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George H Young

Submitted by: Wm Stuart

George H YoungGeorge H. Young served in World War 1 with the United States Marine Corps. The dates of service are: Known 4/17- 8/19.


George H. Young enlisted in US Marine Corp. 11 days after the US declared war on Germany. George and 3 of his brothers served in the Army and Navy.

Young was a first generation American born to German immigrants. His Military History sheet says he fought "Bois de Belleau (Belleau Woods) Chateau Thierry, St Mihiel.Though one of battle pins shows Muese Argonne as well.

George was wounded twice in the same leg and according to the family was the sole survivor of a gas attack.

George Young returned to Michigan after the war where he worked on a farm with his brother who was completely deaf after being in the Navy.

Young lived to be 80 years old and passed away in 1976 with military honors. He is buried in Detroit Michigan at Woodmere Cemetery.

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