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Hawaii WWI Symposium

Thursday, June 27, 2019, 08:00am - 05:00pm

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About The Event

Hawaii WWI Symposium

Dates: 26-28 June, 2019

Location: The Hawaii World War One History Conference at the Hawaii Pacific University Campus at the Aloha Tower
(where our opening ceremony was held two years ago today).

Description: WWI Symposium at the Hawaii Pacific University Campus at the Aloha Tower and Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. This academic symposium is co-hosted by Hawaii Pacific University, the Arizona Memorial Visitors’ Center, and the Hawaii WWI Centennial Task Force. The symposium will feature speakers with presentations focused on Final military actions of 1918, such as the Siberian Intervention 1918-1920, as well as the major activities associated with the Paris Peace Conference.

Other topics include:
1) Political or social changes caused by the war/peace process/returning soldiers (spread of nationalism, diseases, anti-colonial efforts, etc.);
2) Military demobilization;
3) Civilian rebuilding and humanitarian efforts immediately post-conflict;
4) Influence on/creation of Veterans or professional organizations (i.e. American Legion, Military Order of World Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Reserve Officers Assn., National Defense Industrial Assn., etc.).
5) History of the Coastal Artillery Branch in Hawaii and its outlook as an operations concept in the aftermath of WWI.

The symposium will run from 0800-1630 26 and 27 June, and a half day on Friday 28 June, which is the final day of the WWI Centennial Commemoration Period.
In addition to the symposium, there will be a special boat tour of Pearl Harbor, narrated by Chief Historian, National Park Service Ranger Daniel Martinez, to recall the events and activities in Pearl Harbor during WWI. 

Events include:


Contact : [email protected]
Category: Conferences, Shows & Panels, Hawaii


Location : HPU Honolulu Campus
1 Aloha Tower Dr
Honolulu, HI,



Half day on 28 June, with afternoon activities at the Arizona Memorial Visitors' Center

 5cc508338f153-HPU Campus at the Aloha Tower - Honolulu Hawaii.jpg image002.jpg


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