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Stories of Service

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Roy William Billingsley

Submitted by: Deborah Billingsley Cavalcante {Grandniece}

Roy William BillingsleyRoy William Billingsley was born around 1901. Roy Billingsley served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1921.

Story of Service


My great-uncle, Roy William Billingsley, was born on 20 July 1901. He had lost his mother in January of 1913. Shortly after his mother's death, his father put him and his younger brother, James Stanley, in the Louisville Industrial School for Boys, to finish their education. He gave their youngest sister, Alice Rose, to a family in Oklahoma and then he skipped town, never to be heard from again.

Roy enlisted in the Army, at age 15, on 9 Apr 1917 (Regiment 30th Inf. Company “A”) and was stationed at Camp Merritt, NJ. According to his Roll of Honor entries he was in the Aisne defensive June 1918, the Chateau-Thierry July 1918, and the Champagne Marne defensive July 1918 when he was captured by the Germans 18 July 1918 and spent time in a prisoner of war camp, Camp Rastatt. He was released Dec 9, 1918. But in the interim, he was reported dead. In August 1918, the Courier Journal wrote that he had “given his life in battle against Hun.” Back home in Louisville, they held a memorial service for Roy.

When he was released from the POW camp, he returned to his company. When he returned home about a year later, his sister Pearl fainted when she saw him standing at the door. He was honorably discharged 23 Jul 1921.

Uncle Roy later enlisted in World War II 19 Sep 1942. He was honorably discharged 11 Mar 1943.

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Ernest L Chasteen

Submitted by: Johnny M Smith {Grandson}

 Ernest L Chasteen

Ernest L Chasteen was born around 5-6-1896. Ernest Chasteen served in World War 1 with the United States Arm . The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


30th Infantry Division ( Old Hickory)  American Expeditionary Forces

May 12 1918 - December 16 1918

Battle of St. Quentin Canal, part of the breach of the Hindenburg Line, France

Gunshot wound left arm

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James Forrest Reynolds

Submitted by: Christopher Reynolds {2nd Great Nephew)

James Reynolds image

James Forrest Reynolds was born around 1895. James Reynolds served in World War 1 with the United States Marine Corps. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


 Corporal Reynolds was the company armorer for 82nd Co, 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines when he was killed by German shrapnel on 26 Jun 1918 on hill 204 during the WWI Battle for Belleau Wood.




Alfred Erlandson

Submitted by: Paula I Simula {Great Niece}

Alfred Erlandson image

Alfred Erlandson born around 1887. Alfred Erlandson served in World War 1 with the United States Marine Corps. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Alfred was the son of Norwegian Immigrants, Hans and Jensine Erlandson.

"For gallantry in action against the enemy", the citation accompanying the Silver Star medal awarded to Alfred Erlandson and James Carter reads:

"The two men above named assisted in the capture of a town on the 6th of June, after being wounded, and displayed remarkable energy and courage against superior numbers of the enemy. They engaged in street fighting and were of material assistance in driving out the enemy.

OMAR BUNDY, Major General, USA, Commanding".

The event took place at the town of Bouresches, during the "Battle of Belleau Wood". Erlandson was exposed to mustard gas, as well as being shot in the right shoulder. He re-joined his unit 13 July 1918. Alfred received promotion to Corporal on 8 Aug 1918. He was killed in action on the Champagnne font on 03 Oct.1918.

Much of this information was generously provided by Lenny Moore, whose grandfather served in the same unit.


Charles S. Williams

Submitted by: Kathy Gryzeski {granddaughter}

Charles Williams image

Charles S. Williams born around 1901. Charles Williams served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1916 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Charles S. Williams of Santa Cruz, born 1901, joined the Army at age 15 and served on the Mexican border, where his unit unsuccessfully tried to track down Pancho Villa.

He was then sent to France where he received the Purple Heart medal in World War I. He was discharged at age 18 and later received a 75th Commemorative Medal for the anniversary of World War I.

He was a commander of Veterans of WWI of Santa Cruz, a bugler for the American Legion, and a life member of Disabled American Veterans. He was married for 70 years to Oneta Williams, had 2 daughters and 2 sons. He passed away at the age of 92 in Santa Cruz, CA.


Boleslaw Dominski

Submitted by: Dennis Christopher Dominski {Grandson}

Boleslaw Dominski

Boleslaw Dominski born around 1894. Boleslaw Dominski served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Private, L Co., 309th Infantry, 78th Division

Wounded in action in France.


— Lady Columbia wound Certificate

— Purple Heart (retroactive)

— WWI Victory Medal w/Battle Clasps St. Mihiel, Muese-Argonne, Defensive Sector, and Service Clasp France//WWI Victory Button-Silver

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Herman Cornwell

Submitted by: Patricia Hein {great niece}

582cd8d565029 Herman Cornwell

Herman Cornwell served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 1917-1918.


Co I., 52nd U.S. Regulars








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Julia Ann Stahl

Submitted by: Sandra L Sager {great great niece}

Julia Ann Stahl

Julia Ann Stahl born around 1875. Julia Ann Stahl served in World War 1 with the Red Cross. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Julia Ann Stahl, R.N.

Julia Ann Stahl was born March 12, 1875 in Cass County, Michigan. She was the last of eleven children born to immigrant parents Phillip and Barbara Stahl. Julia’s father died one week after she was born, and she was raised by her mother on the family farm near Dowagiac, Michigan. Little is known of Julia’s early years or why she chose a career in nursing. She may have been affected by the death of her sister Anna Louisa in 1885.

Julia moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan in her early 20s and enrolled in the University of Michigan School of nursing which was established in 1891. She completed the rigorous two year nursing program and graduated in 1898 at the age of 23. Julia stayed in Ann Arbor after her graduation and began her professional nursing career. In June of 1907 Julia was elected vice-president of the University of Michigan Nurses’ Alumnae Association, and in February 1914 she was elected as a member of the board of directors of the Washtenaw County Graduate Nurses’ Association.

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Frank Robert Dannanfelser

Submitted by: Sandra Dunlap {great niece}

Frank Robert Dannanfelser Frank Robert Dannanfelser born around 1887. Frank Dannanfelser served in World War 1 with the United States Navy. The enlistment was in 1907 and the service was completed in 1926.

Story of Service


My great great uncle Frank Robert Dannanfelser was orphaned at the age of 10. Sent south to Savannah, GA to live with an aunt, he ended up being admitted to the Bethesda Orphan Asylum instead. After aging out of the orphanage about 1905, he worked as an electrician in Savannah until 1907.

On 14 May 1907, he enlisted in the US Navy and was sent off to Norfolk, VA, to the USS Franklin. In August of the same year, he was transferred to the USS Ohio (BB-12) at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and left in December on President Theodore Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" world cruise.

Navy life apparently agreed with him as he re-enlisted multiple times. Early in his career, he was primarily attached to battleships, cruisers, and destroyers with a smattering of shore duty stations. The longest shore duty time was gunnery school at the Naval Gun Factory, Washington Navy Yard from June 1911 to January 1912.

After the war in Europe had started, but before the US had entered, Frank began the last part of his career serving on submarines and sub tenders. From 1915 to 1919, he was attached to the USS G-4 (SS-26). While primarily training torpedomen, the G-4 was operating off Long Island & New England where there had been U-boat activity. Most notably were the activities of the U-53 whose captain (Hans Rose) brought her into the Naval Station at Newport RI, posed for pictures, had courtesy visits from the Commandant of the 2nd Naval District, RADM Austin M. Knight and Commanding Officer of the Destroyer Force (Atlantic Fleet), RADM Albert Gleaves. The next day (8 OCT 1916), U-53 promptly sank 5 ships off of Nantucket. The G-4 was at times operating out of Newport, RI instead of New London, CT as the Torpedo Station and School were located on Goat Island, Newport, RI.

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A Tradition of Service Logo 75Helma Caroline (Anderson) Evans

Submitted by: Douglas Evans {Grandson}


Helma Caroline Anderson EvansHelma Caroline (Anderson) Evans was born around 1894. Helma (Anderson) Evans served in World War 1 with the United States Navy . The enlistment was in 1918 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Helma Caroline (Anderson) Evans was born on September, 2, 1894. Always fiercely independent, and against her parents' wishes, she enlisted in the US Navy in September of 1918. Helma was assigned as a bookkeeper and assistant to a Navy Commander known as the "Chief Bookkeeper" at the Washington Navy Yard.

She achieved the rank of Petty Office 3rd Class (E-4), and her rating was Yeoman 3rd Class (YN3). During WWI, female Yeoman were known as "Yeomanettes," and she proudly wore that moniker. Helma was honorably discharged in July of 1919. She was awarded the WWI Victory medal.

While in the service and after the war ended, she participated in a number of parades and ceremonies in support of her fellow Sailors, Marines, and Army troops. Helma also marched in parades in New York City, Providence RI, and Boston, MA, in uniform, in celebration of Armistice Day.

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Fred L. Stilson

Submitted by: Richard Frank {Nephew}

Fred L Stilson

Fred L Stilson was born around 1896. Fred Stilson served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1918.

Story of Service


Ceremony to Commemorate the 100-Year Anniversary of the Funeral and Interment of Sergeant Fred L Stilson - American Legion Post 57 Namesake

October 16, 2018

Interment October 16, 1918, at Cobleskill Rural Cemetery, Cobleskill, New York

Today we honor a hero.

Fred was born in March of 1896 in Warnerville, New York, at the home of his grandparents, Alex and Augusta Larkin. He was the son of Mert and Ada Stilson, my grandparents.

Fred grew up at 29 West Main Street, Cobleskill, New York. He attended Cobleskill High School and graduated with the class of 1913 at the age of 17. He graduated from Albany Pharmacy College at the age of 19.

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