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John William Augustine

Submitted by: Patricia S. Carden

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John William Augustine served in World War 1 with the United States Navy. The dates of service are: Known 1914-1951.


Major John William Augustine, USMC
Born July 26, 1894 Camden, New Jersey died July 03, 1979 Washington D.C..
John's military records show he was born in 1891 because he lied about his age in order to join the Navy. In truth, he was born in 1894. He joined the United States Navy at the age of 15.

John was in the Campaign at Vera Cruz, Mexico aboard the USS Utah in 1914.

During World War I, specifically from January 10, 1918 - March 9, 1919, John W. Augustine was aboard the USS Haterias, and USS Mars, Hq. San Francisco California as Boatswain.

By World War II he was serving in the USMC, and later the Korean War. He was finally added to the Honorary Retired List, September 30, 1951.


John William Augustine’s Awards and Decorations

  • Navy Good Conduct, 1914
  • Mexican Campaign, Vera Cruz, 1914
  • World War 1, 1918
  • Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, 1940
  • American Defense, 1942
  • American Campaign, 1943
  • Asiatic Pacific Campaign, 1944
  • Letter of Commendation with Medal, 1945
  • President Citation Ribbon, 1944
  • World War 2, 1945
  • Pacific Occupation 1945
  • Reserve 10 Year

John William Augustine’s service to his country left a lasting legacy. Both his sons served in the USMC during WWII. And every generation since then has had a family member in the military service.

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