
ChippewaRabideaux, Joseph32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaRay, ThomasCAC 15 CoCass Lake, MNMN
ChippewaRazor, Wilbert32 Div 125 Inf Co GWillow River, MNMN
ChippewaRevals, Fred AndrewCAC 22 CoNew Auburn, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaReynolds, William5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co DWhite Oak, MNMN
ChippewaRice, Frank Lemuel199 Aero SquadRichwood, MNMN
ChippewaRice, Robert81 Div 317 FA Btry DMora, MNMN
ChippewaRoy, Samuel A.78 Div 310 Inf Co E / 32 Div 341 Inf Co KBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaSailor, Frank3 Pioneer InfWilkinson, MNMN
ChippewaSantineau, Frank E.90 Div 357 Inf Co MOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaShady, Alfred2 Div 17 FA Btry FBeaulieu, MNMN
ChippewaShaw, Charles, Jr.32 Div 33 Inf Co FZeba, MIMI
ChippewaShaw , John Thomas85 Div 340 Inf Co KAssimins, MIMI
ChippewaShebingus, SamNavyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaShelifoe, Frank A.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaSmith, Walter A.2 Div 6 MG Bn Co CCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaSmith , Charles E. (Ahzhowahcumig)USS St. LouisBena, MNMN
ChippewaSoulier, William136 Inf HQ CoBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaSowmick, David32 Div 126 Inf Co EPinconing, MIMICarlisle
ChippewaSt. Martin, Joseph15 Inf Co BReserve, WIWI
ChippewaSt. Pierre, Samuel R.CAC 62 Reg Btry DStaple, MNMN
ChippewaStarr, Antoine G.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaStarr, FrankNavyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaStarr , Edward *NavyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaStevens, Joseph36 Div 141 Inf Co MMikado, MIMI
ChippewaStoddard, John A.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaSuilor, Frank3 Pioneer Inf Co HWilkenson, MNMN
ChippewaTainter, Andrew32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DCouderay, WIWI
ChippewaTebo, Stanley
ChippewaTevenett, William S.28 Div 111 Inf Co FCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaThayer, WilliamNavyWinter, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaThompson, Alvin*Army
ChippewaThompson, Simon M.2 Div 9 Inf Co FLibby, MNMN
ChippewaThorne, Albert J.85 Div 340 InfSault Ste. Marie, MIMI
ChippewaTibbetts, Thomas P.33 Div 132 Inf Co LBall Club, MNMN
ChippewaTiosh, WesleyArmy
ChippewaTiosh, William33 MI Co FZeba, MIMI
ChippewaTrouchie, JosephBelcourt, NDND
ChippewaVanderventer, George A.32 Div 127 Inf MG CoOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaVanderventer, Louis32 Div 107 MP Co BBayfield, WIWI
ChippewaVanderventer, Michael32 Div 107 MP Co 2Bayfield, WIWI
ChippewaVenne, Alfred M.Haskell / Carlisle
ChippewaVenne, EdmundSan TnHaskell
ChippewaVennes, AlbertCanadian Army 5 BnPipestone
ChippewaViviea, John L.91 Div 316 Ammo Tn Co GMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaWade, FrankArmyGordon, WIWI
ChippewaWadena, John S.33 Div 131 Inf Co KWhite Earth, MNMN
ChippewaWasihkey, William32 Div 125 Inf Co MBrimley, MIMI
ChippewaWelch, Gustavus808 Pioneer Inf Co BSpooner, WIWICarlisle
ChippewaWhite, Charles32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaWhite, GeorgeCarlisle
ChippewaWhite, James, Jr.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaWhite, John J.32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
ChippewaWhitebird, PeterUS Guards 36 BnCloquet, MNMN
ChippewaWiggins, FrancisNavyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaWilburn, Joe33 Div 131 Inf Co KMahnomen, MNMN
ChippewaWilde, FrankNavyHaskell
ChippewaWilson, Joseph, Jr.ArmyOdanah, WIWI
ChippewaWinters, Raymond E.3 Div 8 MG Bn Med DetDetroit, MIMI
ChippewaWishcop, Frank90 Div 358 Inf Co BGrand Marais, MNMN
ChippewaWright, EarlCAC 9 CoWalker, MNMN
ChippewaYager, JohnNavyCloquet, MNMN
Chippewa / BlackfootGreen, MortonMarines 5 Reg Co FSault Ste Marie, MIMI
Chippewa / OttawaMiller, Silas W.5 Div 20 FA Btry EElk Rapids, MIMI
Chippewa / ZuniZunigha, Vidal Julian42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 167Isleta, NMNMChilocco
ChoctawAddison, Ivan T.82 Div 327 Inf MG CoLeesville, LALA
ChoctawAinsworth, Chester A.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawAlexander, John C.*OKChilocco
ChoctawAlexander, John*OK
ChoctawAmeahtubbee, Sidney36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawAmos, Hickman*2 Div Ammo Tn 415Broken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawAmos, Kelisin*80 Div 318 Inf Co GSmithville, OKOK
ChoctawAnderson, Edward*15 Div 43 Inf Co E / 9 Recruit CoWilburton, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawAnderson, Freeman S.*90 Div 344 MG Btry Co DYanusha, OKOK
ChoctawAnderson, George W.*NavyAda, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawAnderson, James Thomas*5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EBraden, OKOK
ChoctawAnderson, Jimmie*36 Div 143 Inf Co D / 142 Inf Co CBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawAnderson, Noel358 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawAnna, Kolisten*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawAnna, Tecumseh*4 Div 16 FA Btry BBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawArbit, Homer36 Div 141 Inf Co BBethel, OKOK
ChoctawArchibald, David*82 Div 31 Inf Co FBacone, OKOK
ChoctawAtkinson, Jesse J.*36 Div 142 Inf Co ECaddo, OKOK
ChoctawAustin, Samuel*90 Div 51 Co Dep BrigValliant, OKOK
ChoctawBacon, Reuben J.*4 Div 16 FA Btry FTalihina, OKOK
ChoctawBaker, John*90 Div 343 FA Btry AFletcher, OKOK
ChoctawBattice, William*36 Div 141 Inf Co GKullilo, OKOK
ChoctawBattiest, Frank162 Dep Brig Co BKullituklo, OKOK
ChoctawBattiest, John W.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBattiest, Silas M.*90 Div 358 Inf Co EOKHaskell
ChoctawBeames, Samuel S36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBeck, Tandy*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBenton, Everidge*USS MinnesotaOKHaskell
ChoctawBilly, Albert*36 Div 142 Inf HQ CoPoteau, OKOK
ChoctawBilly, DavidHanna, OKOK
ChoctawBilly, Dawson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawBilly, Dennis*90 Div 358 Inf Co BHeavener, OKOK
ChoctawBilly, JamesEagletown, OKOK
ChoctawBilly, William Lee*90 Div 343 MG BnDaisy, OKOK
ChoctawBobb, Mitchell*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESmithville, OKOK
ChoctawBohanan, Stacey David*36 Div 142 Inf Co ENorman, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawBohanan , Richard*86 Div 343 Inf Co DWatson, OKOK
ChoctawBohanan , Silas E.*57 FA Btry K / 309 Cav Trp LLudlow, OKOK
ChoctawBohanon , Stewart18 Div 19 Inf Co EGolden, OKOK
ChoctawBond, Luke L.*85 Div 165 Inf Co EStigler, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawBoyer, Ernest82 Div 327 Inf Co DGuthrie, OKOK
ChoctawBrewer, Albert*82 Div 321 FA Co BBoswell, OkOK
ChoctawBrown, Elias*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKHaskell
ChoctawBrown, Frank*36 Div 141 Inf Co BJanis, OKOK
ChoctawBrown, Nicholas E.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
ChoctawBrown, Victor*OKHaskell
ChoctawBryant, Napoleon*10 Div 20 Inf Co EMcAlester, OKOK
ChoctawBurks, Tom35 Div 110 San Tn Fld Hosp 139Antioch, OKOK
ChoctawByington, Rufus 1 Div 16 InfAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawByington, Silas*90 Div 343 MG Bn Co ADaisy, OKOK
ChoctawCamp, Ricard L.36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co GHodgens, OKOK
ChoctawCarney, George W.*90 Div 344 MG Bn Co BQuinton, OKOK
ChoctawCarney, Larden E.*RTC 2 Grp Co CNashoba, OKOK
ChoctawCarterby, Ben*36 Div 141 Inf Co DBethel, OKOK
ChoctawCharles, Martin*36 Div 143 Inf Co B / 142 Inf Co EIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawChoate, Ben*36 Div 132 FA Btry ARufe, OkOK
ChoctawChoate, George R.*90 Div 343 FA Sup CoNorth McCalister, OKOK
ChoctawChoate, Green McCurtain*15 Div 80 Inf Co ATishomingo, OKOK
ChoctawChristie, Michael15 Div 79 Inf HQ CoValliant, OKOK
ChoctawChristie, Moses15 Div 44 FA Btry CValliant, OKOK
ChoctawChristie, NelsonCAC Co 19Boktuklo, OKOK
ChoctawClark, Leonard 5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EChickasha, OKOK
ChoctawClemmens, William Theodore7 Div 56 Inf Co CArch, OKOK
ChoctawCline, Joseph Victor*87 Div 346 Inf Sup CoAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawColbert, Benjamin H., Jr.*OK
ChoctawColbert, Philiston7 DivWatson, OKOK
ChoctawColbert, Willie*29 Div 113 Inf Co CKinta, OKOK
ChoctawCole, Forbis*32 Div 127 Inf Co KAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawCole, James E.*42 Div 165 Inf Co K / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawCollin, Ed80 Div 318 Inf MG CoKullituklo, OKOK
ChoctawColumbus, Silas*36 Div 142 Inf Co EIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawCooper, John36 Div 142 Inf Co EEagletown, OKOK
ChoctawCooper, Sampson*42 Div 168 Inf Co CHugo, OKOK
ChoctawCoxwell, Loston*36 Div 144 Inf Co LHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawCrowder, Bunnie F.2 Div 23 Inf Sup Co Sopar, OKOK
ChoctawCurtis, Homer*NavyOK
ChoctawCusher, Simeon*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOKKIA
ChoctawDaney, Gilbert W.Intelligence DeptIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawDavenport, George Edwin*36 Div 142 Inf Co ETulsa, OKOK
ChoctawDavenport, Joseph Harvey*36 Div 142 Inf Co EFinley, OKOK
ChoctawDavid, Wister L.*36 Div 141 inf Co MFort Towson, OKOK
ChoctawDavilla, Charlie C.28 Div 112 Inf Co CSan Marcos, TXTX
ChoctawDeNilla, Charles C.28 Div 112 Inf Co CLone, TXTX
ChoctawDenison, Henry C.*4 Div 159 Inf Co LIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawDewey, Hobson Perrigin5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EReform, ALAL
ChoctawDurant, Albert Walter*USS TacomaAtoka, OKOKChilocco
ChoctawDurant, Bee*4 Div 47 inf Co MBennington, OKOK
ChoctawDurant, Jonas*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawDwight, Benjamin*Army Intelligence DeptOK
ChoctawEdwards, James*Ida (Battiest), OKOK
ChoctawEleomonotubbi, Steson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawEmerson, Jackson*36 Div 142 Inf Co AArdmore, OKOK
ChoctawFarver, Peru*Eagletown, OKOK
ChoctawFobb, Edmond*36 Div 142 Inf Co EEagletown, OKOKKIA
ChoctawFobb, Silas162 Dep Brig Demob Detach 1Golden, OKOK
ChoctawFolsom, Alexander H.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawFolsom, FrankNavy HospOKHaskell
ChoctawFolsom, Grover C.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawFolsom, Oscar*90 Div 344 MG Btry Co COklahoma City, OKOK
ChoctawFolsom, Sampson*4 Div 39 Inf Co HWhitefield, OKOK
ChoctawFrazier, Tobias William*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESpencerville, OKOK
ChoctawFrazier, Willie C.*36 Div 141 Inf Co MSpencerville, OKOK
ChoctawFulton, Robert J.*42 Div 165 Inf Co F / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrant, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawGibson, Douglas*CAC 45 Art Btry ASulphur, OKOK
ChoctawGibson, Simon36 Div 144 Inf Co LKiowa, OKOK
ChoctawGoode, William F.*Navy Camp Paul Jones Co 26Boswell, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawGooding, Louis Leflore*87 Div 312 Fld Sig Bn Co CValliant, OKOK
ChoctawGordon, Elisha33 Div HQ CoCoffman, TXTX
ChoctawGoynes, Mitchell1 Div 16 Inf Co EGroveton, TXTX
ChoctawGreen, Joe*IRC 1 Reg Co EOKChilocco
ChoctawHaas, George E.7 Div 64 Inf Co COK
ChoctawHallmark, Elzie35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FDeerfield, KSKS
ChoctawHampton, Benjamin W.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawHancock, Aaron*ArmyOKChilocco
ChoctawHardy, Kennedy*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawHarris, Daniel C.OARDWister, OKOK
ChoctawHarrison, Wylie B.36 Div 142 Inf Co EBokchito, OKOK
ChoctawHarvey, Beard Job*4 Div 47 Inf Co KLatimer, OKOKChilocco
ChoctawHayes, James Elmer*USS LearyAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawHickman, Samuel*ArmyOK
ChoctawHickman, William*18 Div 19 Inf Co HOKChilocco
ChoctawHomer, Arbit*36 Div 141 Inf Co BBethel, OKOK
ChoctawHomer, Nelson H.35 Div 144 Inf Co LGarvin, OKOK
ChoctawHomer, Wilson*36 Div 144 Inf Co LGarvin, OKOK
ChoctawHoparkentubbee, Eastman36 Div 142 Inv Co EOK
ChoctawHopson, Cornelius*7 Div 64 Inf Co COK
ChoctawHotinlubbi, Lorin*36 Div 144 Inf Co LHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawHudson, George W.*3 Div 38 Inf Co KHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawHudson, Preston Eugene*7 Ballon CoTushkahoma, OKOK
ChoctawHudson, Willis 36 Div 142 Inf Co EBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawHulsey, Lemuel Virgil*90 Div 357 Inf Co BPauls Valley, OKOK
ChoctawIshcomer, Wilton*165 Dep Brig 10 Bn Co 37Garvin, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawJackson, Charley36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJackson, Davis*36 Div 141 Inf Co MBoswell, OKOK
ChoctawJackson, RobertMed CorpsPoteau, OKOK
ChoctawJackson, Tillie2 Div 9 Inf MG CoMuskogee, OKOK
ChoctawJames, Bennie*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJames, Charles36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJames, Davis39 Cas CoGolden, OKOK
ChoctawJames, Jackson*15 Div 215 Sig Corp Co CBlanco, OKOK
ChoctawJames, Jacob J.*90 Div 358 Inf Co IShady Point, OKOKArmstrong Academy
ChoctawJames, Jesse Albert*3 Div 4 Inf Co LMadill, OKOK
ChoctawJames, Thomas A.5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EBraden, OKOK
ChoctawJefferson, Douglas*Fld Hosp 143Lodi, OKOK
ChoctawJohn, Gabriel R.15 Div 79 Reg Co LBoktuklo, OKOK
ChoctawJohn, Israel*36 Div 144 Inf Co LKullituklo, OKOK
ChoctawJohn, Watson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJohnico, Grant*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJohnson, Alfred15 Div 30 Inf HQ CoTalihina, OKOK
ChoctawJohnson, Bobb31 Inf Co BHochatown, OKOK
ChoctawJohnson, Daniel*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJohnson, Noel*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawJones, Alfus2 MC Cas Det Aux Remount Dep 333 Eagletown, OKOK
ChoctawJones, Grayson*36 Div 142 Inf Co ECoalgate, OKOK
ChoctawJones, Morris*42 Div 165 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhitesboro, OKOK
ChoctawKaneubbe, Charles T.343 Bn Tank CorpsGoodland, OKOK
ChoctawKaneubbe, Hampton LamarArmyGoodland, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawKing, Gilbert*15 Div 80 InfTalihina, OKOK
ChoctawKirkpatrick, Dewey M.*35 Div 130 FA Btry BHugo, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawLeader, James Charles35 Div 129 MG Bn Co A / 90 Div 343 MG Bn Co AAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawLeader, Otis Wilson*36 Div 142 Inf Co ECalvin, OKOK
ChoctawLeFlore, Joseph, Jr.*36 Div 111 Eng Co ELeflore, OKOK
ChoctawLeFlore, McAlester*23 Div Co 10Leflore, OKOK
ChoctawLeFlore, Wilmond*57 FA Btry BLeflore, OKOK
ChoctawLeonard, Clark5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co EChickasha, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, Dickson L.*26 Div 102 MG Bn Co AGerty, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, Grady87 Div 336 MG Bn Co ADurant, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, James36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLewis, Jeff F.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLewis, Jesse4 Div 39 Inf Co IAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, John T.79 Div 314 Inf Co MAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, Lenn*4 Div Casual DetCaney, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, Renda*162 Dep Brig Co 14OK
ChoctawLewis, Solomon Bond*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBennington, OKOK
ChoctawLewis, William*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawLocke, Ben Davis*OK
ChoctawLocke, Victor Murat, Jr.*ReservesAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawLoman, Oscar T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EGarvin, OKOK
ChoctawLoman, Samwell*36 Div 142 Inf Co EHochatown, OKOK
ChoctawLucas, Frank*36 Div 142 Inf Co EFlint, OKOK
ChoctawLuna, Blas5 Div 13 MG Bn Co ASan Antonio, TXTX
ChoctawLyles, Eugene*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMartin, Bennett*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co DLodi, OKOK
ChoctawMassey, Thomas A. J.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co FKemp, OKOK
ChoctawMcAleer, Charles F.Field Hosp 26Caddo, OkOK
ChoctawMcCasson, Sam R.*4 Div 39 Inf Co KHowe, OKOK
ChoctawMcClure, Absolom*162 Dep Brig 39 Cas CoShults, OKOK
ChoctawMcClure, Henry E.*90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BHaywood, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawMcClure, Oscar R.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOdell, OKOK
ChoctawMcCoy, Alexander*42 Div 165 Inf Co G / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrant, OKOK
ChoctawMcCoy, Sam*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMcCurtain, Ewart P.*39 Div 142 FA Btry DPoteau, OKOK
ChoctawMcCurtain, Green*35 Div 130 FA Btry BHodgen, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawMcCurtain, Zack*ArtilleryOKHaskell
ChoctawMcGee, Edgar*36 Div 142 Inf Co ETalihina, OKOK
ChoctawMcGee, Isom*28 Div 112 Inf Co HOKKIA
ChoctawMcGee, Silas G.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhitesboro, OKOK
ChoctawMcGilberry, Charles*15 Div 79 Inf / 165 Dep Brig Co 47OKChilocco
ChoctawMcKinney, Jackson J.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMcKinney, Mana*4 Reg Co HJadie, OKOK
ChoctawMcKinney, MaynardOARGoodwater, OKOK
ChoctawMcKinney, Robinson*Air Service 20 RegGoodwater, OKOK
ChoctawMeashintubby, Eastman*90 Div 358 Inf Co EOKHaskell
ChoctawMeshaya, James*36 Div 144 Inf Co MRufe, OKOK
ChoctawMoore, Vance36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawMorris, Sam77 Div 308 InfOK
ChoctawMorris, Walter*OK Draft HQAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawNanomantuby, Jacob B.35 Div 130 FA Btry BHugo, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawNelson, Allington T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawNelson, Cole E.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EAntlers, OKOKArmstrong Academy
ChoctawNelson, Jeff*Kullitukle, OKOK
ChoctawNelson, John
ChoctawNelson, Leo B.36 Div 142 Inf Co EArdmore, OKOK
ChoctawNelson, Osborne
ChoctawNewsom, Henry*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawNoah, Alfred Basil*36 Div 141 Inf Co IAlbion, OKOK
ChoctawNoah, Harrison*1 Dev Bn Co 4Ida, OKOK
ChoctawNoah, William*42 Div 163 Inf Co 35Ida, OKOK
ChoctawNunomantuby, Jacob35 Div 130 Inf Btry BHugo, OKOK
ChoctawOklahombi, Joseph*36 Div 141 Inf Co DWright City, OKOK
ChoctawPerkins, Shelby*53 FA Btry BCaney, OKOK
ChoctawPerry, Jefferson*Army Quinton, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawPeter, Hodges T.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EKullitukle, OKOK
ChoctawPitchlynn, Peter Paul*32 Div 125 Inf Co ETalihina, OKOK
ChoctawQuaid, William28 Div 110 Inf Co FAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawRalls , Joseph G., Jr.2 Div 2 Eng Co CAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawReed, George*36 Div 141 Inf Co FWilburton, OKOK
ChoctawRisner, Rufus T.36 Div 142 Inf Co EKiowa, OKOK
ChoctawSamuel, Silas*89 Div 356 Inf Co FSmithville, OKOK
ChoctawSerna, Alex91 Div 316 Fld Sig BnColeman, TXTX
ChoctawSexton, Henry Harrison*90 Div 358 Inf Co BHodgens, OKOK
ChoctawShotubbi, Louie4 Div 5 Detach Labor BnValliant, OKOK
ChoctawSimmons, Irvin*CAC 72 Art Btry CIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawSlaughter, John36 Div 111 Ammo TnHowe, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawSlinker, Thomas Dewey*28 Inf Co D / 10 Inf Co BDurant, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawSneed, William H.2 Div Marines 6 Reg 83 CoAvinger, TXTX
ChoctawSockey, Cleveland*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBokoshe, OKOK
ChoctawSockey, Eli William*17 Div 29 Inf Med DeptLeFlore, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawSockey, Rafe*35 Div 130 FA Btry BArdmore, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawSockey, Robert*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBokoshe, OKOK
ChoctawSolomon, Dickson*36 Div 144 Inf Co ICloudy, OKOKKIA
ChoctawSolomon, Thompson*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 90 Div 358 Inf Co FCloudy, OKOK
ChoctawSpring, Jesse*NavyOKHaskell
ChoctawStigler, William Grady*90 Div 357 Inf Co LStigler, OKOK
ChoctawSwink, William E.18 Div 19 Eng Co EValliant, OKOK
ChoctawTaylor, Robert*36 Div 142 Inf Co EIdaville, OKOK
ChoctawTerrell, Daniel *36 Div 142 Inf Co EShady Point, OKOK
ChoctawThomas, John Jay, Jr.*SATC Co ATalihina, OkOK
ChoctawThomas, Leo M.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThomas, Moses*36 Div 143 Inf Co LValliant, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawThomas, Wilson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EKanima, OKOK
ChoctawThomas, Wilson*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThompson, Ellis*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawThompson, Jefferson*36 Div 143 Inf Co EHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawThompson, Virgil C.1 Dev Bn Co 2Valliant, OKOK
ChoctawTikubbi, Levi*303 FA Co DBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawTipp, Richard Francis29 Div 104 Ammo Tn Co FMobile, ALAL
ChoctawTisho, George*36 Div 144 Inf Co LGolden, OKOK
ChoctawTisho, Rogers*32 Div 125 Inf Co HWright, OKOK
ChoctawTisho, WesleyAir ServiceOak Hill, OKOK
ChoctawTubby, Adolphus42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EKiowa, OKOK
ChoctawTupper, Hobson*164 Aero SquadArdmore, OKOKCarlisle
ChoctawVeach, Columbus E.*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 42 Div 165 InfDurant, OKOK
ChoctawVeach, Walter*OK
ChoctawVick, Leslie*97 Div 365 Inf MG CoMuskogee, OKOK
ChoctawWade, Noah*63 Inf Co AOK
ChoctawWalker, Denison*90 Div 358 Inf Co IIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawWalker, Edward E.*57 FA / 309 Cav Co IPoteau, OKOK
ChoctawWall, James Hilburn*36 Div 143 Inf Co EStratford, OKOK
ChoctawWall, Peter*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWallace, Arch 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWallace, John36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWallace, WillisDev Bn Co AHaworth, OKOK
ChoctawWalley, Jacob*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBennington, OKOKKIA
ChoctawWard, Frank J.*1 Div 1 MG Bn Co ASpiro, OKOK
ChoctawWard, Fred G.*5 Div 60 Inf MG CoSpiro, OKOK
ChoctawWard, Reed*Med CorpsIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawWard, Sampson*36 Div 141 InfBoktuklo, OKOKKIA
ChoctawWatson, John36 Inf 131 FA Btry CGolden, OKOK
ChoctawWebster, Josiah*90 Div 343 FA Btry DIdabel, OKOK
ChoctawWebster, Summie*1 Div 14 Cav Co CAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawWesley, Silas *85 Div 355 inf Co FAntlers, OKOK
ChoctawWhite, Curlee36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ChoctawWilliams, Eli42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EHugo, OKOK
ChoctawWilliams, GeorgeOKChilocco
ChoctawWilliams, OscarNavy Radio Co D-1OKChilocco
ChoctawWillingham, Arnold T.*3 Div 10 FA Btry FAntioch, OKOK
ChoctawWillis, John*36 Div 141 Inf Co FAtoka, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Calvin or Cabin*36 Div 142 Inf Co EGoodwater, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Henry J.*32 Div 126 Inf Co HBennington, OKOKHaskell
ChoctawWilson, James S.NavyFort Towson, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Jeff*36 Div 144 Inf Co AMoyers, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Josiah*35 Div 129 MG Bn Co MRedden, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Noah C.*36 Div 143 Inf Co MSmithville, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Osborne*10 Inf Detention CampBroken Bow, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Robinson*90 Div 343 MG Bn Co AWapanucka, OKOK
ChoctawWilson, Willie3 MFTC Prov Tn Co FEagletown, OKOK
ChoctawWinlock, Ellis*MG Co 16Talhina, OKOK
ChoctawWister, David L.36 Div 141 Inf Co MFort Towson, OKOK
ChoctawWright, Frank Hall, Jr.*Air ServiceSaratoga, NYNY
Choctaw / CherokeeMoody, James35 Div 137 Inf Co MVian, OKOK
Choctaw ?DePorte, JosephCanadian Army 29 BnRiverside, CACA
Choctaw ?Hopotubbee, Lubbin36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Choctaw, MississippiAmos, Willie*36 Div 143 Inf Co CPurcell, OKOKChilocco
Choctaw, MississippiChickasaw, Kelly5 Div 11 Inf Co KPhiladelphia, MSMS
Choctaw, MississippiFarve, Joseph Forest*15 Div 43 Inf Co DBay St. Louis, MSMS
Choctaw, MississippiFranklin, Alfus R.*34 Div 133 Inf Co MBokchito, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiMeely, Kelly Y.*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESulphur, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiNed, Frank*4 Div 13 FA Btry CArdmore, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiPorter, Thornton J.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EMS
Choctaw, MississippiRasha, John*36 Div 132 MG Bn Btry BArdmore, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiSam, Joe*3 Div 38 Inf Co LHennepin, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiSimon, Amos*36 Div 142 Inf Co EMS
Choctaw, MississippiSockey, Rick*MS
Choctaw, MississippiWilliams, SamArmyKullituklo, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiWilliamson, Joe*42 InfAchille, OKOK
Choctaw, MississippiWillis, Adolphus*36 Div 144 Inf Co BHugo, OKOK
Citizen PotawatomiBlair, Kirk Lewis*12 Railway Eng Co EDallas, TXTX
Citizen PotawatomiPierson, JoeDep Brig Med CorpMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Citizen PotawatomiSprague, Jacob313 Cav / 69 FA Btry FMayetta, KSKS
ClallamAllen, JohnUSS MichiganTomah, WAWACarlisle
ClallamDownie, Reginald G.247 PWE CoChemawa, ORORChemawa
ClatsopService, Robert Nelson4 Balloon Squad / 10 Balloon SquadGlen Ella, WAWAChemawa
ClatsopService, William183 Aero Squad / 1 Air ParkAstoria, ORORChemawa
Cleaut / Wilapau ?Frank, David32 Div 126 Inf Co MBay Center WAWA
Coeur d'AleneCherapkin, Joseph Ignace*358 Inf Co ETensed, IDID
Coeur d'AleneHilburn, Jacob*91 Div 362 Inf Co MSetters, IDID
Coeur d'AleneMoctelme, John Felicien*91 Div 361 Inf Co BTekoa, WAWA
ColvilleArcasa, AlexanderMarines 8 RegNespelem, WAWA
ColvilleLafleur, Mitchel JamesUSS StreblingSpokane, WAWA
ColvilleLeighton, Thomas77 Div 305 Inf Co KKeller, WAWA
ColvilleMcClung, Jesse13 Ammo Tn Co GInchelium, WAWA
ColvilleMcMaster, William DonaldMarines 2 Reg MG Bn Co 196 Keller, WAWA
ColvilleMoomaw, Leo Samuel13 Div 1 Inf HQ CoMonse, WAWA
ColvilleOverton, Louis91 Div 346 FAKettle Falls, WAWA
ColvillePerkins, James F.146 Art Btry F Bassburg, WAWA
ComancheAtchavit, Calvin*36 Div 142 Inf Co A / 90 Div 357 Inf Co AWalters, OKOKPhoenix
ComancheBluehorse, Toacesy*OK
ComancheCable, Bert*28 Div 111 FA Btry DCache, OKOKHaskell
ComancheChebahtah, James Hezekiah*8 Div 13 Inf Co GAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheClark, Edward Hatch*165 Dep Brig 46 CoAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheClark, George*90 Div 357 InfAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheConwoop, Gilbert Pahdi*90 Div 357 Inf Co AAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheCoosewoon, Abner*Base Hosp, Camp LoganOK
ComancheGonzales, Felipe*18 Div 19 Inf Co HAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheGonzales, Philip*165 Dep Brig Co 7OK
ComancheHomovich, Herbert*ArmyWalters, OKOK
ComancheKahnoosty, Sam*36 Div 142 Inf Co EBinger, OKOK
ComancheKerchee, William N.*Lawton, OKOKHaskell
ComancheKomah, Amos*165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46Lawton, OKOKCarlisle
ComancheKomah, Kerring Henry*ArmyAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheLeBarre, Frank Lewis*77 Div 308 Inf Co K / 34 Div 133 Inf Co KLawton, OKOK
ComancheLeBarre, John*CAC 63 Art Btry AAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheLeBarre, Louis*Pack Train 5Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheLookingglass, Phillip*Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheMaddox, Dewey*35 Div 130 FA Btry BLawton, OKOKHaskell
ComancheMaddox, James*41 Div 164 Inf Co B / 5 WI Band / 1 Rep Reg 2 Bn Co 8Anadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComancheMahseet, Alfred*OK
ComancheMahseet, Carl*36 Div 142 Inf Co BAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComancheMahseet, Harold*36 Div 142 Inf HQ Co Cyril, OKOKHaskell
ComancheMahseet, Lee*2 AAP Co D / SFCA Co 46Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheMerryweerwry, Jerry O.*OK
ComancheMullens, Samuel*1 Inf Repl Reg Co HEvansville, ININHaskell
ComancheNahdayaka, Lemuel Pebeahsy*ArmyCache, OKOK
ComancheNahquaddy, Edward Albert*90 Div 357 Inf / 82 Div 319 FA Btry CFaxon, OKOK
ComancheOtipoby, Hugh*41 Div 164 Inf Co LAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComanchePahdopony, Mack John*OK
ComancheParker, Thomas Tittah*3 Trng Reg Co HAnadarko, OKOK
ComanchePekah, James Wermy*82 Div 319 FA Btry CCache, OKOK
ComanchePekah, RoyceMed CorpsAnadarko, OKOK
ComanchePermansu, Will Henry*34 Div 135 Inf Co DWalters, OKOK
ComanchePewewardy, Samuel*Butcher Co 307Anadarko, OKOK
ComanchePoahway, John*OK
ComanchePohocsucut, Preston*OK
ComanchePoywetowaup, Guy*Cas Camp Co DLawton, OKOKHaskell
ComanchePueblo, Frank*ArmySnyder, OKOKCarlisle
ComancheRed Elk (Attewuthtakewa), Frank*4 Div 58 Inf MG CoWalters, OKOKHaskell
ComancheSaupitty, John*OK
ComancheSaupitty, Lyon*165 Dep Brig Co 46Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheSaupitty (Quannamemywermy), Jerry O.*OK
ComancheTabbytosavit, Samuel*90 Div 357 Inf Co BAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComancheTahdooahnippah, Mikey*165 Dep Brig 8 Btry 30 CoAnadarko, OKOKPhoenix
ComancheTahkofper, James*53 FA Bat FAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheTahmahkera, Samuel T.*18 Div 54 FA / 304 Cav Trp EAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComancheTahpay, Cleveland*165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheTahpay, James D.*306 Fld RMT Squad QMC / 165 Dep Brig 12 BnAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheTahquechi, Norton Soporene*USS MichiganAnadarko, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
ComancheTarcypokeadooah, William C.*22 Eng Co CAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheTaunah, Bert Casey*7 Div 34 Inf Co D / 165 Dep Brig 11 Btry 435 CoWalters, OKOK
ComancheTiddark, Royce*OK
ComancheTomah, Lawrence Bruce, Sr.*OKHaskell
ComancheTomah*, Casey*OK
ComancheTooencepper, Roy*Butcher Co 307Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheTopetchy, Bryan*79 InfAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheWahkahquah, John Oscar*22 Eng Co CAnadarko, OKOK
ComancheWahkinney, Jacob*27 Div 107 Inf / 165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46Anadarko, OKOKHaskell
ComancheWerhevahwermy, Thomas*307 Unit Barracks B 21Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheWermypekah, Thompson*165 Dep Brig 12 Bn Co 46Anadarko, OKOK
ComancheYackeyonny, Owen*Anadarko, OKOK
CowlitzMcKay, Laurence G.CACRoche Harbor, WAWA
CowlitzPatterson, WilliamSpruce SquadTacoma, WAWA
CowlitzPeterson, William44 Spruce SquadTacoma, WAWA
Cowlitz / YakimaLewis, Mitchell3 Div Fld Hosp 27Kelso, WAWA
CreeLaRoque, GeorgeND
Cree / ChippewaBoushie, Joseph J.13 Div 166 Dep Brig 23 CoBabb, MTMT
Cree / FrenchLaValle, RoyMarines USS MontanaJamestown, NDND
CroatanLockley, Benson81 Div 321 Inf Co BRobinson Co, NCNC
CrowBird Above, Irwin148 FASt. Xavier, MTMT
CrowCashen, William Kent13 Ammo Tn Co EBillings, MTMT
CrowCooper, James B.4 Div 58 Inf Sup CoLodge Grass, MTMT
CrowDoyle, Robert EmmetAir Service 10 Construction COParkman, WYWY
CrowGarrigus, Arthur RaymondAir Service Billings, MTMT
CrowIron, Albert2 Dev Bn 166 Dep BrigSt. Xavier, MTMT
CrowPeters, George William27 Aero SquadLodge Grass, MTMTHaskell / Chemawa
CrowPhelps, Francis K.1 Inf MG CoPryor, MTMT
CrowPickett, Joseph J.USS Covington / USS WainwrightDupuyer, MTMT
CrowPickett, Thomas A.35 Div 130 FA Btry BPoplar, MTMTHaskell / Carlisle
CrowStevens, Clarence L.4 Div 47 Inf HQ CoGrey Cliff, MTMT
Crow Creek SiouxArchambeau, JohnArmyCrow Creek, SDSDHampton
Crow Creek SiouxLodge, Joseph2 Inf Co IFort Thompson, SDSD
Crow Creek SiouxMcBride, Jerry34 Div 1 SD Cav Troop L / 135 Inf Co F / PWE CoGrosse, SDSD
DelawareBlack, Albert*OK
DelawareBuffalo, James F.*Base Hosp 81OK
DelawareEverett, William T .36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
DelawareJackson, James Harold*OK
DelawareKetchum, William T.90 Div 344 MG Btry Co BVinita, OKOK
DelawareLongbone, Raymond A.*88 Div 339 MG BnDewey, OKOK
DelawareLonghorn, MalcolmArmyAnadarko, OKOK
DelawareLove, Blanton*35 Div 139 Inf Co ANowata, OKOK
DelawareMarshall , Andrew J.3 Div 38 Inf Co KBartlesville, OKOK
DelawareMcCarthin, James B.85 Div 358 Inf Bartlesville, OKOK
DelawareRandall, Lambert Kinkaid*OK
DelawareThaxton, Otis D.*OK
DelawareWilson, Walter*57 Inf Co KOK
DelawareZiegler, Samuel82 Div 320 FA Btry FJay, OKOK
Delaware Parker, John W.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Delaware Smith, William B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co EDelaware, OKOK
Delaware / CaddoEdwards, Eustace35 Div 110 Eng Co FAnadarko, OKOKCarlisle
Delaware / CaddoOsborne, Frank F.2 Div 17 FA Btry CAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
Diegueno ?Williams, William H.40 Div 160 Inf Co EJulian, CACASherman
DiggerAleas, Joseph Francis7 Div 21 MG BnCenterville, CACA
DiggerBaker, William89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ETaylorsville, CACAChilocco / Phoenix
DiggerHenry, Phillip26 Div 102 Inf Co FGreenville Dam, CACA
DiggerPorter, John H.NavyCAPhoenix
DiggerSwipes, HarleyNavyCAPhoenix
Digger (Miwok?)Suehead, Walter Ira91 Div 363 Inf Co FNewcastle, CACA
Digger ? MaiduMitchell, Andrew C.91 Div 347 MG Bn Co DColusa, CACA
DuwamishJames, August91 Div 362 Inf Co MAuburn, WAWA
DuwamishYoung, Willie Robert91 Div 361 Inf Co GAuburn, WAWA
Eel RiverHarris, Harvey Camp LewisMorena, CACASherman
EucheeBigpond, William36 Div 141 inf Co BDepew, OKOK
Flandreau SiouxJones, HarryCAC 148 Art Btry FFlandreau, SDSDFlandreau
Flandreau SiouxRedwing, JesseCAC 53 Art Btry CFlandreau, SDSDFlandreau
FlatheadAuld, Edward*91 Div 363 Inf Co EPolson, MTMT
FlatheadBarnaby, Max J.*41 Div 161 InfPablo, MTMT
FlatheadCourville, Albert14 Inf Co MSt. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadCourville, Bennie2 MT Inf Co FSt. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadEdward, Aulee ?91 Div 363 Inf Co EPolson, MTMT
FlatheadEneas, Joseph*32 Div QM Labor Det / 32 Div 126 Inf Co GSt. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadFelsman, JosephAero Squad 268St. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadGale, Joseph McKay10 Aero SquadHavre, MTMTChemawa
FlatheadGardepi, Joseph*91 Div 316 Trench Mortar BtrySt. Ignatius MTMT
FlatheadHull, BenjaminRepl TrpRonan, MTMT
FlatheadHull, Philip D.*166 Dep Brig 10 Bn Co 40Pendleton, ORORHaskell
FlatheadHull, Tracy D.*89 Div 314 Eng HQ CoRonan, MTMT
FlatheadLarrivee, Joseph130 Aero SquadPolson, MTMT
FlatheadMarkle, William1 CavCamas, MTMT
FlatheadMcConnell, James24 Vet HospSt. Ignatius, MTMT
FlatheadMcLeod, Henry W.*308 Motor Trans Corp Co DRonan MTMT
Flathead Tellier, Louis32 Div 127 Inf Co ESt. Ignatius, MTMT
Flathead Trout, John*5 Div 20 FA Sup CoSt. Ignatius, MTMT
Flathead / KalispelBarnaby, Peter Oliver*1 Div 26 Inf Co I / 41 Div 161 InfJocko, MTMTCarlisle
Flathead / SpokaneDumont, Frankie J.4 Div 4 Eng Co FTiller, OROR
Flathead ?Dubay, Gilbert R.39 Co Transportation Corps St. EmilionButte, MTMTHaskell
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaBahpio, JosephNavyCloquet, MNMNCarlisle
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCoffey, Amos Givens132 MP Bn 263 CoCloquet, MNMNHampton
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaLaundry, Edward2 Div Reg 5 Co 20Cloquet, MNMN
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior ChippewaMcMahon, Francis2 MN FAMoose Lake, MNMNCarlisle
Fort PeckBergie, Joseph88 Div 337 FA Btry DSt. Peter Misson, MTMT
Fort PeckBergie, Martin88 Div 337 FA Btry DPoplar, MTMT
Fort PeckHoksina, Jesse58 Inf Co BStanding Rock, NDND
FraltheadPichette, Paul1 InfArber, MTMT
Grand RondeHartless, Martin*91 Div 361 Inf Co MGrand Ronde, ORORKIA
Grand RondeLabonta, Gus13 Div 75 Reg Co CBallston, OROR
Grand RondeLawney, ClintonNavyGrand Ronde, OROR
Grand RondeLogan, Abe8 Div FA Btry EOtis, OROR
Grand RondeMcKay, J.D.91 Div 166 Dep Brig Co 3Grand Ronde, OROR
HaidaIrvine, DennieUS Guards 30 Bn Co AKasaan, AKAK
HaidaNix, George AlbertNavyHydaburg, AKAKChemawa
HaidaReddie, William HenryNavy BandWrangell, AKAKChemawa
Hidatsa (MHA)Dancing Bull, Robert13 Div 44 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)Dickens, Edward William163 Dep BrigElbowoods, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)Packineau, David35 Div 139 inf Co GElbowoods, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)Rabbit Head, John163 Depot Brig Co PElbowoods, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)Reed, Andrew J.15 Div 43 inf Co KNishu, NDND
Hidatsa (MHA)Smith, John W.1 Div 26 Inf Co M Fort Berthold, NDND
Ho-chunkBig Thunder, Robert*3 Div 7 Inf Co AWittenberg, WIWIHampton
Ho-chunkBlackhawk, Andrew*32 Div 128 Inf
Ho-chunkBrown, James*85 Div 329 MG Bn Co AHouston, MNMN
Ho-chunkDecorah, Allen*32 Div 128 Inf Co D
Ho-chunkDecorah, Arthur*32 Div 128 Inf Co DTomah, WIWI
Ho-chunkDecorah, Foster*32 Div 128 Inf Co DFriendship, WIWIKIA
Ho-chunkDecorah, Henry T.*32 Div 128 Inf Co DFriendship, WIWI
Ho-chunkDecorah, Robert*32 Div 128 Inf Co DMauston, WIWIKIATomah
Ho-chunkDecorah, Russius*32 Div 128 Inf Co DWI
Ho-chunkDecorah, William*WI
Ho-chunkDeLaRonde, Nelson R.*WI
Ho-chunkFunmaker, Andrew*32 Div 128 Inf Co DBlack River Falls, WIWI
Ho-chunkFunmaker, Harold Jones*ArmyLa Crosse, WIWI
Ho-chunkGreengrass, James*
Ho-chunkGrizzly Bear, Douglas34 Div 124 InfWinnebago, NENE
Ho-chunkHaynka, James George*7 Div 55 Inf Co EValley Junction, WIWI
Ho-chunkLittle Soldier, Samuel*32 Div 128 Inf Co DTrempealeau, WIWI
Ho-chunkLonetree, Hugh*89 Div 340 FA Btry EPittsville, WIWI
Ho-chunkLongtail, Nett*
Ho-chunkMike, Dewey*32 Div 128 Inf Co ANeillsville, WIWIKIA
Ho-chunkMiner, George*32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWI
Ho-chunkMiner, Henry*
Ho-chunkMiner, John*32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWI
Ho-chunkMiner, William*32 Div 128 Inf Co DFriendship, WIWI
Ho-chunkMokey, Scott*FARD 6 Reg Batry BTomah, WIWI
Ho-chunkOne Horn, BenArmyHaskell
Ho-chunkRussell, CharlesHaskell
Ho-chunkStandingwater, Mike*32 Div 128 Inf Co DMather, WIWIKIATomah
Ho-chunkThompson, Jesse*33 Div 130 InfNew Albin, IAIAKIA
Ho-chunkThunder Cloud, Henry32 Div 128 Inf Co DPackwaukee, WIWI
Ho-chunkThundercloud, Sam*32 Div 128 Inf Div 32 Co DMauston, WIWI
Ho-chunkWhite Bear, Martin*
Ho-chunkWhite Eagle, Archie*32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWI
Ho-chunkWhite Eagle, John*32 Div 128 Inf Co DPortage, WIWi
Ho-chunkWhite Eagle, Leonard Vet Hosp 16Mauston, WIWI
Ho-chunkWhitesnake, George*ArmyWI
HoopaBeaver, Chester GrantBase Hosp, Camp BowieCA
HoopaCampbell, HenryUSS Santa ClaraHoopa, CACA
HoopaHayden, Edward71 FA Sup CoHoopa, CACA
HoopaJohnson, Eugene5 Div 11 Inf Co BSan Francisco, CACA
HoopaPratt, AlexanderNavyHoopa, CACA
HoopaPratt, WilsonGen Hosp 30Burnt Ranch, CACA
HoopaSwanson, Leslie1 Div 23 Inf Co LBlue Lake, CACA
HoopaYoung, Sherman88 Div 147 FA Btry BWeitchpec, CACA
HopiMaktima, Guy*40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoAZPhoenix / Sherman
HualapaiMahone, Fred Ward829 Aero SquadHackberry, AZAZChilocco
HualapaiTokespeta, Mack89 Div 354 Inf Co DValentine, AZAZ
IowaBarada, RobertChilocco
IowaBrien, Walter Roy164 Dep Brig Co 33Ruco, NENE
IowaDupuis, Murray164 Dep Brig 3 CoKShaskell
IowaHall, Earl Chilocco
IowaMaher, Isadore R.35 Div 137 Inf Co BWhite Cloud, KSKSChilocco
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaAlley, William*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaDole, Jacob*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaLincoln, Jack Small*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaRoubidoux, Ferror*OK
Iowa Tribe of OklahomaSmall , E. Edward*164 Dep Brig Co 4OKChilocco
IroquoisLaFrance, Thomas2 Div 15 FA Btry CSyracuse, NYNYCarlisle
IroquoisMcCallum, James A.2 Div 2 Eng Co CPrescott, MIMI
IroquoisSmith, Foster W.3 Div 10 FA Btry FBoston, MAMA
IroquoisSmoke, Philip78 Div 312 Inf Co EHogansburg, NYNY
Isleta PuebloAbeita, Remijo*ArmyIsleta, NMNM
Isleta PuebloHerrera, Pablo3 Balloon Squad Co C / Balloon Co 7Bent, NMNMCarlisle
Isleta PuebloLente, Pablo*ArmyNM
Isleta PuebloLucero, Antonio*5th Cav Trp EIsleta, NMNM
Isleta PuebloLucero, Tranquilino*36 Div 144 MG BnNM
Isleta PuebloOrtego, Aniseto79 Div 316 Inf Co CBent, NMNMCarlisle
Isleta PuebloOrtego, Emanuel63 Aero Squad / 475 Aero SquadBent, NMNMCarlisle
Isleta PuebloPorras, August A.35 Div 130 FA HQ CoTopeka, KSKSHaskell
Jamestown S'KlallamHall, Lowell "Lovey"*ArmyWA
Jamestown S'KlallamIrwin, Richard*ArmyWA
Jicarilla ApacheQuintana, Juan*28 Div 110 Inf Co KDulce, NMNMSanta Fe
KarukAubrey, NelsonCACBlue Nose, CACA
KarukPepper, Chester ArmyBlue Rose, CACA
KawBellmard, Moses*36 Div 142 Inf Co CKay, OKOK
KawMcCauley, FelixArmyWashunga, OKOKHaskell
KawMunroe, Gene*ArmyKaw City, OKOK
KawPappan, William Louis*42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 166Washunga, OKOKHaskell
KawPepper, William Robinson*35 Div 130 FA Btry BKaw City, OKOKHaskell
KawSumner, Theodore90 Div 344 MG Bn Co CKaw City, OKOK
KawWinslow, Freeman42 Div 117 San Tn Ambo Co 167Washunga, OKOKHaskell
KawWynashe, Henry*90 Div 343 MG Bn Co AWashunga, OKOKHaskell
KawWynashe, James*42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoWashunga, OKOK
KickapooAllen, Alex35 Div 137 Inf Co BHorton, KSKSHaskell / Chilocco
KickapooButler, Perry6 Div Fld Hosp Co 40Mayetta, KSKS
KickapooEnekohn, AlexArmyOKCarlisle
KickapooMascothe, EddieArmyNetawaka, KSKS
KickapooMasquat, George Pamothah35 Div 137 inf Co BMayetta, KSKSChilocco
KickapooMasquat, Henry Albert CAC 63 Reg Co CHorton, KSKSChilocco
KickapooMcKinney, Henry88 Div 352 Inf Co MHorton, KSKSChilocco
KickapooN-shuck-kah-o-see, IsaacUSS MississippiHorton, NENE
KickapooRoss, Herbert Thomas48 FA Btry AHorton, KSKS
KickapooShuckkahosee, JohnCAC 39 Reg Btry CPowhattan, KSKS
KickapooSpear, Charles35 Div 137 Inf Co BHorton, KSKSChilocco
KickapooTapsee, Lyman35 Div 137 InfKSChilocco
KickapooWeweness, Phillip35 Div 137 Inf Co BHorton, KSKSChilocco / Kickapoo Indian School
KickapooWilliams, EddieCo B of Horton, KSChilocco
Kickapoo / OttawaBush, Silas 32 Div 125 Inf Co KHamilton, MIMI
KiowaApekaum, Charles EmersonUSS Dolphin / USS PocahontasLawton, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
KiowaBomepatah, FreddieArmyAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaBosin, John Arthur326 Fld Sig Bn Co CAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
KiowaBuffalo, Homer97 Div 387 Inf Co IAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaDoyeto, Frank1 Cas Reg Recruit Co 7Anadarko, OKOK
KiowaDupoint, HerbertCAC Btry GAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaKaubin, NormanCAC 146 FA Btry ECarnegie, OKOK
KiowaKauley, Gilbert K.82 Div 321 FA HQ CoLawton, OKOK
KiowaKauley, Joseph165 Dep Brig 46 CoAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaKeahbone, Mark EdwardSignal CorpAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaOyebi, Thomas15 Div 80 Inf Co CApache, OKOK
KiowaPoolaw, David80 Inf Co MAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaPoolaw, Moses Edward*162 Dep Brig Co 44 / MP Co BMountain View, OKOKHaskell
KiowaQuoetone, Fred James15 Div Sup Tn HQ CoLawton, OKOKHaskell
KiowaRoquemore, RoyMarines 5 Reg Co 43Grapeland, TXTX
KiowaTopoie, Joseph72 Reg Btry CAnadarko, OKOK
KiowaWaldo, Willie42 Div 165 InfVerdun, OKOK
KiowaWhitefox, Glen 72 CAC 35 Brig Btry CCarnegie, OKOK
KiowaZaddle, Pine79 Inf HQ CoAnadarko, OKOK
KipomoPoe, David20 Eng Co 17Covelo, CACA
KlamathCoburn, Frank 32 Div 127 Inf MG CoYainax, OROR
KlamathColby, Martin G.Marines 5 Reg Co AHappy Camp, CACAChemawa
KlamathFerris, George W.18 Eng RR Co FSpokane, WAWA
KlamathFerris, Isadore Marion13 Ammo Tn Co EOrleans, CACASherman
KlamathFerris, UlyssesArmyOrleans, CACACarlisle
KlamathFrank, Robert S.28 DivRequa, CACA
KlamathFritz, John16 Div 32 Inf Co EEureka, CACA
KlamathGoodwin, Lawrence91 Div 316 Eng Co CHappy Camp, CACA
KlamathHayman, BertMarines Casual Co 201Wyandotte, OKOKHaskell / Chilocco
KlamathHood, CharlesNavy
KlamathHood, FredNavy
KlamathHunter, WillieArmyWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathJones, Allen31 Div Co LWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathJones, William13 Div 1 Inf Co KSomes Bar, CACA
KlamathKinney, Adolph NavyPhoenix
KlamathKnudsen, Grover91 Div FA Btry C Spruce ProductionKorbel, CACA
KlamathLewis, GaylordUSS HuntingtonWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathLewis, Manuel V.13 Div 37 FA Btry AWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathLiphart, Paul1 Co US Naval Unit Univ of WAChemawa, OROR
KlamathMarkussen, Allie AlbertCACHoopa, CACA
KlamathMastin, Charles A.16 Div 21 Reg Co KRequa, CACA
KlamathMcCovey, Walter16 Div 21 Inf Co KRequa, CACA
KlamathOscar, Jerry2 Div 2 Eng Co CWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathOscar, Ray Ralph3 Div 30 Inf Co CYreka, CACA
KlamathPeters, Ewing91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathPeters, Kirby14 Div 214 Eng Co DRequa, CACA
KlamathPicard, Henry P.1 Div 1 Eng Co CDorris, CACA
KlamathPitt, Perry LewisFld Hosp 32San Francisco, CACA
KlamathPoggie, Gabriel36 Aero SquadSebestapol, CACACarlisle
KlamathQuinn, James8 Cav Trp HBlue Lake, CACA
KlamathReed, Thomas91 Div 347 FA Btry FRequa, CACA
KlamathRobinson, David2 Div 15 FA Btry ESawyers Bar, CACA
KlamathSanderson, Lewis91 Div 361 Inf Co MOrleans, CACA
KlamathSherman, Steve6 Div 78 FA Sup CoRequa, CACA
KlamathSmoker, Willie91 Div 363 Inf Co IWeitchpec, CACASherman
KlamathSpotts, Robert Frank28 Div 111 Inf HQ CoRequa, CACA
KlamathSteve , Sherman6 Div 78 FA Sup CoRequa, CACA
KlamathStevens , GeorgeCAC Truck Co EEureka, CACA
KlamathWilder, Benjamin H.34 Div 109 Mob Ord Repair ShopOrleans, CACA
KlamathWilliams, GeorgeCAC 31 CoWeitchpec, CACA
KlamathWoods, Henry5 Div 14 MG Bn Co ARequa, CACA
Klamath Roberts, George Watson13 Balloon CoFort Dick, CACA
Klamath RiverConrad, Willis91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoOrleans Bar, CACA
Klamath RiverEves, George91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoOakhurst, CACA
KlickitatHolt, Douglas AsburyNavy Med CorpYakima, WA WA
KootenaiCaye, Francois Mayuk*Base Hosp 162Elmo, MTMT
KootenaiKallowat, James*2 Div 12 FA Btry ADayton, MTMT
Lac Courte OreillesBisonette, Jim26 Div 104 Inf HQ CoHaywood, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesBluesky, George B.*2 Div 23 Inf Co FCass Lake, MNMN
Lac Courte OreillesBracklin, James17 Div 50 FA HQ CoReserve, WIWIHaskell
Lac Courte OreillesBracklin, John17 Div 50 FA HQ CoHayward, WIWIHaskell
Lac Courte OreillesBracklin, Thomas John86 Div 311 Eng Co CHayward, WIWIHaskell
Lac Courte OreillesButler, George32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWIKIA
Lac Courte OreillesCoon, Louis3 Div 30 Inf Co ECumberland, WIWICarlisle
Lac Courte OreillesFrogg, Samuel J.*ArmyHayward, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesIsham, Edward DavidMarines 6 Reg 95 CoReserve, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesLaRush, Archie*32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DSpringbrook, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesLaRush, Dorie*32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesMartell, William32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DReserve, WIWICarlisle
Lac Courte OreillesOshogay, Joseph*32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DSpringbrook, WIWI
Lac Courte OreillesWelch, James Murdich107 Mounted MP 2 CoSpooner, WIWICarlisle
Lac du FlambeauBig John, JohnDev Bn 1 Co CLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauChicog, John Simon14 MG Bn Co CLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauDevine, GeorgeArmyWI
Lac du FlambeauDevine, ThomasMechanics Motor Reg HQ Co 2Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauDowd, William89 Div 314 Eng Co BMonsee, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauGouthier, LouisSub K7Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauJackson, Ben161 Dep Brig Co 40Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauJuvette, John B.13 FA Btry CChippewa Falls, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauKenosha, JohnNavyLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauLaBarge, Fred15 Inf Co KWinegar, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauLocass, EdwardUS Navy Rifle RangeLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauLynch, HenryCAC Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauMcArthur, Robert7 Div 64 Inf Co MLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauPeterson, HenryMGTC Gr 1 Co 8Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauPotts, William32 Div 126 Inf Co F / 165 Dep Brig Co 68Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauPotvine, Carl87 Div 345 Inf Co HWinegar, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauPoupart, Ben Joseph86 Div 342 Inf Co KLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSakasunk, John345 Inf Co HLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSnow, Tom L.9 Trench Mtr Bn Btry ALac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSt. Jermaine, John B.*NavyLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSt. Jermaine, LouisMG Trng Cmp Co KLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauSt. Jermaine, Peter*11 Div 11 San Tn Field Hosp 241Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauThompson, George118 Eng 1 Bn Co CLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauVedernack, Frank82 Div 327 Inf Co BOdanah, WIWICarlisle
Lac du FlambeauVedernack, George SylvesterMGTC HQ DetLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauVetternack, Louis15 Inf Co KLac du Flambeau, WIWI
Lac du FlambeauWildcat, FrankYMCA 24 Co 14Lac du Flambeau, WIWI
Laguna PuebloMarmon, Frank LawrenceMarines 11 Reg Co HLaguna, NMNMSherman
Laguna PuebloMarmon, Kenneth A.39 Div 314 Eng Co ALaguna, NMNMSherman
Laguna PuebloPradt, Albert WilliamUSS LawrenceLaguna, NMNM
Laguna PuebloPradt, Charles634 Aero SquadNMSherman
Laguna PuebloWaconda, Louis Earl40 Div 165 Inf Co APaguate, NMNMSherman
Leech Lake ChippewaAitken, Joseph R., Sr.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaAllen, Herbert *Army
Leech Lake ChippewaBedeau, George*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaBellanger, Clem Henry*42 Div 151 FA Btry DOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaBellanger, Joseph William58 Pioneer Inf Co HOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaBobolink, John*27 Div 105 Inf Co BBena, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaBonga, David*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaButcher, Arthur*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaChief, Albert*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaDick , John, Jr.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaDrumbeater, Frank*Navy
Leech Lake ChippewaDrumbeater, Harry*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaEllis, Charles*1 Div 26 Inf Co HOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanks, Edward A.*32 Div 332 FA Btry ABena, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanks, George*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanks, John*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaFairbanks, Samuel P., Sr.*42 Div 117 Ammo Tn Co FCass Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaFallsfeather, James*161 Dep Brig Co 29Bena, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaGale, Ernest*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaGoggleye, Joseph L.*ArmyInger, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaGoggleye, Mike*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaGoggleye, Samuel*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaJohnson, Samuel M.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaJones, Jacob*19 AA Btry / 80 Div 318 InfCass Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaKing, James*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaLosh, Walter R.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaLyons, James E.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaLyons, James W.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaMarshall, Joseph*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaMorgan, John, Sr.*82 Div 328 Inf MG Co Onigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaMorrell, William J.*60 Pioneer Inf HQ CoCass Lake, MNMNHaskell
Leech Lake ChippewaMunnell, David*255 PWEOnigum, MNMNFlandreau
Leech Lake ChippewaMunnell, Jacob J.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaMunnell, James Walter1 Div 26 Inf Co H / 41 Div 164 Inf Co LLeech Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaNason, Edward M.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaPartridge, Peter*ArmyOnigum, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaRobinson, George*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaSky, John Baptiste*Inf Repl Grp Trng Trp Co 8Cass Lake, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaSmith, Emerson*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaSmith, James*15 Div 43 Inf Co GDeer River, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaTibbetts, Mark H.*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaTibbetts, William B.*48 Eng / Transp Corp 79 CoDeer River, MNMN
Leech Lake ChippewaWhite, Henry*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaWilson, John*Army
Leech Lake ChippewaWoods, Amos*3rd Pioneer Inf Co IOnigum, MNMN
Little LakeDalson, Negie28 Div 111 Inf Co KCovelo, CACA
Little LakeElgin, Edward13 Div 75 Inf Co ILakeport, CACASherman
Little LakeFrazier, Lawerence5 Div 20 FA Btry FCovelo, CACA
Little LakeMiller, John F.ARD Co 3Calpella, CACA
Little LakeStillwell, William C.91 Div 363 Inf Co HCovelo, CACA
Little Shell ChippewaDoney, Peter G.*Vet Evac Section 7Landuston, MTMT
Lower Brule SiouxBad Horse, Ernest*88 Div 351 Inf Co ELower Brule, SDSD
Lower Brule SiouxCrazy Bull, Gilbert *SD
Lower Brule SiouxDeWitt, Benjamin*18 Div 19 Inf Co KHaskell
Lower Brule SiouxEagle Thunder, Thomas*SD
Lower Brule SiouxFallis, Edward*SD
Lower Brule SiouxHuntsman, Frank*SD
Lower Brule SiouxHuntsman, Hobart*SD
Lower Brule SiouxLangdeau, Harvey*42 Div 167 Inf MG Co / 41 Div 148 MG CoLaRoche, SDSDRapid City
Lower Brule SiouxLaRoche, John F.*Sd
Lower Brule SiouxRencountre, AlbertArmy
Lower KlamathJake, Frank8 Div 62 Inf Co LWeitchpec, CACA
Lower Yanktonai SiouxCarpenter, AnselSATC State Uni, Iowa City IAFort Thompson, SDSDHaskell
Lower Yanktonai SiouxSlow, Asa W.19 Div 2 Inf Co GFort Thompson, SDSD
LuisenoCalac, Alfonso James91 Div 362 Inf Co CValley Center, CACASherman
LuisenoCalac, Philip D.*91 Div 362 Inf Co CFallbrook, CACAKIASherman
LummiBizer, Clarence W.USS MichiganFerndale, WAWA
LummiFrench, Orin Oscar91 Div 316 Sup Tn Co DRoche Harbor, WAWAChemawa
LummiMcDowell, Donald307 Light FA Btry DBlanchard, WAWACarlisle
LummiMcDowell, John Milton24 Eng Co EBlanchard, WAWACarlisle
LummiWashington, Alfonso91 Div 347 MG Bn Co DMaretta, WAWA
Lummi / SnohomishJohn, Herbert91 Div 347 MG Bn Co CFerndale, WAWA
MaiduTucker, Thomas91 Div 363 Inf Co LLassen County, CACAKIASherman
MakahTalbot, AureliusNavyClallam, WAWA
MaliseetTomah, Andrew5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co AHoulton, MEME
Mandan (MHA)Blake, CharlesDep BrigFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Little Owl, Albert14 Div 13 Ammo Tn Co GElbowoods, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Nagle, John Jack42 FA HQ CoElbowoods, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Necklace, Mark13 Div 44 Inf Co LFort Buford, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Old Mouse, ArthurSept Replacement Draft Co 22Fort Berthold, NDND
Mandan (MHA)Turner, PaulCAC Co 15Elbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraBears Tail, JohnUS Guards 38 Bn Co AElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraBirds Bill, Frank88 Div 338 FA Btry CFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraBurr, Oscar3 Div 38 InfFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraChase, Daniel40 FA HQ co / Vet CorpsElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraDrags Wolf, DanielElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraDrags Wolf, Louis*
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraFisher, FrankCAC 48 ArtHarlem, MTMTFlandreau
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraGrady, Charles352 Inf Co AFort Berthold, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraGrant, DavidArmyVan Hook, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraHawk, ThomasCAC Trench Art 2 Bn Btry BElbowoods, NDNDCarlisle
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraLevings, Martin35 Div 138 Inf Co LShell Creek, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraMinugh, Alfred M.13 Div 38 MG Bn Co DDodson, MTMT
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraSpotted Wolf, GeorgeElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraStandish, DounglasCAC 7 CoIndependence, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraTwo Crows, John35 Div 129 MG Bn Co DElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWheeler, Fred35 Div 139 Inf Co DElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWhite Plume, James27 Div 3 Cav Trp EHays, MTMT
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWhite Tail, David*
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraWhiteman, Oscar90 Spruce SquadElbowoods, NDND
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraYoung Bear, Walter F.77 Div 306 Inf Co C / 40 Div 158 Inf Co CElbowoods, NDNDElbowood Reservation
Mandan/Hidatsa/ArikaraYoung Wolf, Leo *
MaricopaCough, Charles3 Div 8 MG Bn Co CLehi, AZAZPhoenix
MaricopaEldridge, ScottArmyPhoenix
MaricopaJackson, Fred V.ArmyPhoenix
MashpeePeters, Charles Augustus26 Div 26 Div 103 MG BnMashpee, MAMA
Mdewakanton SiouxCrooks, MeredithCAC 32 Art Btry KMorton, MNMNCarlisle
MechoopdaClements, Luther G.35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngChico, CACAHaskell
MechoopdaWilson, Burney O.10 Div 28 MG BnCAHaskell
MenomineeBeauprey, Luke*32 Div 107 Ammo Tn Co DKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeBeauprey, Peter*32 Div 127 Inf Co FKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeBelabreau, Louis*
MenomineeBlacksmith, Frank*
MenomineeBlacksmith, Louis*
MenomineeBreuninger, Henry Fairchild308 Bn Co CShawano, WIWIHaskell
MenomineeBrunette, Arnold*5 Inf
MenomineeBrunette, Peter*32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BHartford, WiWi
MenomineeBurnette, Anton32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BGreen Bay, WIWI
MenomineeCrawford, John W.TMB Co A-5
MenomineeCrow, David*77 Inf Co DKeshena, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeDick, Aaron*
MenomineeDickenson, Ira*
MenomineeDickenson, Maurice*
MenomineeDickenson, Samuel*14 FA Btry B
MenomineeDickie, Lester "Bogue"*USS Huntington
MenomineeDixon, Alex "Boney"*22 Inf Co B
MenomineeDodge, Henry Mitchell*Naval Air ServiceKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeDowd, William James*
MenomineeDuquaine, Frank*
MenomineeEdick, Edward E.Naval Air ServiceOshkosh, WIWI
MenomineeFish, John F.*
MenomineeGauthier, Neil*ArmyNeopit, WIWI
MenomineeKaquatosh, George*1 Div 1 MG Bn Co BKeshena, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeKitson, George "Coon"*
MenomineeLafrombois, Joseph*
MenomineeLamotte, Francis J.32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BTomah, WIWI
MenomineeLaMotte, Mose*32 Div 127 Inf Co FNeopit, WIWI
MenomineeLeMotte, Francis J.*32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BKeshena, WIWI
MenomineeLong, Henry*29 Inf Co M
MenomineeLong, Rueben*69 CAC Btry E
MenomineeLookaround, Angus Franklin*USS New HampshireKeshena, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeManders, William*
MenomineeMartens, Max*
MenomineeMelotte, Gabe H.*127 Inf Co B
MenomineeMerte*, ?
MenomineeMiller, Louis N.*
MenomineeNukow, John Herman*
MenomineeO'Conner, Robert E.*Navy
MenomineePeters, John E.*Navy
MenomineePeters, John F.*1 Eng Co AKeshena, WIWIKIA
MenomineePeters, Walter*
MenomineePierce, Frank*
MenomineePowless, Robert I.*
MenomineeSanapaw, Joseph*
MenomineeShawanopeness, Peter*32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BKeshena, WIWITomah
MenomineeSmith, Frank5 Div 5 San Tn Ambo Co 25Keshena, WIWI
MenomineeSturdevant, Miles J.*86 Div 343 Inf Co I / PWE 251Long Lake, WIWI
MenomineeSturdevant, Samuel L.*
MenomineeTebeau, Louis*4 Div 59 Inf Co BWaucedah, MIMI
MenomineeTourtillott, Ralph GeorgeNavyLily, WIWI
MenomineeWarrington, George A.*13 Cav Trp I / 80 FA Btry ANeopit, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeWebster, Peterson*
MenomineeWeso, Edmund*
MenomineeWilber, Earl James*1 Div 28 Inf Co D / 10 Inf Co BNeopit, WIWICarlisle
MenomineeWilber, John*
MenomineeWorden, Simon*
Mescalero ApacheLittle, MiguelNavyMescaleroa, NMNMCarlisle
Mescalero ApacheTorres, Franklin28 Div 110 Inf Co K / 40 Div 157 Inf Co DMescalero, NMNMSherman
MesquakiChuck, ThomasHaskell
MesquakiJones, Billy88 Div 349 Inf Co LTama, IAIA
MesquakiYoungbear, Robert
MiamiWalker, Addison90 Div 343 FA HQ CoAnadarko, OKOKHaskell
MicmacLewey, William Joseph312 Eng Co BLynn, MAMA
Mille Lac ChippewaLittle Wolf, WilliamUSS Texas / USS UtahNaytahwaush, MNMNCarlisle
Mille Lac ChippewaMerrill, George52 Reg BandMahnomen, MNMNCarlisle
Mille Lac ChippewaNickaboine, WilliamEvac Hosp 49Mille Lacs, MNMNFlandreau
MissionBlack, ThurmanNaval Air ServiceSan Jacinto, CACAHaskell
MissionDeVilla, JuanUSS YorktownRiverside, CACASherman
MissionLash, George W.113 EngWhite Swan, WAWA
MissionMcDowell, JohnMarinesHaskell
MissionRamos, FrankNavy Transport SvcTemecula, CACASherman
MissionResvoloso, Prudence (Prudencio)ArmyPhoenix
MissionRichardson, Peter 1 Div 28 Inf Co KDarwood, OKOK
MissionSilvetta, Martin2 Div 15 FA Btry EOcean Side, CACA
MissionTye, Archibald40 Div 144 FA
Mississippi ChoctawArkansas, Lawyer*90 Div 358 Inf Co CDurwood, OKOK
Mississippi ChoctawBoston, Bennie*36 Div 141 inf Co EAugusta, MSMS
Mississippi ChoctawWallace, Earley*27 Inf Co KBacone, OKOK
Mississippi ChoctawWallace, Lemmie*127 Inf Co IAugusta, MSMS
MissouriaSnow, Clarence E.2 Div 2 Ammo TnWestville, OKOK
MiwokHarlow, Eddie8 Div 319 Eng Co DBen Hur, CACA
MiwokWilson, John Spencer40 Div 145 MG Bn Co AMadera, CACASherman
MiwokWilson, Oliver12 Reg Co IMadera, CACASherman
Miwok ?Davis, Howard K.91 Div 363 Inf Co L/BNewcastle, CACA
ModocCastle, James E .6 Div Jennings, OKOK
ModocLong, Robert OliverSeneca, MOMOCarlisle
ModocRolette, Ernest Fred*90 Div 359 Inf Co HRolla, NDND
ModocSconchin, Cain A.6 Div 78 FA Btry AYainax, OROR
ModocSmith, Calvin C.91 Div HQ TrpTecnor, CACA
MohaveMcNary, JoshuaNavyPhoenix
MohaveRivera, William 8 Div 13 Inf HQ Co
MohawkGarrison, Monroe George4 Div 11 MG Bn Co CWilliamstown, MAMA
MohawkJordan, Henry M.Cortland, NYNYCarlisle
MohawkKinney, Ollie308 QMC Co ABellaire, OHOH
MohawkLandon, Clare2 Div 2 Eng Co CNewcastle, PAPA
MohawkNewell, William B.AEF
MohawkWhite, John40 Eng Co BHogansburg, NYNYCarlisle
MohawkWood, Edward Albert62 Inf HQ CoCarlisle
MohicanLong, Asiah J.2 Div 12 FA Sup CoKalkaska, MIMI
MojaveCourtright, David13 Div 76 Reg Co MNeedles, CACA
MojaveRoosevelt, Clyde5 Prov Bn Co M
MojaveScott, Winfield16 Div 16 Reg Prov GuardNeedles, CACA
MonoBenson, Emil40 Div 160 Inf Co MFresno, CACASherman
MonoBethel, Pinkey40 Div 160 Inf Co FNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoBethel, Robert James82 Div 328 Inf Co M / 40 Div 160 Inf Co MNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoBrown, DavidMed DeptNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoCharlie, Thomas B. 40 Div 144 FA Btry CNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoCheepo, JoeNorth Fork, CACA
MonoDandy, Charles40 Div 144 FA Btry CNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoDavis, HenryNavyNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoDutchman, John40 Div 158 Inf Co FNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoFuller, Oscar40 Div 159 Inf Co LNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoJefferson, HarmeyNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoMulby, Fred W.North Fork, CACA
MonoSherman, Lee B.3 Div 10 FA Btry DNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoTex, James40 Div 144 FA Btry CNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonoWork, PlezRRS Co 19 / 8 InfFresno, CACASherman
Mono ?Teaford, Clayton Lewis5 Bn 20 Eng 13 CoNorth Fork, CACASherman
MonongoMartinez, Aldoph Ambrose11 Div 63 Inf Co DBanning, CACA
MuckleshootShaw, HenryNavyAuburn, WAWA
MunseeKilbuck, Jerry35 Div 130 FA Btry BOttawa, KSKSHaskell
MunseeSupernaw, Charles LouisNavyLawrence, KSKS
Muscogee (Creek)Ahaisse, Joseph*92 Div Co EWewoka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Albert, Waddie L.*90 DivOK
Muscogee (Creek)Anderson, David Bruner5 Div 60 Inf Co ISapulpa, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)Baker, Butler90 Div 358 Inf Co I / 36 Div 142 Inf Co AOkemah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Baker, George*90 Div 358 Inf Co LKellyville, OKOKKIAHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Barnett, Samochee*36 Div 144 Inf Sup CoWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Barnett, Samuel*ArmyOK
Muscogee (Creek)Barnett, William4 Div 59 InfWeleetka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Barnette, John F.*305 FAStidham, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Beaver, Marty36 Div 142 Inf Co FOK
Muscogee (Creek)Beaver, RomerEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Beaver, Samuel*36 Div 144 Inf Co A / 2 Div 23 Inf Co BLyons, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Beaver, TurnerEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Bell, GeorgeEngPhoenix
Muscogee (Creek)Benden, Jonas*162 Dep Brig 11 Rec Bn Co 4Wewoka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Berryhill, Charlie*OKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Berryhill, John*42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EClearview, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Berryhill, Willie*77 Div 307 Inf Co MSand Springs, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Berryhill, 77 Div 308 Inf Co ATulsa, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Biggs, Robert7 Div 20 MG Bn Co ABristow, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Bird, William A.S.90 Div 3598 Inf Co MOkemah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Birdcreek, Moses 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWeleetka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Birdcreek, Timmie42 Div 168 Inf Co CWeleetka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Breeding, Richard Bland*42 Div OKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Brown, JamesArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Bruner, Dreyfus F.35 Div 130 FA Btry BCoweta, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Bruner, EmmettArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Buck, Roley36 Div 142 Inf Co FWetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Buckley, Rufus *OK
Muscogee (Creek)Bulled, NeddieHanna, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Bunnie, Jessie36 Div 142 Inf Co DWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Burgess, Ellis*90 Div 344 MG Btry Co DHenrietta, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Byrd, William90 Div 358 Inf Co MOkemah, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)Carr, Robert36 Div 142 Inf Co FWetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Chissoe, William35 Div 130 FA Btry BCoweta, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Cholby, William90 Div 358 Inf Co ASalem, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Chupco, Moses35 Div 130 FA Btry BHoldenville, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Cloud, BarneyArmyWewoka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Coachman, Guy*42 Div 165 InfWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Conner, John*388 Inf Co BEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Conner, Willie*90 Div 343 FA Btry FReiffort, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Coon, Frank36 Div 141 InfOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Crowels, Freeman*90 Div 344 FA Btry CWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Cummings, Thomas Richard*35 Div 130 FA Btry BHanna, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Dare, Daniel35 Div 130 FA Btry BCastle, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Davis, Billie B.162 Dep Brig 20 CoEufaula, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Davis , Jack*42 Div 165 Inf Co K / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Deere, Daniel35 Div 130 FA Btry BCastle, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Drew, Dave*36 Div 142 Inf Co BBroken Arrow, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Dunn, Harry7 Div 80 FA Okemah, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Evans, ClemmMarinesHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Evans, LeeNavyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Fields, Lartie90 Div 358 Inf Co MMorse, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Fife, Taylor90 Div 358 Inf Co MDustin, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Fish, Elmer T.*78 Div 310 Inf Co BDustin, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Fixico, JatiaOK
Muscogee (Creek)Fox, Tecumeseh36 Div 142 Inf Co AChecotah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Frank, LouisNavyEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Garner, JohnRaiford, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Garner, WillieRaiford, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Gotts, Harry35 Div 130 FA Btry BWetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Gray, Neteche*42 Div 165 InfHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Green, James35 Div 140 Inf Co DEufaula, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Green, James F.90 DivEufaula, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Harjo, JamesArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Harjo, Johnson35 Div 130 FA Btry BOkmulgee, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Harjo, Louie Eufala*90 Div 358 Inf Co MOkemah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Harjo, Mitchell Sarwanoke*Eufaula, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)Harjo, Turner SarwanokeEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Harjo, William S.*36 Div 142 InfOkemah, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Harrison, Hurvey7 Div 56 Inf Co DCoweta, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Hayes, Henry5 Reg Eng Co BSapulpa, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)Haynes, Henry*88 Div 350 Inf Co DEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Haynes, William*32 Div 128 Inf Co IEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Hill, Jack G.22 CoEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Hood, John*QMC 4Muskogee, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Houston, Jesse1 Div 3 MG Bn Co COkmulgee, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)James, Billy*36 Div 111 Ammo TnOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)James, YeunerEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Jesse, Bunnie36 Div 142 inf Co DWewoka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)John, Johny*85 Div 358 Inf Co CDustin, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Jones, Thomas*ArmyOK
Muscogee (Creek)Kanard, LouisUSS OklahomaOkmulgee, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)Kelly, MarcieArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)King, Louis162 Dep Brig Co 87Wetumka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Lasley, Robert H.ArmyFame, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Lasley, Turner4 Div 47 Inf Co EEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Lena, Peter J.111 Ammo Tn Co 1OKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Lewis, Frazier*53 FA Btry CEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Lott, Willie90 Div 344 FA Btry DLamar, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Manawa, George*36 Div 141 Inf Co FEufaula, OKOKCarlisle
Muscogee (Creek)Marks, Thomas J.*36 Div 144 Inf Co FHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Martin, David90 Div 343 FA Btry BSapulpa, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)McIntosh, Roley G.*806 Pioneer Inf Co AEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)McIntosh, Tiger*Prov Truck Co / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Muscogee (Creek)McNevins, Andrew Scott*Wewoka, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Mitchell, Cheparney*Med Repl Unit 49Lamar, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Paxton, Rubin J.3 Div Mobile Laundry Unit 326Beggs, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Perryman, Washington L.*36 Div 141 InfOkemah, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Phillips, Joseph*4 Div 39 Inf Co HEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Phillips, Walter*ArmyEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Pigeon, Joe T.*36 DivOK
Muscogee (Creek)Posey, MendeamNavyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Proctor, Alex90 Div 345 FA Btry ESapulpa, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Robison, Clem ArmyHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Sands, Roley*18 Div 54 FA Btry EOkemah, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)Scott, Frank*36 Div 142 Inf Co EHannah, OKOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Scott, Peter*NavyEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Scott, Silas36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Muscogee (Creek)Sewell, Loney32 Div 126 Inf Co FKellyville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Simmer, Alex *ArmyOkemah, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
Muscogee (Creek)Simmons, Ben36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
Muscogee (Creek)Simon, Peter90 Div 343 FA Btry FCoweta, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Sloane, Steve5 Div 5 Ammo Tn Co FRule, TXTX
Muscogee (Creek)Spaniard, Simon*ArmyHughes, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Starr, Thomas Wesley4 Div 39 Inf Co L / 58 Dep BrigEufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Stidham, George*42 Div 165 InfWetumka, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Stover, Eli*29 Div 115 Inf Co HEufaula, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Sullivan, Jimmie*42 Div 165 Inf / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EHoldenville, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Sulpher, AlexGen Hosp 5Eufaula, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Tahladege, Wattie*ArmySapulpa, OKOKChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)Thomas, Adam*29 Div OK
Muscogee (Creek)Thomas, Wesley S.4 Div 39 Inf Co MBinger, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Tiger, Oscar*36 Div 141 InfOKKIA
Muscogee (Creek)Tiger, WilliamChilocco
Muscogee (Creek)Timothy, Sandy179 BrigBrush Hill, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek)Whaley, Rufus Morgan*35 Div HQ TrpChecotah, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek)Wilson, CharleyArmyPhoenix
Muscogee (Creek)Yardy, William35 Div 130 FA Btry BOkmulgee, OKOKHaskell
Muscogee (Creek) / ChickasawForbes, Norman F.91 Div HQ TrpBerwyn, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek) / SeminoleBruner, Paul D.42 Div 167 Inf Co MSeminole, OKOK
Muscogee (Creek) ?Tehee, Jessie90 Div 343 FA Btry CYonkers, OKOK
Nambe PuebloPorter, VicenteForestry Reg 20 Eng Co 30Nambe, NMNM
NavajoClow, Clarence D.4 Div 16 FA Btry ATohatchi, NMNM
NavajoDenetdeel, Morris Boyd*40 Div 160 Inf Co MNaschitti, AZAZSherman
NavajoJones, Paul85 Div 338 Inf Co ETohatchi, NMNM
NavajoJuan, Jose N.32 Div 126 Inf Co DDelnore, COCO
NavajoLomavitu, OttoOraibi, AZAZChilocco
NavajoLujan, Jose V.32 Div 126 Inf Co DDelnore, COCO
NavajoMiller, Max3 Div 18 FA Btry ERamah, NMNM
NavajoNotah, Chee Chille4 Div 77 FAChinle, AZAZ
NavajoReed, Arthur B.4 Div 13 FASheridan, WYWY
NavajoRied, Arthur B.4 Div 13 FAPhoenix, AZAZ
NavajoShipley, Guy R.40 Div 160 Inf Co MTohachi, NMNMSherman
NavajoTallman , Henry1 Div
NavajoYazza, Stephen3 Div 18 FA Btry DRound Rock, NMNMSherman
NavajoYellow , Paul5 Div 60 Inf Co MFort Defiance, AZAZ
Navajo Yazza, David *5 Div 60 Inf Co MCrownpoint, NMNMKIA
Nez PerceBroncheau, Elmer*
Nez PerceBroncheau, Hugh K.*91 Div 362 Inf Co ILapwai, IDID
Nez PerceBroncheau, James J.*
Nez PerceBroncheau, Walter F.35 Div 129 MG BnLapwai, IDID
Nez PerceConner, Gilbert*Navy
Nez PerceGeorge, Henry*77 Div 307 Inf Co IOro Fino, IDIDKIA
Nez PerceGould, Owen Jay*8 Div 22 MG Bn Co BLapwai, IDIDHaskell
Nez PerceHayes, Axtell*Army
Nez PerceJabeth, Harrison*13 Div 75 Inf Co GCraigmont, IDID
Nez PerceJackson, Samuel75 Inf Co G
Nez PerceLott, Harrison*347 FA Btry FMyrtle, IDID
Nez PerceWhite, James*11 Div 63 Inf Co EFort Lapwai, IDID
Nez Perce Minthorn, Grover*77 Div 306 Inf Co DPendleton, OROR
Nez Perce Moffett, John F.*31 Inf Co KKamiah, IDID
Nez Perce Oatman, Enoch*8 Div 12 Reg Co FKamiah, IDID
Nez Perce Pablo, John S.*2 Div 9 Inf HQ CoKooskia, IDID
Nez Perce Parsons, James*Army
Nez Perce Parsons, William*Army
Nez Perce Paul, Richard*1 Div 1 MG Bn Co AReubens, IDID
Nez Perce Peterson, Thomas, Sr.*Navy
Nez Perce Pinkham, Alex, Sr.*Army
Nez Perce Raboin, Alan*Army
Nez Perce Samuels, Peter*Army
Nez Perce Scout, Sam76 Div Co ELapwai, IDID
Nez Perce Stevens, Simon*Army
Nez Perce / CayuseHart, Joseph C.35 Div 137 Inf Co BPendleton, ORORHaskell
NomlackiHenthorn, Ben2 Div 2 Ammo Tn Co DCovelo, CACA
Nomlaki at Round ValleyDuncan, Thomas G.62 Inf Co DCovelo, CACA
Noo-wah-hahBlackinton, Herman*13 Div 37 FA Sup CoGuemes Island, WAWA
Noo-wah-hahWilliams, George*USS Rockefeller / USS New YorkWA
OddawaAnewiski, Charley1 Div 16 Inf Co BSuttons Bay, MIMI
OddawaBennett, Paul1 Div 16 Inf Co HNorth Port, MIMI
OddawaCrampton, Peter1 Div 16 Inf Co BOcena County, MIMI
OddawaFrancis, Moses1 Div 16 Inf Co BSuttons Bay, MIMI
OddawaSamuels, JosephCross Village, MIMI
Oglala LakotaBlack Cat, John*81 Div 322 Inf Co KAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaBlackbird, Thomas L.*35 Div 130 FA Btry BManderson, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaBoyer, James*34 Div 109 Eng HQ CoPorcupine, SDSD
Oglala LakotaBrown, Carl J.35 Div 130 MG Bn Co DLaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaBrown, William Denver89 Div 355 Inf Co GLaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCarlow, Robert*10 Div 20 Inf Co CChadrow, NENEHaskell
Oglala LakotaCharging Crow, Samuel*Cas Bn Co CAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaChief Eagle, Albert*42 Div 167 Inf Co MRapid City, SDSDRapid City
Oglala LakotaColhoff, Bernard L.*
Oglala LakotaConroy, HarryArmyMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCottier, Edward*89 Div 353 Inf Co IAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCottier, GilbertBennett, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaCottier, Samuel*40 Div 160 Inf Co BGordon, NENE
Oglala LakotaCrazy Thunder, Joseph*41 Div 4 SD Inf Co IPine Ridge, SDSDRapid City
Oglala LakotaCross , Lawrence34 Div 109 Eng Co FPorcupine, SDSD
Oglala LakotaCrowe, James H.*77 Div 306 Inf Co HAllen, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaCummings, Peter M.22 Reg Co O Pine Ridge, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaCuny, Alphonse S.*
Oglala LakotaDeon, Harold NavyPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaDeon, Louis A.35 Div 137 Inf / 110 EngPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell / Carlisle
Oglala LakotaDeon, Ross P.*31 Inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaDillon, Rienzi42 Div 167 Inf Co MMorris, SDSDRapid City
Oglala LakotaDozak, Frank J.*
Oglala LakotaDubray, Eugene*90 Div 357 Inf Co ILaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaDull Knife, Guy, Sr.*
Oglala LakotaEagle, Clarence L.*
Oglala LakotaFels, John T.*29 Div 110 FA HQ Co / 232 Aero SquadPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaFirethunder, William*2 Dev Bn 4 CoBennett Co, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaFlood, Henry J.90 Div 343 MG Bn Co BPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell / Carlisle
Oglala LakotaFrog, Felix*1 Div 63 Inf Co HSD
Oglala LakotaFrog, Luke*20 Div 48 Inf Co IOglala, SDSD
Oglala LakotaGarcia, Thomas10 Div 28 FA SD CoBrennan, SDSD
Oglala LakotaGerry, Elbridge Seth*91 Div 347 Reg Btry ASt. Francis, SDSD
Oglala LakotaGood Shield, Philip*20 Div 48 Inf HQ CoPorcupine, SDSD
Oglala LakotaGood Voice Elk, Frank*
Oglala LakotaHand, Joe*
Oglala LakotaHanneman, Willhelm*
Oglala LakotaHernandez, Valentine*
Oglala LakotaHoly Eagle, James*19 Div HQ CoAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaIron Elk, William*Evac Hosp 5Lower Brule, SDSDFlandreau
Oglala LakotaJanis, Francis F.*5 Div 19 FA Btry APorcupine, SDSDFlandreau
Oglala LakotaJensen, George*42 Div 151 Inf Co CRapid City, SDSDRapid City
Oglala LakotaKills Small, James*42 Div 167 Inf Co MPine Ridge, SDSDRapid City
Oglala LakotaKills Warrior, Louis*
Oglala LakotaKills Warrior, Ralph*BakeryOglala, SDSD
Oglala LakotaKocu, Frank*34 Div 4 NE Inf Co IGordon, NENE
Oglala LakotaLaDeaux, Antione B.*
Oglala LakotaLaDeaux, Antione W.*
Oglala LakotaLaDeaux, Antoine G.*35 Div 130 FA Btry BPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaLaPointe, James L., Sr.*41 Div 148 MG Bn Co BPine Ridge, SDSDRapid City
Oglala LakotaLeRoy, Albert41 Div 148 MG Co 2 CoPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle / Rapid City
Oglala LakotaLittle Hawk, James8 Div 13 Inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaMeans, William Wesley*USS ImperatorFort Yates, NDND
Oglala LakotaMonroe, Aloysius John*NavyMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaPacer, Joseph*
Oglala LakotaPlucks Porcupine, William*Evac Hosp 5Lower Brule, SDSD
Oglala LakotaPretty Boy, Benjamin*35 Div 130 FA HQ CoManderson, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaProvost, George*33 Div HQ CoMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaProvost , Jack USS Illinois / USS HancockMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRandall, Todd*
Oglala LakotaRed Bear, Bernard*EngOglala, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRed Bear, Ralph*34 Div 109 Eng Co FOglala, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRed Blanket, Charles W., Sr.*
Oglala LakotaRed Boy, George*109 Eng Co FChadron, NENEHaskell
Oglala LakotaRed Eyes, Walter*
Oglala LakotaRed Feather, Edward E.*
Oglala LakotaRomero, Edward N.*QMCPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRomero, Manuel*QMC 127 Ord Dep Pine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRooks, Edward F.*35 Div 130 FA Btry BKyle, SDSDHaskell
Oglala LakotaRoss, Amos D.*8 Ammo TnPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaRunning Hawk, James*8 Div 13 Inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaSalivay, Charles N.*33 Inf HQ CoMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaSalves, George H.90 Div 357 Inf Co AWanblee, SDSD
Oglala LakotaSalves, John Levi10 Div 164 Dep Brig Co 16Norris, SDSD
Oglala LakotaSears, James638 Aero SquadLaCreek, SDSD
Oglala LakotaSius, James138 Aero SquadMartin, SDSD
Oglala LakotaTaylor, Clarence E.*ArmySD
Oglala LakotaTaylor, Fred J.*SD
Oglala LakotaTedford, Chester M.*
Oglala LakotaThole, Joseph J.*
Oglala LakotaThomas, Alfred R.*
Oglala LakotaThompson, Frederick M.*
Oglala LakotaThompson, Gehard O.*
Oglala LakotaThompson, James O.*
Oglala LakotaThompson, Ole*
Oglala LakotaThornburg, Arthur A.*
Oglala LakotaThree Stars, Paul*
Oglala LakotaTice, William G.*
Oglala LakotaTobiason, Abraham*
Oglala LakotaTomlin, Edwin L.*
Oglala LakotaTorve, Oliver J.*
Oglala LakotaToth, Paul*
Oglala LakotaTreseder, Richard F.*
Oglala LakotaTripp, Trilby R.*
Oglala LakotaTrouble In Front, Albert*84 Div 309 Ammo Tn Co AAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaTubbs, Vernon O.*
Oglala LakotaTucker, Clifford M.*
Oglala LakotaTurley, James*
Oglala LakotaTurner, Ralph D.*
Oglala LakotaTurning Holy, Frank*19 Div 2 Inf Co HAllen, SDSD
Oglala LakotaTutwiler, James E.*
Oglala LakotaTwiss, Charles*33 Aero SquadScenic, SDSD
Oglala LakotaTwo Eagles, John*Army
Oglala LakotaTwo Eagles, Joseph*33 Div 123 FA HQ CoPine Ridge, SDSDFlandreau
Oglala LakotaTwo Elk, McKinley
Oglala LakotaTwo Two, Phillip*ArmySD
Oglala LakotaUnder Hill, Alvin A.*ArmySD
Oglala LakotaWalking Bull, Charles*ArmySD
Oglala LakotaWaters, Robert L.*
Oglala LakotaWhalen, Richard*CAC Co 1Pine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaWhirlwind Horse, James*
Oglala LakotaWhirlwind Horse, John90 Div 357 Inf Co CPine Ridge, SDSD
Oglala LakotaWhistlee, Charles*61 Balloon CoWanblee, SDSD
Oglala LakotaWhite Bull, GeorgeAuto Repl Draft Co 15Porcupine, SDSDFlandreau
Oglala LakotaWhite Wolf, Charles34 Div 109 Eng Co FPine Ridge, SDSDCarlisle
Oglala LakotaWilliams, Maurice19 Div 2 Inf Co KLaCreek, SDSDHaskell
OjibweConnor, Richard L.26 Div 101 Sup Tn Co FCumberland, WIWI
OjibweWhite Feather, Alex JosephMP Corps 267 CoSpringbrook, WIWIHaskell
OmahaBrowning, Don6 NE Inf Co FWalthill, NENE
OmahaCook, SamArmyHaskell
OmahaDale, Allen P.42 Div 117 Ammo Tn Co FPonca City, OKOKHaskell
OmahaFarley, Fletcher L.2 Div 5 Marines Co C
OmahaFontenelle, Henry H.Bakery Co [AEF APO 758]Decatur, NENEHaskell
OmahaFontenelle, Leon Cecil164 Dep Brig 60 CoMacy, NENEHaskell
OmahaHamilton, James L.34 Div 134 Inf Co C / 26 Div 102 Inf Co DWalthill, NENEHaskell / Carlisle
OmahaLawson, Frank6 NE Inf Co FWalthill, NENE
OmahaLawson, George H.78 Div 307 FAWalthill, NENE
OmahaLong , John Lieb5 Div 16 Inf Co IPender, NENE
OmahaMerrick, Daniel B.8 Div 8 Inf HQ CoMacy, NENE
OmahaMiller, John G.3 Div 10 FA Btry EWalthill, NENE
OmahaPhilips, Roy A.2 Div 6 Reg Co 84Walthill, NENE
OmahaPhillips, George R.Walthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaPilcher, ArthurWalthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaRobinson, Henry6 NE Co FNE
OmahaRobinson, John4 Div 59 Inf Co IMacy, NENE
OmahaRobinson, Newton26 Div 103 Inf Co LMacy, NENECarlisle
OmahaRobinson, Sam26 Div 102 Inf Co AWalthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaSolomon, Andrew F.USS South CarolinaWalthill, NENECarlisle
OmahaSpringer, George32 Div 127 FA Btry BElgin, NENE
OmahaTyndall, Frank MatthewMacy, NENECarlisle
OmahaTyndall, JohnMacy, NENECarlisle / Genoa
OmahaTyndall, Wallace26 Div 102 Inf Co DWalthill, NENEHaskell
OmahaWarner, Charles26 Div 103 Inf Co CMacy, NENE
Omaha Blackbird, Charles26 Div 102 Inf Co DMacy, NENECarlisle
Omaha / CherokeeWoodford, Henry Harry88 Div 350 Inf Co MDecatur, NENE
OneidaBaird, Charles317 Machine Shop Truck Unit QMCOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaBaird, Enoch160 Dep Brig 3 Rep Reg Co 10Oneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaCooper, Wallace33 Div 122 FA Btry EWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaCornelius, Anderson WilliamDep Service Co 94West Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaCornelius, Edwin H.42 Div 166 Inf HQ CoWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaCornelius, Roderick1 Div 28 Inf Co BOneida, WIWIFlandreau
OneidaCornelius, William26 Div 101 Eng Co EOneida, WIWI
OneidaDanforth, John A.34 Div 136 Inf Co D / 20 Div 49 Inf Co LOneida, WIWIFlandreau
OneidaDenney, John M.5 Div 19 FA Btry FOneida, WIWIFlandreau
OneidaDenny, William5 Div 19 FA Btry AOneida, WIWIFlandreau
OneidaDoxtater, Mark Edward5 Div 19 FA HQ CoOneida, WIWIFlandreau
OneidaDoxtater , Jacob176 Depot Brg / Ft DodgeOneida, WIWI
OneidaDoxtator, WilsonArmyHaskell / Carlisle
OneidaElm, Arthur32 Div 127 Inf 1 MG CoCarlisle
OneidaElm, Jonas5 Div 14 MG Bn Co AOneida, WIWI
OneidaHill, Chester Elm32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaHill, Herman88 Div 121 FA Btry DWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaHill, JuliusMed CorpsOneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaHouse, Rufus32 Div 127 Inf Co HOneida, WIWI
OneidaIsland, Louis A42 Div 150 FA Btry BGreen Bay, WIWI
OneidaKick, AlbertCanadian Army Oneida, WIWIKIA
OneidaKick, Enos WilliamCanadian Army Oneida, WIWI
OneidaKick, Ernest
OneidaKing, George Washington6 Div 53 Inf Co ESeymour, WIWI
OneidaKing, LaFrontUSS HuntingtonOneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaKing, ReubenArmyHaskell
OneidaKing, WilliamNavyOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaMetoxen, EmersonUSS Imperator
OneidaMetoxen, Joseph F.ArmyOneida, WIWIHaskell / Hampton
OneidaMiller, Ernest6 Div 21 FA Btry BMorrisville, NYNY
OneidaMurdock, WilliamUSS ColumbiaPearson, WIWIHaskell
OneidaNinham, Amos H.8 Div 24 MG Bn Co DNorfolk, NENEHaskell
OneidaPalmer, William6 Div 53 Inf Co AOneida, WIWI
OneidaParkhurst, Freeman32 Div 323 FA HQ CoWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaPowless, AlphianSalvage Squad 318Oneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaPowless, Baptist96 Div 384 Inf Co GOneida, NYNY
OneidaPowless, Chauncy 42 Div 165 Inf Co DWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaPowless, Josiah A.*77 Div 308 Inf Med DetWIKIACarlisle
OneidaPowless, Martin35 Inf Co BWest Depere, WIWIHampton
OneidaScanandoah, Elias77 Div 302 Ammo Tn Co FOneida, NYNY
OneidaSickles, Caleb Matthew*Dental CorpsTiffin City, OHOHCarlisle
OneidaSickles, Herbert A.32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSickles, Herbert Alfred32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BWest Depere, WIWICarlisle / Pierre, SD
OneidaSickles, Noah E.32 Div 128 Inf HQ CoOneida, WIWI
OneidaSkenandore, Fred S.Medical Officers Training CorpOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSkenandore, HiltonOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSkenandore, James Jesse13 FAOneida, WIWIHaskell
OneidaSmith, Anderson6 Div 53 Inf Co BOneida, WIWI
OneidaSomers, JacobWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaSummers, Elmer 88 Div 121 FA Btry DWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaSummers, Julius*5 Div 49 Inf Co LOneida, WIWIFlandreau
OneidaSummers, Milton88 Div 121 FA Btry DWest Depere, WIWI
OneidaSwamp, Jonas3 Div 9 MG Bn Co CSeymour, WIWIHaskell
OneidaSwamp , Benjamin 88 Div 121 FA Btry EHobert, WIWIHaskell
OneidaWebster, Levy Parker54 Pioneer Inf HQ CoWest Depere, WIWICarlisle
OneidaWebster, Simon29 Div 115 Inf Co DDenmark, WIWI
OneidaWebster, William G.85 Div 337 Inf Co GManistique, MIMI
OneidaWheelock, James Riley808 Pioneer Inf BandOneida, WIWICarlisle
OneidaWheelock, Therman6 Div 54 Inf HQ CoWest Depere, WIWI
Oneida / Mowhawk / OnondagaHill, Alexander32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BBrantford, ONON
Oneida / Mowhawk / OnondagaHill, George O.32 Div 121 MG Bn Co BBrantford, ONON
Oneida ?Doxtator, JacobHaskell
OnondagaGeorge, Carl Danforth27 Div 108 Inf Co CSyracuse, NYNYHampton
OnondagaMoses, Alpha10 Div 41 Inf HQ CoIndian Falls, NYNYCarlisle
OnondagaWilliams, Clifford IrvingUSS CushingSyracuse, NYNYHampton
Onondaga / TuscaroraGreen, John4 Div 58 Inf Co ISanborn, NYNY
OsageAlberty, George Linn
OsageBacon Rind, George*90 Div 358 Inf Hq Co / 36 Div 144 Inf MG CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBarber, Lawrence Leo*35 Div 110 Ammo Tn Co BWinfield, KSKS
OsageBates, John*Grayhorse, OKOK
OsageBellieu, Leo A.*36 Div 144 Inf HQ CoNewkirk, OKOK
OsageBigheart, Edward*Provost Guard CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBigheart, John, Jr.*83 Div 330 Inf Co LFairfax, OKOK
OsageBigheart, Joseph*Ambo Co 262 / Ambo Co 16Pawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsageBigheart, William*18 Div 19 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBird, Joseph*35 Bn Co AHominy, OKOK
OsageBlaine, Eugene
OsageBoulanger, James V.
OsageBradshaw, Alvin S.*15 Div 79 Sup CoSkiatook, OKOK
OsageBrooks, Sylvester L.*7 Fld Bn Sig Corp Co BWichita, KSKS
OsageBrown, Charles*80 Div 318 Inf MG CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBrown, Louis M.
OsageBruce, Adelbert Ray*Army BandPawhuska, OKOK
OsageBruce, George
OsageBrunt, George E.
OsageBrunt, Theodore*Gen Hosp 21Pawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsageBurton, Roy B.*43 FA Btry E / 304 Cav Trp GBartlesville, OKOK
OsageCannon, John
OsageCannon, Joseph*Gen Hosp 36Tulsa, OKOK
OsageCarpenter, Charles Edward*Cas Co 22Bartlesville, OKOK
OsageCedar, William
OsageCheshewalla, Evart
OsageCheshewalla, Floyd
OsageCheshewalla, Herbert E.
OsageChouteau, Augustus C.*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co GOK
OsageChouteau, Charles*36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageChouteau, Stewart
OsageClawson, Josiah Garrett*Caney, KSKS
OsageCrouse, Earl E.
OsageDaniel, Vernie
OsageDaniels, Clarence*14 Div Ambo Co 255Ralston, OKOK
OsageDeNoya, Louis J.90 Div 358 Inf Co MPonca City, OKOK
OsageDonovan, Charles*29 Div 115 InfFairfax, OKOKKIA
OsageDonovan, Jesse C.*16 CoCherokee, OKOK
OsageDunlap, George*Base Hosp Ft SillFairfax, OKOKHaskell
OsageEasley, George Edward*Evac Ambo 18Bartlesville, OkOK
OsageEasley, Leo B.
OsageFarrell, Virgil
OsageFletcher, Charles T.*162 Dep Brig 9 Dev Bn Co DFairfax, OKOK
OsageFronkier, Laban Arthur*28 Div 109 Inf HQ CoPonca City, OKOK
OsageFronkier, Phillip*162 Dep Brig Co 61Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageFugate, Frank E.
OsageFugate, John A.*302 Overseas Cas Wagon CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageFugate, John E.
OsageGilmore, S.J.*15 Div 49 Reg Co ESkiatook, OKOK
OsageGilmore, William H.
OsageGoode, Hall*Med CorpsFairfax, OKOK
OsageHampton, Charles
OsageHaynie, Willie
OsageHickman, Homer*40 Div 160 MG CoLos Angeles, CACA
OsageHunter, John Samuel*18 Div 54 FA Sup CoGrayhorse, OKOKKIA?
OsageIron, Wakon*Prov Gr 2 Co FPawhuska, OKOK
OsageJavine, Benjamin H.*Motor Ambo Co 58Bigheart, OKOK
OsageJavine, Hasread*4 Trng Reg Co CBigheart, OKOK
OsageJavine, Joseph*10 Div 29 FA Btry ESpokane, WAWA
OsageJavine, Louis Anthony
OsageJavine, Roy Vernon*Mtr Trans Corp 393 Truck CoLong Beach, CACA
OsageJump, Jacob*Mtr Trans Corp Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageKrebs, Henry
OsageLabadie, George V.*Med CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageLabadie, John*343 FALong Beach, CACA
OsageLabadie, Joseph*2 Div 23 Inf Ambo Co 1Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageLabadie, Milton Edward
OsageLabadie, Paul Franklin*12 Inf Co HBartlesville, OKOK
OsageLaSarge, Arthur
OsageLaSarge, Louis*10 Div 30 Reg Btry A
OsageLeahy, Thomas Rogers
OsageLeahy, William T., Jr.*36 Div 142 Inf Co BPawhuska, OKOK
OsageLessert, Guy
OsageLessert, Wade*Base Hosp 85Ponca City, OKOK
OsageLessert, William K.
OsageLittle Star, EvartKIA
OsageLohah, Henry*37 Inf Co CHominy, OKOK
OsageMalone, Ralph
OsageMartin, James*Air ServicePawhuska, OKOK
OsageMashunkashey, Charles*ArmyPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMason, Joseph*QMC Fld Remount Squad 306Grayhorse, OKOK
OsageMathews, John Joseph*Army Air CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMathews, Thomas S.*36 Div 111 Ammo TnPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMcDaniel, Frederick W.
OsageMcDougan, Charles*37 Inf Co CPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMcGuire, Bird A.Marines
OsageMcGuire, Leo*Washington, DCDC
OsageMcKinley, William*36 Div 142 Inf Co EFairfax, OKOK
OsageMiles, John*309 Cav Trp ESulphur, OKOK
OsageMiles , Leo*36 Div 142 Inf Co BDurant, OKOK
OsageMiller, Louis S.*Hosp Tn 3Baltimore, MDMD
OsageMills, Joseph*Sig Corps 90 Aero Squad 1 Prov WingPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMoncravie, John Nicholas*Dep BrigFlagstaff, AZAZ
OsageMoncravie, Sylvester A.165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageMoore, James W.*162 Dep Brig 8 Rec Bn 29 CoBartlesville, OKOK
OsageMorrell, George*429 Motor Transport CorpsHominy, OkOK
OsageMosier, Charles P.*16 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co BPawhuska, OKOK
OsageMosier, Claude C.*77 Div 306 Inf Co DArkansas City, KSKS
OsageMosier , Edwin P. "Dutch"
OsageMudd, Alex*Base Hosp 85Delaware, OKOK
OsageMurray, Morton J.*36 Div 111 Ammo TnBartlesville, OKOK
OsageOn Hand, Ralph J.OK
OsagePahunka, Harry B.Base Hosp 85Pawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsagePanther, Charles
OsagePanther, Neal Clark*36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePappan, Lester
OsagePappan, Oakley36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePappan, Samuel Ted*90 Div 343 FA Btry EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePappin, Herbert Alexander*36 Div 142 Inf Co BNewkirk, OKOKCarlisle
OsagePappin, Jesse Laface*162 Dep Brig Dev Bn 5Joplin, MOMO
OsagePenn, Augustus Monroe*37 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePenn, Edward*Med CorpsBranson, MOMOHaskell
OsagePenn, Walker*Base Hosp 85Pawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsagePerrier, Leo
OsagePerrier, Peter90 Div Fld Hosp Co 357Ochelata, OKOK
OsagePlomondon, Daniel B.*36 Div 111 Ammo Tn Co EOklahoma City, OKOK
OsagePlomondon, Moses E.
OsagePyahhunkah, Frank*37 Inf Co CPawhuska, OKOK
OsagePyahhunkah, Harry*Med CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageQuinton, Joseph AlexSquad A Kelley Field 2Winona, OKOKHaskell
OsageRevard, Mark Sanford*Cas CoPawhuska, OKOK
OsageRevard, Nicholas A.
OsageRevard, Nicholas N.
OsageRevard, Nicholas T.*89 Div 356 Inf HQ CoKansas City, MOMO
OsageRevard, Ralph*Vet Hosp 7Ponca City, OKOK
OsageRevelette, Fred L.
OsageRiddle, Frank*37 InfPawhuska, OKOK
OsageRiddle, John Louis
OsageRiddle, Joseph
OsageRogers, Joseph L.*36 Div 111 Ammo TnPawhuska, OKOK
OsageRussell, Otis*90 Div 358 Inf Co IHominy, OKOKHaskell
OsageRussell, Willie*18 Div 53 FA Btry BHominy, OKOK
OsageScott, Daniel E.*32 Div 127 Inf Co DGrayhorse, OKOKHaskell
OsageShaw, Homer R.
OsageShaw, Moses R.
OsageSoldani, Charles LArmy Air Corps
OsageSoldani, Clarence Mitchell*41 Pursuit Squad 5 Prov Grp 2nd Am ArmyPonca City, OKOK
OsageSoldani, Frank E.*17 Div 50 FA Btry FStillwater, OKOK
OsageSoldani, Louis E.
OsageStepson, William*Base Hosp 85Fairfax, OKOK
OsageSweeney, Oscar E.
OsageTaylor, Hiram*36 Div 111 Ammo TnPawhuska, OKOK
OsageTayrien, Andrew J.*Base Hosp, Camp MacArthurLos Angeles, CaCA
OsageTayrien, Paul R.*89 Div 314 Sup Tn Co DPawhuska, OKOK
OsageThompson, Leroy*35 Div 110 Eng Co ALong Beach, CACA
OsageTinker, Clarence*Army Air CorpsPawhuska, OKOK
OsageTinker, David
OsageTinker, Roy B.*36 Div 142 Inf Co BOK
OsageTinker, Thomas Jefferson*85 Div 338 Inf / 344 MG Bn Co CPawhuska, OKOKHaskell
OsageTinker, William
OsageTrumbly, Charles*165 Dep Brig 9 Bn 33 CoLos Angeles, CACA
OsageTurner, Frederick D.*39 Div 142 FA Btry AWichita, KSKS
OsageVest, George*MOTG Gun Sheds Grp E1Pawhuska, OKOK
OsageWarrior, Robert*165 Dep Brig 10 Bn Co 40OK
OsageWatkins, James30 Div 120 Inf Co H / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EPawhuska, OKOK
OsageWatson, Joseph*36 Div 142 Inf Co EGrayhorse, OKOKHaskell
OsageWhite Wing, Wiley*Base Hosp 23Hominy, OKOK
OsageWhitehorn, Charles*ArmyHominy, OKOK
OsageWhitehorn, John90 Div 343 FA Btry DHominy, OKOKKIA
OsageWhitetail, John P.
OsageWilkie, George L.*97 Div 388 Reg Co CBartlesville, OKOK
OsageWilson, William E.*Gen Hosp 25Fairfax, OKOK
OsageWoodring, Carlton W.*36 Div 111 Ammo TnPawhuska, OKOK
OsageWoodring, Orville W. "Leo"*GHQ HQ Bn Co C / 36 Div 142 InfPawhuska, OKOK
Osage ?Littlejohn, George Washington1 Div 1 Ammo Tn Co CComargo, OKOK
OtoeDailey, John Lee*Hosp Train 56Perry, OKOK
OtoeHarper, Charles B.*ArmyRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
OtoeRoubedeaux, John R*90 Div 357 Inf Co DRed Rock, OKOKChilocco
OtoeRulo, Louis18 Div 19 Inf Co HRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
OtoeSaunders, Henry William*35 Div 130 FA Btry BRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
OtoeWhite, Corbett*Evac Ambo Co 24 / 164 Dep Brig 1 CoRed Rock, OKOKHaskell
Otoe-MissouriaAlva, Art *
Otoe-MissouriaCarson, George N.*
Otoe-MissouriaCarson, Joseph H.*
Otoe-MissouriaDeRoin, Charles M.*
Otoe-MissouriaFaw Faw, Morgan*
Otoe-MissouriaGrant, Frank*
Otoe-MissouriaMoncooyea, Charles*
Otoe-MissouriaPettit, Carlisle*90 Div 357 Inf Co D
Otoe-MissouriaPettit, Frank*90 Div 357 Inf Co D
Otoe-MissouriaPettit, Milton James, Sr.*90 Div 357 Inf Co D
Otoe-MissouriaPipestem, Frank*
OttawaAntoine, Alex1 Div 18 Inf Co HTraverse City, MIMI
OttawaBailey, Moses32 Div 12 Inf Co KMI
OttawaCook, Clifford RobertMarinesHaskell
OttawaCook, Elmer Frank28 Eng Co DWyandotte, OKOKHaskell
OttawaCooke, Clifford C.Marines QMCPicher, OKOKHaskell
OttawaFox, JacobArmyHaskell
OttawaGasco, Louis3 Div 4 InfHarvor Springs MIMI
OttawaIsaac, Joseph32 Div 125 Inf Co MManistique, MIMI
OttawaJames, Thomas1 Div 18 Inf Co DTraverse City, MIMI
OttawaKagigebitang, Thomas Joseph85 Div 340 inf Co GCross Village, MIMI
OttawaLeo, Joseph85 Div 340 Inf Co IBrutus, MIMI
OttawaLeo, Samuel J.Bakery Co 9Brutus, MIMICarlisle
OttawaMeshekey, Louis32 Div 119 MG Bn Co BHarbor Springs, MIMI
OttawaMitchell, Willam L.35 Div 139 Inf MG CoBay Shore, MIMIMt. Pleasant
OttawaMoses, Francis1 Div 16 Inf Co BSuttons Bay, MIMI
OttawaNauquam, William32 Div 125 Inf Co KDetroit, MIMI
OttawaPaul, John90 Div 345 FA HQ CoOmena, MIMI
OttawaPego, WardArmyHaskell
OttawaPeters, John32 Div 128 Inf Co GMuskegon, MIMI
OttawaShagway, Alexander R.2 Div 2 Eng Co DOmena, MIMI
OttawaShananquet, Lee32 Div Detroit MIMI
OttawaShananquet, Samuel J.28 Div 110 Inf HQBrutus, MIMI
OttawaStevens, James M.89 Div 342 FA HQ Co / 89 Div 356 InfMiami, OKOK
OttawaThomas, James1 Div 18 Inf Co DTraverse City, MIMI
OttawaWarren, George F.3 Div 4 InfCross Village, MIMI
OttawaWaukazoo, Calvin M.4 Div 59 Inf Co BBay Shore, MIMI
OttawaWilliams, John Med Corps
OttawaWilliams, Pontiac, Jr.32 Div 125 Inf Co KBay Shore, MIMI
OttawaWillis, IsaacUSS Kentucky / USS RichmondHayes, MIMICarlisle
OttawaWistar, Leo WarnerEvac Ambo Co 24Miami, OKOKHaskell
OttawaWistar, Willis Alton29 Div 115 Inf Co IMiami, OKOKHaskell
Ottawa / PottawatomiGesick, John4 Div 47 Inf Co CThompsonville, MIMI
Ottawa / PottawatomiGesick, Owosso32 Div 125 Inf Co KThompsonville, MIMI
PaiuteBrazzanovitch, NickArmyBenton, CACA
PaiuteDay, EugeneCAC 7 Div Co 14, 18Tuofumne, CACASherman
PaiuteGartiez , Gus11 Cav Trp IChemawa, OROR
PaiuteGeorge, David C.91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACASherman
PaiuteHarrison, SamArmyBishop, CACA
PaiuteJones, LouisArmyBishop, CACA
PaiuteKeith, CharlesArmyBishop, CACA
PaiuteKinney, Sam91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACA
PaiuteLewis, Walter91 Div 364 Inf Co ABig Pine, CACASherman
PaiuteMace, Andrew Billy77 Div 306 Inf Co GWeldon, CACA
PaiuteMatlick, John91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACA
PaiuteMcGowan, Louie40 Div 160 Reg Co ABishop, CACA
PaiuteMilton, Charles41 Div 164 Inf Co CIndependence, CACA
PaiuteMilton, Harry41 Div 164 Inf Co CIndependence, CACA
PaiuteNobles, HarryArmyBishop, CACA
PaiutePaddy, Pete91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoFort Bidwell, CACA
PaiuteRichards, EdwardQMCLos Angeles, CACAHaskell
PaiuteSepsey, Mitt Jefferson*91 Div 364 Inf Co EBig Pine, CACA
PaiuteShaw, Fred42 Div 167 Inf Co MBig Pine, CACA
PaiuteTurner, Gifford91 Div 364 Inf Co ABishop, CACA
PaiuteWashington, Mike91 Div 364 Inf Co IBenton, CACA
PaiuteWatson, Logan23 Reg, Eng Div; Wagon Co 2Big Pine, CACA
PaiuteWatterson, Frank8 Reg 12 Inf Co KBig Pine, CACA
PaiuteWewa, Sam13 Div 76 Inf Co FWarm Springs, OROR
PaiuteWilliams, WillieArmyBishop, CACA
PaiuteYandel, JeffArmyBig Pine, CACA
Paiute Dewey, Sampson82 Div 31 Reg Co BBishop, CACA
Paiute Dodd, Robert77 Div 308 Inf Co HNablock, NVNV
PalaSibimoat, BlasNavyKIA?Sherman
PassamaquoddyDana, Samuel J.26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEMECarlisle
PassamaquoddyLacoot, NewellCanadian Army 145 BnPrinceton, MEME
PassamaquoddyLewey, Peter26 Div 103 Inf Co IPrinceton, MEME
PassamaquoddyLola, Charlie26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEMEKIA
PassamaquoddyNeptune, Moses26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEMEKIA
PassamaquoddyNewell, John26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
PassamaquoddySapiel, David26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
PassamaquoddyStevens, George26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
Passamaquoddy Stanley , Peter26 Div 103 Inf Co IPerry, MEME
Passamaquoddy / MaliseetSockbeson, Henry26 Div 103 Inf Co IOldtown, MEME
PawneeAdams, Alexander*Cas Reg 1 4 Recruit Co / 80 MG CoChilocco
PawneeAmeelyenah, Joseph*36 Div 131 MG Bn Co BPawnee, OKOK
PawneeBayhylle, Edwin *
PawneeBayhylle, Louis*Haskell
PawneeBayhylle, William*Camp Hosp 9Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeCarion, Emmett
PawneeCarrion, Bennett*
PawneeChapman, Henry*
PawneeCoons, Arthur*ArmyPawnee, OKOKCarlisle
PawneeCoons, Harry*ArmyHaskell
PawneeCummings, Harry
PawneeCurley Chief, Harold *Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeCurley Chief*, Burris*Cas Reg 1 4 Recruit Co / 70 Balloon Co Air ServicePawnee, OKOKChilocco
PawneeEagle, Alex*Haskell
PawneeEcho Hawk, Elmer *
PawneeEcho Hawk, George*
PawneeEsau, Joseph*5 Div 7 Eng BandPawnee, OKOK
PawneeGover, Ben*ArmyHaskell
PawneeHand, Thomas*
PawneeHarper, CharlesArmyPhoenix
PawneeJustice, William*Haskell
PawneeKeyes, Walter*42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKHaskell / Phoenix / Chilocco
PawneeLeader, Jacob*42 Div 165 Inf HQ Co Stoke Mortar PlatoonPawnee, OKOKChilocco
PawneeLeader, Warren*ArmyHaskell
PawneeLittle Eagle, James*15 Div 79 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKChilocco
PawneeLittle Eagle, Paul*Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeLittle Sun, James*ArmyPhoenix
PawneeMannington, James*34 Div 134 Inf Co MPawnee, OKOKHaskell / Hampton
PawneeMatlock, Elmo*36 Div 142 Inf Co CPawnee, OKOKCarlisle
PawneeMoore, Edgar*Haskell
PawneeMorris, Herbert*Haskell
PawneeMoses, James C.*34 Div 125 MG Bn Co BPawnee, OKOKPhoenix
PawneeMurie, Henry*Phoenix
PawneeMurie, Lawrence P.*35 Div 130 FA Btry BPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeMurie, Pete*
PawneeMurie, Wallace*Haskell
PawneeNew Rider, Jonathan*ArmyHaskell
PawneeNew Rider, Pete*
PawneeNorman, Walter E.*
PawneeOsborne, Samuel*
PawneePappan, Benjamin289 Ambo CoPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneePappan, Isaac*
PawneeRealrider, Warren *
PawneeRichards, Harry*42 Div 165 Inf HQ CoPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeRicketts, Herman*
PawneeRiding In, Frank*
PawneeRiding Up, Charles*Haskell
PawneeRoberts, George H.*
PawneeShaw, Gordon*
PawneeSmith, Andy, Sr.*
PawneeSmith, John C., Sr.*
PawneeSmith, Julius Caesar*29 Div 113 Inf Co CPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeSmith, Richard K.*Haskell
PawneeSpotted Horsechief, Delbert*
PawneeSpotted Horsechief, John*35 Div 130 FA Btry BPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeSun Eagle, Elmer*
PawneeSun Eagle, James*90 Div 357 Inf Co EPawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeTaylor, George*165 Dep Brig 17 Bn Co 66Chilocco
PawneeTaylor, Jobie*
PawneeWhite, Grant*
PawneeWhite, Henry E.*36 Div 131 MG Bn Co APawnee, OKOK
PawneeWichita, Ernest*Haskell
PawneeWilson, Charles*
PawneeWood, Ben, Sr.*
PawneeYellow Horse, Moses*Pawnee, OKOKHaskell
PawneeYoung Eagle, Frank42 Div 165 InfPawnee, OKOKPhoenix
Pawnee / CherokeePayne, Oliver Francis4 Div 59 Inf Co APawnee, OKOK
Pend d'OreilleMoss, Philip A.19 Div 219 Eng HQ DetPolson, MTMT
PenobscotFrancis, George16 Eng Co CPleasant Point, MEMECarlisle
PeoriaAbner, Joseph R.Eng Casa Blanca, NMNMHaskell
PeoriaFroman, Asa90 Div 358 Inf Co A / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EChilocco
PeoriaMerriss, Clinton WallaceBase Hosp, Camp TravisChilocco
PimaAzule, Paul Edwin*NavySacaton, AZAZSherman
PimaBlackwater, Mark USS PennsylvaniaBlackwater, AZAZSherman
PimaCarlisle, Blaine40 Div 158 Inf Co FSacaton, AZAZPhoenix
PimaEnas, Juan P.ArmyPhoenix
PimaEnas, WilliamArmyPhoenix
PimaEnos, Juan P.3 Div 8 MG Bn Co DKomatke, AZAZSherman
PimaJohnson, EdwardArmyPhoenix
PimaJose, IsaacNavyPhoenix
PimaJuan, Mathew B.*1 Div 28 Inf Co KSan Tan, AZAZKIASherman
PimaLaws, Charles40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoPhoenix
PimaLewis, HarryArmyPhoenix
PimaLewis, StewartNavyPhoenix
PimaLives, Harry*3 Div 30 Inf Co KGila Crossing, AZAZPhoenix
PimaMack, John A.Sherman
PimaManuel, Felix HughesNavyRiverside, CACASherman
PimaMoore, William T.40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoPhoenix, AZAZPhoenix
PimaMorris, Joshua2 Div 4 MG Bn Co BLaCross, AZAZPhoenix
PimaNelson, EdwardUSS North DakotaBlackwater, AZAZChilocco
PimaRay, Albert40 Div 158 Inf Co FKIASherman
PimaSneed, Oliver3 Div 30 Inf MG CoKonathe, AZAZPhoenix
Pima / PinonWhittaker, Louis4 Div 59 Inf Co LBlackwater, AZAZSherman
Pitt RiverHunan, John13 Div 76 Inf Co FCovelo, CACA
Pitt River / KonkowWebster, GarnerCAC 45 RegLos Angeles, CACA
Pokagon Band of PotawatomiGibson, Isaac*85 Div 337 Inf Co HPaw Paw, MIMI
Pokagon Band PotawatomiQuigno, Henry*1 Div 18 Inf Co FWatervliet, MIMIKIA
Pokagon Band PotawatomiQuigno, James*NavyWatervliet, MIMI
Pokagon Band PotawatomiQuigno, Peter*85 Div 339 Inf Co CWatervliet, MIMI
PomoAllen, Arthur E.CAC 40 FA Btry EHopland, CACASherman
PomoBusch, Elmer E.35 Prov ASSCPotter Valley, CACASherman / Carlisle
PomoElliott, Rayfula77 Div 306 Inf Co BUkiah, CACA
PomoGilbert, GrantSherman
PomoKnight, John89 Div 340 MG Bn Co BUkiah, CACA
PomoLozinto, Joseph R.11 Div 63 Inf Co CCASherman
PomoRayfield ?, Elliot ?77 Div 306 Inf Co BUkiah, CACA
PomoWilliams, Frank91 Div 316 Mob Ord RepPotter Valley, CACA
PoncaBiggoose, Theodore*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaBuffalo Chief, JohnArmyHaskell
PoncaBuffalohead, Arthur*Gen Hosp 5White Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaBuffalohead, David*Army
PoncaBurt, Kenneth*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaCalls Him, George*132 MG BN Co CWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaCerre, Ben*165 Dep Brig Co 32White Eagle, OKOK
PoncaCollins, William, Sr.*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaCries for Ribs, Harry*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOKCarlisle
PoncaDeLodge, Baptiste*83 Div 331 Inf Co CWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaGayton, Richard*162 Dep Brig Co 88OKHaskell
PoncaHeadman, Kenneth Coe*36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaHinman, Richard*36 Div 142 Inf Co EWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
PoncaHinman, Roy*Base Hosp 112White Eagle, OKOKHaskell
POncaHowe, Oliver*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaKemble , McKay*Med DeptWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaKemble , William*Base Hosp 86Ponca City, OKOKHaskell
PoncaKing, Browning*214 Art Btry FWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaKing, Joseph*10 Inf 10 MG CoWhite Eagle, OKOKCarlisle
PoncaKnight, Tony H.*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaLeClair, Peter M.*18 Div 85 Inf Co EWhite Eagle, OKOKChilocco
PoncaLeClair, Richard*9 Bn Co DWhite Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaLittle Standing Buffalo, Alfred*81 Div 323 InfWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaLittle Standing Buffalo, John*Dep Serv Co 43White Eagle, OKOK
PoncaLittle Walker, Newman*NavyWhite Eagle, OKOKCarlisle
PoncaMakes Cry, Albert*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaNew Moon, George*Red Rock, OKOKHaskell
PoncaOther, Robert Upshaw*White Eagle, OKOKHaskell
PoncaRoy, Marcus Antoine*ArmyPonca City, OKOKHaskell
PoncaWalkingsky, Woolsey*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PoncaWaters, Albert*ArmyWhite Eagle, OKOK
PotawatomiAikens, OrvilleHaskell
PotawatomiAitkens, Orville John1 Div 16 Inf HQ CoRossville, KSKS
PotawatomiBertrand, Judson164 Dep Brig Med Dept 4 Unit InfirmaryShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
PotawatomiBlandin, Joseph164 Dep Brig 5 Reg 3 Dev Bn HQ CoMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiBourbonnais, JethroQMCOKHaskell
PotawatomiBradley, Clarence W.36 Div Haskell
PotawatomiBurnett , LeeHaskell
PotawatomiCadue, Frank3rd MO Inf Co EMayetta, KSKSKIAHaskell
PotawatomiCadue, Hoke Smith89 Div 353 Inf Co AMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiCurley, AlexHaskell
PotawatomiDarling, Lucius36 Div 142 Inf Co FMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiEteeyan, Joseph*7 Div 34 Inf Co HMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiGoodboo, Frank90 Div 288 MP / 350 MP Co ACommerce, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiHaas, GeorgeHaskell
PotawatomiJohnson, Lewis M.42 Div 150 MG Bn Co CAthens, MIMI
PotawatomiKeshick, Peter E.85 Div 339 Inf Co AHarris, MIMI
PotawatomiKeshick, Stephen M.85 Div 330 FA Btry EHarris, MIMI
PotawatomiKime , Joseph4 Div 39 Inf Co L Bernette, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiKimes, WillieHaskell
PotawatomiLaFromboise, Roy35 Div 130 FA Btry ASilver Lake, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiLybarger, CharlesHaskell
PotawatomiLybarger, ThomasHaskell
PotawatomiMars, Amos67 Aero SquadSacred Heart, OKOKCarlisle
PotawatomiMatsapto, George88 Div Dep Brig Co GMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiMcCullough, Jacob85 Div 337 Inf Co FHarris, MIMI
PotawatomiMelosh, Joseph L.90 Div 357 Inf Co HMcCloud, OKOK
PotawatomiMelotte, Earl E.Drumright, OKOKHaskell
PotawatomiMjissepe, CharleyCavMayetta, KSKS
PotawatomiMorgan, Don F.1 Div 18 InfWatseka, ILIL
PotawatomiOgee, Edward M.35 Div 110 Ammo Tn San DetTopeka, KSKSChilocco / Haskell
PotawatomiPambogo, John Baptiste4 Div 16 FA Btry BLexington, OKOK
PotawatomiPearce, WilliamQMCPurcell, OKOK
PotawatomiPokagon, Jewett35 Div 139 Inf Co GWatervliet, MIMI
PotawatomiShipshee, Louis22 Siberian Repl CoMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiWade, JamesNavy RadioHaskell
PotawatomiWall, Asa E.ArmyShawnee, OKOKHampton
PotawatomiWamego, Thomas JosephMarines 85 Co Mobile ArtMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PotawatomiWano, William15 Div 79 Inf Co IWyandotte, OKOKChilocco
Potawatomi / OttawaMackey, Paul32 Div 125 Inf Co KAthens, MIMI
Potawatomi / SaginawChippeway, Walter42 Div 167 Inf Co MMount Pleasant, MIMI
Potawatomi/OdawaShagonaba (Shagonaby), Philip (Phillip)*85 Div 337 Inf Co CEldridge, MIMI
PottawatomiAtkinson, Orvile J.1 Div 16 Inf HQ CoMayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiBelair, Mitchell*
Prairie Band PotawatomiBourdon, Anthony C.*
Prairie Band PotawatomiDarling, Ernest C.*35 Div 137 Inf Co BMayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiGrinnell, Earl*MarinesMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiHale, John Cody*89 Div 353 Inf Co BMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiHale, Joseph Wesley*
Prairie Band PotawatomiJessepe, Charles*
Prairie Band PotawatomiKahance, John V.*
Prairie Band PotawatomiMagnauk, Grant*
Prairie Band PotawatomiMoore, Archie*USS WisconsinMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiMoore, Frank G.*1 Div 16 Inf HQ CoMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiPawsesse, Sam*9 Div Co 19Mayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiShopteese, Francis P.*49 FA Btry BMayetta, KSKSHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabaunsee, Louis*ArmyHaskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabnosah, James P.*
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabnum, John*89 Div 353 Inf Co DMayetta, KSKS
Prairie Band PotawatomiWabnum, Peter*Haskell
Prairie Band PotawatomiWamego, Harry*89 Div 353 Inf Co DMayetta, KSKSHaskell
PuebloCarbahal, MarcusUSS RochesterLas Cruces, NMNMPhoenix / Carlisle
PuebloGranillo, Isabel 40 Div 157 Inf Co DKIASherman
PuebloJuan, PaulNavy Shipyard Hog Island
PuebloLobato, Atanacio34 Div 134 Inf Co FPajariot, NMNMSherman
PuebloLuna, TimothyArmyHaskell
PuebloMartinez, ConradoCavPhoenix
PuebloMartinez, JoseNavy EngPhoenix
PuebloRodreguez, Fernando322 Inf HQ Co BandPhoenix
PuebloSoto, HermanAir ServicePhoenix
Pueblo Dominguez, Edward42 DivHaskell / Chilocco
Pueblo Garcia, David E.40 Div 160 Inf Co MGreenville, CACASherman
Pueblo Phillips, Andrew89 Div 356 Inf Co LSeama, NMNM
Pueblo Siow, George R.3 Div 7 Inf MG CoSeama, NMNM
Pueblo Tallamonts, Carew29 Div 104 Ammo TnEslata, NMNM
Pueblo Villasenar, Antonio R.33 Div 132 InfTulurasa, NMNM
PuyallupKalama, Francis J.35 Div 130 FA HQ CoWarm Springs, ORORHaskell
PuyallupWalker, Andy C.324 MG BnPuyallup, WAWA
QuapawCardin, Fred95 Div 169 FA / 315 CavQuapaw, OKOK
QuapawGoodeagle, Levi*36 Div 142 Inf Co E / 90 Div 358 Inf Co AOKHaskell
QuapawGoodeagle, Paul*St Nazarre Casual Co 161Baxter Springs, KSKSHaskell
QuapawQuapaw, Jesse*5 Div 6 Inf Co M / 36 Div 142 Inf Co EBaxter Springs, KSKSHaskell
QuechanRainbow, Loris LawrenceYuma, AZAZSherman
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior ChippewaCurtain, Fred32 Div 107 MP Co 2Bayfield, WIWICarlisle / Tomah
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior ChippewaGokee, John34 Inf Co GBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior ChippewaMartineau, WilliamMed CorpsBayfield, WIWICarlisle
Red Lake ChippewaMorrin, Alvin (or Alvis)Navy 3 Reg Co CBayfield, WIWIHaskell / Carlisle / Flandreau
Red Lake ChippewaNeedham, John10 Inf Co DRed Lake, MNMNCarlisle
Red Lake ChippewaSumner, John10 Inf Co ACarlisle
Red Lake ChippewaSumner, Joseph J.476 Aero SquadRed Lake, MN MNCarlisle
Red Lake OjibweBig Star, John1 Div 1 Eng Co CRed Lake, MNMN
Rincon Band of Luseino IndiansPico, GusNavyEscondido, CACASherman
Rogue RiverLogan, JamesMarines 5 Brig 11 Reg Co EOtis, OROR
Rosbeud SiouxEagle Feather, Lynn41 Div 148 MG Bn Co BRosebud, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxButte, Lott F.28 Div 111 Inf Co LLower Brule, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxEagle Horn, Chauncey*41 Div 148 MG Bn Co B / 41 Div 167 Inf Co MOkreek, SDSDKIA
Rosebud SiouxFoote, Stephen W.41 Div 164 Inf Co ISDCarlisle
Rosebud SiouxGood Thunder, Leopold32 Div 128 Inf Co DRosebud, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxHenry, James89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ECut Meat, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxLamoureaux, Paul J.*42 Div 167 Inf MG Co / 41 Div 148 MG CoMartin, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxOmaha Boy, Herbert40 Div 145 MG Bn Co BRosebud, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxPeneaux, George89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co FRosebud, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxPonca, Shandrach42 Div Dixon, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxRogers, Gilbert CharlesRosebud, SDSDCarlisle
Rosebud SiouxSlow Fly, Moses41 Div 148 MG Bn Co BRosebud, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxSmith, Elijah Delmar41 Div 148 MG Bn Co BRosebud, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxSpotted Tail, Stephen*42 Div 167 Inf Co MRosebud, SDSDRapid City
Rosebud SiouxTallmandan, Paul C.89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co ERosebud, SDSD
Rosebud SiouxWhite Wash, Lyman D.ArmyFlandreau
Round ValleyAugustine, Clarence A.88 Div 313 Eng Co DLakeport, CACA
Round ValleyHoxie, WilliamCentral Officers Training SchoolEspanola, NMNM
Round ValleyMoser, Ernest40 Div 144 FA Btry EHoopa, CACA
Round ValleyWilsey, James81 Div 324 Inf Co BUkiah, CACA
Round Valley ?Hanover, RobertSherman
Sac and FoxCarter, Charlie4 Div 59 Inf Co HStroud, OKOK
Sac and FoxConnell, Harrison B.10 Div 41 Inf Co CKansas City, MOMOHaskell
Sac and FoxCouteau, HerbertHaskell
Sac and FoxFoster, Green79 Inf Co EShawnee, OKOKHaskell
Sac and FoxGreen, GeorgeCAC 63 Reg Co CHorton, KSKS
Sac and FoxMargrove, Howard J.SATC 156 Fld Sig Corps Co FPreston, NENE
Sac and FoxMeek, Thurman Nelson8 Div San SquadShawnee, OKOKHaskell
Sac and FoxPennock, DavidArmyHaskell
Sac and FoxPoweshiek, Jonas36 Div 142 Inf Co CTama, IAIAHaskell / Carlisle
Sac and FoxSolomon, Frank89 Div 353 Inf Co MHiawatha, KSKS
Sac and FoxThorpe, EdwardUSS NevadaShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
Sac and FoxWalker, Leo 111 Ammo Tn Co EShawnee, OKOKHaskell / Carlisle
Saginaw ChippewaDaniel, David7 Div 64 Inf Co H / 85 Div 340 Inf Co ASagoning, MIMI
Salt River Pima-MaricopaAdams, Harvier*40 Div 158 Inf Co FPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaAnton, Wallace*322 Inf Co FScottsdale, AZAZKIAPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaCarlisle, Lewis*ArmyPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaGeorge, Charley*ArmyPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaJackson, Andrew*AZ
Salt River Pima-MaricopaManassia, Eddy*
Salt River Pima-MaricopaManuel, Victor*40 Div 158 Inf HQ CoSalt River, AZAZHampton
Salt River Pima-MaricopaMoore, Peter*2 Div 4 MG Bn Co BAZPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaSeyu, Hugh C.*
Salt River Pima-MaricopaShaw, Ross*40 Div 158 InfPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaStanley, Frank*40 Div 158 Inf Co FPhoenix
Salt River Pima-MaricopaThomas, Anthony W.*
Salt River Pima-MaricopaWashington, Edward*
San Carlos ApacheBush, JohnPhoenix
San Carlos ApacheWitt, ShortyPhoenix
San Juan PuebloArchuleta, Reyes5 Cav Trp CChamita, NMNM
San Juan PuebloCruz, Cornelio Martinez15 Div 5 Cav Trp EChamita, NMNM
San Juan PuebloLawson, Charles30 Eng Co A / 166 Dep BrigDeer Harbor, WAWA
Santa Clara PuebloTafoya, Joseph Filario90 Div 315 Eng HQ CoEspanola, NMNMCarlisle / Chilocco
Santa Clara PuebloTafoya, Nerio37 Div 112 Ammo Tn Co BEspanola, NMNM
Santee SiouxBlacksmith, Joseph127 FA Btry CSantee, NENESantee
Santee SiouxCampbell, John H.89 Div 355 Inf Co GBloomfield, NENE
Santee SiouxCarson, Carl89 Div 355 Inf MG CoSantee, NENE
Santee SiouxCash, Anderson163 Dep Brig 32 Co SDHaskell
Santee SiouxFrazier, Francis Philip89 Div 355 Inf HQ CoSantee, NENE
Santee SiouxGarvie, Joseph RoySantee, NENESantee
Santee SiouxGraham, AlexNavy sub destroyer serviceFort Thompson, SDSD
Santee SiouxHenry, Mark89 Div 355 Inf Co BNiobrara, NENE
Santee SiouxKitto, Silas*89 Div 354 Inf Co GSantee, NENEKIA
Santee SiouxMitchell, Charles338 FA Btry DGreenwood, SDSD
Santee SiouxRouillard, Eugene 89 Div 355 Inf Co HNiobrara, NENE
Santee SiouxWabashaw, Francis89 Div 355 Inf Co GSantee, NENEHaskell
Santee SiouxWabashaw, William H.89 Div 355 Inf Co FSantee, NENE
Santee Sioux Smith, Moses H.77 Div Sup Tn Co AEggleston, MNMNKIASantee
Santee Sioux St. Clair, StephenSantee, NENECarlisle
Santee Sioux Frazier, ArthurAuto Repl Draft Co 14Herrick, SDSDKIAFlandreau
Santee Sioux Frazier, Charles B.5 Div 19 Inf Co LHerrick, SDSDFlandreau
Santee Sioux Goodteacher, Levi Samuel33 Div 122 FA Btry B / 34 Div 136 Inf Co DSantee, NENEFlandreau
Santee Sioux Trudell, Moses
Santo Domingo PuebloMartinez, Escolastico4 Div 59 Inf Co FGolden, NMNM
SaukBedel, Harry8 Div HQ Co B Sauk River, WAWA
Sauk / SuiattleAleck, Lucian*40 Div 157 Inf Co LMarblemount, WAWA
Sault Ste MarieBebo, Joseph*5 Eng Co CAuTrain, MIMI
Sault Ste MarieBonno, Antoine32 Div 125 Inf Co KSault Ste Marie, MIMI
Sault Ste MarieLaJoice, Clifford *4 Div 77 FASault Ste Marie, MIMI
Sault Ste MarieMaCabee, Frank*310 Eng Co DStonington, MIMI
SchaghticokeHarris , Howard N.26 Div 102 Inf Co CBridgeport, CTCT
SeminoleAyler, John4 Div 58 Inf OK
SeminoleBarricklow, Clarence D.Med CorpsWewoka, OKOKHaskell
SeminoleBemo, George*ArmyWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleBemo, Willie*7 Div 34 Inf Co HWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleCheparney, Nemo36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleDavis, John F.4 Div 59 Inf Co MWewoka, OKOKHaskell
SeminoleDeer , Thompson36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleFactor, Joe E.36 Div 142 Inf Co F / 141 Inf Co AKonawa, OKOKChilocco
SeminoleFactor , Jimmie*ArmyWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleFish, Louis15 Btry Co 14 Med Corps Oklahoma City, OKOK
SeminoleFixico, Dundee18 Construction Co ASSCWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleFixico, Sonny35 Div 140 Inf Sasakwa, OKOKKIA
SeminoleHardridge, Taylor36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleHarjo, Cuffie90 Div 165 Dep Brg Co 41Sasakwa, OKOK
SeminoleHarjo, Josey*133 Inf Co KSasakwa, OKOK
SeminoleHarjo, Samson B.36 Div Co FSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleHarjoe, Henderson36 Div 141 Inf Co EKonawa, OKOK
SeminoleHarjoe, Sumpsey36 Div 141 Inf HQ Co / 142 Inf Co ESylvian, OKOK
SeminoleJohnson, George Harjo*ArmyMaud, OKOK
SeminoleJohnson, JohnArmyChilocco
SeminoleJones, Harry E.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
SeminoleLarney, Edward*36 Div 142 Inf Co ESylvian, OKOKHaskell
SeminoleLeitka, PorterDev Bn 86 CoWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleMarks, Amos*36 Div 142 Inf Co MSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleMarpiyecher, Josie*36 Div 141 Inf Co IKonawa, OKOK
SeminoleMcGeisey, James Thomas*1 Div 1 Inf Co GSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleMcGeisey, William S.*34 Div 134 Inf Co H / 36 Div 141 Inf Co HWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleMilly, BillyMed DeptSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleNero, Amos*77 Div 307 Inf San DetEarlsboro, OKOK
SeminolePinoskogee, Joe359 InfOK
SeminoleRipley, Thomas*78 Div 312 Inf Co ISeminole, OKOK
SeminoleRome, GeorgeWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleSampson, Harion36 Div 142 Inf Co GSeminole, OKOK
SeminoleSwanson, Harper 36 Div 142 Inf Co ISeminole, OKOK
SeminoleWalker, Jimmie*Prov GuardWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleWesley, Charles90 Div 358 InfChilocco
SeminoleWise, Walter*42 Div 165 Inf HQ Co/ 36 Div 142 Inf Co EWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleWolfe, Jimmie*ArmyWewoka, OKOK
SeminoleWood, David7 Div 79 FA Btry DSeminole, OKOK
Seminole ?Davis, Andrew J.90 Div 344 FAWewoka, OKOK
SenecaBuck, Peter JoshuaBase Hosp 89Six Nations, ONONHaskell
SenecaButton, George WilburNY
SenecaButton, Leroy G.Lawton, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaChoteau, SidneyNavyHaskell
SenecaClarke, Adrian A.Coast Guard Co 3Towanda, NYNY
SenecaCornplanter, Jesse J.37 Div 147 Inf MG CoLawtons, NYNY
SenecaFrank, Theodore16 Eng Co CSalamanca, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaGoode, Frank78 Div 312 Inf Co LIrving, NYNY
SenecaHemlock, Joseph J.87 Div 346 Inf Co ELawtons, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaHemlock, Samuel Emerson3 Div 38 Inf HQ CoSyracuse, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaHill, IsaacNavyNYCarlisle
SenecaHubbard, ChesterNavy
SenecaJackson, Andrew79 Div 310 FA Btry AIrving, NYNY
SenecaJackson, Rollo L.Versailles, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaJamison, LeviNavyTonawanda, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaJimerson, Albert Montgomery87 Div 336 FA Btry BGowanda, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaJimerson, Edward D.34 Spruce SquadIrving, NYNY
SenecaJohn, Benjamin H.87 Div 334 FA Btry EBuffalo, NYNY
SenecaJohn, Milo77 Div 304 FA Btry CVersailles, NYNY
SenecaJohnnyjohn, MitchellUSS Galveston / USS BainbridgeCollins, NYNYCarlisle / Hampton
SenecaJohnson, Augustus7 Div 64 Inf HQ CoLawton, NYNY
SenecaKennedy, Nathaniel Victor87 Div 348 Inf Co NBuffalo, NYNY
SenecaKing, George Ernest14 Div 10 Inf Co MBuffalo NYNY
SenecaKing, Spencer55 Inf HQ CoIrving, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaLay, Nelson RutherfordNYThomas Indian School
SenecaLay, Richard90 Div 358 Inf Co GGowanda, NYNY
SenecaLay, William LetchworthMarinesIrving, NYNYHaskell
SenecaMilo, John77 Div 304 FA Btry CVersailles, NYNY
SenecaMoses, Salem L.29 Div 113 InfVersailles, NYNY
SenecaNephew, Arthur36 Div 142 Inf Co BPerrysburg, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaParker, Arthur C.
SenecaParker, HaroldArmyIrving, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaPatterson, Spencer78 Div 309 Inf Sup CoVersailles, NYNYCarlisle
SenecaPierce, George153 Dep Brig 18 Bn 72 CoGowanda, NYNY
SenecaPoodry, Harrison78 Div 303 Ammo Tn Co BTonawanda, NYNY
SenecaSkye, McRay*
SenecaWarrior, WilliamVersailles, NYNY
SenecaWhitetree, Frank34 Div 127 FA HQ CoGrove, OKOKHaskell / Sherman
SenecaWhitetree, Ray W.Bakery Co 351Henrietta, OKOKChilocco
Seneca / CayugaBishop, Harold K.3 Div 4 Inf Co GVersailles, NYNYCarlisle
Seneca / WynadotteLogan, John A.35 Div 140 Inf Co KGrove, OKOK
Seneca ?Jimerson, MontyLawton, NYNY
ShastaOscar, Henry A.91 Div 363 Inf Co EYreka, CACA
ShastaWicks, Nelson Francis26 Div 102 Inf Co EFort Jones, CACA
ShawneeBaker, Charles T.36 Div 142 Inf Co EOK
ShawneeDaughtery, Sam36 Div 142 Inf Co E
ShawneeEllis, Jesse90 Div 357 Inf HQ CoShawnee, OKOK
ShawneeFox, EdwardShawnee, OKOKCarlisle
ShawneeHood, LutherFort Sill OKOKHampton
ShawneeLaughlin, Charles H.Squad E Kelley FieldSeneca, MOMOHaskell
ShawneeProphet, John27 EngSeneca, MONEHaskell
ShawneeProphet, William Kelley61 InfSeneca, MONEHaskell
ShawneeShawnego, HenryNavyHaskell
ShawneeSloan, VictorHaskell
ShawneeTrammell, Joseph W.35 Div 130 FA Btry BShawnee, OKOKHaskell
Shawnee Alford, Webster W.3 Div 7 Inf Shawnee, OKOKHaskell
Shawnee Dushane, IsaacArmyHaskell
Shawnee Prophet, Elmer Eugene32 Div Inf / Adj Gen DeptSeneca, MOMOHaskell
Shawnee Shawnego, JohnBakery Co 316 Haskell / Chilocco
Shawnee Spencer, John Calvin40 Div 158 Inf Co KHaskell
Shawnee Williams, Thomas7 Div 56 Inf Co HWhite Oak, OKOK
ShoshoneHoley, George3 Div 30 Inf Co HEly, NVNV
ShoshoneLarge, Roy Shade4 Div Vet Unit 4 Eng Co DWind River, WYWYCarlisle
ShoshoneLavatta, Benton8 Div 13 Inf Co I Pocatello, IDID
ShoshoneRoberts, Robert332 Fld Rmt SquadCheyenne Agency, SDSD
ShoshoneSorrell, Charles8 Div 13 Inf Co I Pocatello, IDID
ShoshoneTaylor, William91 Div 362 Inf Co FRowland, NVNV
Shoshone/PaiuteWasson, Thomas R.Air Service / Med CorpsNV
SiletzAdams, John Victor42 Div 168 Inf Co CSiletz, OROR
SiletzAdams, RussellNavySiletz, ORORChemawa
SiletzCarson, Willard Franklin90 Aero SquadToledo, OROR
SiletzCharley, Eddie44 Inf Co KSiletz, OROR
SiletzCurl, Marion346 FA Co FOtis, OROR
SiletzEvans, Lee44 Inf Co L
SiletzEvans, Leonard1 Div 14 Inf Co FOrton, OROR
SiletzLane, AlfredNavySiletz, OROR
SiletzLane, Archie175 Aero SquadOR
SiletzReed, TonyCAC Co 10Otis, OROR
SiletzSpencer, RalphNavyCorvalis, OROR
SiletzTowner, Elwood AlfredMarinesSiletz, ORORChemawa
SiletzTowner, Louis20 Eng 4 Bn Co FPortland, OROR
SiletzUmatata, Leo53 Div Spruce SquadSiletz, OROR
SiletzWashington, Andrew77 Div 308 Inf Co F Siletz, OROR
SiletzWashington, Dewey53 Div Spruce SquadSiletz, OROR
SiletzWashington, Paul*91 Div 361 Inf Co GSiletz, ORORKIACushman Indian Trades School
SiletzWatts, Darwin91 Div 363 Reg Co KSiletz, OROR
SiouxAlvarez, Joseph Robert91 Div 362 Inf HQ CoPoplar, MTMT
SiouxArpan, Antonio5 Div 60 Inf Co BTimber Lake, SDSD
SiouxAtkinson, Adolph H.63 Eng Med DetWood, SDSDFlandreau
SiouxBad Hair, John89 Div 355 inf Co BPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxBad Wound, Vincent 89 Div 355 Inf Co BWanblee, SDSD
SiouxBeads, Joseph88 Div 351 Inf Co ESt. Francis, SDSD
SiouxBearhorse, John35 Div 140 Inf Co ACarter, SDSD
SiouxBettelyoun, IsaacArmyPine Ridge, SDSDHaskell
SiouxBig Owl, George3 Div 4 Inf MG CoWhite River, SDSD
SiouxBig Owl, Joe3 Div 4 Inf MG CoWhite River, SDSD
SiouxBingham, Leon88 Div 337 FA Btry DRavinia, SDSD
SiouxBlack Horse, Frank J.88 Div 351 Inf Co EWood, SDSD
SiouxBlack Horse, William85 DivSt. Francis, SDSD
SiouxBlack Tomahawk, Joseph88 Div 350 Inf Co CSt. Francis, SDSD
SiouxBlaine, Jasper3 Div 30 Inf MG CoGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxBlanket, Henry91 Div 362 Inf Co ENorris, SDSD
SiouxBluebird, John78 Div 312 Inf Co HBonesteel, SDSD
SiouxBluehorse, William42 Div 151 MG Bn / 41 Div 148 MG Bn Co BSt. Francis, SDSDRapid City
SiouxBrown, Donald4 Inf MG CoSDCarlisle
SiouxBrown, James A.8 Div 13 Inf Co KDenver, COCO
SiouxCampbell, EdwardQMCHaskell
SiouxCarlow, AbrahamArmyHaskell
SiouxCarlow, FrankArmyHaskell
SiouxCavender, William Ray54 Pioneer Inf Co MGranite Falls, MNMN
SiouxCloud, Silas F.InfLittle Eagle, SDSD
SiouxComes from War, Frank77 Div 306 Inf Co HWasoso, SDSD
SiouxComes Out Bear, Benjamin89 Div 355 Inf Co GParmelee, SDSD
SiouxConnoly, Norman R.2 Div 6 Marines 97 CoChicago, ILIL
SiouxCrooked Foot, Sampson42 Div 167 Inf Co MLower Brule, SDSDRapid City
SiouxCrooks, Harry89 Div 353 Inf Co BMorton, MNMN
SiouxCummings, Earl E.314 Ammo Tn Co BPromise, SDSD
SiouxCummings, Henry89 Div 314 Inf Co BPromise, SDSD
SiouxDenoyer, Silas HarveyArmyWood, SDSDRapid City
SiouxDiersley, Frank42 Div 167 Inf Co MPoplar, MTMT
SiouxDiserly, Frank42 Div 167 Inf Co MPoplar, MTMT
SiouxDogg, Martin L.6 Div Bakery Co 365Bullhead, SDSD
SiouxDubray, Robert90 Div 357 Inf Co IWinner, SDSD
SiouxDupris, Joseph L.32 Div 147 FA Btry CCheyenne River Agency, SDSDKIA
SiouxEagle Deer, Paul88 Div 351 Inf Co ERosebud, SDSD
SiouxEarring, Day89 DivGrand Valley, SDSD
SiouxEbersol, WilliamNavyPhoenix
SiouxEder, Charles JamesNavy BandValley, MTMTChemawa
SiouxEscacuga, Charles32 Div 127 Inf Sup CoFrazer, MTMT
SiouxFast Horse, Fred89 Div Co F Ammo TnRosebud, SDSD
SiouxFelix, Clement33 Div 129 Inf Co HPrior Lake, MNMN
SiouxFiske, Frank Bennett41 MG Bn Co AFort Bennett, SDSD
SiouxFleury, George Peter77 Div 306 Inf Co IFort Thompson, SDSDFt. Thompson / Pierre
SiouxFolson, Frank89 Div 342 MG Bn Co GManderson, SDSD
SiouxFrederick, Peter88 Div 147 FA Btry CGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxFrom Above, Pierre33 Div 124 FA Btry FHamill, SDSD
SiouxGarvie, GeorgeDep Brig Co 36Niobrara, NENEHaskell
SiouxGoodeagle, Alfred91 Div 363 Inf HQ CoDixon, SDSD
SiouxGrass, John3 Div 4 Inf HQ CoPine Ridge, SDSDFlandreau
SiouxGraybull, Thomas35 Div 139 Inf Co DCannon Ball, NDND
SiouxGreenwood, James91 Div 348 MG Bn Co BWitten, SDSD
SiouxGreyhound, John28 Div 111 Inf Co ALake Andes, SDSD
SiouxGrow, Sam88 Div 147 FA Btry CGross, SDSD
SiouxGunhammer, Harry88 Div 351 Inf Co LOkreek, SDSD
SiouxHawk, JamesPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxHill, F.G.10 Div 20 Inf Co APromise, SDSD
SiouxHopkins, Peter88 Div 351 Inf Co FLake Andes, SDSD
SiouxHorsethief, Jasper89 Div 340 MG Bn Co BWakpala, SDSD
SiouxHoward, FrankLake Andes, SDSD
SiouxHudson, Joseph5 Div 19 FA Btry AIdeal, SDSD
SiouxIron, MatthewArmyHaskell
SiouxKeeler, Sylvester5 Div 48 Inf Co DGreenwood, SDSDFlandreau
SiouxKeith, HobartNavyHaskell
SiouxKills-plenty, Silas91 Div 348 MG Bn Co BWasoso, SDSD
SiouxLaChapelle, Max V.Marines 13 CoWabasha, MNMNCarlisle
SiouxLafferty, Clyde M.89 Div 355 Inf Co GFort Bennett, SDSD
SiouxLaFromway, Peter32 Div 127 Inf Co MSaco, MTMT
SiouxLawrence, Allen91 Div 316 San Tn 362 Ambo CoPeever, SDSD
SiouxLayton, Joseph P.2 Div 5 Marines Co ABelleville, NJNJ
SiouxLeftheron, Oliver 89 Div 355 Inf Sup CoPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxLoves War, Henry41 Div 164 Inf HQ CoWakpala, SDSD
SiouxMadole, John W.2 Div 9 Inf MG CoDoniphan, MOMO
SiouxMcBride, Jesse Elmer89 Div 342 MG Bn Co A & BLake Andes, SDSD
SiouxMcKenzie, Narcisse77 Div 306 Inf Co HSt. Charles, SDSD
SiouxMeans, David B.91 Div 333 InfBullhead, SDSD
SiouxMound, Peter88 Div 350 Inf Co AWhite Horse, SDSD
SiouxNecklace, Thomas C.88 Div 175 Brig HQ / 338 MG BnBullhead, SDSD
SiouxNorwood, Ralph C.2 Div 15 FA Btry FBelville, MIMI
SiouxObashaw, Frank41 Div 147 FA Btry CWagner, SDSD
SiouxOtterman, Allen
SiouxPocantico, Joe26 Div 104 Inf Co DPorcupine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxPomani, Buckley88 Div 147 FA Btry CFort Thompson, SDSD
SiouxPowell, John Henry88 Div 352 Inf MG CoPhillipl, SDSD
SiouxProvost, ThomasGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxPrue, Levi 89 Div 340 MG Bn Co ARosebud, SDSDHaskell
SiouxRed Buffalo, John42 Div 167 Inf Co MHardin Grove, SDSDRapid City
SiouxRedwater, Albert 85 Div 355 Inf Co GOcoma, SDSD
SiouxRedwing, Hazen W.34 Div 127 MG Bn Co BFlandreau, SDSD
SiouxRichards, Alfred91 Div 361 Inf Co LLaCreek, SDSDKIA
SiouxRivers, Ernest88 Div 352 Inf Co GPromise, SDSD
SiouxRocque, Leo F.14 Div HQ CoHaskell
SiouxRoe, HoseaGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxRouillard, Ernest88 Div 349 Inf Co CNiobrara, NENE
SiouxRussell, JosephWanblee, SDSD
SiouxRussell, Oliver W.88 Div 147 FA Btry CEkalaka, MTMT
SiouxSally, GilbertGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxSally, JohnGreenwood, SDSD
SiouxSaves Them, Benedict13 Div 39 FA Btry EFort Thompson, SDSD
SiouxSentena, Philip20 Div 89 Reg Co FSDFlandreau
SiouxSharpfish, Leo30 Div 118 Inf Co BWososo, SDSD
SiouxShields, JoeWakpala, SDSDKIA
SiouxShooter, William Theodore88 Div 351 Inf Co EWood, SDSD
SiouxSt. Clair, Henry B.34 Div 136 Inf Co L / 4 Div Co HSisseton, SDSD
SiouxSt. Pierre, Henry Lee89 Div 340 MG Bn Co AYankton, SDSD
SiouxSt. Poerre, Jesse P.88 Div 147 FA Btry CWagner, SDSD
SiouxStanding Elk, JosephArmy Herrick, SDSDChilocco
SiouxStanding Elk , CharlesAir ServiceHerrick, SDSD
SiouxStars, Joseph89 Div 340 MG BnHerrick, SDSD
SiouxSteele, MeadeArmyHaskell
SiouxStone, Paul90 Div 357 Inf Co EWososo, SDSD
SiouxSwallow, Ernest77 Div 308 Inf Co H / 385 Inf Co HPorcupine, SDSD
SiouxSwifthawk, Paul91 Div 361 Inf Co BSt. Francis, SDSDRapid City
SiouxTaylor, George33 Inf HQ CoSpringfield, SDSD
SiouxThree-Stars, Paul88 Div 351 Inf Co LPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxThunder Hawk, Joseph88 Div 350 Inf Co APorcupine, SDSD
SiouxTurning Bear, Theodore David88 Div 351 Inf Co E
SiouxTwo Dog Snow, James19 Div 2 Inf Co HVega, SDSD
SiouxVillebrun, Antoine91 Div 316 Ammo Tn Co CMahnomen, MNMN
SiouxWalks in the House, Charles OwlLake Andes, SDSD
SiouxWeasel, Oscar A.41 Div 148 MG BnCherry Creek, SDSDRapid City
SiouxWestman, George W.34 Div 109 Mtr Trans Co BNE
SiouxWhalen, EdwardSD
SiouxWhipple, Harry Benjamin79 Div 313 Inf Co DEggleton, MNMN
SiouxWhite Face, Fred42 Div 167 Inf Co MWososo, SDSDRapid City
SiouxWhite Horse, John89 Div 30 FA Btry CKyle, SDSD
SiouxWhite Way, Charles34 Div 109 Eng Co FPine Ridge, SDSD
SiouxWhitebull, Jacob88 Div 351 Inf Co AKenel, SDSD
SiouxWhitehorse, Louis89 Div 314 Ammo Tn Co FWhite River, SDSD
SiouxWhitelance, John88 Div 147 FA Btry CRosebud, SDSD
SiouxWind, James H.89 Div 356 Inf Co KFort Thompson, SDSD
SiouxWound, Vincent B.89 Div 355 Inf Co BWamblee, SDSD
SiouxWounds, George M.CAC 7 Div 18 RegFort Yates, NDND
SiouxYellow Head, Joseph10 Div 20 Inf Co BIsabel, SDSD
SiouxYon, Herman82 Div 307 Sup Tn Co CDetroit, MIMI
SiouxYoung, Robert1 Div 26 Inf Sup CoPortage La Prairie, MBMB
SiouxYoungman, Julius89 Div 340 MG Bn Co BPoplar, MTMT
Sioux ?Snell, GeorgeFlandreau
SioxuSmith, Todd Harden80 Div 320 Inf Co BSt. Francis, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHopkins, William163 Dep Brig 4 Bn Co 15Wilmot, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateBarker, Charles*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateBarse, Horace*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateBartlett, Edward*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateBear, Andrew P.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateBernard, Aaron*Flandreau
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateCampbell, George M.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateCampbell, James J.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateChristenson, Joakin*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateCloud, George*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateCrawford, Edward J.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateCrawford, Samuel J.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateDay, James C.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateDecoteau, Winfred*Haskell
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateDriver, Moses H.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateDugan, Amos*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateDumarce, Harry *
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateFinley, Smiley L.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateGrey Buffalo, John*Gen Hosp 5SDFlandreau
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHarris, Andrew T.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHarris, George S.77 Div 307 Inf Co DPeever, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHayes, Edward*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHeduta, Abraham*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHeminger, Dwight W.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateHopkins, Abel*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateKing, Kenneth Coe59 Dep Brig Co 16Wolf Point, MTMTHaskell / Carlisle
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateKing, Thomas*4 Div 59 Inf Co MWebster, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaBatte, Daniel*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaBatte, James*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaBatte, Sidney*Haskell
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaBelle, Daniel*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaBelle, Decorah*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaBelle, Edward*89 Div 341 MG Bn Co AVeblen, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLaCroix, William*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateLufkins, Henry*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateMarks, Alexander*88 Div 350 Inf Co AEden, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateOneroad, AmosGreenwood, SDSDHaskell
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateOrtley, Wallace*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateQuinn, Charles R.*89 Div 355 Inf Co GSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRedwing, George C.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateReed, Edward*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRenville, Felix, Sr.*32 Div 341 MG Bn Co DPeever, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRenville, Lucas*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRenville, Robert*32 Div 121 MG Bn Co CPeever, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRenville, Thomas C.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRobertson, Edward A.*32 Div 128 Inf Co AVeblen, SDSDKIA
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateRobertson, Walter C.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateShepherd, Peter S.*89 Div 355 Inf Co BWaubay, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateShepherd, Smiley, Sr.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateSupangi, Joseph J.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateTatanka Mani, George*160 Dep BrigTokio, NDND
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateTitus, Louis*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateTohocoka, Samuel Williams*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateWanna, George H.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateWhite Turtle, Paul*88 Div 350 Inf Co MNorris, SDSD
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateWilliams, Smiley S.*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateWilliams, Titus*
Sisseton / Wahpeton OyateWilson, Titus*89 Div 355 Inf Co GSisseton, SDSD
Sisseton / YanktonBrowning, Roger12 Cav Med DetPoplar, MTMTFlandreau
Sisseton / YanktonRedboy, CharlesCAC 42 Art Btry ABrockton, MTMTFlandreau
Sisseton SiouxCloud, Joseph
SkagitBeale, William J.*CAC 63 Art Btry DAnacortes, WAWA
SkagitJames, William87 Spruce SquadLaConner, WAWA
SkagitLang, CharlesUSS Ryndam or RijndamBirdsview, WAWAHaskell
SkagitLange , Henry ThompsonUS Corps Ford Repair UnitTacoma, WAWACarlisle
Smith RiverWinton, Paul Charles82 Div 307 Sup Tn Co FSmith River, CACA
SnohomishDunbar, Joseph LibbyWAHaskell
SnohomishElwell, Goliah ErnestNavyMonroe, WAWACushman Indian Trades School
SnohomishSmith, Perry1 Div 1 Eng Co BTacoma, WAWA
Soboba Band of Luseino IndiansMojado, AnthonyNavySan Jacinto, CACASherman
Soboba Band of Luseino IndiansSilvas, Albert Joseph91 Div 364 Inf Co MSan Jacinto, CACASherman
SonomaSheard, William42 Div 150 FA Btry BStewarts Point, CACA
Spirit Lake SiouxAlbert , Jerome*88 Div 337 FA Btry ADevils Lake, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxBlackbird, Charles George*41 Div 164 Inf Co LFort Totten, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxCourt, Joseph*88 Inf 313 Ammo Tn HQ CoFort Totten, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxFeather, Jerome*35 Inf Co KFort Totten, NDNDCarlisle
Spirit Lake SiouxGarfield, John Gabriel*88 Div 313 Trench Mortar BtryFort Totten, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxIrish, William*41 Div 164 Inf Co BFort Totten, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxJettie, Alfred NDNG 2 Inf Co GDunseith, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxMcKay, Henry Stanilaus*166 Dep BrigMinnewaukan, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxMead, Gabriel*160 Dep BrigTokio, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxMerrick, Joseph, Jr.*88 Div 313 Ammo Tn Co FDevils Lake, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxSherman, Benedict*Dev Bn 1 3 CoFort Totten, NDND
Spirit Lake SiouxSherman, Joseph*4 Div 58 Inf Co BFort Totten, NDNDKIA
SpokaneBazil, CharlesCAC 25 Art Btry FTeoka, WAWA
SpokaneDesautel, Elmer Inchelium, WAWA
SpokaneDesautel, Thomas William*Marines 11 Reg Sup CoMiles, WAWA
SpokaneEdwards, Jason D.Air Service /Sig CorpsMiles, WAWA
SpokaneMcCoy, Walter A.33 Div 130 Inf HQ CoColville, WAWA
St Regis MohawkJordan, Dewey GeorgeUSS ArkansasLaFayette, NYNYCarlisle
St Regis MohawkSawatis, John30 Div 48 Inf Co FHogansburg, NYNYCarlisle
St Regis MohawkTarbell, Joseph Francis15 Eng HQ BnHogansburg, NYNYCarlisle
St Regis MohawkTarbell, PeterHogansburg, NYNYCarlisle
St Regis MohawkWood , Thomas S.78 Div 311 Inf Co KBombay, NYNYCarlisle
St. Regis MohawkBero, Peter4 Div 10 MG Bn Co BHogansburg, NYNYCarlisle
Standing Rock SiouxAgard, James*164 Dep Brig Co 46Light Cap, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxAlkire, James W.*
Standing Rock SiouxAnkle, Henry Arnold*89 Div 355 Inf Co HFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxAnkle, Matthew*CAC 57 Art Btry BHampton
Standing Rock SiouxBear Ghost, Alphonse*1 Div 26 Inf Co M Cannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBearshield, Julius*20 Eng 45 Co Forestry / 42 Eng Co DFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBig Mane, David*
Standing Rock SiouxBighorn Elk, Louis*88 Div 350 Inf Co CFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBlack Cloud, Joseph*
Standing Rock SiouxBlack Hoop, Joseph*
Standing Rock SiouxBlue Earth, Richard*1 Div 18 Inf Co ACannon Ball, NDNDKIA
Standing Rock SiouxBrave Bull, John*8 Ammo Train Co GCannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBrave Crow , Samuel*88 Div 147 FA Btry CFort Thompson, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxBrave Crow , Steven*
Standing Rock SiouxBrave Thunder, John*
Standing Rock SiouxBrought, Barney*
Standing Rock SiouxBrought Plenty, August *1 Div 28 Inf Co DFort Yates, NDNDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxBrought Plenty, John*33 Div 132 Inf Co FFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBrown, James E.*
Standing Rock SiouxBuckley, Charles T.*61 FA Btry FFort Rice, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBuckley, James Francis*163 Depot Brig 1 Bn Co AFort Rice, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBuckley, John J.*7 Div 5 Eng Co EFort Rice, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxBullhead, Francis *
Standing Rock SiouxCadotte, Gilbert C.*NavyWakpala, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxCarry Moccasin, Thomas*
Standing Rock SiouxChapman, Guy George*82 Div 326 Inf Co KSantee, NENE
Standing Rock SiouxChapman, Joseph*35 Div 139 Inf Co EFort Yates, NDNDGenoa
Standing Rock SiouxCheyenne, Albert*
Standing Rock SiouxCross Bear, Wallace (Walter)*
Standing Rock SiouxCrow Necklace, Thomas*88 Div 338 MG Bn Co BFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxCrow Skin, Louis*88 Div 352 Inf Co ISD
Standing Rock SiouxDefender, Ben *
Standing Rock SiouxDeRockbraine, Andrew*Med CorpsBullhead, SDSDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxDeRockbraine, Antoine*
Standing Rock SiouxDeRockbraine, Thomas*3 Div 38 Inf MG CoBullhead, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxDid Not Butcher, Isaac*
Standing Rock SiouxDog Cloud, Benjamin *MP Corps 305 Co / 41 Div 164 Reg Co A, B, CFort Shaw, MTMTCarlisle
Standing Rock SiouxDogg, Joseph Lawrence*314 MP Trp BStanding Rock, NDNDCarlisle
Standing Rock SiouxDogg, Louis F.*5 Div 19 FA Btry AMcLaughlin, SDSDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxDouglas, Jacob*499 Aero SquadronCannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxDuncan, Jefferson Louis*88 Div 349 Inf Co FHarlowton, MTMT
Standing Rock SiouxEagle Boy, Ambrose*
Standing Rock SiouxEagle Horn, James*3 Div 38 Inf MG CoWakpala, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxEagle Shield, Samuel*
Standing Rock SiouxEarring, Harvey*FA Instructor Bullhead, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxElk, John*35 Div 139 Inf Co DCannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxFire Cloud, Silas*
Standing Rock SiouxFly, Felix *
Standing Rock SiouxFoster, Samuel*
Standing Rock SiouxGabe, Ambrose*89 Div 314 MP Trp BWakpala, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxGabe, Charles*
Standing Rock SiouxGasto, Thomas*
Standing Rock SiouxGilland, Robert*
Standing Rock SiouxGood Iron, Paul*CAC 6 CoSheilds, NDNDCarlisle
Standing Rock SiouxGrass, Albert*1 Div 18 Inf Co AFort Yates, NDNDKIA
Standing Rock SiouxGrey Day, Joseph*CAC 39 Art Btry FShields, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxGreybull, Thomas*
Standing Rock SiouxGrindstone, Dwight*
Standing Rock SiouxGrowler, John*
Standing Rock SiouxHalf, Isaac*Flandreau
Standing Rock SiouxHalsey, George Jacob*91 Inf Div 361 Inf Co BFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxHalsey, Michael*91 Inf Div 361 Inf Co BFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxHarmon, Joseph Richard*Central Officers Training School 3 Bn 4 CoFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxHas Horns, Charles*
Standing Rock SiouxHourigan, Lawrence*
Standing Rock SiouxHoward, Amos*Flandreau
Standing Rock SiouxHoward, Charles A.*3 Div 38 Inf MG CoMcLaughlin, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxIron Cloud, Jasper*5 Div 48 Inf Co LSDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxIron Cloud, Phillip*
Standing Rock SiouxIron Road, John*
Standing Rock SiouxIron Thunder, Joseph*
Standing Rock SiouxJordan, John*88 Div 352 Inf Co DMound City, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxJordan, Joseph*1 Div 18 Inf Co AMound City, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxKeeps Eagle, Herbert*157 InfStanding Rock, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxLaFramboise, Edward Antoine*34 Div 136 Inf Sup CoMcLaughlin, SDSDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxLawrence, Henry W.*91 Div 362 Inf Co LLittle Eagle, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLeaf, Joseph*
Standing Rock SiouxLean Elk, Harry E.*35 Div 138 Inf Co 2Porcupine, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxLeCompte, Casper*690 Motor CorpMobridge, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLeCompte, Cyril*89 Div 356 Inf Co IMobridge, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLittle Bird, Eli*
Standing Rock SiouxLittle Chief, Charles*20 Div 48 Inf Co ISolen, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxLittle Dog, Martin*
Standing Rock SiouxLittle Eagle, Allen*
Standing Rock SiouxLittle Eagle, Leo*QMC Cas Det 1123Bullhead, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLong Bull, Baptist*SD
Standing Rock SiouxLong Elk, Julian*
Standing Rock SiouxLooking Back, Isaac*89 Div 355 Inf Co LLittle Eagle, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLoves the War, Harry*164 Dep Brig HQ CoWapala, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLoves War, George*Signal Corps Wakpala, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxLyon, Raphael*161 Ambo CoFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxMakes Thunder, James*
Standing Rock SiouxMany Deeds, Edmund, Sr.*
Standing Rock SiouxMany Horses, Francis*
Standing Rock SiouxMany Wounds, George*CAC Co 20 Co (Manila Bay, Philippines)Fort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxMarsh, Joseph*
Standing Rock SiouxMarshall, William*8 Div 62 Inf Co DKenel, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxMcLaughlin, James Sidney*161 Ambo CoFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxMcLean, James*
Standing Rock SiouxMedicine, Martin*3 Div 38 Inf MG CoMartin, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxMenz, William H.*82 Div 326 Inf Co IFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxMolash, David*91 Inf Div 348 MG Bn Co DChamberlain, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxMolash, George*14 Div 40 Inf Co CKennebec, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxMountain, Willis*5 Div 19 FA Btry ALittle Eagle, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxMulhern, Barney*90 Div 358 Inf Co KCannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxMurphy, James G.*35 Div 139 Inf Co DShields, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxOka, Matthew*SD
Standing Rock SiouxOld Crow, John Joseph*136 Inf Co DBullhead, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxOne Feather, Henry*19 Div HQFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxParkin, Charles Lewis*5 Eng HQ CoSt. Paul, MNMN
Standing Rock SiouxPheasant, Thomas*
Standing Rock SiouxPine, Straight*88 Div 351 Inf Co B
Standing Rock SiouxPretends Eagle, Joseph*CACFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxRed Bean, John*83 Div 329 Inf Co GFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxRed Bear, Charles*
Standing Rock SiouxRed Fox, George James*CAC 71 Art Btry BSelfridge, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxRed Horn, John*
Standing Rock SiouxRed Legs, Benedict*
Standing Rock SiouxRed Stone, Asa*91 Div 348 MG Bn Co CCannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxRedhawk, Daniel13 Div 44 InfLake Andes, SDSDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxReedy, Philip Graham*Med CorpsFort Totten, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxRogers, Charlie18 InfND
Standing Rock SiouxSantee, George W.*CAC 71 Art Btry BShields, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxSee the Elk, Lawrence*91 Div 348 MG Bn Co CFort Yates, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxShoestring, James*164 Dep Brig Co 27Lightcap, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxShooter, Leo*
Standing Rock SiouxShoots Near, Jacob*
Standing Rock SiouxShoots Walking, Moah*
Standing Rock SiouxShort Baldhead, Benedict*
Standing Rock SiouxSitting Dog, Andrew*13 Div 44 Inf Co CWakpala, SDSDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxSleeps From Home, George*Dev Bn 1 Co DKenel, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxSpeaks Walking, Luke*CAC 74 Art Btry BFort Yates, NDNDFlandreau
Standing Rock SiouxSpotted Bird, John*88 Div 351 Inf Co BCannon Ball, NDND
Standing Rock SiouxStrong Heart, Ulusses*
Standing Rock SiouxStrong Heart, Walter*89 Div 340 MG Bn Co BWakpala, SDSD
Standing Rock SiouxTaken Alive, Charles*