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Albert J. Goody

Submitted by: Jack Sherman {grandnephew}

Albert J Goody mugAlbert J Goody served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 1917-1919.


My great uncle Albert left Brewer Maine and followed his brother George into the Army. He served in D troop 12th Cav and was stationed at Corzal in the Panama Canal zone for the duration of the war. He did the entire war as a Private since he couldn't read and write English and unlike his brother didn't go to France where being a native French speaker would be an asset.


58e981d5597ea Albert J Goody047Albert J. Goody (left, seated)

Albert J Goody served with D troop 12t Cavalry, United States Army. The menus below show all the names of his troop.

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