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George Goody

Submitted by: Jack Sherman {grandson}

George Goody mugGeorge Goody served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 1910-1920.


My grandfather joined the Army at 16 to avoid working in the woods of Maine. His father signed his papers but couldn't read and write English so was rather angry when he figured out what was happening.

George left Maine and ended up in troop I 6th Cav on the Texas Mexico border during the punitive expedition. Since he didn't read or write English he was never promoted in 6 years of service.

When we declared war on Germany and the Army needed French speakers grandpa George became a genius overnight since he could read, write and speak French just fine.

He left the cavalry and became a dispatch rider working behind the lines since he could communicate with French people just fine. Unfortunately he was wounded and almost lost his right leg and ended the war in a hospital.

When peace broke out he went AWOL from the hospital to Paris for a celebration with some friends in a cast no less. He eventually got caught, returned to the hospital, chewed out but apparently it was worth it. His leg never healed correctly and was a constant source of pain for the rest of his life. He eventually returned to America and was discharged at Fort Dix NJ in 1920, unfit for further service.

Later in life he pursued many occupations such as farmer, carpenter and owned a Taxi company. He never lost the love for horses, backed down from a fight (disciplined for fist fighting in a VA hospital in his 60's) or carousing. When my father was courting my mother George disapproved of my father and threatened to beat him up...till they went riding together. Legend has it since my father could ride quite well; he won grandpas approval. Of course the horses they rode that day were in pretty bad shape when they finished with them. The farmer that rented them the horses was pissed but got over it. Neither my father or grandpa were young men at that point but both were proud and would rather die than let someone outdo them on horseback. After that the marriage was sealed.

George Goody served with honor in two conflicts and remained a soldier at heart for the rest of his life.

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