1st Lt. Clarence Roy Green

Submitted by: Chris Newlon Green

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1st Lt. Clarence Roy Green served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known March 1906-May 1918.


Near Baccarat, France, Lt. Clarence Green of Company A, "gave his life in his efforts to save his men. Rushing through the dark with his gas mask on, he made his way about the trenches, warning all of the danger, but finding his progress slow, and that he could not make himself plainly heard, he removed his mask from time to time until every one in the post was aroused. The gas he inhaled in this way caused his death shortly after reaching the hospital the next morning."

-- The Story of the 168th Infantry, John H. Tabor, The State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, 1925, 223.