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Edwin Riley Bennett

Submitted by: Kevin Gonzalez

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Edwin Riley Bennett served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 1917 to August 5, 1918.


Bennett was in the band, HQ of the of the 39th. On night of August 3-4, 1918 they relieved the 42nd Rainbow (my grandfather's division - yes, they knew each other- small farming town and all).

Morning of the 4th the 39th advanced on St. Thibaut and PC was established at 0800 in town. Bennett was in HQ Company, PC location.

"During the day of August 4th and the night of August 4-5th the area occupied in and around St. Thibaut was subjected to a heavy hostile artillery, minenwerfer and machine-gun fire." (Ref: 39th Inf. History)

The night of August 4/5, Edwin Riley Bennett 19 years of age was Killed In Action (KIA).

He was an only child. From Sherwood MI., engaged to my grandmother at the time of death.


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