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George Allen Rhodes

Submitted by: Debra Dudek

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George Allen Rhodes served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 6 Dec 1917 to 27 Jun 1919.


George Allen Rhodes served as a private in Group A of the 303 Motor Transport Corps. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, George was the son of Elmer E. Rhodes and Ida L. Rhodes (nee Pope).

As a private in the MTC, George repaired military cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. George enlisted in Detroit, Michigan in the MTC, inspired by the wartime recruiting poster of 'Earn While You Learn,' gaining trade skills while serving the country during the Great War.

George was recruited to drive ambulance trucks and other vehicles on the western front as needed. His younger brother, Franklin T. Rhodes, served in the 86th Areo Corps as a private. Both Rhodes boys were featured in several newspapers articles in Fort Wayne.

After the war, George returned to the US and married Beatrice Gibson in 1920.
George did not reminisce about his WWI service, other than he drove ambulances during the war. Most of our family's research has evolved by other sources and extended family. George kept his experiences to himself, and worked hard with his wife to raise five children and pay off their farm's mortgage during the harsh economic climate of the 1930s.

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