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Raymond Howard Leonard

Submitted by: Helen V. Leonard Poirier {granddaughter}

Raymond Leonard mugRaymond Howard Leonard served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known June 1916- 1920.

Raymond Howard Leonard – National Guard Journal June 18, 1916-Oct 14, 1916
Transcribed by Helen Leonard Poirier – 2015, granddaughter to Raymond.

Raymond Howard Leonard was born February 26, 1899 to Adelbert and Josephine (Davis) Leonard in Worcester, Massachusetts. At the time of his entry into the military, Raymond was residing at 8 Clive St. in Worcester with his parents, and younger siblings, sister Viola, & brothers Joseph and Frank.

The following transcription were from pages found in a Navy journal of Raymond’s son, Robert O’Donnell Leonard, who served in WWII. They are transcribed as written by Raymond.

June 18: Call to colors by Massachusetts Officers 8 pm in Boston June 18, 1916 militia alarm called started midnight saw headlines in papers at 6:20 a.m.

 June 19: Bid folks good bye reported at Army 7 am held there till 6 pm slept at home reported and returned same time June 20 and at 8:30.

June 21: marched to train leaving at 9 am arriving in Framingham 10-30 am Camp routine and drill till June 26. Sunday camp thronged with visitors raining hard took Federal oath for 6 years said good to folks at 5 30 pm just before an auto loaded with ice cream and delicacies arrived on duty in cook shack all day Monday at 1 pm received orders to in train for boarder all hustles for a few hours and then a long wait and only one hour sleep train leaving at 3 am over Old Colony to Mansfield Mass and New London CT New Haven and Central New England RR to Danbury, CT and Poughkeepsie NY and Campbell Hall. Saw Long Island Sound so much water was sick of looking at it, there was a big ship at New London as long as Clive St. Wen going over Poughkeepsie Bridge was so high up seemed almost in heaven. Every _________ train engineer and boat whistles were blowing a deafening chorus and everyone was waving flags like mad and cheering At Poughkeepsie an old man was standing at present arms with an old musket and an old lady enduitly his wife was waving a flag a very affecting sight. Forgot to say all hair cut off every head except every company had a tuff of hair left in different places but all the soldiers had the appearance of a Chinaman from Campbell Hall. Transferred to West Shore to Roterdam J C 8 pm Syreacus, Buffalo NY. First letter dropped out of window was marked from Goshen NY Buffalo NY. June 28 changed to Wabash RR which carried us to Hannibal Mo and St. Joes Mo at 4 p.

June 28: Detrained at Fort Ohio for a swim in Lake Erie. Everywhere along line we were cheered by crowds. Fort Wayne IND Springfield Ill where we saw an engine which was one of the first ever used on a RR by RR center.

June 28: Hannibal Mo change to Kety Line to Fort Worth Texas Hannibal M.

June 29: Fort Scott Kansas.

June 30:  Had swell fed and best reception of all arrived at Fort Worth Texas same day extremely hot and dusty only day couches and very uncomfortable to sleep in Fort Worth Texas to El Paso via Texas & Pacific and via E Paso and South Western El Paso to Columbus NM Sweet water, Tx.

58c31cca93518 Raymomd Leonard marching

July 1: El Paso.

July 2: Just before get into El Paso a fox on end of pole was caught by next window soldier and inside was a broiled chicken and a note saying not to be afraid to eat it as the donor and neighbors were all friends. Left El Paso 7 pm July 2 arrived in Columbus July 3 1:30 am. Went into Camp at Columbus N.M. put up tents and got camp ready and had a day of rest July 4 except camp routine.

July 5: Started drilling four hours every am Routine get up 5:30 clean up around tents after roll call drill 7:30 0 11:30 mess till 12:30 liter detain work till 5:30 mess then evening parade then time your own till 11 unless on guard.

July 6: As above.

July 7: Received 1 woolen shirt 5 socks 3 sets underwear 1 sweater 2 pairs shoes 2 cotton khaki stretcher and ammunition for guns was inspected by General Bliss who reported all well new uniforms 1 top shirt 2 pair leggings 5 pair stockings.

July 8: Company on guard at night no grass in Columbus only dobe mud of which stores and houses are made by mixing it with water and dry by sun July 13 the sky is beautiful and you can see the mountains above the clouds the sky is more beautiful blue than home. The animals bugs and every creature have a defense armor everything seems to have horns or spines sticking out from body the cactus have spines and thorns sharp and bustling the horned toad is a flat frog more like a mud turtle in appearance with horns all over head and back with the most beautiful colors they are about 6 “ long there are all kinds of bugs and spiders with fifty legs received a kit donated to each soldier containing 1 razor 1 hair brush 1 razor brush 1 toothbrush 1 shoe brush 1 package shaving powder 2 husk in bick towels 1 cake toilet soap 1 whisk broom one house wife Received cot and 1 extra blanket best of food meet at least once a day pudding broker enuff sed.

July 19: Co on outpost duty escape was in cook shack first time took with over boarder gut a stick of finger cactus to send home as souvenir rains for about 5 minute every day and when it rain about as much comes down as half an hour at home About 11 30 soldiers hollered recruits and all the thru Worcester co got up and wandered around in a white (harade) until sent to bed by captain false alarm received ________________ 2 pkg tobacco mosquito powder tho have seen none yet meat once a day lemonade ice water cold tea cocoa ice coffee & hot coffee went to rifle range to cut brush and saw 20 rabbits and birds big as hawks and eagles went to bluff last night.

July 18:  Am on lookout guard all da.

July 19: until 6 pm road out to rifle range in Motor truck saw horn toads, spotted lizards & rattlesnakes one of co got a little rabbit as big as an egg got testament one of ten mates the red head fellow spoke of in paper broke in a mule.

July 20: Physical examination weigh 131 lbs lost 9 lbs since leaving Worcester had pretour takes on lookout guard 4 hour drill hit fresh meat sweet potatoes tomatoes 2 inch fresh bread cocoa but what stone in shape coc at head of company street on one knows who did it till told to built gutters and crowded street like a street dept would done.

July 21: Cloud burst ½ hour beautiful double rainbow the low one impossible clear and colors vivid the other one above fainter no duty tonight some other stunts 9 pm tonight $5 gold piece 1 cart which over boarder for a walk got finger cactus saw boundary stone between US and Mexico.

July 27: Lookout guard out post July 26 10-12 & 2-4 am 1 hour chill 3-4 pm runs.

July 28: Path news took pictures was asleep did did not get in picture drill march 4 miles interior guard at night and on Sunday on Post No 1 horses one time around 3 times an hour about 12 pm heard noise of snorting and turned around and saw a goat all set to butt me keeper threw stool and drove him away.

58c31cca9519c Raymond Leonard  dress uniformAugust 1: Sent finger cactus.

Aug 2: Having longer hikes and Johnson got a rattle snake dinner _________ ______ smashed potatoes corn & milk applesauce lemonade 1st good feed in week at night baked beans with pickles and apple sauce tea beans twice a week can cooking good all like them.

August 3: Dedication YMCA.

Aug 5: Guard got $4 ½ saved at Army in guard last night.

Aug 6: Rested went to ball game had to run tossed that dinner sweet potato fresh steak rice pudding cold grape juice town growing fast can buy 3 flap jacks for 10 c all you can eat.

Aug 7: Saw King Bagget in the Rogue in the movies worked in cook shack Co on out post duty.

Aug 10: Received chocolate all melted eat with spoon good pay $18.10 and 5 gold pieces & e cart wheels Went to rifle range at 7 or 8 mile trek with full pack on hack roads rolling worthwhile trap range right _______ mountains grass out there Co caught a rattle snake _______ to 7 feet long they don’t put up much of a fight Some have 8 rattles which they rattle when you get near them. All Co shot 10 shots at 15 yards 13 eye 5 next 4 then 3 and inside square got one 5 their 41/1 and one 3 out 5 shots fire rapid fire target in _____ yard shot mine in 30 got 4 fours and one 5 ____time with heavy rifle got back from range last night Aug 9 same half hour heard playing of piano at YMCA. good.

Aug 11: Guard Sunday night saw lot of cowboys look just like in movies only more human.

Aug 12: Guard post night Aug 12 bright moon see half a mile One fellow read paper Middle of the night makes C time on outpost _____interest guard Got to rifle range once every 12 days drill rest of time breakfast shredded wheat plenty milk sugar. Beginning to like place cook made 28 piece each got one piece first home made beans drink root beer grape juice lemon and orange juice ½ mush melon.

Aug 14: Regimental guard.

Aug 13: On duty 24 hours got 10 left with Captain. getting new hat pair pants and shirt pair of legging and $4.9 now have 3 prs pants 3 pr shoes 2 DO shirts 3 pr underclothes 5 pr stockings JoJo roomers about going home like golf some news from 3rd or E __ hole 30 trucks came in yesterday and are ready now for a return trip to Gen. Pershing.

Aug 16: Took 4 prisoners out at different times guarding ordinance 2 hour.

Aug 20: Outpost tonight.

Aug 22: Picking out athletes for races to compete with of those of Pershing's army have receive winter clothe.

Aug 23: Cloudburst tents half full of water bores floating around rivers in street boys too off clothes and had a shower or mud bath just as you choose to call i.

Aug 27: Circus came to town ten ½ full few except regulars will good dinner steak russir potatoes applesauce ice cream lemon juice good dinners almost every Sunday Units fell down last night by wind 4 am stick broke and something struck me as I was asleep woke up alright one fellow was bewildered did not know where he was always some excitement he _____ Either wind flood fight or a much rainy ________ sparticular or breaking in mules Escaped regimental guard means _____Commensary dept and all things near camp Have started to build winter camp. Fail the inspected today have this inspection every two weeks.

Aug 28: Outpost 10 pm 1 pm beautiful night guarding air ships east side of camp misquito area now with us three times as big as those at home bit a soldier in the eye he can’t see out of that eye now. They haven’t bit me they only take the sweet ones Co divided in sham battle I was with Corporal and four others to ______ enemy and find his point of attack every time we would get way out and crawl near the enemy we would see a rifle shining through. Inspected by Cournal Farnsworth but I get by him ok. Imagine standing at attention in the broiling sun with a heavy pack on your shoulder and the gun with the sweat pouring down your back and not move for half an hour We were there from 8 am to 3 pm all told good dinner hard tack on cracker like dog biscuit hard a rock Capt bought ice cream and lemons opened his hear alright then we went on outpost duty because we was’nt tired. Was on 3 am to 5 am just had breakfast and walked back to main camp getting there at 6:30 am. We had three day rations in pack which made this heaver than usual. We have fireworks every Wednesday & Saturday night Rains every night and cold but hot in day times grass commencing to grow We will have 24 hours off now half of the fellows are asleep _______. If we get caught swearing, talking in ranks or smoking in ranks or talking back to noncom or if our clothes are dirty or do anything wrong we are given a penalty called a real work marching around Co streets at attention for 1 or 2 hours. You can see a private has troubles a sergeant sometimes gets into.

Sept 7: First got through putting wire in mess hall to keep flies out others on roof putting on tar paper four hours drill ___ on whole battalion mountains half covered with clouds _____disappeared we have the most beautiful skies and landscape very cool now lots of rain ever thing green makes me think had green for dinner ham potatoes big pieces of apple pie also half Co on areal work Water-mellon 25 c each just like Bancroft Hotel here eats nee cook higher than old but man __________. Have ________ every night now waiting for canteen checks may ____________ ute I am broke my savings ______________ flue away need it for soap towel paper stamps tobacco and eat must clean gun now.

Sept 7: Drilled four hours mess then dug a hole for water to go around.

Sept 8: Drilled 4 hours mess laid rocks to drain drain under faucets mess outpost at night Saturda.

Sept 9: Let down tents payed canteen checks. Hall regimental guard at night and all day Sunday.

Sept 10: Drilled 4 hours today.

Sept 11: Mess made gutters for street got off at 4 pm mess evening parade expect outpost tomorrow night burros sell here for three dollars worth $150 at home. Got our pay must store _______ properly tomorrow.

Sept 13: Packed our property in boxes to send to Worcester army free of charge going out to range tomorrow night to stay two days will try to get snake skins now 3 pm will leave at 530 pm was down town last night Sept 12 read on truck takes 20 at time my turn last night first time been in town fr long time days are now cool and breezy dues tents wet every am.

Sept 15: Got back from range to nite skinned horned toad and dried it but it disappeared on guard out at range for one hour helped dig a JoJo.

Sept 16: Cold here now get up am with red nose and froze very cold at night and morning middle day hot… Bill of fare not posted at cook sack. Had cantaloupe donuts scrambled eggs bread coffee. All fellows shaving haven't for three days all out for inspection we go on interior guard tonight all day tomorrow S.N. Sunday this week area property packed away don't know if it is gone yet I was not in liquor raid in Columbus A & H Co now at range got Williams bunk he's sick.

Sept 18: Just got thru drilling have firing laying down and all that stuff now we had some time on return guard yesterday we have more prisoners than men in our co guard 6 – 30- 8- 30 & 1230 230 430 am called to take prisoners to mess Saturday night and Sunday after mess went on guard again got back in time to get prisoners out to mess again then o guard at three was supposed to get relieve at 5, but did not till 7. When in guard you have to stand up all the time not sitting down when around post I was guarding oil ______________ then walked back to camp arriving 830 pm mess and through for the day Capt brought wood and made burians for each unit thru deep clothes in we have new plates to eat on. See spider with 50 legs birds big enough to carry birds off to mountains take a child all day get half way up. One solder woke up with rattlesnake in bed with him.

Sept 19: Just 3 month now since called need new hat old one too big in first place expected to grow into it but never had big head Just a ____ a little washing 4 pr stocking 1 underwear 1 pr pants 1 pr leggings get clothes dirty quick here drill 4 hours am and after mess had to stick up tents outpost tonight or tomorrow night fried ham potato peach sauce lemonade 3 pm now dew all the time now and wet all the time.

Sept 20: Band playing good now.

Sept 21: Just got back from outpost around aca_______ field 11-1 1 hour to walk back & forth third relief 2 hours others have 4 I do’nt go to range will have Sunday off Haven't had on off for long time Texas Ranger over here are big powerful fellows 6 ft tall no rain now and they say no more for 9 mo everyday ___________ it were as good as Worcester.

Sept 29: Range 26 drill way 4 hrs today at range had platoon finish firing by four squads some noise wait til whole Co gets at it range was 800 yards quite a distance just had finger pints taken and scars on body. Lots of wind now loaded with dust Can’t see two feet ahead of you.

Sept 24: first Sunday off in month only feet inspection 9 am guard yesterday Sept 23 till two inspections over there 9 in again just had dinner can hardly walk so full chicken slim squash sweet potatoes cherry pie bread lemonade Sargent got 3 rattle snakes at rifle range 6 inches long very pretty outpost tonight off tomorrow new canteen open ready for visitor.

Sept 30: Good news going home. Colonel himself told us big inspection tomorrow field muster and payroll busy all day all others Cos are on guard awful cold Slice tomatoes bread corn chowder donuts hot cocoa Have sweaters on and still cold warm in middle of day have maneuvers instead of drill hard but more interesting If you see a homely in live on Main Street that’s me.

Oct 5: Interim guard Monday night and all day Tuesday relieved 730 have been payed Camp at 8 yesterday 4 hour drill. Left Columbus Oct 7 530 am Buckles Kansas get to Topeka Oct 9 Springfield Ill get to Marion Ohio Oct 11 New York State Oct 12 Poughkeepsie Oct 13 Springfield Oct 14 10 pm left Oct 15 Home 7 pm

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Medal: Mexican 1916 Expedition

Raymond’s diary entries ended but his service didn’t. He fought in the Marne Campaign and receive the Campaign Marne medal shown below.


Champagne Marne: 18 July 1918 – 6 Aug 1918
Aisne Marne: 27 May 1918 - 5 June 1918
St. Mihiel: 12 – 16 Sept 1918
Defensive Sector


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