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Percy Keller Buzzell

Submitted by: Daniel Vaughan

Percy Keller Buzzell

Percy Keller Buzzell served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known 28 May 1918 - 9 Jun 1919.


Private Percy Keller Buzzell was born in Searsmont, Maine on January 29, 1889. He was a farmer and also worked in a shoe factory. Percy signed up for the draft on June 5th 1917 In Waldo County, Maine at the age of 28.

He entered service with the U.S. Army on May 28th in Belfast, Maine. Percy was assigned as an Infantry man to Company M, 302nd Infantry Regiment, 76th Infantry Division Nicknamed the Liberty Bell Division and also the Onaway Division. Under the Command of Maj. Gen. H. F. Hodges.

The 76th Infantry Division departed from the United States for France on June 5th 1918. Upon Arrival most of its troops were used as replacements for front line units. On October 2nd 1918, Private Buzzell was reassigned to Company L, 320th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division. Nicknamed the Blue Ridge Division. Maj. Gen. Adelbert Cronkhite Commanding.

Private Buzzell participated in the Meuse Argonne campaign. During the campaign the 80th Division was the only one that saw action during each phase of the offensive (three times). And they first earned their motto, "The 80th Division Moves only Forward!".

Private Buzzell returned with the 80th Division to the United States on May 30th 1919 to Camp Dix, New Jersey, where he began out processing from the Army. On 9 June 1919 Percy was Honorably Discharged from the United States Army and received $103.20 as his final payment.

On the December 23rd 1920, Percy received his World War One Victory Medal with two clasps: Meuse-Argonne and Defensive Sector, and the WWI Victory Button.

Percy returned to Maine and farming, He married Ruth Oxton on the 8th of October 1927. Together they raised six children. Percy passed away in Belfast, Maine on August 14th 1962 at the age of 73.

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