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Emil Charles Zimmermann

Submitted by: Colonel (R) Emil Zimmermann {son}

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Emil Charles Zimmermann served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known June 1917 to January 1919.


My Dad, Emil Zimmermann, was born in February 1900, and was under aged but tricked his Mother into signing the Enlistment by telling her it was a form he needed or school.

Emil entered the Aviation Branch of the Army Signal Corps.

1. His first day in the Army, on Long Island, NY, they were told to go to the stabled and fill their mattresses with straw, which they did. That night, Emil was selected for Guard Duty; still wearing civilian clothes.

The Corporal of the Guard took him to his Guard Post and told him that when the Officer of the Day (OD) came around to stand at attention, Salute, and report his Post as all secure (Emil though this was a ruse). Emil was sitting on a hay bail and this LT came up to him and said he was the OD. Emil did not stand at attention, salute or anything. The LT asked if the Corporal of the Guard had given him instructions on what to do when the OD came around. Emil repeated what the Corporal had instructed him to do. The LT asked why he did not carry out his instructions when the OD came around. His answer was "You maybe the Officer of the Day but this is night". SO BEGAN HIS MILITARY CAREER.

2. While at Camp Kilmer, NJ awaiting transport to Europe, the Armistice was signed. So he never actually got into combat.

He stated that he was at Kelly Field in TX and Langley Field in VA, among other locations. He said his unit was, or was to be equipped with the Handley Paige Bomber. He still had his flight helmet, goggles, flying coat until we (the Children/Grandchildren finally destroyed them by playing with them). We still have one of his Aviation Manuals, which was loaned to the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum, at Camp Shelby to copy.


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