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Private Sam Hindu(o)

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo

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Private Sam Hindu(o) served in World War 1 with the United States Army . The dates of service are: Known April 23, 1918- March 8, 1919.


Sam Hindu(o) was born in Bombay, British India in 1895. He immigrated to the United States before 1917 and settled in Brooklyn, New York.

Hindu(o) was inducted into the U.S. Army on April 23, 1918 in Brooklyn New York. He was part of Company I of the 367th infantry, which was part of the 92 Division. The division was a famous segregated infantry unit during the war and was nick named the "Buffalo Soldiers".

Private Hindu(o) served overseas from June 10, 1918 to February 17, 1919. Hindu(o) and his unit left for France on June 10, 1918 from Hoboken, New Jersey on the ship America. He listed on his departing and arriving U.S. Army Transport Passenger lists, Mrs Maggie or Mary Williams as his next of kin. He also listed his address as 27 Fleet Place, Brooklyn, New York. Hindu(o) and his unit departed from Brest, France on February 8, 1919 on the ship Rotterdam and arrived in the Hoboken, New Jersey on February 17, 1919 for Camp Upton, New York.

Private Hindu(o) was honorably discharged on March 8, 1919.

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