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William Jerome Gill

Submitted by: Jill Pender {granddaughter}

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William Jerome Gill served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Unknown .


My grandfather (William J. Gill) and his identical twin brother, George Vincent Gill were both drafted out of NYC early in the war and served in France. My grandfather was a noncombatant but George was seriously wounded, shell-shocked and gassed and never fully recovered.

Twins were not as typical in those days, but the brothers were very close. When George was wounded and MIA, my grandfather could not believe he was dead. This was confirmed on a street in Paris when another soldier ran up to him and yelled: "GEORGE you look great! Last time I saw you in the hospital, I did not know if you would make it."

George and my grandfather left service and both received free Taxi Medallions based on their service, and started up a small taxi service on the West Side of NYC near what is now Lincoln Center. George later joined the Bonus Marchers, not because he had an economic need, but to support the other "fellows."

George sadly died in 1960 after falling off the Staten Island Ferry, but my grandfather lived into his 70's. They are both buried at the veterans cemetery in NY.


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