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George Henry Clark, Sr.

Submitted by: Laura Clark (granddaughter)

George center with 2 brothers circa 1930

George Henry Clark, Sr. served in World War 1 with the armed forces of another nation. The dates of service are: Known 8 March 1918-3 August 1918.


My grandfather was born in 1898 in Menahga Township, MN and served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, stationed in Quebec. He served as a Hospital Orderly during his brief service. Pictured in center with two brothers.







He took some photos during a training in Quebec, writing on the back,(June 15, 1918) "The colored man pointing their...onento at our Sergeant."

58b38443e37d5 G H Clark Sr   WW1 Training pic CAN













A second photo was taken from atop a hillside: (July 18, 1918) "A little boat. Taken a top our barracks- 400 ft high." 58b38443e3d0f Aug 1918   from G H Clark Sr Barracks  WW1 Quebec CAN 



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