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Stories of Service

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Bert A. Fidler

Submitted by: Matthew R. Fidler

Sgt. Bert A. Fidler

Bert A. Fidler (1899-1993) enlisted in the U.S. Army in Syracuse, NY, reporting for duty on 2 October 1917 at Camp Syracuse. Private Fidler was assigned to Company E, 39th Infantry Regiment. From 30 October 1917 to 26 April 1918, Private Fidler received infantry training with the 4th Division at Camp Greene, NC and was appointed Corporal on 12 April 1918. On 10 May 1918 Cpl. Fidler's unit of the 4th Division left Hoboken, NJ for France, arriving at Brest on 23 May 1918. From 25 May 1918 to 9 July 1918 Cpl. Fidler's units received infantry training with British instructors and served in reserve in French sectors. Between 18 July and 11 November of 1918, Fidler saw considerable action in four Allied offensive actions with the 4th Division, including the Aisne-Marne; Champagne-Marne; St. Mihiel; and the Meuse-Argonne. Fidler was appointed Sergeant on 25 August 1918 and served as the 2nd Battalion (39th Infantry) Gas NCO.

Dates Served: 2 October 1917 - 21 August 1919
Branch of Service: Army
Unit: 4th Division

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Orlando Ward

Submitted by: John Ward Yates

Orlando Ward image

Orlando Ward served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 1909-1953.

As Adjudant of 2nd Battalion of the 10th Field Artillery Major Ward was in command of the battalion when the 2nd Battle of the Marne started (his commanding officer attending the Bastille Day festivities). Heavy shelling of the battalion headquarters brought shell shock to some, but he managed to maintain order and direct fire in support of the Infantry on the river.


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