Kekee H. Patell

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo

no photo 300Kekee H. Patell served in World War 1 with the the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known June 18, 1918 to August 20, 1919.


Kekee H. Patell was born on June 18, 1890 in Bombay, British India. He immigrated to the United States before 1918. By 1918 at the age of 27 Patell lived at 230 fifth ave, New York City , New York.

On June 18, 1918 Patell was inducted into the United States Armed Forces at LB or enlisting facility # 101 New York City, New York. He was sent to Camp Hancock, Georgia until August 16, 1918. Then he was assigned to the Camp Hancock August Automatic Replacement Draft Company #6, Infantry until September 11, 1918. Patell and his unit departed from New York City, New York for Europe on August 24, 1918 on board the ship Zealandia. He served overseas from August 22, 1918 to June, 1 1919.

Patell was honorably discharged on August 20, 1919 with the rank of private because of S.C.D. He was 20% disabled during this time.

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