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William Earl Edgar

Submitted by: James L. Hartman {great nephew}

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William Earl Edgar served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known January 1918 to October 9, 1918.


My great-uncle, PFC William Earl Edgar was inducted into the U.S. Army about January 1918. He had moved from Canada to Braddock, Pennsylvania a few years earlier. He served in Company D, 112th Infantry, of the 28th Division.

After training at Camp Hancock in Augusta, Georgia; his unit was sent to France arriving there on May 16 and beginning combat operations in July. On September 26, his regiment began an attack in support of the Argonne Forest offensive. He was killed by enemy artillery fire on October 9, 1918 near Chatel-Chehery and buried near where he died. Later he was reburied at the Argonne American Cemetery.

After Congress passed a bill around 1920 authorizing government paid shipment and reburial of remains at the home of record of the decedent, his mother requested that his remains be shipped to his original home in Bobcaygeon, Canada. A military funeral and burial was held there in the fall of 1921. His coffin was draped with the flags of both nations.

I will never forget the sacrifice that my great-uncle made to preserve American freedom.