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Lt. David Ker

Submitted by: Paul Burgholzer

David KerLt. David Ker served in World War 1 with the United States Army Air Corps. The dates of service are: Known May 2nd 1917 - September 1918.


David Joined the US Army and was selected during training to be a part of the Army's Air Force. He was then honorably discharged so that he could properly enter the air service as a commissioned officer.

He spent the years before US entry in the war in New Iberia Louisiana. In New Iberia He loved dancing and fishing. He was full of life and was engaged to Mary Herbert when to left for the war.

In the Army Air Force he served as an observer meaning that he was responsible for photographing German positions and radioing strategic reconnaissance to Army ground forces. He was in charge of defending the plane as well. He was given a Lewis machine gun in case German planes attacked them in the air.

In a couple letters home to his mother he says that he has a grim premonition about his death. He writes that he is not terrified.

In mid-September David Ker's plane was shot down. The plane crashed behind allied lines and the pilot survived. David Ker died that day, making the ultimate sacrifice for his country. He left behind a fiancé and his family, including his close cousin Lt. Perry Burke who served in a Calvary division.

David's story was researched by Porteus Richard Burke (son of Perry Burke).

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