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Ladli Prasada (L.P.) Varman

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo

no photo 300Ladli Prasada (L.P.) Varman served in World War 1 with United States Army. The dates of service are: Known June 5, 1917 to January 1919.


Ladli Prasada (L.P.) Varman was an Indian who served in the U.S military during World War One. L.P. Varman was born on June 15, 1892 in Saharanpur, British India. He arrived in the state of Washington at age of 23 on the Sado Maru on May 9, 1913 with only $200 with him. Sado Maru departed from Yokohama, Japan and arrived at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on May 8, 1913. The ship arrived in Washington the next day. After arriving to the United States, L.P. Varman settled in Los Angeles, California.

When America entered the war, L.P. Varman was drafted into the United States Army on June 5, 1917. It is noteworthy that his race was listed as Caucasian on his draft card. A few days afterwards, on June 11, 1917, L.P. Varman declared his allegiance to the United States of America in California.

L.P Varman served in the United States Army from June 24, 1918 to January 27, 1919 and was part of Battery D of the 144th Field Artillery in the 40th Division, with the rank of private first class.

On August 15, 1918 L. P. Varman departed with his unit Battalion D 144 Field Artillery in the 40th Division onboard the ship Oxfordshire from New York, most likely to France. He was one of the Asian Indians listed as serving in the U.S Armed Forces in the October 1918 issue of the newspaper and journal Young India.

On December 23, 1918 L.P. Varman and his unit departed from Bordeaux, France on the ship Matsonia, arriving at Camp Merritt, New Jersey in 1919.

By 1930, L.P. Varman went to Chicago and worked in freight traffic. When America entered World War II, L.P. Varman was 48, and lived back in Los Angeles California at the National Military Home.

L.P. Varman died on February 5, 1959 at the age of 67, and is buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, California.

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