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Oreste Alberighi

Submitted by: Diego Paganini {great-grandnephew}

Oreste AlberighiOreste Alberighi served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known From July 26, 1918 to July 3, 1919.


Oreste Alberighi was born on Jan. 27, 1887 in Gradizza, a small hamlet of Copparo in Ferrara district in Italy. His father was Antonio and his mother unknown.

He was stout, with brown hair, grey eyes and he used to smoke pipe. From this habit he got the Italian nickname of « Pipa Calda », Hot Pipe.

He left Italy in April 1912 for New York – Stoneco (and then Beacon) to follow the paths of his stepsister Ernesta Novelli Manzolli that had left Italy the year before to settle in the US after her marriage and the birth of her second child.

Oreste Alberighi did his military service as private in Dutchess in 1917-1918. He was naturalized in Spartanburg SC – in June 8,1918.

After that, during WWI, he served overseas in France in the company B 51st Pioneer inf - Army serial number 3,181,515 from July 26, 1918 to July 3, 1919.

He was honorably discharged on demobilization on July 1919.

He moved with his stepsister and her husband Armando Manzolli in New Haven Connecticut. Then at the end of 1920 he decided to come back to Italy to visit his parents.

He probably never went back to US, unlike his stepsister Mrs Manzolli who kept living in New Haven until her death in 1957.

Oreste settled in Italy where he worked as a farmer, married Caterina Dalsecco in Massafiscaglia – Italy in November 10, 1928 and recognized the daughter she had from a previous relationship.

He died in Massafiscaglia in October 30, 1971 and he is buried there with his wife and mother-in-law.

I have started looking for information in 2014 since in the past my great-grandmother Pina used to speak with her daughters about an American Uncle called « Pipa Calda ». This was often taken as a rumor, but this is proved to be true now.

With this page I want to honor this uncle, of whom I am proud and my family.

In loving memory of my grandmother Carla.


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