Stanley Lionel

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Stanley LionelStanley Lionel served in World War 1 with the United States Army . The enlistment was in 1917 and the service was completed in 1919.

Story of Service


Stanley Lionel was born on January 15, 1893 or 1894 in Ceylon, British India. Lionel's birth year is contested because multiple documents list different years. He immigrated to the United States in either 1904, or 1905 or 1914. The exact year of his arrival is contested by his 1930 census and naturalization application. After his arrival, Lionel settled in Manhattan, New York.

Lionel enlisted in the U.S. Army on June 5, 1917. His World War I draft card recorded his race as "Ceylonian" and birth date as January 15, 1893.

Lionel started his service at Fort Solcum, New York. He was then assigned to the 13th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Ringgold, Texas. His unit was assigned to the Mexican-U.S. border. On December 17, 1917, Lionel was promoted to Private First Class. He did not serve overseas.

On July 9,1918, Lionel applied for U.S. naturalization in Brownsville, Texas, USA. Lionel's application listed his arrival year as 1914 and birth date as January 15, 1893.

Lionel was honorably discharged on March 20, 1919. His New York World War I military service recorded his race as white.

After completing his service, Lionel returned to New York City. By 1930, Lionel lived in Manhattan and worked as an actor. His 1930 census recorded his race as "Negro", arrival year as 1905, and naturalized.

On January 29, 1934, Lionel applied for a U.S. Seaman's Protection Certificate. By 1942, he worked as a seaman. Lionel's World War II draft card recorded his birth date as January 15, 1894.

On June 10, 1949, he returned to New York from India on the ship General W G Haan. His New York, Passenger List from this date recorded his race as Indian.

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