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Webster Earl Bachert

Submitted by: Glenn D Bachert

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Webster Earl Bachert served in World War 1 with the United States Army Air Corps. The dates of service are: Known Sept 10, 1917 to Dec. 13, 1918.


He was a Sgt 1st Class attached to the 188th Aero Squadron. They were formed at Kelly Field in San Antonio Tx. on Nov. 9th, 1917. They were assigned to work on the Curtiss, Wright-Martin and L.W.F. planes. They remained in Texas until orders arrived, they shipped off to New York before departure overseas.

They departed the United States on March 5th, 1918 and arrived in Liverpool England on March 18th 1918. Their journey was aboard the S.S. Celtic with the U.S.S. Baltimore and H.M.S. Leviathan as escorts. After arriving in Liverpool they were responsible for the manitenance and upkeep of the De Haviland's and the Armstrong-Whitworths.

On August 16th 1918 the squadron was divided into 4 sections known as A,B,C, and D. and were assigned to different regions. They were ordered to front on November 22, 1918 to arrive in France but with hostilities ending on November 11th 1918 there orders were canceled.


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