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Raghunath N. Banawalkar

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo

no photo 300Raghunath N. Banawalkar served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 2/25/1918-5/9/1919.


Private Raghunath N. Banawalkar was born on 12/28/1890 in Bombay, British India. In 12/10/1910, 20
years old Banawalkar arrived in New York, New York on the ship George Washington. On Banawalkar 's New York passenger list from this period, his Ethnicity was listed as Romanian.

He enlisted in the U.S Army on 2/25/1918. He trained at Camp Upton in Long Island, New York. Raghunath N. Banawalkar served with Battery F 306 Field Artillery until 4/18/1919. Banawalkar, then served with the sanitary detachment of the 305th infantry 77th division until his discharge.

He served overseas from 4/16/18 to 4/24/1919. Private Banawalkar left for France from New York with his unit on 4/16/1918 on the ship Cedric. He saw action at Baccarat, Vesle, Oise-Aisne, and Meuse-Argonne and was gassed on 10/15/1918.

Banawalkar rejoined his unit after recovering from his wound(s) in 12/14/1918.
He left with his unit for New York from Brest, France on 4/18/1919. He arrived in New York for Camp Mills on 4/24/1919 on the ship Aquitania and was honorably discharged on 5/9/1919 with the rank of private.

In 1925, Banawalkar worked as a clerk in New York. At some point he left for India and returned to New York from Bombay on 10/18/1937 at age of 45 on the ship President Pierce.

Banawalkar died at age of 48 in Manhattan, New York on 12/30/1940.

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