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Giles Wilmer Brown

Submitted by: Dwain Asberry {great nephew}

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Giles Wilmer Brown served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known August 1918 to Oct. 4, 1918.


My great uncle, mentioned above, joined the Army and was sent to Camp Funston, Kansas for training. There he came down with the Spanish Flu and died Oct. 4th, 1918. I have a nice picture of him in uniform. I also have a copy of a letter sent to his wife from the Chaplin of the 70th Infantry, Camp Funston, dated Oct. 10th, 1918.

Mr. Brown was buried in the family cemetery in Ellington, Mo. The cemetery holds 9 graves, of which one is the soldier mentioned. His and one other grave are the only ones with head stones, which Mr. Brown's is a Military head stone. The family farm is no longer and the plot is surrounded by woods. I make the 70 mile drive every year to maintain the 30x30 foot plot. Mr. Brown lies next to John Morgan Brown, my great-great grandfather, who rode with the 1st Missouri Cavalry, CSA.


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