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Charles H. Lewis

Submitted by: Tim Turner 

58d1e0264db8d C. Howard Lewis

Charles H. Lewis served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 20 Jun 1917 to 4 Jun 1919.


His unit was out of Richmond, Va working has a Physician and associate professor at the Medical College of Virginia . He was assigned to the Ambulance Corp. No. 46. which was sent to train at Fort (Camp) Lee, Virginia. He was originally ordered to stay behind has the unit's Mustering Officer He was given the rank of Captain. He was assigned to Sanitary Train 305 8th Division (Organized at Camp Lee, Va August 1917 also called the Blue Ridge Division) He was assigned to and help establish the MRC(Medical Reserve Corp.) Amb Co. #319 Consisting of 12 donated ambulances by the Red Cross out of Richmond, Va They completed their training at Camp Lee and headed to New York where they boarded a ship called the USS Siboney made into a troop carrying ship. He also was a part of base Hospital #45 while over in France.




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